Happy 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Niece Wishes Messages and Quotes

There are few people we are always endeared with in our family trees and oftentimes, nieces usually stand out among them all. From the way she grows as a child to the way she talks, her mannerism, her inquisitive nature, and the way she relates with everyone around her give great joy and fun to you.

You’ve watched her grow afar off or even close by and have seen her lifestyle, a little entwined with that of your blood brother or sister whom you grew up with. As refreshing and beautiful as those memories are, seeing her turn 18 years today makes you wish to turn back the hands of time. For her, it’s such an amazing celebration to think of.

Your niece has always given you many things to giggle about; and because you’ve won the position of the favourite uncle/aunt in her life, it’s also time to make her feel sweet as she is.

One good way to retain your place in her pyramids of the highly esteemed is to send her a birthday card of messages and quotes deserving her praises and obsession.

You need not worry about what to write. These beautiful Happy 18th Birthday Niece Wishes Messages and Quotes will do you a lot of justice.

Here you go…

Birthday Wishes for my Niece on Her 18th Birthday

A look at you reminds me of many good things about life and my growing up days. And for this, I will have to go out of my way to make do with one of the things I love doing most which is to make people feel so amazing on their special days. I’m sure these 18th birthday wishes are worthy enough for a beautiful niece like you. Happy celebration!

1. Wow! The big 18 is here. Glad you made it this far. It is a pleasant year I wish you.

2. Yippee! Here is the world’s (name) day, the most delectable niece I ever have. May your special day be filled with lots of wonders and pleasant surprises. I love you, dear. Happy birthday to you.

3. When I tell you I appreciate you, you never believed. Now is the time to show you how much you mean to me. Unwrap the gifts sent to you and let me know how you feel about them. Happy birthday to you, my love.

4. What you did that makes me love you this much I still don’t know. I hope the secret will be unravelled soon. Meanwhile, I won’t but wish you a happy birthday. I hope you remain sweeter than you’ve always been.

5. Hope to be the first person to sing you a beautiful song and make you feel special on your birthday. I pray you remain ever-delightful than before.

6. I am always grateful to God for the gift of you in the family. I am confident we will always have more worthy things to say about you, much more now that you’re growing to become an adult. Happy birthday, darling!

7. To the cutest and sweet 18 of our time, I hope you are filled with much bliss and fun that today brings your way.

8. Your reflection gives a perfect picture of my adorable sister (your mother). As you keep growing, it’s becoming difficult to differentiate you both. I hope you live to delight us in all your ways. Happy birthday!

9. You were born in my hands just looking like a few days ago. And I’m glad you’re growing to become a full-fledged adult. May you be filled with much amazement on this beautiful day. Cheers to your new year.

10. As you grow, you delight us with your peacefulness and maturity. Keep making us proud, niece. I love you. Happy birthday.

11. You have earned so much love and respect from me, of which I can’t explain how. I hope you remain ever-delightful so you can continue to occupy a big space in my heart. Joyous birthday to you.

12. You grew up in my hands and I’m glad of the great woman you’re becoming. Happy birthday to my super niece.

13. Here is a love song to my niece on her special day. Your life will remain sweet as your beautiful name spells.

14. I know you never saw this coming. Attached with this greeting card is a token to show my love for you. Happy birthday to the world’s best niece.

15. Glad the wonder coming out from you is bigger than your age, and a pointer to the beautiful things God has in stock for you. You are celebrated today. Happy birthday beautiful niece.

16. The excitement in my heart today knows no bound seeing my little niece of yesterday turned a big 18 today. I wish you all the satisfaction that the new year brings.

17. Dear niece, this is me reaching out to you today and praying you to keep up with more excitements for the new year. Here is a birthday card for you.

18. I will appreciate you for seeing a big sister in me and always confiding in me. I promise you this day to always be there for you as God helps me. Happiest birthday to my beautiful niece.

19. Your beautiful future matters a whole lot to me and pray you will be preserved till you fulfil purpose and destiny. Happy birthday my baby girl niece.

20. Happy birthday to my little princess niece. You’re such a funny girl and you have a brilliant heart. May goodness come your way.

18th Birthday Prayer Quotes for Niece

Waking up this morning to realise it’s your 18th birthday filled me with great ecstasy. Here is to give thanks to God on your behalf and to encourage you with these adorable birthday prayer quotes to set up a good journey in the years ahead for you.

21. As you approach adulthood, I pray your steps to be guided by God. Happy birthday!

22. A step into your 18th year is a walk on the pathway of greatness for you.

23. I see men rising to honour you in ways you never can imagine as your journey along in this new year and always. Happy birthday to our beautiful niece.

24. I ask for you on this special day that the treasures of heaven and the wealth on earth will be your inheritance from now on. Hearty cheers to your new year.

25. Here is to wish happy birthday to my gorgeous niece. On your birthday, happiness in both small and great things shall be bestowed upon you.

26. In this new year, your little effort will not be wasted and your mouth shall be filled with songs of triumph in all endeavours.

27. As you march forward into a new age, may you experience an exceeding breakthrough in all your undertakings. Shine on darling. Happy birthday to you.

28. Dear niece, just know that every decision you make from now on shall be empowered for great accomplishment.

29. My dear, go and put on your dancing shoes and garment of praise for it is your season to rejoice. Happy birthday to my super religious niece.

30. Happy birthday niece animated. May you not lack direction in all your pursuit from now on.

31. Today, I pray the joy that comes your way shall be everlasting. Nothing will steal away your happiness. Happy birthday to my sweet niece.

32. On your 18th birthday, my prayer gift is that God will connect you with men that will arise to your lifting. Happy birthday gorgeous.

33. You were beautifully crafted in God’s hands and made special in His eyes. For this, the devil has no power over you again. Happy birthday to my favourite niece.

34. Here is to celebrate a beautiful amazon rising in our family on the occasion of her 18th anniversary. You are positioned for the top.

35. As you have been wonderfully and beautifully created, every recreation of the enemy over you is forfeited by His grace. You are a destined lady. Happy birthday to my in heaven niece.

36. Here is to raise a glass in a toast to a life adorned with so much beauty, wisdom, fortune and gladness. Happy birthday to my adult niece.

37. As you grow each day, may you be enveloped in the love of God and be filled with great joy and peace for the new year. Cheers!

38. No longer will you be seen with the eyes of the past. For you are brown new and destined for a bright future. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece.

39. Each day of the new year will be an encounter for victory and acceleration for you. Sweet celebration to you. Happy birthday, dearest.

40. I appreciate the birth of you and is confident that the Lord who gifted us you can bring you to a place of lifting and breakthrough in all endeavours. Sweetest birthday to you

Birthday Messages for a Niece Turning 18

When you have a beautiful niece who means the whole world to you and makes you proud, you will not but celebrate her in the most adorable way you can ever think of. I know this beautiful birthday message will help to make you feel good today and also encourage you in your relationship with God. Turning 18 will be the best thing to happen to you yet.

41. Dear niece, don’t just be filled with the excitement that you’re getting older. I encourage you to start thinking of what the future holds for you while you apply your life to wisdom. May your dreams come true.

42. I love you because you’re always living your life with great intentionality and like the extraordinary human being that you are. Keep up being who God made you be. Joyous birthday to you.

43. Sweet niece, you may not be where you desire yet, but know that it takes time and the willingness to pay the price to get to where you desire in life. Happy birthday to my cute little niece.

44. While you don’t just dream and desire to become something great, begin to take practical steps towards achieving your dreams. Life is not for dreamers but for actors. Keep being amazing. Happiest birthday to you.

45. While I babysat you when you were young, you gave me sweet memory and a great longing for what motherhood would look like. You were such an amazing kid. Now you have grown to be super amazing. Keep growing and living.

46. Being your nanny from few months old gave me good experiences I will always live to treasure in life. God bless you god-daughter. I hope your day remains as special as you are. Happy birthday to a very special niece.

47. Darling niece, you deserve so much love you can ever receive today. Thank you for the high esteem you have in me as your aunt.

48. Here’s to send you my love and plenty of kisses to make your day eventful. Happy birthday to the most amazing niece on earth.

49. You capture my heart with your ingenuity and gracefulness. You’re breaking all limits this new year and beyond. Happy birthday!

50. Like the horn of a unicorn, so will you be lifted above your equals. Don’t accept any defeat in life. Keep moving my dear. Happy birthday great niece.

51. Your many qualities are commendable and even beyond compare. Happy birthday to the princess of the lineage.

52. Feeling like a mother when I wasn’t yet one prepares me a great deal for motherhood. Glad to have you prepare me for real experiences. Wish you are truly mine. Happy birthday to my one and only niece!

53. You were my first daughter and it feels so good seeing you grow in my hands. Happy birthday to my faux daughter.

54. As you grow older, think less of the age and begin to project how to become better and live a good life. The world awaits your manifestation and you will surely make it.

55. Here is a toast to your new year. I feel so fortunate to have you as my niece. Because everywhere you go, you project our good name. May God continue to bless you to become more and do more.

56. My sweet niece is now an adult. Now I will call you adult niece as you’ve always wished to be called. Happy birthday, big madam.

57. May all your beautiful dreams come true as you approach adulthood. Happy birthday beloved niece.

58. You’re gradually growing to become responsible and independent. Now you will know what adulthood means and pray you will not misuse this opportunity. Happy birthday favourite niece.

59. You’ve always lingered for this age and I’m glad you’re a living witness. Now you will begin to realise all I’ve been sharing with you in past years as realities begin to unfold to you.

60. Turning to the calendar and seeing I could keep up with your birthday shows how much I keep you on my mind. You remain special to me. Happy birthday my super wonder niece.

Birthday Messages for 18 Years Old Niece

As my niece, an exquisite and adorable one that you are, you’re not going to be exempted from being adored with the most lovely birthday messages for you on your 18th birthday anniversary. Here are my cheers to more wins for you.

61. A great woman I see in you every day as you grow older. May you live to attain your full dreams. Happy birthday my gorgeous niece.

62. Here is a toast to the beautiful niece of mine. Know that we are blessed to have you and touched by your amazingness.

63. As you grow in age, may you advance in wisdom, beauty and strength. Happy birthday my wonderful niece.

64. As you experience new growth today, may you tread the path that will bring you fulfilment to all your aspirations. Sweet birthday celebration I wish you.

65. While you walk into a happier future from now, you will enjoy more bliss that supersedes your past experiences. My princess niece, I wish you a happy birthday

66. Sweet niece, you have been an outstanding girl and I bless God for you. May your life spring forth more goodness. Happy birthday to you.

67. The people that will behold you today will bring joy and peace to your heart as they bless you with good wishes. Happy birthday, damsel.

68. My feeling of youthfulness is attributed to your love and respect for me. Here I am to also show you my love and appreciation on this day. Happy birthday to my sassy niece.

69. Your life is enviable through your openness and kindness. I hope you receive much more than you’ve given on this beautiful day of yours. Happy birthday!

70. Dear niece, things I learnt from you which you never realise I instil into my children too. Glad you listened to counsels and which we are proud of referring to in your life now. Happy birthday to you my sister and niece.

71. I’m happy to see you so reasonable and filled with an obedient heart. You’re so invaluable to us. Keep making us proud, darling. Happy birthday beautiful niece.

72. I’m glad to realise you are one of the few persons in our immediate family that are counted worthy and highly recognised. May your new age be sweet just as you are.

73. 18 years isn’t enough to recount the memories of your childhood in my house. But know that you will still live beyond 18 and yet remain as elegant as you are. Happy birthday my smart niece.

74. Your zeal in acquiring knowledge and gaining new ideas gives me the full assurance that you’re going to make huge relevance in your generation. Don’t stop learning dear. I admire your spirit. Happy birthday to niece from your sweet aunt.

75. You have proven beyond doubts that your wisdom is more than your age. Keep growing in wisdom and strength dear. Happy birthday to my niece and nephew.

76. Thank you for always making us proud and to have you in the family. We are solidly behind you. Happy birthday my sweet niece.

77. Whatever aspiration you desire, we will be supportive to make your dream come true. And nothing shall limit you from attaining a great height in life. Happy birthday adorable niece.

78. Give no room for distractions for you’re a high flyer and you deserve the best that life has to offer on this special day.

79. You’ve not only grown so big but you’ve also grown so sharp and wise. I adore you for this sweet niece. Happy birthday to you.

80. Your sharpness right from childhood is much more prominent now that you are maturing. May your life shine continually. Best wishes on your special day, darling.

Happy 18th Birthday to My Dear Niece

I’d love to take you out today beautiful niece. But before then, let me make you smile by launching you into your 18th year with this happy birthday message. I hope you experience peace and gladness for the new year, dear niece.

81. As fast as you’re growing to become more beautiful, may your life be beautifully adorned even with more virtues. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

82. Whatsoever you decree on this day shall be established because you deserve the very best life has to offer. Blessed birthday I wish you.

83. May you experience comfort on all sides as you celebrate your new age and even always. Happy birthday, princess niece.

84. I’m not only glad to be a part of your celebration today, but I’m also glad of the woman you’re fast becoming. Happy birthday niece in law.

85. Your courage and ability to handle difficult tasks assures me that there’s nothing that will be too big for you to overcome. Keep winning on every side, girl. Happy birthday.

86. I love the gorgeous, spirited and intelligent woman you’re growing to become. Go, girl! After God, I’m solidly behind you.

87. The sun will shine for you in the daytime, the moon will gleam for you in the nighttime, and men will rise to bless you with all manners of gifts and affection on this beautiful day. Enjoy your day!

88. As bright as your eyes shine, so may your future shine for the whole world to behold the glory of the Lord that has risen upon you. Happy birthday to my smart niece.

89. When there are down moments for you and you need someone to confide in aside your parents, just trust God in me and let’s see how He will help us deal with every concerns and worry. God will surely come true for you this new year and always.

90. I have always wanted to be the best aunt that will make you feel good and safe. I’m glad you see such friendship in me. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

91. I have always seen myself, not just as your aunt, but as your second mum. Trust me with a shoulder to lean on whenever you need one. I will always be there for you.

92. So much honour is bestowed upon you today to mark your estimable personality, because you have worked your way to being a woman of dignity, and we are so proud of you. I hope your birthday rocks.

93. Niece, I can be sometimes worried that you are the only child, but your maturity and twinkling personality have proven that you’re even stronger than I am. I am grateful for you. So much love from me to you today, baby girl.

94. You have deluded me of always feeling sceptical about you with your courage and witty intellect. Now you’ve won yourself a medal for the youngest outstanding lady of the year. With love from your favourite aunt on the occasion of your birthday.

95. I am glad you always give your rapt attention whenever I share my life experiences with you. And I’m hoping you will hold on to the lessons and live by the enviable ones. Make me proud and I will gladden you too. Sweetest wishes to you on your birthday.

96. God always prepare someone ahead of us to show us the way. Let’s just say this is God’s way of making me your forerunner to help guide you on the right path. As you live and old in age, never you depart from the right path. Happiest birthday to a dearest niece.

97. Because I am so jealous of you and driven to win your heart completely, I am willing to take you out today and spoil you bad. I know you won’t want to say NO to seeing your favourite movie alongside eating a bowlful of ice cream. Now I see you beaming with a smile. I’m glad my trick works.

98. One thing I know is having a niece like you to cherish and adore is such a pleasant feeling for me. I pray for the capability of giving you the endless love that you deserve as a true niece. My warm wishes to you.

99. I’m grateful to God you didn’t take after your mother’s naughtiness but surprised you grew up to become so sweet and loving. I’m sure you took that from me, I’m known to be a superb aunt. Plenty of hugs and kisses for you today.

100. If only I could recompense your parents for giving me a lively niece like you, then I will gladly do. But I have offered to stalk you on your social media handles so I can always monitor your activities. Happy birthday to my fabulous niece.

With these 18th Birthday Niece Wishes, I hope you got the best from the selection. When you use it, your niece would be pleased to read from you and also feel elated for the goodwill messages.

Kindly do me the favour of making this reach a wider audience by sharing it with your friends and families on all your social media handles.

And always be on the lookout to get more from me. I promise not to disappoint you. Thanks for calling by.

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