Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Sister

Having a little angel in a family brings natural feelings to the heart. The love and protection cannot be overemphasized. This is because parents and even extended family want the little one to feel welcomed.

Sometimes, siblings tend to be unfriendly at first because they fear the baby but as time goes on, they become understanding and even show their excitement and eagerness to take care of her in their own little way.

Celebrating her first year merrily is a sign that the 365 days spent together as siblings have been interesting and amazing and the love had grown immensely.

These heartwarming happy 1st birthday wishes for sister are the best ones for her.

Best Birthday Wishes for Sister 1st Birthday

Hey little princess, having you as my sister is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank God every day for blessing me and our family with you. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness to my life. Happy 1st birthday little cutie.

1. Hey cutie, I celebrate your first birthday with you today. To have you as my sister is the best thing nature has given me. Happy 1st birthday to you, my darling sister.

2. You are so pure in heart and do things innocently. As you turn one today, may these traits stay with you forever. I love you, little sister. Happiest birthday to you.

3. I’m surprised it’s just a year you came to our family. It seems like I’ve known you all my life. I love spending all day with you. Continue to grow beautifully little sister. Happy first year birthday.

4. You are already beautiful and cute. I wish you wisdom and God’s protection always. May you not fall in dangerous places May God continue to live and guide your footsteps Happy 1st year of living, sweetest sister.

5. Everyone says we are lucky to have you in our family, I say I’m blessed to call you my cute little sister. Continue to have reasons to smile. Happy 1st birthday to you.

6. It’s amazing how quickly you’ve grown to celebrate your one year birthday! You are an extraordinary little baby with your chuckling and cuddling that quench the stress I faced in school today. Happy 1st birthday to you. Always know that I will protect you with everything in me.

7. You might not be vocal yet but your smile speaks what my heart needs every time I’m down and sad. You are the best innocent little sister I know. Enjoy your first year on Earth. Happy birthday

8. After a long stressful day I long to see your cute smiling face and thank you for always being there to show me. God’s grace on you now and forever. Happy birthday, little sister

9. 365 days ago when you came to the family, I was in awe of your beauty even while you sleep. Still can’t stop looking at you now that you are one. Happy birthday, darling sister.

10. Cheers to the little princess who happens to be my sister, Happy birthday! I wish you continuous and innocent peace and a smile. May you have more special birthdays like this. Love you, darling.

11. You are the most amazing little sister I know and love so much. I was blessed the day you came into my family. Happy 1st cake birthday to you. I wish that your life will experience only sweetness and greatness. Have lots of goodies day.

12. Mum and dad call you their baby girl, I call you my angel. You have always been my smile when I’m sad, my strength when I’m stressed and always give me reasons to love deeply and genuinely. May your first birthday brings you the very best in life. Happy birthday, my chocolate.

13. You are daddy’s girl, mum’s princess but for me, you are my bestie. I love you, dear little sister. Happy 1st birthday to you and more

14. You are my baby sister that I cherish so much. On your way, may you continue to be loved by all? The happy first year of living with my princess and sister.

15. I am lucky to have a sweet cute little sister like you. Celebrating your first birthday even make me the luckiest big sis ever. Happy birthday to you darling. Always know that I love you so much.

16. Hey little angel, I celebrate your first year on earth today and I pray you to live to celebrate more years. You are my best gift dear little sister. Enjoy your day, bubba.

17. Even though your mouth can’t blow the candles, I wish you a happy birthday celebration. I believe you will enjoy the sweetness of the cake and have reasons to smile as always. Happy 1st birthday to you, darling little sister

18. My warmest wishes to my big baby sister. You are the perfect joy in my life, the peaceful being in the family and the cutest little girl ever. Happy first birthday, little fairy.

19. Your presence gives life to the family. Your smile melts my heart, your cuddle soothes my fear. May you be our source of happiness. Happy birthday to you, cute sister

20. You might be young in age and little in height but big in love and wisdom. May you find happiness everywhere you crawl to. Happy birthday to my one-year-old little sister.

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21. As you turn one today, may every year be as fun-filled as the celebration of this first year. I pray you always have happiness in your life. I love you Muncho. Happy birthday, pretty sister.

22. How the little infant turns one year old truly shows that time indeed flies. I wish you massive happiness and joy. Happy birthday to you, my chocolate little sister.

23. This time a year ago, I held you with utmost care and kissed you on your cheek. Now I’m holding your hand and walking you to where your birthday cake is. Happy 1st birthday to you princess.

24. I know you can’t read now but I believe in a few years time when you see this message, you will know that you mean so much to me. Happy 1st birthday to you, dearest sister.

25. You are a blessing to me, little sister. You have made me an overprotective brother which I don’t mind. I will always guide and guard you. Let’s celebrate your 1stbyear in grand style. Happy birthday.

26. Today is your very first year on earth, I wish you the first-class of blessings, joy, peace, protection and love. May you walk with fullness. Enjoy your day baby sister.

27. You are so beautiful and adorable that I can’t stop gushing about your baby sister. I love you and wish you a very fruitful birthday as you open the first chapter of your life. May it be filled with roses of love and joy. Happy 1st birthday to you.

28. Here’s wishing my darling baby sister a happy first birthday today. May your joy never die, laughter never fade and happiness never cease. Have a cake filled birthday.

29. I wish you all the fun today as you turn and we celebrate it for you even though you don’t understand or know if today is your birthday. Happy birthday, cutest baby girl.

30. When I look into your innocent eyes, all I see is an angel. You came to the family and lightened it, chased the darkness and shines in our lives. Happy 1st birthday to you sweet sister.

31. I’m still wondering if you are truly one because you act older. I wish you a brighter future and a loving present. Continue to grow beautifully well, my princess. Have a sweet birthday, sister

32. My sweet sister, you might not do this yet but you keep spreading joy and happiness to everyone anything you smile. innocently or mischievously. You are one funny cute little baby. Happy 1st birthday to you.

33. As you open the first chapter of your life, may every other chapter you will open be more beautiful than this. You are the best little sister ever. Happy birthday, Angel.

34. The past 365 days with you have been less stress and more fun. You are a beautifully and wonderfully made little sister. Happy 1st birthday to you darling. More years to come, sugar.

35. Your first birthday celebration is going to be the most elegant because you are the riches in our lives. You brought wealth to the family. Happy birthday, sweetest baby sister.

36. Even the size of the cakes cannot hinder the beautiful you. You shine like the little stars, you are pure like the morning dew. Happy 1st birthday to you baby. Live long sister.

37. Just because it’s your birthday, I will light up everywhere just to announce to the whole world that my beautiful baby sister is one today. I’m never ashamed of you. Happy birthday to you.

38. The twinkling stars can’t stop shinning on a beauty like you, baby sister. You are unknowingly kind and cute towards everyone. Now everyone wants a sister like you but I’m grateful you are all mine. Happy 1st birthday baby sister.

39. I want your first birthday celebration to be memorable so that when you look at the pictures and videos, you will know that your big sister lives with you so much. Have a wonderful birthday, Choco.

40. Many says growing up isn’t fun but growing up with you as my baby sister has been fun and wonderful. I celebrate your first year today. Have a memorable 1st birthday, yum yum sister.

41. Take every moment of your first birthday to have all the fun you want, it’s going to be a long day and it’s going to be YOUR day little sister. Happy 1st birthday to you darling sister.

42. Happy one happy year birthday sweet Angel. You have made the year an exciting one with your innocence. My best year was the year you were born and I’m sure it’s going to be fun all year round. Have a wonderful birthday, cutie.

43. As you clock one today, I hope you have a rose-filled day and sweet cute gifts. I wish you more years and more wisdom. Happy cake day darling little sister.

44. You brought dad out of his old man’s shell and make him be your driver which he does joyfully when you climb on him in the sitting room. The sight was so funny and lovely at the same time. Thank you for being our joy. Happy 1st birthday, my chocolate sister.

45. The mood in the family has been fantastic. We all act like babies and laugh at your cute innocent acts. As you clock one, I wish you a positive change that will give you permanent joy. Happy 1st birthday, my bubble little sister.

46. On your special day dearest sister, I wish you unlimited happiness. May you receive blessings effortlessly. You are my baby sister and I wish you well. Happy first birthday, dearest sister.

47. As you open to chapter one of your life, may it be filled with. Welcome to chapter 1 of your life where all you do look funny to everyone

48. Welcome to chapter one, angelic little sister. May you feel the celebration even though you can’t understand it yet. I love you always, sunshine. Happy 1st birthday to you

49. It’s my little angel’s 1st birthday. Wow! How times fly. I remembered holding your tiny body when mum came home. Your innocence struck me and I felt the eagerness to love you as my little sister. A year after, I can’t help but love you more and more. On your birthday, I pray that your glory will be announced and nations will come to you. Happy 1st birthday, little sister.

50. You might not understand the reason for this celebration of your 1st birthday, but when you grow and see this picture, I hope it will tell you how much I cherish you. Happy 1st birthday, baby sister.

Happy 1st Birthday to My Little Sister Quotes

Baby sister, you came to our family at the right time and you made me love you more every day with your sweet innocent smiles. As you clock one today, I hope this quote works for your life and you take it as a heartfelt birthday gift from your lovely sister. Happy birthday, cutie

Here are some perfect quotes to celebrate your little sister’s birthday on her first year on earth

51. You may only be one but you have brought pure love since your existence in the family. Happy 1st birthday, lovely little sister.

52. Now that you are one, I hope to see you do the peekaboo with so much joy. Happy 1st birthday darling sis.

53. Eat the cake with all parts of your body. Nobody will care about that because we know you are the innocent celebrant. Happy 1st birthday, little sister.

54. I hope you won’t try blowing the candle and spit on the cake. Never mind, I will still eat it because it’s your first birthday cake. Happy turning one sister.

55. Your birthday is special because this is the first time we get to sing happy birthday to your darling little sister. Have fun at your 1st birthday party, sweet sis.

56. This party is for your little sister. I know you’re not aware. The pictures will remind you when you grow old. For now, just eat the cake happily. Happiest 1st Birthday.

57. Turning one and making your first move are lovely but the latter means, everything needs to be kept up. Happy birthday, sister

58. I’m wondering how you going to cut the cake now that you are asleep. Happy 1st birthday, pretty sister.

59. Birthday girl, you brought happiness when you came into our lives 365 days ago. I, your big sister, love you and look forward to seeing you celebrate more years

60. Even with all your babbling, you pass your message with a lot of cute cries. Happy 1st birthday to you.

61. It would be awesome to hear that your first word is sister. I look forward to hearing that word from your mouth. Happy first birthday, sister.

62. I know you are one smart little sister. Happy first birthday to you baby. Doors of opportunities.

63. Happy First birthday, baby sister. May you be happy all year round. I love you so much.

64. How I wish I can give you huge gifts to show you how huge your love is to me. Many more years my sweetest 1-year-old

65. You came into our lives 365 days ago and showed us, love. I hope this celebration covers as payback for everything that you have done for me as your sister. Happy birthday little sister.

66. Happy 1st birthday to the most fabulous little one. Thank you for making this one year fun and awesome.

67. I know when you are old enough to read this message, you will know how fun and lovely you are to everyone. Love you sister. Enjoy being 1

68. My baby sister is one today. Have a happy happy day all through the years of your life. Rock your 1 baby girl

69. The best sight of my life has been watching you grow daily. Happy 1st birthday, sweetest little sister

70. You are growing up so fast that I doubt if I could catch up with you. Happy 1st birthday, cute sister.

71. Today is just like any other day with you. The only difference is that it’s your first birthday. You make every day fun and exciting little sister. Happy chapter one, baby girl

72. One thing I’m happy about is that I get to see you eat your birthday cake with your two hands. Happy 1st birthday, cute little sister.

73. Hey Princess, I guess now that you have entered age counting per year, you are now a big girl. Happy 1st cake day to you baby sister.

74. I love the fact that you know that I’ll be there for you when you try to get down from the bed. Happy 1st birthday to you pretty sister. I will never leave you unprotected.

75. 365 days ago, I became a big brother to the sweetest little baby. Thank you for being my sibling. Happy 1st birthday to you, sister

76. A Few months ago, you just started crawling not you are walking like an adult. You are growing too fast for a year old. Happy 1st birthday, pretty sister.

77. Even though you are beautiful with or without smiling. I love the fact that you smile always. Happy 1st birthday, my smiley little sister

78. The cutest thing I’ve since today is the way you eat your cake with your hands and plaster someone your pretty face. It’s such a funny and lovely sight to behold. Happy 1st birthday, darling baby sis.

79. I blessed the day you came to my family and become my sister. You are just the best baby ever. Enjoy the fun in being one darling.

80. All I want to give you is my love and protection because you are my special little sister that I adore so much. Happy 1st birthday.

81. First birthdays are special because it’s a stepping stone to many more celebrations. Happy number one birthday to you little sister. Many more happy years ahead

82. You know the cake might not be bigger than this as you celebrate more years. So eat this one to your satisfaction. Have a fabulous 1st birthday, pretty sister.

83. I pray you never lose your innocence and your pretty smile. They are worth more than anything in the world to me. Happy 1st birthday, princess

84. This birthday message I’m sending you is not only for now but when you begin to read and understand, you will know your big sister loves you so much. Happy 1st birthday, little Queen.

85. Can’t believe it’s already twelve months since you have turned our family into a great family who laughs a lot. More joy to you. Happy first year of living, sister

86. The joy and love you give us every day are more than the gifts you will get on your first birthday.

87. I love the innocent face you make when you do those mischievous acts of yours. Happy first birthday to you, darling sister.

88. With no doubt in my heart, you are the best sister anyone could hope for. Call me lucky and I’ll answer blessed. Happy 1st year to you baby girl.

89. You are my sweet little sister, so you deserve sweetness on your first birthday and more. I hope you love

90. I hope you will love sugar and honey because I’m giving you all the sweetness in my heart baby sister. Happy 1st birthday to you, love.

91. You are a precious gem in our lives. We don’t deserve but you choose us. We are forever grateful. Happy 1st birthday, little one.

92. I run down the bus every weekday just to hug and hold you in my arms. It’s a routine I wouldn’t want to end quickly. Happy 1st birthday, Angelic little sister.

93. I don’t mind being a knight if it’s to protect my little sister. You are my all baby girl. Enjoy your first birthday, darling.

94. I want to see how you will blow out the long number one candle on the huge cake. It’s going to funny. Happy birthday, dearest little sister.

95. Cheers to the sweetest, prettiest and cutest baby little girl on her 1st birthday. You are that baby sister that I love. Enjoy yourself.

96. To the most beautiful baby girl. Happy first birthday, darling sister. Longer life, cute angel. Big bro loves you.

97. Your first birthday is an act of thanking God for gifting you to us. You are only a special sister. Happy birthday, sis

98. I’m not just lucky but also blessed to have this sweet rose as my little sister. Have fun on your 1st birthday on Earth.

99. It’s already a year of calling you, my sister. Time truly flies. Happy 1st birthday, Princess. Abundance grace on you always.

100. You might be a little baby but your presence in my life is huge. I celebrate your first year of living darling sister. More life to you, baby girl. I love you till eternity, sister.

Aren’t these happy 1st birthday wishes for sister awesome and amazing? Pick as many as you want, write them on a card and see how smiling the little one will be even years after.

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