Happy 21st Birthday Cousin Quotes Wishes

Happy 21st Birthday Cousin Quotes Wishes

Almost everyone loves to have a good relationship with their extended family members. Achieving this feat requires some effort like supporting them or celebrating them when necessary.

Times like birthdays are a great chance of letting them know how much you appreciate and love them as a family. For your cousin celebrating their 21st birthday, begin by sending 21st birthday wishes and prayers to them. By so doing, you’ll be strengthening your bond and equally making them feel loved and remembered.

I have written these happy 21st birthday cousin quotes wishes into different categories that make them suitable for either your male or female cousin. So kindly scroll through them to make a perfect choice.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Cousin

Here is an example of a sweet happy 21st birthday to my cousin:

I bless the day that you were born ’cause you’ve been more than a blessing to me. Happy 21st birthday, my dear cousin. I hope you live each of the days of this new age feeling alive and hopeful.

1. I’m super elated to wish my cousin sis a happy 21st birthday. May you continue to progress in life against all odds. This new age shall be the beginning of a wonderful chapter.

2. You looked so great at 20 and even much better at 21. Ageing has nothing on you cause you are always a better version of yourself. Happy birthday to my cousin sis.

3. Many see us as twins given our resemblance but deep down, I’m grateful for the true bond we share. Happy birthday to you, cousin bro. May your 21st year on earth make you smile more and rejoice than your yesteryears.

4. I’m so proud that you are my cousin. Celebrating you gives me so much joy cause I love you. Have yourself a wonderful 21st birthday.

5. As the year passes by, you’ll achieve greater feats with your life. Happy birthday, cousin bro. May you see another 21 years of your life.

6. Sending you flowers and chocolates wouldn’t be enough, so from the bottom of my heart, I’m sending all my love and deepest prayers to you.

7. 21 will treat you kinder than the years behind you. So be full of positive expectations, dear cousin bro. Wishing you a unique birthday full of many beautiful memories.

8. Though you are far away, I hope you give yourself the best treat ever. Happy 21st birthday. May your joy be full to the brim of your heart.

9. Leave aside your worries, concerns and mistakes, today. 21 signifies a new beginning, so start life afresh with a new mindset and vibe. Happy birthday, dearest cousin.

10. I love you, my oldest cousin. I can only pray that you always be the head and not the tail. Happy birthday to a phenomenon 21-year-old relative.

11. It brings me so much peace and joy seeing you come this far in life. Happy birthday, my cousin bro. May 21 give you reasons to chase your dream with all your might.

12. I hope you can feel my love and affection even though I’m miles away. I feel so hurt not being able to hug you in person to wish you a happy birthday, but I hope you accept my wishes from a distance. Happy 21st birthday, darling cousin. Keep shining like the rare gem that you are to me.

13. Finally, you’ve clocked 21. I hope you gain clarity about your purpose in life and that the heavens pour upon you the zeal you need to bring your dreams to pass. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

14. To a beautiful young lady with the sweetest smile and kindest heart, happy 21st birthday. You’ve always meant so much to me more than a cousin. Thank you for being a good friend during the hardest time.

15. You are my cousin but you blossomed into my sister offering me the wisest advice and a helping hand when needed. Happy 21st year on earth.

16. You take the lead among the best cousins in the world. Thank you for making a difference in my life. There’s so much you mean to me than I often tell you. Happy 21st birthday.

17. May God shield you from pain and hurt. No more shall life be hard on you. Happy 21st birthday, darling. I love you so much than words can describe.

18. You are the most handsome 21-year old I’ve ever met and I’m so lucky that you are my cousin for life. Happy 21st birthday, beautiful.

19. Keep growing and ageing like a fine wine. May the wisdom to navigate through your 20s be given to you abundantly. Happy birth anniversary, cousin.

20. Wherever you step on shall favour you. Your 21st year on earth shall signify a breakthrough and victory on all sides. Happy birthday, baby cousin.

21. Even though there’s a huge gap between us, your maturity has brought us closer than anything else. Thank you for being the wise genius that you are. Happy 21st birthday, cousin.

22. I hope 21 will be your coolest age so far. Don’t feel pressured or agitated about getting old. You look rather more beautiful at 21, dear cousin.

23. Let me be the first to tell you that the time has come for you to make good use of your time. Do the things you love and ensure you don’t take life too harshly. Happy birthday, cousin sis.

24. I so much love your new age cause it makes you look even better than I’ve known you. 21 should be your favourite number, you know. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

25. As you go through your 20s, remember to be humble, hard-working and prayerful. Doing all these things will make you successful before your 30s. Happy 21st birthday, darling cousin.

26. Look into the mirror to see how much you’ve grown. You are a miracle in disguise and I can’t help but wish you a splendid 21st birthday.

27. As you journey through this new age, you’ll enjoy new beautiful experiences. Don’t be scared, keep moving on. Happy 21st birthday.

28. 21 is calling you to take on a new challenge cause you’ve been equipped to succeed at this point. Don’t shy away from it. Go and make the best of your life now. Happy birthday, cute cousin.

29. You’ve come a long way in life but remember that the journey ahead is still long. Happy 21st birthday, darling cousin.

30. This new age shall bring you joy, love, peace, health and happiness. Happy 21st birth anniversary. Enjoy every sweet moment of this new age.

21st Birthday Wishes and Prayers for Cousin Brother

No matter where you go in life, favour and goodness shall accompany you like the air you breathe. That’s my prayer for you. Wishing you many happy returns. Happy 21st birthday, dear cousin brother.

Here are 21st birthday wishes and prayers for cousin brother.

31. I pray that you never fall at 21 but grow until you reach your apex in life. Happy birthday, cousin. This new age will make you truly happy.

32. I see you being a better person at 21. Go and unravel what this new age has in stock for you. May you never be unpleasantly surprised. Happy birth anniversary.

33. I’ll always celebrate you for the rest of your life. May 21 be the best thing that has ever happened to you. No doubt, you’ll create new memories at this age.

34. Say a prayer for yourself and I believe the angels will harken to your voice today, cause you’ve been marked for favours. Happy 21st birthday to my best cousin brother.

35. May all your silent prayers become broad daylight testimonies as you celebrate your 21st birthday, today. Happy birth anniversary to a good cousin bro.

36. May the heavens extend their hands of help to you today for clocking this new age of 21. Happy birth anniversary. I love you.

37. I pray that God proves to you just how much He loves you. May you do exploit at 21, cousin bro. Happy birth anniversary.

38. May the grace to run a successful race at 21 be given unto you. Happy birthday, friendly cousin brother. You’re set for more victories and accomplishments.

39. I want you to show your gratitude to God for clocking your coolest and oldest age today. Keep on dancing and praising God. 21 looks good on you.

40. Happy 21st birth anniversary. May you enjoy joy like a river and victories like many waters. You deserve to be happy.

41. May light shine upon you at 21. No longer shall you dwell in obscurity for your time to shine is here. Happy birth anniversary to my cousin bro.

42. Today is your 21st birthday. Happy born-day, bro. May all your sweet desires come to pass. May your nightmares never see the light of the day.

43. The Lord shall favour you and cause men to do the same. Happy 21st birthday, cousin brother. May God help you in fighting all battles that may come your way.

44. Happy 21st birth anniversary. I pray that you live longer than you could have imagined. May you never lose your source of happiness as you journey through life.

45. Happy 21st birthday to my hardworking cousin. May your sweats never be in vain. You shall get a double reward for all your efforts in life.

46. Today marks the birth anniversary of my cousin brother. No matter how hard you fall, you shall rise like a phoenix. Never will you remain at the base of the pyramid of success.

47. You rock as a 21-year-old. May you never lose touch with your happiness and joy. Your blessings shall arrive at this new age as well. Happy birthday, cousin sis.

48. 21 shall be the best year you’ve ever seen. Wishing you a happy birthday. Keep making your family proud and happy. We love you beyond your flaws and perfections.

49. No matter how hard life gets, you’ll never be at its receiving end. Favour shall continue to follow you in your 20s and for the rest of your life. Have an amazing birthday.

50. Happy born-day to my favourite cousin. May the Lord show you His mercy and continue to enlarge your coast. Have a super fulfilling birthday, today.

51. May you overcome all trials that come your way. Your path shall be full of joy and love. Happy 21st birthday to my best cousin.

52. May your past never ruin your future. Your 21st year on earth shall be the best year you’ve ever lived. Happy birthday, my darling cousin.

53. You shall be blessed as you journey through your 21st year on earth. No negative report shall be heard of you. Happy birthday, darling.

54. May you remain the head. You shall count your blessings and not losses. As you travel far and wide, your going out and coming in is blessed. Happy 21st birth anniversary.

55. It’s such a great blessing to live this long. May God bless you with the grace to age even longer in good health and happiness.

56. Nothing shall ruin your joy at 21. You shall never fall into the potholes of life, rather you shall continue to fly higher. Happy 21st birthday, cousin bro.

57. May your life get brighter and better. You shall not go backward but forward. Wishing you many happy returns. Have a wonderful 21st birth anniversary.

58. I pray that you no longer have to worry, be anxious or fearful. You have reached new dawn and it’s going to be the start of beautiful memories. Happy 21st birthday.

59. No matter where you go or find yourself, you’ll experience favour and mercy all because it’s your 21st birthday. Wishing you all the best that life has to offer.

60. Happy birthday, baby cousin. May 21 bring your dreams to pass. May it never throw you into depression and anxiety. You are blessed.

21st Birthday Messages and Prayers for Cousin Sister

You are nothing short of a sister to me even though you came in the form of a cousin. I love you for everything you are. My prayer is that you live long enough to fulfil your dreams and goals. Happy birthday 21st, darling cousin sis.

Here are 21st birthday messages and prayers for a cousin sister.

61. Thank you for taking me as your best friend. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’m sure you are the best cousin anyone can ever wish for.

62. As you clock 21, may you never know humiliation. Honour and glory shall be your portion. Happy birth anniversary.

63. Sickness, disease and all forms of afflictions shall be far from you. Happy birthday, dear cousin. Your 21st year on earth shall signify your breakthrough.

64. Happy 21st birthday. Throughout your new age, your going out and coming in shall be blessed. Have a tremendous new age.

65. I’m so sure you would make a good sister just as you’ve made a great cousin. Happy birthday, darling cousin. You look good always.

66. With my whole heart, I wish my cousin sister a blissful 21st birthday. No longer shall you hurt cause this new age promises to be exciting and full of possibilities.

67. May all that weigh you down emotionally be lifted from you as you celebrate your 21st birthday, dear cousin. Promise me to remain happy beyond today.

68. Happy 21st birthday, my best cousin. You double as a relative and true friend to me. I pray that our bond shall never be broken. We will love each other till the end.

69. You look your best today and I promise that your 21st year on earth shall reveal your best side to the world. Have a pleasant birthday celebration.

70. As you clock a new age, may you attain a new height in life. Enjoy your birthday and make every moment of it count because it’s a privilege to be alive.

71. May all your dreams come true. I pray that you’ll find the strength to believe in yourself even when no one else will. Happy birthday, cousin sis.

72. Our bond has always been strong and it pleases me to wish you a phenomenal birthday celebration. Keep enjoying the goodness of God.

73. You shall live long to bring each of your dreams to pass. You’ll never die young. At old age, your strength shall be renewed. Happy 21st birthday celebration.

74. May you experience a new level of joy, love, happiness and prosperity as you clock 21 today. I’m proud to identify with you. Keep winning, dear cousin.

75. I promise to be there for you for the rest of your life, after all that is what family is for. Happy 21st birth anniversary to my best cousin sister.

76. You made me believe in myself and taught me how to be the best that I can be. Happy birthday to a cousin par excellence. May your 21st year on earth be exceptional.

77. I pray that the good Lord rewards you and help you fulfil your heart desires. Happy birthday, cousin sis. May all of your prayers turn into testimonies.

78. May everything begin to take good shape for you as you clock 21 today. Have an enormous birthday celebration.

79. Happy 21st birthday to my cousin sis. May you know the true meaning of fulfilment at this age. No more shall you feel empty and void.

80. Happy 21st birthday, my lovely cousin. Today marks the beginning of your dreams coming true. May you have all it takes to chase your goals till they become a reality.

81. Happy 21st birthday, cousin sis. You are the epitome of elegance, beauty and loyalty. I pray that you never lack any good thing.

82. You shall shine brighter than the sun. Your miracles shall outnumber the stars in the sky. Happy 21st birthday, baby cousin.

83. Best believe that you’ve come to the junction of a breakthrough in your life. Happy 21st birthday. A big toast to your new beginning.

84. I pray you never fall below this level. You shall grow until you begin to fly unlimitedly. Happy 21st birth anniversary.

85. Have an awesome birthday today and beyond. Don’t forget to laugh wholeheartedly and release any tension you may feel inside. I love you beyond words. Happy born-day, cousin sis.

86. May you begin to walk on the right path. I pray you only take heed to great counsels as you clock 21 years today. Heart you so much, cousin sis.

87. Shake off any anxiety you may feel about reaching 21 years on earth. Enjoy every moment of it cause it promises to be great.

88. Start living without regrets instead make every moment count. Happy 21st birthday dear cousin. Your best is yet to come.

89. I hope you feel great and confident about yourself cause 21 looks fantabulous on you. Happy 21st birthday, sweet cousin. Thank you for being a great friend to me.

90. I want you to know that even though we are cousins you still mean so much to me like a sister. Happy 21st birth anniversary. Enjoy your day and the rest of your year.

91. I love how 21 looks so great on you. May you never look less glorious than this. Happy birthday to you, baby. You are the most beautiful girl alive today.

92. You look more angelic than in your past years. Happy 21st birthday. May God cause you to smile more, love deeper and appreciate better.

93. Happy 21st birthday dear cousin. May you never regret coming this far. Your life shall be beautified with the fulfilment of God’s promises.

94. I believe you are one of the best things to happen to me. I feel proud of calling you, my cousin. Happy birthday to you. Give the best of your smiles today.

95. Your mistakes have been erased. Your sins have been forgiven. Your failures have been corrected. Now it’s time to enjoy the best of your life. Happy birthday, darling cousin.

96. You helped me build my self-esteem and filled my mind with positivity. Thank you for all that you have been to me. Happy 21st birthday. You shall enjoy a great harvest as you go through your 21st year on earth.

97. Having you by my side as my cousin sister has made me more confident in overcoming the travails of life. Thank you so much for standing by me. Happy 21st birthday.

98. I don’t mind travelling the world just to bring your dreams to pass, cousin sis. So tell me what you want from me as your birthday present and see them come true. Have a superb birthday.

99. I pray that you enjoy speed and enviable progress through your 21st year on earth. Happy birthday, my darling cousin.

100. Happy 21st birthday, cousin sis. Thank you for being the sister I never had. Wishing you all the best as you fly through this new age.

I’m quite sure you’ve made your choice. Kindly let me know which of these happy 21st birthday cousin wishes pleases you the most.

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Thank you.

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