Happy 21st Birthday Niece Wishes Messages and Quotes

Happy 21st Birthday Niece Wishes Messages and Quotes

The third decade of one’s life is the most vulnerable time of their life. Your niece is turning 21 and is burdened with the responsibility of finding her foothold in society, show assistance to her by sending messages that show your support for niece or lovely birthday wishes for niece that contains words of inspiration.

A few words of advice are what it takes to put one in a good mood, so never assume your words mean nothing. Write down some words of motivation for your niece who is turning into an adult together with birthday messages for niece that will make her feel loved.

By sending her messages or quotes on her birthday card, you pass the feeling of love. So, some simple birthday wishes for your niece are everything you need in preparation for your niece’s special day.

You don’t have to send loads of presents to show your niece that you care, she’s an adult now and will understand the real intention behind your birthday message to her. So, send these happy 21st birthday niece quotes, messages and wishes to your niece that best depict your heartfelt thoughts.

21st Birthday Messages for Niece

Dear niece, I’m glad to be alive to witness your 21st birthday. I hope you spend the rest of the year pursuing your dreams and attaining new heights. If the burdens of life seem too heavy for you to carry, I’ll always be here to give a helping hand. Have a terrific day, happy birthday.

1. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you are no longer my baby girl who use to cry around for food. Oh, how I miss the days of your endless pestering. In as much as I want to go back to those days to pinch your cheeks, I’m the happiest when I see you give off your matured smile. I know you are happy about being 21, I’m happy too. Wishing you the best on your birthday

2. You have grown up to be a beautiful and understanding woman, I’m so proud of you. Today is one of the happiest days of my life and I wish that you stay happy today too. I hope that all of your dreams come true today! Stay happy dear, happy birthday!

3. Aww! Forgetting my adorable niece’s birthday is a crime I’m not willing to commit. I woke up early this morning to wish you a happy birthday because I love you. Happy Birthday, niece, I wish you all the best.

4. I know I’m not supposed to feel so emotional, but I can’t help it! You are now 21 and not the little girl whose cheeks I love squeezing. You are becoming the woman you have always wanted to be, I’m so happy for you. I’ll always love and support you my dear, happy birthday.

5. I know you are 21 and it would be embarrassing for you to receive this text’s content as a birthday message but, please allow me! I still haven’t accepted the fact that my baby is 21. To me, you will always be a baby. I wish you all the best darling, receive my kisses for they come with this letter. Happy Birthday!

6. Look who’s 21, it’s my sweetheart! My heart leap for joy when I remembered today is your special day. I’m sending lots of kisses and hugs to you, send me a text when you feel them. I don’t know what to say to you because my heart is filled with lots of words but I want you to know that my shoulders are always available to lean on when you feel the burden of adulthood. Love you, happy birthday!

7. I forgot your special day, I’m sorry, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, I’ll surely make up for it. Although it’s coming late, I still wish you lots of happiness and I hope your life is surrounded by people who’ll love and understand you. Happy Birthday, from your aunt/uncle.

8. You are currently 21 years of age and I know you are looking forward to a life of independence, I support you dear, whatever life’s decision to decide to make, I’ll always support you. I trust you have become a woman filled with wisdom, so your judgments will always be right. Happy Birthday.

9. 21 won’t stop us! Let’s act crazy today! Drop that act you use on your cousins, you won’t fool me into thinking you are now matured and won’t be available for any fun. I have a lot in stock for just the two of us, I hope you are getting prepared but before anything else, I’ll want to wish you a happy birthday.

10. There will be lots of reasons for you to break down in tears, there will be challenges to overcome, there will be hard decisions to make and of course, there will be times when you will feel lonely. All these things come with adulthood, I wish you the strength to overcome them all. Happy Birthday!

11. The first day I visited your mum in the hospital, you looked so tiny, you ensnare me with your smile and since that day, your smile has become my weakness. You are 21 now, and all I can hope for is that you never stop smiling. Happy Birthday!

12. Your birth came to me when I was at my lowest. Like the sun in the morning, you found your way into my life and dispelled the darkness around me. For the past twenty-one years, you have been my source of hope. I’m glad to celebrate today with you. Happy Birthday to my unique girl.

13. To my amazing niece with exceptional talent, your aunt/uncle wishes you a happy 21 birthday. Welcome to adulthood! I know you are thinking you were already an adult, but to me, 21 made you an adult. Don’t go around feeling fly, for you are still a baby girl to me.

14. You are 21 now, so I believe you will be able to understand my words of appreciation. Thank you so much niece for all the laughter and joy you’ve brought to me. Your existence means a lot to me. May joy and happiness overflow in your life. Happy Birthday!

15. You made me understand the definition of love. You came into my life and made me believe in love. Thank you so much for giving me the ability to love you and myself. May genuine love follow you all your life. Be happy dear, happy birthday!

16. Happy 21 dearie. You are on your way to experience all of life’s up and down. Lose no hope for your aunt/uncle will walk this journey with you. Happy Birthday! Keep my cake, I won’t let you go if I don’t have a bite.

17. Wow! You look simply stunning darling. Who would have thought my baby niece of 8 years ago would look this beautiful. I’ve always known you would turn out to be a beauty, even though you turned out to be extremely beautiful. I saw your picture on social media, and I thought you should know how beautiful you are. Happy Birthday.

18. How did you do it? My kids are so jealous of you because I haven’t been able to have a night’s sleep due to the thoughts of celebrating this day with you. I love you darling and I love the fact that you are 21. Happy Birthday!

19. You are so sweet darling, I saw your text reminding me that it was your birthday. Thank you for knowing how busy I am and for reminding me. Although I have a lot of work to do, I’ll always have some time to spare for my darling niece. Happy birthday, dearie, 21 looks good on you.

20. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie! Although, sadly, I can no longer take you to play as we did when you were 12 but be rest assured, although you are 21, we’ll still have the best time of our lives on your special day. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Birthday Messages for a Niece Turning 21

Happy birthday, lovely niece. Your aunt/uncle is proud of who you have become. You’re turning 21, which means that you are well aware of the difficulties of life. Keep pushing dear, never settle for less, and don’t forget to have fun. This is my message to you, I hope you stay happy.

21. A wondrous journey awaits you. I know you are acting giddy and can’t wait to see what 21 brings but let me give you a piece of first-hand advice, it won’t be nice, only a hug from aunt/uncle will turn this journey into what you’ve imagined. So, stop acting all mature and come visit me for a hug. Happy Birthday lovely niece.

22. If I’m to pay back to you every joy and laughter you have given to me, you would be swimming in an ocean of joy. As the loving aunt/uncle that I am, I wouldn’t want you drowning in that ocean, so I resolved to swim with you. Happy Birthday, niece, joy, and laughter are my wishes for you.

23. We’ve had enough rest from celebrating your 20th birthday, now it’s your 21st birthday, let’s have the best time of our lives. You are an amazing person and fun to be with. I’m more than willing to spend this whole day speaking to you on phone. Long-distance won’t stop me from sending my hugs, happy birthday!

24. Happy Birthday Niece! I know you are worried about looking older, so this is me being honest with you. 21 looks amazing on you. You’ve never been so beautiful, appreciate your glory dear.

25. My friends keep talking about how having a niece made them feel old. I got confused because I couldn’t relate to them. Having you as a niece has always made me feel young. I feel like I’m 21 even if it’s you celebrating your day 21st birthday. Happy Birthday, darling, you are the best.

26. Let’s be honest here, wouldn’t we be the perfect mother-to-daughter pair? Don’t worry, I won’t let your parents know, just whisper your answer, your secret is safe with me! Happy 21st birthday niece, I can’t believe I have a daughter like you.

27. This is a secret, don’t let this become known to anyone even your cousins. I would have revealed this to you on your 20th birthday, but I think this year is the perfect time to reveal it since you have grown so matured and won’t likely tell on me. I’ve been hiding this in my heart, but it’s time to let you know that you are my favourite niece. Happy Birthday!

28. Don’t ever think of yourself as just my niece. You are my niece and much more. You made me smile when the world gave me reasons to cry, you came into my life before your cousins and made it better. I love you, dear, I’m glad that you are 21. Happy Birthday

29. Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece, thank you for completing me. When you were born, I felt something in me snap that was when I knew I had gained a best friend, a gossip buddy, and a daughter. You are always in my thoughts dear, enjoy your day!

30. Good people like you attract goodness and favour. As you are 21 years of age today, I want you to look at the world with anticipation for there will be lots of blessings waiting for you. Make good use of them! I wish you success, happy birthday!

31. I will be coming over today, expect my presence! I love staying around positivity, so this is a once-in-a-year opportunity to cling to you and absorb all your positive energy. Happy 21 Birthday niece, prepare to be annoyed by me.

32. What do you need to prepare for your 21-year journey? Let me know if your parents won’t provide it, I will. Actually, I’m looking forward to your parents ignoring you so that you could run to me. Just kidding! I love you, and this is my way of saying that you can always look to me for help. Happy Birthday!

33. I don’t know why you texted me early this morning reminding me to leave you a special birthday message for your 21st birthday. Just so you know, being 21 won’t stop me from buying toys and pinching your cheeks when next I come to visit. You are still my baby niece, age won’t change that. Happy Birthday, baby!

34. Remember I once told you that there is a fairy who leaves gifts to kids who stay good all year? Well, I forgot to let you know that there’s also a birthday fairy who grants happiness to every girl who turns 21. I know you won’t believe me because you think you’re now matured since you are now 21. Baby niece, your aunt/uncle won’t lie to you, believe and happiness will be yours. Happy Birthday!

35. Do you know how impossible it is not to love you? Everything about you radiates cuteness and I know it’s not just me who feels it. 21 just made it shine brighter! You age backwards in terms of cuteness, and no matter how you try to deny it, you’ll always be my cute little niece. Happy Birthday!

36. Happy Birthday niece, I wish for all you wish yourself, stay happy and enjoy your day with friends. I know you’re turning 21 today, so I want to let you know that the world is a tricky place to be in, so stay careful and try to enjoy every bit of your life. I know my words don’t mean much since you are an adult and have your life all planned out already, but I just wanted to let you know that I care!

37. Are you being worried about the fact that you are getting older and have to be independent? You don’t have to worry about those things, take a step at a time and everything will be fine. Just know that no matter how you fail at life, you have a backup which is me. Happy Birthday!

38. I was the first to send you a text today, why? You are always the first to text chattering about how you want your day to go. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. Hope you have no intentions of eating that birthday cake without leaving me a bit? Happy 21 Birthday niece, leave me a bite!

39. I mean no offence to my kids who are your cousins when I say, I wish you were my daughter! You are just so kind and wonderful that I wish you were always by my side. Happy Birthday, dear, your aunt/uncle wishes the best for you.

40. “Just why weren’t you born as my sister?”, I’ve always asked myself. Well, thank goodness you are 21, all the things I’ve always wish we could do are now ours to do. Happy birthday, niece, say hello to our new life filled with adventure!

21st Birthday Greetings for Niece

Here are a hug and lots of kisses from me to you. I hope your day shine bright like your smile. Happy 21st birthday niece, I hope we celebrate this day next year. Keep soaring high, nothing will limit your shine, I love you.

41. Happy Birthday niece. Today is one of those times in my life that makes me want to shed tears of joy. I remember how silly you were as a kid, it seems like yesterday to me. All the best to you dear, have a pleasant day.

42. Happy birthday to a very talented woman! You are the most courageous woman I know. You fought against the odds and made it to the age of 21, you are really brave. May today bring strength to you to keep on the fight.

43. You have just a day to celebrate your 21st year on earth. Grab this opportunity by the neck dear! Ignore the stares from people and go have fun. This day will only come in another 365 days and even when it comes, you won’t have a chance to celebrate another 21 years on earth. Have a fun-filled day, happy birthday.

44. Dear Niece, you have entered into a new chapter of your life that not everyone is privileged enough to get into. This makes you a victor. May all the plans you have for this year be met, and may each step you take lead you to higher ground. Happy birthday! Good things are on your way.

45. Your day today will have enough laughter, this day will surround you with lots of love. You will feel the love of the people around you, and you will joy unknown. Your aunt/uncle wishes you the best, I’ll always love and cherish you.

46. You have a way of spreading happiness to those around you, so I hope that the happiness you give to others finds its way into your life. May this day become special to you as you are to me, happy birthday niece.

47. You are a photocopy of my younger self. I think this is one of the reasons why we share such a close bond that’s rare to find in an aunt/uncle to niece relationship. I wish you a great day today, happy birthday. Although we share lots of things in common, I hope that you make better decisions than I did.

48. You can be annoying at times, and you can also be silly, there are no doubts about that but that’s what makes you beautiful so never try to change who you are because you are my niece with a beautiful soul. This is my advice to you, accept my well-intended words. Here are my greetings to you, the best is yet to come, happy birthday.

49. I thought of you today dear and my heart couldn’t stop fluttering. 21 years of age is a feat not many can reach, I’m happy for you. I hope you receive favour as you celebrate today and I hope you sleep with a smile on your face. Happy Birthday have a great day!

50. Everything that puts a smile on your face will visit you today. My darling, you are blessed, remain blessed. May the sun, moon, and star work together to give you the best time of your life. Happy 21st birthday, this day won’t be the last day we celebrate your birthday.

51. I hope you experience more joy next year than you did this year, higher heights to you. Happiness, favour, and luck will accompany you as you take on this journey to becoming 21. May the works of your hands yield good results, happy birthday.

52. Do away with everything that will stand as a hindrance to your happiness today, don’t let anything get on your nerve. Try to stay happy, good things are coming your way, and the only way to receive them is if you keep up a joyous mood. Happy birthday niece, you are turning 21, so how about we wish for 21 more years of happiness.

53. This day has always reminded me of the happiness I felt at your birth. Your lovely smile reminds me of the joy and love I promised to shower you all my life. I’m grateful to God for the grace to witness your 21st birthday. I know this is his way of making me fulfil my promise of loving you.

54. May all your heart desires which have never become a reality find their way to you and honour your wish. Your aunt/uncle wishes that you experience the goodness of life. May you remain happy, happy 21st birthday to you.

55. You bring joy to those around you with your smile. So the only way to surround yourself with joyous people is to keep smiling. Smile at every one of your goals this year and they will be fulfilled. Smile in every situation and it’ll turn for the better. Don’t stop smiling, l love you, and happy birthday.

56. Baby girl, you are 21 today. My undying love for you will always give me reasons to support you, so take this opportunity to spend the whole day as you deem fit. My blessings will always be with you no matter your life’s decisions. Happy Birthday!

57. Happy birthday niece, you are an amazing person and sometimes, I feel like the world doesn’t deserve you. I hope that your goodness reflects on those around you so that they may have enough to give to you. May every journey you take, bring you closer to those who will take you higher.

58. The age of 21 doesn’t come with a smooth path. I want to let you know that I’ll always be here for you when you need a heart to tell your pains. My hands will always be ready to pat your backs. Happy Birthday, aunt/uncle is here for you.

59. Nothing brings more joy to me than being able to see you smile as you turn 21. My heart desires that your day is filled with lots of happiness that will create good memories in the coming years. Stay happy, your 21st birthday will answer all of your heart’s desires.

60. Here are my greetings to you as you enjoy this special day of yours. May the wind blow good health to you. May the rain from the year water the seed of favour in your life. May the moon glow and wade away every evil from you and may your tears fall for joy. Happy birthday.

21st Birthday Quotes for Niece

You are all I can ever ask for. You take the role of a daughter, friend, and niece. What else can I ask for? Happy 21st birthday, darling. May every element on earth play its path to put a smile on your face today.

61. I’ve always had just one hope for you, and it’s that you feel loved and have the ability to love. The world is filled with all kinds of evil, but I hope it never deprives you of the opportunity to be showered with love. You are an invaluable niece, so I hope 21 treats you right. Happy birthday!

62. I can never stop showering you with love my dear, I feel like you just deserve more than you already have. I’m one of the happiest aunt/uncles today because it’s your special day. You have a beautiful soul and I count myself lucky to be your aunt/uncle. Happy Birthday!

63. I love all your imperfections and your perfections. I never realize how much I loved you until I saw just how much you’ve grown. I saw how cute you were and I loved you, I saw how annoying you could be and I loved you even more. It’s a blessing for me to witness your 21 birthday celebration with you. Happy birthday, I love you.

64. When you were born, you were so adorable and I couldn’t keep my eyes away from you because I looked into your eyes and saw my undying love for you. You are not just a niece to me, you are my daughter and keeper of my heart. Happy birthday.

65. Only by experiencing the difficulties of life will you be able to overcome the troubles of life. I know you are brave and nothing is strong enough to break you down, you are filled with courage, this I know because I was able to find my courage because of you. Keep fighting, happy birthday, you will always win.

66. You are smiling again this year, don’t you know how captivating your smile is? I can’t seem to stop myself from smiling, now I look silly in front of my kids. Worst of all is, I don’t want you to stop smiling. Here’s a secret, your smile opens doors to all you want, so keep smiling. Happy birthday!

67. You are as sweet as your birthday cake. Well, now that I think about it, I think you are way sweeter. Every day with you can get me diagnosed with diabetes. This special day of yours just added a jar of honey to your sweetness, now when I look at you, I can’t help but want to take a bite. Happy Birthday, dear, your life will be surrounded by all sweet things.

68. Other than being beside you, I can’t think of where else will make me feel happy. Your birthday has given me the opportunity to be around you, so I’m grateful. Happy 21 Birthday to you. Seeing you smile today will liven my mood till this time next year, so stay healthy next year so I can get to celebrate with you again.

69. You are special, you are unique. I’ve lived long enough on earth to know that no one on earth can compare to you. Never compare yourself with others and don’t give anyone the chance to make you feel less. People your age have taken seriously the trend of comparing oneself to another, so don’t fall into this trend. Happy Birthday, Your uncle cares.

70. You deserve every good thing the world has to offer and more! Congratulations on your birthday! Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to celebrate their 21st year on earth. I feel honoured to enjoy this day with you.

71. Your eyes shine and capture the heart of even the strong in heart. It captured my heart so I believe in its powers. For the past 20 years, your eyes have kept me loving you, it’s good to see that you still retain your uniqueness even at 21. Happy birthday!

72. I’m sending this message early in the morning because I want to be the reason you smile first thing in the morning. In the past years, you have always brightened my day with your existence so I thought to lighten up your day on your special day. Happy Birthday! You emit light to those around you, so keep up the good spirit.

73. Your 21st birthday got me thinking. Without your existence on earth, how would I have been able to live my daily life? Before I had my kids, you were my source of hope, I looked at your face and had reasons to want to live so that I could have kids of my own. Thanks for the strength you’ve given to me, happy birthday!

74. I know how to love all thanks to you. Your childish ways caught my attention and never let go. Just like other kids your age, at 8 you held the helm of my dress and called me aunt/uncle. In your eyes, I saw sincerity, and ever since you became my lovely niece. Happy Birthday!

75. You have bewitched my heart, you made me want to have a baby girl so bad, you laid the love foundation of no return and now I’m stuck as I’ve become a father/mother who loves his daughter and niece equally. You have been my adorable niece for 21 years, and you will be for more years to come. Happy birthday!

76. Leo Christopher said, ” Once I knew you, I never wanted to know anyone else”. I felt this word because after knowing you as my niece, I never wanted to know anyone else. Well, how selfish of your parents to birth another ball of cuteness who is your sibling. Nevertheless, I love all your siblings, but you are my favourite, happy birthday!

77. Today is a very special day to me as it’s the day you turn 21. I take this day as a very sacred day because I get to create memories with you. I want to live all my life creating wonderful moments with you, so dear, try to stay alive for as long as I live. Happy Birthday!

78. I love you and I know you love me. That’s all that matters today. My love for you is like the scent of the air after its rains, simply refreshing. Thank you for making me feel refresh for the past 20 years. It’s a thing of joy to know that I’ll get to experience refreshments this year again. Happy birthday! Sweetheart.

79. You are the best niece anyone can ever ask for. Your love is adorable and so is your smile. I can never get enough of your smile. Keep smiling baby girl, your aunts/uncle loves you. Happy Birthday!

80. You are perfect my dear cousin and although I’ve showered you with praises, and this might seem ingenuine, but believe me when I say you are all shades of perfect. 21 just made you a rare breed of perfection. I don’t know what else to say to you, but just never forget that you have never been unloved. Happy Birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes for a Special Niece

You own a special place in my heart, special niece, and for the past 20 years, this position you hold in my heart has never been shaken. This just shows the extent of my love for you. Happy 21st birthday. My heartfelt wishes are that you encounter all the goodness of life.

81. How the years run so fast, it came to me as a surprise when I realized you were celebrating your 21st birthday. It seemed like yesterday that I use to pat your head and call you my little angel. You have grown to become a fine woman, it’s a privilege for me to be able to be part of your growing years, I feel honoured. Happy birthday!

82. To my precious niece, happy birthday to you. It’s an accomplishment for one to be able and alive to celebrate their 21st birthday. I’m glad that you were given the opportunity to witness today. I wish you the grace to celebrate this day for many years to come. Happy Birthday!

83. It’s your 21st birthday today lovely niece and I know it’s filled with a lot of expectations for the future. My wish for you is that each one of the desires that you hope to fulfil at the age of 21 will become a reality. Enjoy your day, it only comes once a year. Happy Birthday to you.

84. Oh my little gorgeous niece, happy birthday to you. May you find fulfilment and peace of mind as you celebrate this day. Being an adult comes with a lot of depression and anxiety, so I hope that you achieve peace of mind for the coming years of your life. Stay strong and be focused. Although the road to this adulthood journey is narrow, I’ll be here for you. Happy birthday!

85. I can’t believe this, am I having to dream? My little honey is now 21, this is a thing of great joy for me. Your birth brought joy into my life and that of your family, you don’t know how precious you are to your family. As you radiate joy to others through your existence, your life as you celebrate today will glow with joy. Happy Birthday, honey.

86. I am so proud of you dear. Now that you are all grown up, I can take you to see my friends while boasting of how amazing you are. You know I love showing you around, don’t get annoyed by this attitude of mine. I just love you and think that you are truly gorgeous, so I can’t help myself from showing the world that I have a piece of rare diamond for a niece. I won’t forget to wish you a happy birthday. Lots of love from me to you.

87. The first time I saw you, you were in your mother’s arm in the hospital, I tried holding your hands, and that was the first time you smiled at me, I couldn’t help but smile back at you for you had an infectious smile. Ever since that day you refused to let me go while holding tightly my thumb finger, I haven’t stopped smiling at you. You’re 21, and your smile is still as infectious as ever. My darling, I wish you a happy birthday.

88. My sister/brother gave birth to you and seeing how adorable you were, I couldn’t wait to settle down and birth my adorable kids. If only your cousins, my kids, know that you inspired their existence, they wouldn’t take you for granted. Happy Birthday sweetheart, you didn’t just motivate me to have my kids, you made me want to be a better person. Wishing you the best things in life.

89. You were able to spare the time from your tight schedule to come to see me, I feel like the gifts I gave to you aren’t enough, so receive these wishes with an open heart. I wish you favours as you go about your daily life, I wish that you have a reason to smile today and for years to come. My baby, your light will shine through every darkness of life. Happy Birthday!

90. From a little girl who couldn’t stop whining and who found delight in crying at every little thing, you have grown to be a woman filled with wisdom with who I can share my problems and who won’t stop caring for me making me break down in tears. It’s funny how crying roles is now in reverse, happy birthday, I wish you a reason to break down in tears of extreme joy.

91. Although 18 is the year when you became an adult based on the law but I consider 21 as the time in your life where I’m officially not allowed to call you my little sweet bag of honey. You are now my jar of sweet candy as you emit sweetness. I wish that you are surrounded with love from sweet people, happy birthday!

92. You are now so beautiful and I’m glad that you have taken the path of an independent woman. I hope you continue to work hard and depend on yourself as that is what a woman should do. Happy birthday! There will be lots of stumbling blocks on your journey to becoming yourself, but I wish you strength and confidence, glow on darling!

93. To my little best friend, happy birthday! I never thought I would be able to find a confidante in my niece but look at how things turned out. You have a way of knowing my problems and comforting me for, this, I wish that in this life starting ends forth that you are surrounded by people who’ll always love and comfort you when you break down. Happy birthday, have a great day.

94. Happy Birthday lovely niece. Receive my hugs and kisses through telepathy because that’s how I’ll be sending them. I hope you weren’t thinking that I would be skipping this year’s hug and kisses due to distance? Well, surprise! I would never miss a chance to hug my cousin, especially on her 21st birthday. Wishing you endless blessings dear, happy birthday!

95. You are loves dear, I want you to know that. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved. You’re 21 now, and you will be surrounded by people who will make you feel less of yourself. I want you to retain your confidence and look at the future with hope. Happy birthday, I wish that your future is ridden of any obstacle, take care of yourself.

96. Another year has been added to you, which means you are going to shine brighter this year. I look in anticipation for all the achievements you are going to make because I know your goals for this year will all come true. Happy birthday, girl! Shine on and make more achievements, I wish you strength.

97. Long life, good health, and prosperity are what I wish for you. I know it sounds random but it remains my wish for you. In addition to that, I wish you more money, success in school and peaceful life. You are made for greatness my dear, happy birthday.

98. I love your optimistic spirit dear, I think you inherited them from me. You are 21 and looking hopeful about the future, I really admire this attitude of yours. I pray that the challenges of life never quench the fire you hold. Happy Birthday!

99. You are just 21 and have started creating waves in the family. What else can I say but congratulations, I’m so behind you in every step you take. My best wishes are with you today. Happy birthday, have the best time of your life today.

100. Happy 21st Birthday niece! You have always been eager to take charge of your life and drive it towards your direction, I’m excited that you are now old enough to make your own decision as I have faith in your life choices. As you celebrate this special day, I wish for wisdom to enable you to drive carefully towards your goals.

For the past years, you have lived knowing your niece and her tiny hands have given you a look-alike of what having a daughter would be like.

So it’s high time you let the emotions in your heart out in this lovely happy 21st birthday niece wishes messages and quotes.

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