Happy 25th Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

Happy 25th Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

The relationships we have with our family members may not be perfect but at the end of the day, they’re the people in our lives that we can always count on. Sisters are even more special and the way they naturally grow into absolute sweethearts is so amazing.

If there’s ever a day to remind your sister how much you care about her, it’s the day of her birth anniversary, even if you already got her a birthday gift, she’ll very much appreciate some good wishes and quotes for her special day.

To make sure that you find the perfect wishes and quotes for your sister’s 25th birthday, this beautiful collection of happy 25th birthday sister wishes was written with all the love and best wishes that your sister will need for her celebration.
I know that you’ll find your favourites as you go through the collection.

Birthday Wishes for Sister Turning 25

Welcome to the silver age! Happy 25th birthday my sweet sister. You turning 25 today is so exciting and I’m indeed thankful for the moments and experiences you’ll get to have. May this new age bring you the best of things all around.

1. You have received the beautiful gift of turning 25 today, I sincerely wish you the best for this new chapter in your life. Best wishes sis.

2. Happy birthday sis, congratulations on turning 25! It’s such a cool and fun year and I know that you’ll enjoy it.

3. Hi sweet sister, as you turn 25 today, I pray for this year to bring you moments of success and happiness.

4. Turning 25 is such a big deal and you should celebrate it specially. Happy birthday my darling sister.

5. It brings me so much joy that you’re turning 25 today, I appreciate the growth you have had these past years. I wish you the best of everything for your new age.

6. You are one of the coolest people I know, best wishes as you turn 25. Happy birthday my dear sister.

7. You special human, the happiest of birthday to you. Turning 25 looks great on you. Do have a fantastic 25th year.

8. One more year into the adult world! Special wishes and love to you as you turn 25 today. I love you sis, have an awesome day.

9. Gracefully turning 25 today, happy birthday sis. I hope you have tons of beautiful days and wonderful nights.

10. Dear sis, turning 25 looks amazing on you. You’ll have your best year yet. Do have a fantastic day.

11. To the coolest and latest 25 year old, congratulations on turning 25. Knowing how awesome you are, I already know that you’ll have an incredibly special year.

12. My amazing sister turning 25 today! Happy birthday my superstar, keep shining all year round.

13. I love you to the moon and back sis, Happy 25 to you. Best wishes to you dear.

14. You turning 25 today is another step in your beautiful life journey. Birthday love and blessings to you sis, wishing you a wonderful day.

15. Happy birthday you precious human, 25 will be super awesome for you.

16. Incredibly happy that you’re turning 25 today. Have an incredibly successful and fulfilling year ahead.

17. My darling sister, I share in your joy as you celebrate year 25 on this beautiful day. It is well with you always, have a beautiful birthday.

18. Wishing you all the happiness and grace for year 25. Happy birthday, sis.

19. I’m celebrating you and your awesome self as you turn 25 on this pretty special day. My dear sister, have a wonderful birthday.

20. Hi birthday girl, big kudos on turning 25! You are pretty amazing and I’m so glad to call you my sister.

21. You only get to be 25 once and I hope this year is everything you need it to be and more. Wishing you a lovely birthday sis.

22. To a more fun and happy year, happy 25th birth anniversary sis. You are loved.

23. Dear sis, you’re going to have a year that is as special as you. Happy 25 years dear.

24. Wishing you a super exciting 25th year because you deserve to have the best of things in life. Love you, sis.

25. Cheering you on as you turn 25 today. May the best of things come your way today and always. Happy birthday my darling sister.

Happy 25th Birthday Quotes for Sister

You are always one or two choices away from the life you want. As you celebrate your 25th birthday, I want you to always choose the best things for yourself and I pray you to receive the wisdom to make these choices. Happy 25th birthday dear sister.

26. There’s always so much to be thankful for. Happy 25th birthday dear sister, welcome to a year of celebration and joy.

27. Hi birthday girl, a new beginning is here for you. Welcome to your 25th birth anniversary in what will be an awesome year for you.

28. One year older and better, cheers to your beautiful 25th birthday, have a lovely year.

29. Life is full of endless possibilities. Dear sister, may your 25th year bring you lots of rewarding ventures in all things.

30. As you wine and dine your way into your wonderful 25th birthday, I wish you a magnificent season all year long and beyond.

31. An exceptionally beautiful year for an exceptionally wonderful sister. Happy 25th year darling.

32. Life is about constantly choosing to show up as best as you can. My sweet sister, have a fun-filled 25th birthday.

33. A year to drink fine wine and win at everything. Happy 25th year my darling sister, go forth and flourish.

34. Happiness is a choice and I hope you get to choose it every day of what will be an awesome 25th birthday and year for it.

35. Sweet sis, always be true to yourself and show kindness whenever you can. Have an incredibly beautiful 25th birthday.

36. When one day ends, another begins. Today marks the beginning of your 25th year, may it be a joyful and beautiful year for you.

37. My dear sister, do the best you can to enjoy the moments of your new age. A beautiful 25th birthday to you.

38. Life can be beautiful too. Here’s hoping that your 25th birthday will usher in beautiful experiences and good tidings into your life.

39. To a special birthday girl, have the most special birthday as you begin what will be an absolutely beautiful 25th year for you.

40. Life is a little bit of everything but for you, my darling sister, goodwill always be your portion. Happy 25th birthday to you.

41. You get to choose the life you want to have and your 25th year will be amazing. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday.

42. Sweet sister of mine, may your life be abundantly blessed with all things good and beautiful as you celebrate your 25th birthday.

43. Feel the wind on your cheeks, a reminder that you are alive and well. Have an excellent 25th birthday dear.

44. You will always be my amazing sister and I hope you have a pretty successful 25th year.

45. In all things, stay grateful. I’m grateful for a sister like you and your beautiful new age. I wish you a happy 25th birthday.

46. My dear sister, love yourself enough to go for your dreams as you begin your 25th year. Have yourself a fantastic birthday.

47. Keep soaring high, my darling sister. This 25th year is yours to excel in and flourish. Happy birthday (insert heart emoji).

48. My dear (insert her name), this life is yours to live to the absolute fullest. Have a fantastic 25th birthday.

49. Life is too short to be unhappy, wishing you the happiest of times for your 25th birthday and year.

50. Live, love and laugh in all the ways you can. A beautiful 25th birthday sweet sis.

25th Birthday Messages for Sister

A year older and many times better, happy 25th birthday my darling sister. May your beautiful light continue to shine above and beyond in every area of your life. You are such a gem and I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

51. It’s always magical to flip the page and begin a new age. Welcome to your 25th-year sis.

52. I hope you find happiness in all the days of your 25th year, happy birthday dear sister.

53. It’s the first day of your 25th year, have an incredibly special day and enjoy the rest of the year.

54. A little wine in between the days and lots of winning in all that you do. Happy 25th birthday sis.

55. Dear sweet sister, there’s a whole lot of adventures and beautiful experiences waiting for you in this new season. Have a fantastic 25th birthday.

56. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers, happy 25th birthday my sweet sister. It feels great seeing all your progress.

57. For the most amazing sister, I wish you all-around success and joy as you celebrate your 25th birthday.

58. I have a feeling that you’ll have a year filled with beautiful moments and memories. Cheers to your 25th birthday, love you, sis.

59. You my dear sister are an absolute gem and I can’t wait to see how incredibly special and successful your 25th year will be.

60. Happy 25th year my darling sister, wishing you all the excellence and abundant blessings.

61. My dear super cool sister, I hope you have a super cool 25th birthday!

62. I’m proud of the young woman you are today and I do not doubt that bigger and more rewarding things will come your way this season. Happy 25th birthday baby girl.

63. You are an awesome sister and I hope your 25th birthday is equally fun and awesome.

65. I’ll forever be grateful that you’re my sister. Have the most special birthday and may your 25th year on this earth be incredibly special.

66. Having you as my sister makes my life a lot more beautiful. Best wishes my love on your 25th birthday, have the most fun and special day.

67. You have always been special and year 25 will be pretty special for you. Happy birthday sweet one.

68. It’s the start of a beautiful age in your life today. Wishing you all the happiness, progress and fulfilment you’ll need for year 25.

69. A love and wealth filled year to you, my darling sister. Happy 25th birthday!

70. Birthday blessings to an awesome birthday girl. Love you so much my dear sister, wishing you a fantastic 25th birthday.

71. Happy 25th birthday dear sister. In this new age, you will have beautiful moments and make happy memories. A happy fun day to you.

72. Dear sister, you deserve all the celebrations for your 25th birthday. Many happy returns to you my darling.

73. You have a whole year to be a 25-year-old, I hope you have fun with it while making the days count. Have a beautiful 25th birthday sis.

74. Happy mid-twenties my darling sis. Year 25 will be amazing to you.

75. Only the best of birthday wishes and love for my cherished sister. Happy 25th birthday dear, I hope you have an incredibly amazing year ahead.

Funny 25th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Getting older simply means having more things to worry about but I know that you’re equal to the task(insert wink emoji). Seriously just stuff your face with enough cake and try to have a great birthday. Love you.

76. Happy 25th cake day dear sister. I hope you smile so much today and always.

77. Happy 25th birthday sis. You’re the fun and awesome one and I’m not even complaining. Have a beautiful day.

78. I’m the cool sibling but today I’ll let you have that title. Happy 25th birthday darling sis, go have a fantastic year.

79. Happy 25th birthday dear, you still have to do the dishes though. Love you so much.

80. You’re 25 already! Just wow. Anyway, I’m still taller than you(insert wink emoji). I hope you have the perfect day.

81. Dear sis, best wishes on your 25th birthday. Maybe this is the year where you can finally be as cool as me.

82. Adulthood isn’t fun but here you are getting older. I hope year 25 is good for you, happy birthday sis.

83. The best part of today is that I get to eat your birthday cake! Cheers to your 25th-year dear sister, go be amazing.

84. Blowing you birthday kisses because that’s all I have for you today. Have a beautiful 25th birthday sis.

85. I love you when you’re not being annoying. Wishing you a lovely 25th birthday and year.

86. Happy 25th birthday to my perfectly imperfect sister. Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes without permission.

87. Is this the year where you’ll finally start acting like an adult? I can’t wait! Wishing you a wonderful 25th birthday.

88. Now that you’re officially 25 years old, maybe you can start paying me back all the money you owe me. I mean it, sis. Happy birthday.

89. Remember the days when all you wanted to be was a Disney princess? Yeah me too. Cheers to growing up, have an awesome 25th birthday.

90. Don’t take this year for granted kiddo. Love you loads, enjoy your 25th birthday my sweet sister.

91. You’re my favourite sister and yes I’m aware that you’re my only sister (insert laughing emoji). Hoping your 25th birthday is pretty special.

92. I only came for the party, and you but more for the party. Cheers to you and your wonderful 25th my darling sister.

93. Happy birthday to the coolest and only 25-year old I know. Have fun dear sister.

94. If there’s a day where you pretend like you have a perfect life, it’s today! Love you, sis, a fantastic 25th birthday to you.

95. One of the only days in the year where I get to be extra nice to you. I hope you have an awesome 25th birthday.

96. You annoy me half of the time but you’ll always be my darling sister. May your 25th year be an amazing, happy birthday.

97. I hope you’re smiling extra hard today, enough to make your cheeks hurt. Happy 25th-year sis.

98. I hope you have enough fun today and the rest of the year. Sending you my best wishes for your 25th birthday.

99. You’re older and even more annoying but I love you nonetheless. Have the most special and beautiful 25th birthday and year that you deserve.

100. It’s your cake day and I celebrate you for turning 25! Wishing you a fabulous year my darling sister.

I do know that you found the best of happy 25th birthday wishes and quotes for your sister’s birthday. I also know that whichever of these wishes you picked for your sister, she’ll love them.
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