Heart Touching Birthday Wishes

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister (2024)

Sisters are precious jewels that add spice to our family bond. They are beautiful beings with a large and caring heart. Having a sister is a blessing irrespective of their ages. A kid sister is the cute little princess of the house, she is always adored and cared for by everyone in the family, while a big sister is also not left out, she sometimes acts like our second mommy, best friend, confidant, and back-up system in times of need.

One of the sweetest things to do for a lovely sister is to celebrate her, even on her special day, like her birthday. And one of the most beautiful ways to do that is to send her your heartfelt wishes because the day is not just any day, its the beginning of a new season for her and the wishes would go a long way in showing how much you love, care and adore her.

Looking for sweet birthday wishes for your beautiful and loving sister?

Here are a well-written heart touching birthday wishes for sister to make her birthday the best. They can be used for big sister, kid sister, long-distance sister, married and baby sister.

Heart Touching Birthday Messages for Sister

Best of heart touching birthday text messages and quotes for a sweet sister. Birthday wishes for blood sister. Celebrate your beloved sister with the following heart touching birthday wishes for sister by sending it to her.

1. You’re an epitome of beauty decked with so much knowledge and wisdom and this is one of the numerous reasons why I’m glad to have you as my sister. I pray that your new year be a new season of blessing, favour, and peace. You’re so much loved and appreciated. Happy birthday, dearie.

2. There’s something special about this day, the day a priceless jewel was born, my sweet sister with a pure, beautiful heart and a smile that is as beautiful as the dawn of a new day. I love you always, dear. Happy birthday to you!

3. Birthdays are special days worth celebrating. Although it is being celebrated once in a year, I will always celebrate you every day because you are my best friend and companion. To now and always in good health and wealth. Happy birthday, sister.

4. It’s your new year sweet sister, I admire the woman you’re growing into, your strength and fearlessness are so divine and contagious. Thank you for always bringing out the best in me. It’s my heart desire that you never experience a better yesterday, you’ll continue to wax stronger in strength and wisdom. Happy birthday, dearie.

5. Someone with the memories of my childhood is a year older, today. You’ve been all shades of sweetness to my life and I pray that the sweetness in your life will never go sour, may you continue to increase in all wisdom and understanding. I love you so much, babe! Happy birthday.

6. My baby girl and the younger version of me, happy birthday to you, sweetheart! It’s my heart desire that you’ll continue to grow more in grace and wisdom, you shall excel in all your endeavours and everything life brings your way will be of good. I hope you enjoy yourself, dear. Cheers to your new age.

7. Happy birthday to you, dear. May you never be a source of shame to our parents and family. You’re a special gift to us and we appreciate that. I love you!

8. As sure as the dawn, I know you’ll be great, you’ll be blessed, you’ll be favoured, you’ll excel and you’ll prosper. This is your year of great breakthrough, dear. Happy happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy!

9. May your life be adorned with so much happiness and everlasting joy. Success is yours forever as the sky is your starting point. Have a sweet Happy birthday.

10. You’re sweet and awesome, you’re the best sister I can never imagine losing, I so much love you, dear, so I wish you a birthday filled with love, joy, peace, strength, courage, and wisdom. Happy birthday, sweet one. I love you.

11. Daily as you live, it’s my heart desire that your life is an expression of God’s grace and mercy, you shall never find any course to give up on life. Happy birthday to you my sweet cherry. Love you loads.

12. My cupcake is year older today, she’s my banana cake with caramel cream cheese frosting, it’s your birthday and my best wishes are always with you, I will always love and cherish you, dear. Happy birthday.

13. Happy birthday my cute little sunshine, the last daughter of my mother and the teddy bear of the house. May your life continue to be awesome and sweet all the days of your life. I love you, baby sister. Enjoy.

14. She’s sweeter than Cinderella and more beautiful than Barbie, she’s a queen that carries so much wisdom and authority. Happy birthday to you my dear one, may your wisdom never fade away and may it increase more and more as you age. Cheers to the best year ever.

15. You’re one person I can open myself to without the fear of you criticizing or judging me, I don’t take all this for granted. My birthday wish is for you to become the best version of you! You’re irreplaceable. Love you loads.

16. I wish you success and unending happiness as you add to your age today, you shall continue to live a life full of unending peace and thanksgiving. More grace, dear. Happy birthday.

17. I’m glad you’re given another great opportunity to see your new age, I pray that your new year usher you into unlimited favour and peace. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

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18. I pray that today, your birthday be a turning point for all the disappointments in your life, you’ll never have truncated growth. My love for you is unconditional, dear. Happy birthday!

19. You’re sweet, lovely, beautiful, kind, caring and superb, even planet earth knows I’m not exaggerating, so I pray that your birthday brings you into marvellous things in life from now till forever. Happy birthday, dear. You’re great.

20. May your birthday bring more sweet and beautiful things life has to offer, you shall never wander or be weary at any point in your life. Keep being the best version of yourself baby girl. I love you to the moon and back.

21. I pray that your special day brings you all the beautiful things you’ve ever prayed and wished for, you’ll never have any reason to be sad and sorrowful, God bless you and keep you always, dear. Happy birthday, my honey bunny.

22. As you add a year to your age, you’ll be blessed with unlimited favour, unexplained love, here’s me wishing you the best birthday ever. I love you to the moon and back baby boo. Cheers to a better year.

23. It’s my heart desire, that you continue to grow more in wisdom, knowledge, understanding and long life and prosperity in good health. I’m so honoured to have you as my sister, I love you so much, dear.

24. Here’s me wishing my first best friend the sweetest happy birthday. I love your caring and sweet heart. Cheers to your best year ever. Happy birthday!

25. I adore the love, joy, peace, and sweetness I experience each time I talk to you, you’re my answered prayer baby. Happy birthday to you my dear sweet sister. I love you!

26. God will make a way for you everywhere you seem to lose hope, you’ll never lack anything good. These are my prayers for you on your special day, happy birthday, my princess.

27. You’ll be blessed abundantly, loved unconditionally and cherished forever. May you continue to be light that you are to everyone around you. I love you, my dear sister. Happy birthday to you!

28. Happy birthday to the best sister ever, you are my best friend and nothing shall happen to the love and friendship we share. Enjoy your new age, dear. Cheers!

29. You shall break boundaries, destroy limitations and come out the best at everything you do, I love you to the moon and back, babe! Happy sweet birthday!

30. May your joy be renewed as the day passes by and may your fears be turned into opportunities. I wish you a sweet birthday filled with fun and cake. I love you, dearie.

31. I pray that you flourish like a tree planted by the riverside that is watered by God himself. Happy birthday to you, dear. You’re so much loved and appreciated. Cheers to your new age!

32. My dear, sister, here is another opportunity to send you all the love I have for you, I wish you a beautiful birthday. Enjoy!

33. I never regretted having you as my role model and inspiration growing up. I will always adore the strength and wisdom on your inside. happy birthday and many happy returns.

34. It was a thing of joy holding that cute little hands of yours when you were born, I’m happy the baby is growing to be an adult. Cheers to adulthood dear, Happy 21st birthday to you.

35. One thing you remind me so much of is the strength and wisdom of our mother, truly you’re my mother’s daughter. Thanks for always bringing out the best in me. Happy birthday, dear.

36. Every birthday you celebrate truly is an assurance of how great, beautiful, glorious and smart you’ll be. I’m happy having you as my blood babe, I pray your birthday brings you nothing lesser than peace and joy.

37. As you grow older today, you’ll continue to grow from glory to glory, strength to strength, wisdom to wisdom and favour to favour. Happy 19th birthday, my love. I’m sure you know I adore you.

38. Having you as my blood and best friend is the greatest gift ever from God, you complete me, dear. I pray that your birthday brings usher you into great things. I love you, dear. Happy birthday.

39. Happy birthday to my favourite teenager, I pray you’ll increase in grace, knowledge, wisdom, and joy. You’ll never lose your wonder and essence in life. God bless you always, dear. Long life and prosperity I pray for you. Cheers!

40. You have always been my back to rest on, my shoulder to cry on and strength to bank on, I can’t appreciate you well enough, dear. May your birthday usher you in greater exploits of better things. I love you so much dear, Happy birthday.

Long Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

41. I miss the days you cry at every mistake you made, I’m sure it taught you never to give up, now look at you damsel, you’ve grown to pass it and now a brainy at everything you lay your hands on. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart! I wish you all the good things you ever wish for yourself. Enjoy your day!

42. You are a bundle of joy and happiness, the joy that flows through you is very contagious, so I pray for you this day that your joy and happiness will never diminish as you celebrate your new age. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

43. You make my day beautiful, you make my night memorable. You are definitely God’s sent to me and I don’t take you for granted. I have been celebrating you in my heart, and this is just to show how much you mean to me. It’s your day, Enjoy it to the fullest.

44. It’s awesome how you grew to become beautiful, sweet awesome and caring like our mum. Each moment I remember mum, I see you. Keep being you always, dear. Happy birthday and many happy returns.

45. Though we quarrel and fight a lot, it can never stop me from loving you. Moreover, it helps me in understanding and appreciating you more each day. On your birthday I wouldn’t wish for more quarrel, but wish that you become the best of yourself. I love you, dear. Happy birthday.

46. How awesome is it to see my sweet baby sister clock 2? The joy in my heart is so unquantifiable right now for you are indeed a child of grace. may you continue to grow in strength and grace, Happy 2nd birthday, dear.

47. May your smile never fade away, may your days be filled with joy and happiness, may your fears be levelled to nothing and may happiness never depart from you. Have a great year, dear. Happy birthday.

48. Happy birthday to the world’s best sister and best friend. You fit perfectly well for both roles and I do not underestimate your wisdom and strength, you are a queen indeed and a queen you’ll forever be. Happy birthday, sweet sister. I love you.

49. Happy 16th birthday to my sister, it’s the beginning of another season of grace and joy for you. May your new year be better than the previous one. I love you so much, dear.

50. I call myself blessed to have been groomed by you, I wish you all the good things you’ll ever ask from God. Thank you for grooming me in love. Happy birthday to my second mummy. I love you, ma.

51. Your beautiful heart deserves nothing lesser than all of God’s blessings. May goodness and mercy continue to follow you all the days of your life. Have a great year, ma. Happy birthday!

52. On this day, 30years ago, a beautiful soul was birth into my hands, she grew and became a virtuous woman, 30 looks good on you dear. I pray for your new age to be filled with love, peace, joy, and happiness. Happy birthday, sister.

54. Each year I celebrate your birthday, it assures me of how great and beautiful you’ll be to the family and the world in the nearest future. I pray all your dreams will not be truncated. Have a great year, ahead happy birthday, sugar. I love you!

55. Happy birthday to you, virtuous woman. Never forget that you are a blessing to the world at Large. I love your kind heart. Happy birthday, ma.

56. Happy birth anniversary sweetheart, today marks 15 years that you were born, may your happiness continue to increase as you age. God bless you, always.

57. I rejoice with my parents and other siblings in celebrating the birth anniversary of the last member of our family. You sure know I adore and cherish you, dear. Happy birthday to you.

58. Hurrah! it’s the birthday of my troublesome sibling, the cute little barbie of the house. You deserve much more than gifts and cakes, so I wish that you grow into the woman of your dreams. Happy birthday, baby!

59. Here’s the best moment for me to tell you I love you as much as your husband does, though I’m not competing with him, I just love and adore you so much as my sister. Happy birthday, sis.

60. Wow! It’s the golden jubilee of my second mum, the one who nurtured me into my dreams and aspirations. Thank you for all your sacrifices, ma. I pray that God grant all your heart desires this new year. Happy birthday, ma.

Cute Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

61. Having you in the family the greatest blessing to us, you made the family bond perfect with your arrival and I pray that God adds you many more beautiful years to your age in good health. Happy birthday, dear.

62. Having you as a sibling is the greatest gift ever. I adore your strength, courage and most especially your wisdom in handling complicated matters in the family. You’re truly an epitome of wisdom. I pray that you grow more in wisdom and strength of this new age. Happy birthday, big sister.

63. Birthdays are a moment of ruminating on how life has been to us, here is a reminder that you’ve lived the best beautiful life ever, I love you, sis. Have a great birthday

64. Having your sister as your female best friend is an awesome experience, thank you for being my sister and my best friend, I can’t love you less, dear. Happy birthday!

65. Looking at the troubles you’ve made me go through, I can exchange a sibling-like you for ruby and silver. Loll, just kidding, you’re worth more than a diamond, you’re invaluable. Happy birthday, dear. Cheers to your new age.

66. Your life is an amazing testimony, you’re special to the family at large and me personally. I hope that your new age ushers you into Greater heights and opportunities. Happy birthday, sweets.

67. Just like yesterday when I first held your cute little arms, my baby, I’m glad you’re becoming better and sweeter every day. I’m expectant for the woman you’re becoming. Happy birthday, dear.

68. You are a confirmation that obedience is a great virtue to emulate, I’m glad you listened and obeyed all my instructions and advice. Happy birthday, sweety. Greater heights for you to attain this. Enjoy your day!

69. You deserve every wish, gift, and prayers you’ll get today. You’re a child and wonder and I say amen to all the prayers and wishes you will get today. Happy birthday, sweety.

70. I thought if I have ten thousand tongues it’s not enough to utter all the prayers I have for you in my heart, so I decided to pray to God to grant all your heart desires and make you great. Happy birthday to you, my damsel.

71. Life gave me the greatest friend I could have ever asked for, in you I’ve found a friend, one so gentle and sweet. I love you to the moon and back, baby. Happy a great birthday.

72. To the most beautiful, caring and awesome sister in the world, I pray you to continue to find love and peace. May you never depart from the presence of God. I love you, dear. Happy birthday, sis.

73. She’s my sweet bully at home, well I’m sure you know I don’t want to try my manly powers on you, I can’t trade you for a box of pizza.. lol. Happy birthday to the best sibling in the world. I love you!

74. It is said that for every family, there’s always a ‘black sheep’ but I call her my ‘white sheep’ because she’s so sweet, humble and calm. I wish that you never lose your wonder. I love you, baby, happy birthday!

75. She was my first girlfriend before her husband took her away, irrespective, I still love her you, the distance will never be a barrier, so my heart prays for you today that you’ll never lose your taste and savour. Happy birthday to you, sister. I love you!

Short Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

76. I pray that your life never lacks joy, peace, love, and happiness. Happy birthday to you, dear. You worth more than gold or silver.

77. The opposite side they say attracts. Now I know why we get along very well, I’m proud of the woman you’re becoming, I’m sure your future is a great one. A great happy birthday I wish for you!

78. It’s your new season of unending joy, unthinkable peace, and unmerited favour, happy birth anniversary to you, dear. You’re the best. Enjoy your day.

79. On your birthday, may you continue to find peace and love for the remaining days of your life, you shall know no sorrow. Cheers to a great year. Happy birthday!

80. My princess, I celebrate your new age and I pray that goodness and mercy shall follow you from today and beyond. Happy birthday, dear. You are loved.

81. On this beautiful day of us, I pray that you are blessed with sound mind, joy, favour and all the great things you wish for yourself. I love you, now and always.

82. The little princess of yesterday has grown into a queen, how time flies. 21 looks good on you, dear. Happy 21st birthday.

83. I pray that the good Lord continue to watch over you and keep you out of all evils. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity I also pray you. I love you, dear.

84. Asides the cakes and gifts, I wish you a birthday full of joy and every good thing you can ever think of. Happy birthday, sweet kid sister.

85. May your new year grant all that your heart ever desires and pant after. Happy birthday to you my dear friend. You’re sweet and awesome.

86. 21 looks good on you, baby. Thank you for always acting smarter and wiser than your age! Happy 21st birthday to you dear, I love you loads.

87. Today is a blessed day, it reminds me of when a princess was birth into the family, it’s awesome having you as a sibling, dear. Happy birthday, dear.

88. My sweet little princess, as you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that God bless you with unlimited joy, we shall not have a cause to cry over you! I love you forever. Happy birthday!

89. I pray you’ll never miss your path in life, your life will continue to shine bright for the world Happy birthday to the best sister and friend ever.

90. I wish you good health, sound health, wisdom, and understanding. Beyond all this, I pray that you prosper in all that you lay your hands on. Happy birthday, dear. Love you loads

91. On your special day, I wish you so much happiness and joy Much more than you can ever imagine. Happy birthday my dear. You’re loved forever.

92. Every day is a good day, but today is a special day for a special sibling like you, I hope that you enjoy your day to the fullest. Have a great birthday today. Cheers!

93. May your kind heart open doors of great opportunities to you, you’ll go places beyond your imaginations and may line fall into pleasant places for you. Happy birthday to you, sweet one. I love you!

94. To the one who bears my burden without complaining, I wish you a very beautiful and happy birthday, may your new age birth you into so great opportunities. I love you.

95. I might not be so close enough to give you the big hug that you deserve, but I’m sure you know that my heart prays so much for you always. My Happy birthday to my little princess, big brother loves you.

96. Princess, I pray that your new age is the best one ever, you shall not wander in life and may God continue to orchestrate your path into greatness. you’re much loved and adored.

97. I am eternally grateful for giving me a cute and loving being like you, you’ve been all shades of joy to my life, it’s my heart desire that you never leave the presence of the lord, you’ll never miss Gods allocation for you. God bless you now and always. Cheers!

98. My joy knows no bound today, cos my cute one is clocking 10, today, you remind me of the immeasurable joy you brought to the family 10years ago, happy 10th birthday to you, my very surest sweetheart.

99. Every day for me is a happy day cos I have a smart and sweet kid sister like you spending each day with me. I’m convinced that you have a great future and you’ll be great in life, Happy birthday, love.

100. I feel so happy to celebrate a good and caring sister, like you, you’re one in a zillion, specially customized for me, my birthday wishes for you is that you’ll continue to find happiness and joy from now till forever, I love you, dear. Happy birthday, dear.

Thanks for following through on these heart touching birthday wishes for sister, I hope you found one that best fits for your sweet sister. Also, don’t forget to send her birthday gifts and cake to add more beauty to her day. Please, share with friends and family and also comment in the comment box below. Thanks.


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