Touching Love Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance (2023)

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship and you struggle to find adequate words to express the way you love him, miss him, wish he was here?

Long-distance relationships are full of romance and longing and they are simultaneously the best and worst things ever. The best things because hello, this is your lover and the worst thing because he’s not close enough geographically that you can hop in a cab to his house and spend hours making googly eyes at him.

If you totally agree with me, and you have a long-distance lover or you know someone who does, here’s a collection of messages that will make him feel more loved and connected to you than countless hours of googly-eyed staring ever can.

Most Touching Love Messages for Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship

These heart touching messages are also the most romantic ones you can find online to bee sent to your far away boyfriend (or husband). They are the best love messages for boyfriend in a long distance relationship.

1. I’m envious of those persons who would get to see your lovely face today. Good morning boo. I love you.

2. I can’t stand the fact that other people get to see your amazing smile and I don’t. Come back soon. I miss you.

3. Tell me, how many ladies paid you a compliment? I wish I was there to give you one. I love you, dearie. Good night.

4. Just thinking of the people who would enjoy your presence today makes me sad, because I can’t. I miss you love.

5. I do not doubt that you’re going to rock your world today. I feel bad that I can’t be there with you. Be amazing today. I love you loads.

6. I hate being without you but if that’s the price I have to pay to eventually be with you, then I’ll wait. I miss you.

7. I’ll wait, no matter how long it takes. I’ll wait to be with you again. I miss you so much.

8. I miss you so much and I don’t know if I have the strength to keep holding on but I’ll fight for our love, no matter how long it takes.

9. I’ll be right at the top of this castle waiting for you my prince charming to come rescue me. Even if it takes forever, I’ll be here waiting.

10. The time and distance between us are quite inconsequential compared to an eternity of basking in our love.

11. Words can’t adequately express how much you mean to me. I love you and can’t wait to have you back.

12. We may be far apart but as long as you’re in my heart we’re closer than ever. I love you.

13. Every time I think about the stars and their distance from earth, I know we’ll be together soon.

14. I feel elated every time I remember the spark in your eyes, your smile that lights up my world, your charming charisma. I miss you bae. Come back soon.

16. The spark in your eyes is the only crystal light that deserves to be seen all year long. The wonders of the world have nothing on you. You are my wonder man. Hope to see you soon.

17. You mean so much to me. I long for the day when you’ll be standing right in front of me once again. I miss you so much.

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18. We met when the sky and the sea merged when the stars flowed in their seamless seams. No distance or barrier can keep us apart, no matter how it seems.

19. No matter where you are, no matter how far you go, I know I’ll be fine because you took my heart with you.

20. Distance or no distance. Barrier or no barrier… I’ll forever be chasing after you.

21. I’ve read and reread your messages to me just because I miss you. I need you here.

22. It’s torturing not having you here to hold and run my hands through your hair. I miss you so much.

23. In love’s name and with the powers vested on me I hereby cut your trip short. I miss you so much.

24. The distance is less painful than losing you, and no matter where you go, my heart will still crave for you. Only you can make me feel the way I do. As much as I miss you, I love you.

25. When you understand how much your presence means to me, you’ll give me the gift of always standing by my side physically. I want to hug you and kiss you and tell you I love you.

26. So today’s unfair because you’re not close to me. The morning’s nothing close to being bright. But I have you and that’s a consolation. Good morning, my love.

27. Your presence adds more comfort to my daily life. You may not understand how it works, but so it is with me. I pray your night rest goes sweet and I pray I sleep too. I miss you. Good night.

28. Tell a story of excruciating pain and you’ll be saying my story right now because I miss you so much I wonder if I’m already in hell. Babe, you mean the world to me and I can’t tell you enough. Good night.

29. For the love of truth, I confess that I miss you. For the love of you, I can’t control how much I do. For the love of God, I just have to stick to you. I love you.

30. Day one with your absence felt like hell and day two felt worse. It has only gotten worse. I love your presence and one reason is the good it does to me. I can’t live without you.

31. Every step I’ve taken leaves me wondering how I ever lived without you. If I can control circumstances, you’ll never leave my sight. I love you and madly miss you.

32. For your love, I’ll climb impossible mountains. For your love, I’ll travel paths where demons meet angels and my oath of love for you is hidden in nature. I love you, babe.

33. I grew up having loved ones separate from me. The day you left the house left me devastated the most. I love you and that won’t let me forget you and my devotion to you is forever.

34. The days I spend with you is never enough to keep me for extra days, even though they are filled with bliss. I’ll do many things to be with you. I love you.

35. I always want you near me. But since life steered us to different locations, the desire only increased. You are the one who holds my being firm. I love you, love.

36. I don’t mind breaking tradition to propose to you when I meet you next. I’ll sing and dance and let everyone know how much I’ve missed you. You’re so dear to my heart. I love you.

37. All the love I spoke of for you had not been fully expressed when we parted physically. I am consoled however that we are bonded in ways we can’t explain. I love you so much. Sleep well.

38. When I think about you, I am not just happy, but hopeful that the days only get better because there’s you in the future. We’ll meet again and the love I have for you will prove itself. Good morning.

39. You took a part of me with you. Would you return with it soon?

40. I’m tired of doing mundane duties all day, I just want to bask in your love. Why do you have to be so far away?

41. So someone told me all men were the same. For her good, I would’ve asked her to check you, but you’re so far away. I’ve forgotten you not, darling. I love and miss you.

42. I would have said I’ll rather save you than a city in flames, but I know you’d prefer it the other way. Now this beautiful heart is what I can’t stop loving. I miss you, my man.

43. I couldn’t tell what excess love feels like until you introduced me to it. Now I live in a world where fantasy is as real as the flesh of you and me. Good night, love.

44. Rebellion in me may just begin the day a force tells me to stop loving you. All my energy will rather be spent loving you than serving my country. I miss you too.

45. Then the whole world will understand how true love works — when our being apart only makes us closer and our distance only makes us cherish ourselves more. I love you, my heart.

46. I can take the pain but not the distance. I can take the aches but not the vacuum your absence has created.

47. A million miles still separate us and I still love you with all my heart.

48. The distance between us keeps making my love for you wax stronger. I love you.

49. I’ve been holding on for too long and I don’t know how long I can hold on for.. I need you right here with me. I miss you.

50. I’ve missed our cuddles and kisses. I miss you badly. Come back to me soon.

51. Just a couple of days and it seems like an eternity already. Everything’s moving in slow motion, except for my heart that’s beating for you.

52. It is imperative and vital to declare that without you I’m not complete. I miss you boo.

53. I remember our first date. It was epic. These memories keep me going. Don’t stay too long. I love you.

54. I should never have ignored your words. I should never have avoided your smiles. I should never have faked the silence. Now I’m missing your very love. I need you.

55. We’ve built sandcastles and they washed away. We made paper houses and they were blown away but from this love, I would never walk away.

56. I hate to spend a minute without you. Now I’m having a beef with your job for separating you from me. My attention is focused on being with you now. I love you.

57. No matter how far you go, my mind will always have you on it. My, when I have a chance to be around you, the way my eyes light up is epic in its own right. I love you so much.

58. Isn’t it you that I made up my mind to always stand by? I’ll dedicate a good number of my days to creating a platform for us to spend the rest of our lives with ourselves. I love you, Darling.

59. I’m a fighter, so I’ll fight for us to be together. Knowing that I’m planted in your heart, I only expect victory from all my attempts to make us stay in one place. All this just so I won’t miss you as madly again.

60. Every morning, I pray that the focus to perform awesomely while missing me bestows itself on you, that my absence only makes you — and us — better people. Good morning.

61. Even in my dreams, I miss you. Why can’t we just carve ourselves a niche from eternity and live there? Good morning bae.

62. The hope of seeing you in a couple of days gives me the strength to pull through. I can’t wait, love.

63. My lovesick heart has started a count down to the day we meet again. I love you. Good morning.

64.I’ll bear all manner of names and go through all kinds of situations to be with you. If I can’t see you anymore, that will be a dream I’ll wake from. I love you.

65. Do you know what living with you means? That my life is up in satisfaction, that my days are filled with joy, that my soul will be super exciting. I miss you.

66. I became a better person when I accepted to be with you. Our spirits are so intertwined that there’s an emptiness when you’re not here. I want you here, my love.

67. Last things on my mind are whatever is not about us. I have a lot to say to you, but distance will distract us. Good morning to you and may your day give you a reason to spend a little more time with me.

68. What you want is our love to blossom and that desire is mutual. Every day, even as I resolve to make our relationship better, I feel like we’ll only get closer and closer. And may the universe favour our love.

69. My heart fell sick the day you told me goodbye and ever since then I’ve been waiting to tell you welcome. I love and miss you.

70. Trying to figure out why a lot of things go the way they do. But without confusion I know I love you and I’m proud of that.

71. Yes, I understand you can’t be around, but my mind was conditioned to believe that you’ll always be by my side. I miss you.

72. Can’t understand why the days feel longer when you’re away. I could bet we’ve lived forever these few months. I miss you madly.

73. Everything changes. But even if you go beneath the earth, my mind will still have you loved, in fact, you’ll take a part of it with you. Good night.

74. Don’t fear when I express my fears for myself, because nothing will make me not preserve myself until I meet you. You — my love — is all I want. I love you.

75. Even through broken lenses, you’re beautiful. So all your flaws and mistakes are things I can bear as much as I love the good in you. I love you.

76. It may take years before we get to see each other again but it feels like forever, it hurts me that I won’t see you for a year. I love you.

77. Chase your dreams, run wild, be the man you’ve always wanted to be, be great then come back for me, I’ll be waiting for your arrival, my prince.

78. I love you and that’s never gonna change, even though days have turned into months and years but still, my love for you has not changed.

79. My lover, I want to write my heart out to you, proclaim you a new psalm, wake you up with a kiss but you’re far away. Good morning, my love.

80. Work hard, strive for greatness, do big things like you’ve always wanted to, don’t let anyone stop you and if they ask you why? Say cause babe said so.

81. I want to see you smile, see you in a Lamborghini with ice on your wrist, you’ll be my Lamborghini and I’ll be your Porsche baby so work hard and love me harder.

82. No day passes that I don’t hallucinate, I feel your presence around me like a hologram, I want to touch you, kiss your lips and whisper how much I love you.

83. This might be the craziest thing I’ve ever said but I can’t unlove you, you have stolen my heart away and I’m not taking you to court for it. I want you to keep it and treasure it.

84. Baby, I hope you are doing well, this is just a reminder that someone loves you and you should smile and laugh really hard today, with love and much love, Yours sincerely Babe. Good morning cupcake.

85. I want to remind you every morning like an alarm clock that I still love you, that no matter what happens I still have your back and I support your mission, go ahead, soar and come back to me babe.

86. Life might try to tear us apart but as long as both of our heart remain loyal to each other, I’ll never stop loving you.

87. I hope you are fine, doing what was once a dream to you, I want you to know that I miss you and will never stop loving you, babe.

88. We are like Venus and mars currently, torn by distance, but this distance can’t kill the love we share. I love you cupcake now and forever.

89. I’ll never forget about you, my heart still has spaces kept for you to occupy, so when your done chasing your dreams and vision, I hope you come back and get me.

90. I want to write you an epistle, write to you how much I love you in different languages but nothing supersedes these four words ‘I love you forever’.

91. There’s no night you don’t appear in my dream, no day I don’t see you wearing your favourite shirt and giving me roses, I miss you and it hurts me that I won’t be seeing you for long.

92. I miss you, babe. it feels like my heart is gonna burst, like my eyeballs, are gonna fall off my eye socket, I’m holding on to your words right now and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

93. I cry every morning when I wake up and can’t find you by my side, it feels like a mini hell, and it hurts but I still love and will wait for you.

94. Hey babe, how have the days been to you, I hope you’re fine and having a good time, I want you to never forget how much I love you.

95. Boo of life, you’re always on my mind, I can’t get you out of my head, you’re like a sticker in the centre of my heart, I can’t get you off.

96. I miss you, mi amor, may whatever you are doing always bring forth good fruits and joy to you in all ramification. I love you.

97. Hey babe, I’m wishing you more strength to finish all your task and an amazing journey back home. I miss you a million times and I cant wait to see you again.

98. I miss you babe, and I know I’ve told you this a million times more and I will never stop reminding you until you’re back home to me.

99. My love, I wish you more strength and energy to chase your dreams like Usain Bolt, I love you and there’s no moment you don’t cross my mind. I miss you.

100. My love, I have missed seeing you smile, how you hold my hands whenever I feel cold. I miss seeing you and it hurts me that you won’t be around for a long time.

101. No matter how far distance may tear us, I want you to know that I’ll always love you, I love you for forever.

102. Boo, I still feel your presence in my sleep, your soft hands still hold me in my dreams, your pictures comfort me. I love you.

103. No matter what life throws at you there, just know there’s a heart that still loves you sincerely and my love for you will never die.

104. Do you need a massage? If yes, let my words caress you, let the sweet sounds of my voice keep you company. I’ll love you forever.

105. How have you been? Chase your dream, run as fast as you can, but don’t catch new feelings and don’t forget I still love you.

106. You are my heartthrob no matter how far distance may try to tear us apart, just know I’ll always love you.

107. I’ll be here waiting for you, when you’re done chasing your dreams, I won’t make it harder for you, you don’t have to chase me too

108. Even if you’re in Venus and I’m in mars, I’ll still love you, our distance is a new reason to love you even more.

109. I miss you, call me when you see this, I want to hear your sweet voice and dream listening to you speaking.

110. Babe, you’re my dream, my sweet, my joy. Never forget that there’s no place better than home and I’m home to you.

111. My love for you is everlasting. It is something I have never felt; how could you possibly overwhelm my thoughts and become the God of my heart.

112. My love for you is like old wine, it has stayed for long and will never die. It only gets sweeter.

113. Every morning I get up with a smile, a cheerful heart and a thankful mind. Praying to God, thanking him for sending an angel into my life. I mean for sending you.

114. “No matter where you go always remember the road that’ll lead you home”. That home is in my arms.

115. Nights pass and years will go without us seeing each other but nothing changes because the soul knows where it belongs. Keep working on yourself because I am preparing myself for our home together.

116. I know that the sun hits you daily and the moon smiles at you at night, I wish to be them, I wish to see you every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed. My heart still beats for you, even if you are in space.

117. I hope to see you soon because my heart wants and still loves you with the passing of each dying minute. I know you are away to achieve your goals and I will always pray for you because your dreams are mine too.

118. Your success is my success and I am ready to sacrifice to see you smile. Will be waiting for you, even if it takes forever.

119. You have been in my life and touched every aspect of my soul. I have no regret that you are the right one for me and I am ready to spend eternity, waiting for you to come back to me.

120. I have fallen in love with an awesome person and that’s you, no matter where you go just remember that I’ll always love you.

121. My love, it’s a beautiful and cold night here but I would have loved that you were here with me. Make sure you enjoy your day. Love you to the moon and back.

122. Babe, as each day passes my love for you only gets stronger. I can’t stop loving you. You’re the best. Have a wonderful day.

123. Lots of people have come into my life but your presence made a huge difference. You came and stayed. Thanks for being there. I love and I still miss you.

124. My Love, you are such a caring and loving boyfriend. You’re my everything. I Can’t wait until when next we’ll see. Have a lovely day.

125. I still remember the day you asked me to see you after we first met, how could I forget when you held my hands. Now I cant find you around, I miss you.

126. I want to tell you how handsome you look but I can’t find you each time I stretch my hands, I’ve forgotten what you look like but I still love you.

127. The truth is I am scared of losing you; inside of me is a doubt of whether you value the moment we shared as much as I do; whether you appreciate the time we spent as much as I do; cause I will keep loving you as much as I do.

128. Don’t let our distance deceive you, I still love you as much as I did when you were around and I always will till you return.

129. Baby, I’ve missed you, I miss your touch and those late night walks, I miss our dates but as long as you’re chasing your dreams I’ll wait for you.

130. No matter where you are or where life takes you to, I’ll always love and cherish you, babe. Good morning. I love you.

131. I am so happy to have found you; you loved me when I found it hard to love myself; you found and wrapped me with your love; you shattered the hate of my past; I found us.

132. My love for you is like an iroko tree. As you go to bed, be rest assured that my shade of love covers you. So relax in the comfort of my love.

133. My love for you is like a star apple. Though it is bitter but together in persistence we will find and taste the seeds of our sacrifices.

134. When I look at you my heart doesn’t just skip a beat; it, in fact, plays a beat so rhythmic that my heart dances uncontrollably. Stop looking at me cause it could fail a bit.

135. You own my heart; you own my thoughts; you dominate my mind; you challenge my desires; you are my dream, my goal. Please make me your ambition.

136. My love for you is like a Mary-go-round because with you around only then thus my happiness surrounds.

137. Our love is like a roundabout. No matter the hitches, the storms that hit us, the rain that drenches us. Our love will always find a way around to us.

138. I really miss you boo, my heart yearns for you and my lungs long for you too, may the sun bring forth light to your path.

139. Life is filled with lots of ups and down, don’t let one down knock you out, you’ve still got many more rounds to go.

140. I miss you and wouldn’t mind waiting till eternity for you and long as you still love me. Good morning my lover.

141. Your presence is heaven to me because it’s so far. But I can’t stop longings for it like cheese, burger, mayonnaise and cake.

142. The closest you’ve ever been to me of late is my heart. I wish I can pull it out and bear same on my palms, looking into its vessels and scream how much I miss holding it.

143. I miss you playing with my hair and ruffling my nose with yours, I miss the fragrance of your perfume and your nutty smile. I love you.

144. I wish I could go back in time to catch the feelings we did share when we both were together. Now everything is so far but yet I can still feel your heartbeat.

145. I hope your days without me hasn’t been as rigorous as mine has been, I wish you the best of life out there love, I love you.

146. This part of me has chosen to stay and wait for you no matter what my friends and family may say, I still love you.

147. All of me is what I give to you, my soul, heart and thoughts when you left you took them with you. I’m waiting for your return my love.

148. I wish you a safe journey to wherever destiny leads you to, I love you and I don’t mind waiting for you a while longer as long as you achieve your purpose.

149. My love for you will never die, even if we move apart like the four cardinal points, I will always think and wish you well.

150. Babe, never forget about me please, I can’t stay without you, this few days I’ve had to spend without you has been hell, please come back soon love.

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