Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son in 2023

Children are wonderful gifts from God, and there are several ways to make them feel special such as the use of beautiful words of affirmation which stands out amongst all other measures. Your words as a parent go a long way to form your son’s life.

Words of affirmation are very essential for the healthy emotional development of your son, especially when they come in shades of many colours on a special day like his birthday. Your choice of words on this special day has to be sincere, deliberate and assuring. You can’t afford to do less as a parent.

So, here are some heartfelt birthday wishes for son you are free to send to your lovely son on his unique day that comes up once in a year.

Feel free to tweak them as you desire.


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother and Father

As a parent, making your son feel special than ever on his birthday is one of the things you ought to do, and you can start that by sending him these heart touching birthday wishes for son from mother and father.

1. The birth of you reaffirms the extent of God’s love for me. You are the answer to my earnest prayer, my son. Therefore, I pray for you on this special day of yours that may you always experience open heavens. Happy tenth year, darling.

2. Yippee… My baby is already a teenager. I pray for you to receive wisdom to navigate through life, grace to do exploits and favour to stand out. Daddy loves you, happy birthday.

3. Just as the sun shines bright, may you shine. As the moon glows, may you glow. May you be the twinkle amidst your peers. Happy birthday, my Love.

4. I remember the first time you were laid in my arms. You looked so calm and helpless but fast forward to 6 years later, you are now too super active to scatter everywhere. Anyways, I am ever proud to be your mum. God bless and keep you, my Son. Happy birthday.

5. You make every year brighter and illuminate our lives together as your parents with your smile and your kind heart. Happy birthday, my son!

6. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. Thank you for being such an excellent son. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life.

7. You are my pride and joy, a person after my very own heart. The first fruit of my body. Happy birthday, son.

8. The last ten years has been the most amazing so far. Looking forward to more years of joy with you. Happy birthday, my son.

9. And the child grew in wisdom and favour both with God and men. This shall be your lot in Jesus name. Happy birthday, Justice.

10. I still can’t believe it’s 30 years since you had the first cry that ushered you into the world. I appreciate God for you every day and today, I can’t stop myself from singing with joy. Happy birthday, my son. Live and prosper.

11. The struggle hasn’t been easy since your father left but I bless you for being such an understanding and obedient child. May your life be smooth, dear son. Happy birthday.

12. May you honour God like Abel; love God like David; be a friend to God like Abraham and be wise like Solomon. Happy birthday, son.

13. May you be ever happy and healthy, my child. Eat all you can today because no one is gonna stop you. Dad loves you.

14. To my bundle of joy, momma loves you and wishes you the best in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, Darl.

15. Dear God, I pray for my child as he celebrates another year that; he will always make us smile and make You proud. Happy birthday, my prince.

16. Happy birthday to you, Honey. Enjoy the day as much as you can, dad’s got you covered.

17. Grow in truth, my son. It will always guide you. Have a super-duper birthday.

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18. I pray for you as a father; may you never fall into error. May the good Lord prosper all you do. Happy birthday, son.

19. The miracle you have been hoping for will be yours even as you celebrate this special day. Your mum and I love you.

20. Shine bright and grow strong. Happy birthday to a beloved son.

21. Every day with you has been beautiful and knowledge-filled. Grow in grace, my child. Happy 1st birthday.

22. I am forever proud to be your mother, Hon. Your entire being makes me super elated. Having the privilege to celebrate you on this special day is a gift I do not take for granted. Happy birthday, my son.

23. You are such a precious soul. You are more than a gift to me; you are a treasure. Love you crazy, Son. Happy birthday.

24. Wow! I still can’t believe my baby is 10 already. Time seems to be taking a quantum leap. On this special day of yours, Pumpkin, I pray for increased grace and favour with God and men.

25. Like arrow is in the hand of a skilled archer, so shall you be in the hands of your Creator, my son. Happy birthday from Dad.

26. You have always made me proud. Your maturity and sense of responsibility often amaze me even while you were a child. I cannot trade you for anything, Son. You are my pride. Wishing you more fruitful years. Happy birthday.

27. You are the proof of my strength, the first fruit of my body. As you celebrate another year, I pray that you will be strengthened by the hand of the Almighty and may all your endeavours yield good result. Happy birthday, Son.

28. I could remember vividly my experience in the labour room while having you. It seems like yesterday but here we are and you are 20 already. I still can’t believe that my little boy is now a man. As you celebrate this special day of yours (which is mine also), may God’s unusual goodness locate you. Momma loves you intensely.

29. The journey hasn’t been a smooth ride but I bless God for the privilege of being your father and for where you are today. Happy birthday, Son.

30. Happy 30th my son. Thank you for being such a responsible young man and a good mentor to your younger ones. You, indeed, are my pride.

31. I remember all the troubles you gave me while growing up, though it wasn’t fun then, it seems very funny now. I won’t trade being your mother for anything. Happy birthday, Dear. May this new year be better than the past years. Mom loves you.

32. Watching you grow is one of the best events of my life. May you always have reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, Junior.

33. Every time I look at you, I see a reflection of your father; his kind heart, his compassionate spirit and his integrity. Keep growing in grace, son. Momma loves you.

34. You are not a prince by words, you are a prince at heart. You are such a wonderful soul and I bless God for gifting you to me. Happy 16th birthday, Son.

35. I have always told your mother that my first child will be a boy. She always mocks me that it will be a girl. Thank you for being a confirmation of my prophecy, may your light never go dim, my son. Happy 17th birthday.

36. My blessings and support are with you, dear. Keep growing in grace and in the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

37. My gratitude knows no bound because of you. You grew up reflecting everything we taught you. Thank you for being such an obedient child. My heart is thrilled. Happy birthday, my second love. winks.

38. Your father and I are very proud to be your parent and we pray for you on this special day that, your life will experience a new dimension of glory. Love you big.

39. It’s been awesome doing life with you, my son. I wish you heaven’s best on this special day of yours. Happy birthday.

40. Seeing you through teenage years was very challenging, I will confess. Thank you for heeding and not disappointing me. I love you immensely, Happy birthday.

41. Being a parent is a privilege, being a parent to a wonderful son is a blessing. We truly cherish you and we pray that you will live to fulfil your purpose.

42. I pray that this birthday will be special for you. May you have double of every good thing your heart desires.

43. Even though you are now 25, I find it hard to accept that you are an adult, you are still my special little boy. I love you to the moon and back, happy birthday, Hon.

44. I cherish every memory shared with you. Happy birthday, my son, grow in good health and wealth. My regards to your family.

45. Your birth marked the beginning of a beautiful event in my life and I have enjoyed every moment thereafter. Thank you for always making us proud. We love you, happy birthday.

46. You are favoured by God and honoured by men, you live to fulfil prophesy, your life is a reflection of God’s goodness, you are a light in the darkness. Happy 21st, my love. Mom.

47. I felt something I had never felt before the very first time I held you, you made me understand what being a mother is all about. Your being taught me love in a new dimension and I have since grown in that knowledge. Happy birthday, Sweetie.

48. I am super proud to be your mother. You are such a special child. Happy birthday, Honey.

49. A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but no evil shall come near you. This shall be your testimony always. Happy birthday, my son.

50. May the earth always release unto you her best and the heaven give unto you it’s blessings. Happy 25th, son.

51. Be rest assured of this one thing. I will always cherish and cheer you on. Happy birthday, small daddy. winks

52. When life comes with the inevitable, I pray for wisdom and strength to overcome. Happy birthday, Hon.

53. May your days be filled with life, love, laughter and peace. Love you, son. Happy birthday.

54. Dear God, as my child advances in age, he will be faced with different choices. Guide him always make the right ones especially in terms of relationships. Happy birthday, Honey.

55. This day presents a good opportunity to celebrate my ‘mini-me.’ God bless you abundantly, son. Dad.

56. Coming into our lives has made all things bright and fun-filled. We are grateful for you. Happy birthday, son.

57. Trust you enjoyed all of mummy’s delicacy today. I am sorry I couldn’t make it down. Happy 12th, son.

58. Your birth was a miracle, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday, Prince.

59. Make me a promise that you will be less troublesome this year. Anyways, I love you so much.

60. Every child is a miracle, you, my child is an exceptional miracle. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

61. I am full of great joy and super proud to have you as my own. Happy 14th birthday, Honey.

62. You are the best son in the world and you deserve the best the world’s got to offer. Happy birthday.

63. You are my beautiful gift packaged in the human body, sent to me from God. Grow in grace and wisdom, child. Happy 1st birthday, Honey.

64. The Lord guides and increases you in all wisdom. Thank you for making motherhood such an interesting and hassle-free journey. Happy birthday, son.

65. I pray for you as you mark another year that you have a humble heart towards your creator and a big heart for humanity. Happy birthday, Hon.

66. All that your heart desires for good will be granted unto you this year. Happy 31st son. We love you.

67. Your birth brought a glow in our hearts and it has been shining brighter and brighter ever since. Can’t love you less son. Happy birthday.

68. The joy you give us is unquantifiable. Keep being good my love. Happy birthday.

69. Birthday blessings from the best father in all the universe-God upon my dear son.

70. I pray for you the grace to be deliberate and consistent in good thing as you age, my son. Happy birthday.

71. This celebration will not be your last in Jesus name but the beginning of great events in your life. Happy birthday.

72. My love for you is beyond what I can describe. You are my greatest joy. Happy birthday.

73. May your life be more colourful than the rainbow. Enjoy life son. Happy birthday.

74. Now that my child is an adult. I pray for him wisdom to always do the right thing. Happy birthday, son.

75. You are the testimony of my strength; may you never lose your wonder. Happy birthday, dear,

76. May this special day of yours be filled with love, excitement and surprises.

77. Heavenly Father, please bless our son with life and vitality.

78. Never forget that you are deeply cherished by a God who himself is love and by us. Happy birthday, Hon.

79. You have been an amazing son, your commitment to your studies has always make us proud. Happy birthday, dear.

80. Dear God, help my son to grow in love for you and humanity as he grows in age.

81. Happy birthday Hon. Blow the candles and declare your wishes, you can be sure your desires will be met.

82. You are a warrior, a child after God’s own heart. Happy birthday, my boy.

83. May your days be filled with happy memories, and may you always have hope for the future.

84. As you celebrate this new year, we hand you over to the hands of God who is able to keep you in perfect peace. Enjoy your day, Hon.

85. May you always know and feel the perfect love of God for you. Happy birthday, Sweetie.

86. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, Hon. Happy birthday.

87. Happy birthday, son. Trust you had a wonderful time; may you live to celebrate more in goodness and health. Love you son.

88. I cannot forget the absolute joy I felt when I held you in my hands for the very first time. The joy has evolved into love over the years. I cannot stop loving you. Happy birthday, Honey.

89. You are blessed of the Lord with health and happiness. Happy birthday sweet.

90. You have been such a wonderful big brother to your siblings and your thoughtfulness always make me glad. Happy birthday, son.

91. To an amazing young man; may you always enjoy life’s best all your days. Love you. Dad.

92. Guess it’s time I pack up the toys because my baby is now a big boy. Don’t fret, we are replacing them with enough video games. Love you, Hon.

93. Happy birthday to the rays that make my sunshine and the brightness of my moon. I’m blessed to have you, son.

94. I am always happy to have you by my side each day. I get more excited on a special day like this because it is your day. Happy birthday, son. Mom loves you.

95. I pray that you grow in health and wealth. You know I love you deeply. Keep being good.

96. You are and will always be the child I prayed for. Happy birthday to my dearest son.

97. Today marks the day you made a grand entry to this world, not only am I blessed to have you, but the world also is lucky to have you.

98. I am convinced without a doubt that my womb is blessed to have carried you. Blessed be the day you were born. Blessed are you in the morning, noon and night. Happy birthday, son.

99. May his face shine on you for good and may you enjoy the good of the land. Happy birthday, son.

100. I pray for you this day, my dear child. May you live according to the Lord’s plan for you. Happy birthday, dearie.

These heartfelt birthday wishes for son will bring nothing less than a bright smile in your son’s face as you light up his birthday with special words from your special heart.

You could decide to send a message every one or two hours. This will make him know you have him in mind and would make him feel overwhelmed by your love throughout the day.

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