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7 Signs Your Girlfriend Does Not Respect You

There must be respect in everything. If you feel that something is going wrong and your partner is not treating you the way you feel about them, analyze your relationship. Think about how you feel. Do you feel trapped or under control? If so, think about how your partner treats you. Perhaps sometimes they behave rudely to you. Do they seem to criticize everything that you do? If you feel that the partner does not respect you, do not spend a lot of time thinking about whether to continue such a relationship.

1. Things you feel and hear

If your partner does not respect you, you will have the feeling that your requests are unanswered. Do you feel that your partner understands you? Do you think they know about your needs and desires? If not, there is disrespect in your relationship.

You may think that your partner does not know basic things about you. For example, they do not respect your boundaries and do not know what you like. Perhaps this is because they do not listen to you or are simply inattentive to you. The ability to listen carefully to the interlocutor is the main sign of respect. If a person does not try to listen and understand you, most likely they do not respect you.

2. You constantly feel exhausted

It happens that relations between people go rotten. If you are constantly being neglected, think about how you feel. Do you feel tired and depressed? Do you feel as though all of the energy has been sucked out of you? If so, most likely, your partner does not respect you.

3. Your partner doesn’t want to make compromises

The ability to compromise is very important in any relationship. Your partner should sometimes be ready to agree with you, the same applies to you. Otherwise, one day you will feel that you are doing everything the way your partner wants (regardless of your desires). This issue is often associated with some rules that men and women set for themselves in life, here are some common bro code rules that may end up affecting your personal life with your partner.

4. Your partner constantly criticizes you

Understand that no one is perfect. In a romantic relationship, it’s quite normal to talk about some things that do not suit your partner from time to time. Nevertheless, to constantly criticize a partner for any small thing means to show disrespect for them. Moreover, usually, such moments are not so much constructive as humiliating. In normal relations, a partner can say, “Could you please stop texting your friends while we watch movies together? I want you to be here with me now.”

If your partner treats you without respect, their reaction will be too aggressive. Instead of asking you not to stop for a while, they will act aggressively, criticize and accuse you. For example, “It just means that you cannot concentrate on anything. I think it is because of this that you have had problems studying recently. Most likely, your teacher was just as disappointed in you as I am.”

5. You feel trapped

A disrespectful attitude on the part of your partner often manifests itself in controlling behavior. When you communicate, it may seem to you that your partner does not allow you to do what you want. They can constantly make you act according to their point of view, and they will be angry if everything doesn’t go the way they want. If your partner treats you disrespectfully, they may throw a scandal over the fact that you want to see friends without them. They can yell at you and call this decision into question, “Your friends are boring. Why do you need to see them so often?”

If your partner cannot directly forbid you from meeting your friends, they can make it difficult for you. For example, they will allow you to go to the cinema with your friends, but they will always try to control you by calling or texting you. They may also allow you to drink coffee with a friend but, when you get home, they will act cold and annoyed.

6. Your partner doesn’t seem to take responsibility for their actions

If a person treats you disrespectfully, they will not be bothered by the fact that they hurt you. Most people apologize for their bad deeds and try to change. A person who does not respect you will not take responsibility.

7. You feel like you have to take a break in your relationships

If someone treats you without respect, you should not maintain a relationship with such a person. If you constantly feel in control, if you are not comfortable, or you feel miserable, most likely, this relationship is not worth your time. There is nothing wrong with leaving if a person does not respect you.

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