Relationship Clichés That Can Ruin Your Expectations

Of course, any of us know that abuse of stereotypes doesn’t lead to anything good and clichés distance us from reality. All this hasn’t bypassed our romantic relations as well. We often mercilessly deceive our expectations. But there are no common truths in a relationship: they don’t lend themselves to logical comprehension, they are difficult to predict, and they are not worth waiting for. They are something specific.

Just humanity is organized so that people like to complicate things and develop relationships chaotically. For this reason, we recommend you don’t pay attention to clichés concerning love. Yes, we like them because it is much easier to live with them and everything becomes clearer. But they, as a rule, distract us from our friends and make an unhealthy share of uncertainty in life, which doesn’t bring anyone happiness.

What do we mean? Now you will understand since we summarize some of the most common clichés and are able to make conclusions.

1. If You Love Someone – Set Them Free

If you set a girl free (no matter who she is – a Russian bride or a girl of some other nationality), don’t expect that she will return to you and will sit under your front door, begging to let her go back. In most cases, girls don’t come back and if you break a relationship, it’s forever.

Yes, there are exceptions, but these are exceptions that confirm the rules.

However, for mental health, it is better to break complicated relationships, but such relationships are a completely different thing.

2. When You Fall in Love, You Will Know It

It’s stupid, really. But the experience of many men confirms that this cliché is a very traumatic thing because you understand that you are in love exactly until you rethink the whole nature of your relationship.

And there comes then the moment that opens the eyes to the truth. And after all, you may be a 40-50-years-old man and you are in marriage for almost 20 years but you are indignant that you spend your entire life with someone you never understood.

In general, the whole process of courtship gives us a lot of stress, which distorts our perception of people and their virtues. Honestly, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever know whether you love a girlfriend or not.

3. You Will Find Your Love When You Stop Searching

And will you find the lost keys from your house if you stop searching for them? Or a remote from a TV, a purse or a cat? If you don’t make any effort, you will not have anything. It is a difficult occupation to finding a good girl. And if you sit with a piece of pizza, playing video games the whole day, then nothing will happen, man.

4. A Woman Shouldn’t Apologize

Yes, we can forgive our girlfriends some small bad things like eating our piece of cake, but if there is some deception, for example, then the apology from girlfriends is quite a normal thing. If this doesn’t happen, then it’s time to think.

5. You Always Want Something That You Don’t Have

This is a dangerous psychological attitude, with which many will agree. But think about it a little differently. Here you go to a cafe, you order hot coffee, but then you say: “Hot drinks are not tasty. My coffee is not tasty. I like only milkshakes!” But if you haven’t forgotten, you ordered hot coffee by yourself, you wanted it. And in a relationship, everything is explained much more primitively.

If you want something, then you don’t have it enough. For this reason, it is interesting to observe the evolution of life with a girlfriend. You must satisfy your needs for romance. Only in this way, you can achieve a good level of mutual understanding with a girlfriend.

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