3 Easy Ways to Stop Being Boring in a Relationship

Tediousness, according to women, is one of the main features of men. What we call a detailed story, they call tediousness. We just want to talk about something in the smallest detail so that there is no misunderstanding and they already roll their eyes. You want to tell a story that you think is interesting, but a woman interrupts you. This is because we think in different ways.

But this doesn’t mean that your situation is hopeless. Let’s not write triviality about the fact that no one likes boring people. They are like vampires that suck all the joy out of people. And they don’t know how to present themselves. But we will teach you how to avoid this.

1.  Be Laconic

Brevity is a sister of talent and a mother of common sense. You don’t need to write poems for 1,000 words, describing how cool, smart, and good you are. Don’t forget that people with difficulty perceive large layers of information, even such interesting as your hobbies.

Therefore, try to summarize your thoughts. It only gives dynamics to conversation or texts with a single Ukrainian woman, for example, but, at the same time, it better reveals your essence. Yes, yes, if you give information briefly and in essence, then interest in your person will increase (such a break of the template). When men meet beautiful girls, they seem to be trying to boast with all the knowledge that has settled in their heads.

My friend, she doesn’t talk with you to find out what alloys are made from brass and how to cure a cough with folk remedies. She doesn’t need this information. Your potential relationship also doesn’t need it.

Everything is superfluous. If she asks something – you will tell. And don’t complain. Try not to complain about anything – it strongly repels people. Why start with a negative, especially if you are going to engage in a bright feeling?

2. Learn to Catch Her Mood

If you see that a girl is not very engaged in a conversation, then it is useless to look for a common language with her. It only aggravates a situation. It’s difficult to talk with such people and instead of communicating, most likely, you will get a rough answer which directs to a certain direction. In general, learn to catch the mood of an interlocutor and end a conversation even before it becomes boring. This is a very fine line. If you cross this line – that is all, welcome to the point of no return.

Also, don’t correct her. No one likes to be corrected, especially if they are unfamiliar people. And if this happens in front of others, then your chances for something more tend to zero. If you are told some kind of joke, even if it’s not funny, better laugh. Be easier, laugh, and smile. And a girl may think that you are not indifferent to her.

3. You Don’t Have to Agree With Everything She Says

Show that you have your own position. Such people cause more interest and respect. There is an incentive for further communication because you want to understand motives of a person, maybe even convince. And more mystery, my friend, it’s fascinating. You don’t have to show all your trump cards like a prestigious diploma and a car. Women love mysterious and careless men. Just remember, there is a huge difference between the concepts of “suspicious” and “mysterious”.

And it’s better not to show your negligence at once. Also, don’t forget that humor is the most effective weapon of a person. The sexiest thing in a person is his/her mind and wit is the main indicator of its presence. Not knowledge, but wit. Jokes facilitate mutual understanding and prevent a conversation from ending. So, even if you have difficulties in a relationship, then try to joke. Maybe this will fix the situation.

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