Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister In Law

2024 Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister In Law

Every year comes with a birthday, and if your brother is married to a beautiful and amazing lady or your husband has a sister that’s just cute and interesting to you, and her birthday is here, then you should celebrate with her.

This compilation contains funny messages to make her laugh, and, by the way, or not really by the way, have you heard that quote that says that laughter is the best medicine?

This texts could even go a long way to make her feel like the family she married into or married from cares about her happiness.

Most Hilarious Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Sister-in-law

Funniest Happy Birthday Wishes for My Lovely Sister-in-law.

1. Happy birthday, sis. You should have married me instead, I told you. God knows how you keep up with his thunderous snores at night that confuse witches in motion. We love you.

2. The first day you walked into our house and my mother became dumb, I knew brother had made a good choice. Happy birthday, sis. God continue to help you stop mum’s talks momentarily so the Prince of Peace can walk in.

3. On this special birthday of yours, I want to appreciate you for curbing my brother’s dirtiness that was like witchcraft. Thank you for picking him from the “gutters” literally. Wishing you all the best.

4. You are an angel, sis; that’s why my brother fell before you. Your magnificence grabbed his throat and pulled. Happy birthday, dear. And please, never let go of his throat.

5. Happy birthday, dear sis. God knows you have turned my skeleton-looking-brother into something so robust and fine. What kind of manure did you feed him with specifically? We love you!

6. Happy birthday, sis. You’ve been like a second mother to my brother and I, that I forget your name sometimes. Your beauty makes the angels collide in traffic and fall to the earth. They fell better than my brother though; he has not found a way to get up since.

7. God knows how you cope with my brother’s weirdness, but you do all the same. It shows just how strong you are. Happy birthday, sis. Please keep remembering to lock the door when you enter the house so brother doesn’t carry his madness to the road someday.

8. I want to kidnap you from my brother and keep you for myself sometimes, but I don’t want him to flood heaven with his tears, till they have to use bowls to pour water back to earth. Happy birthday, sis. I love you, maybe more than my brother does (winks).

9. Daddy tasted just one of your native soups and scolded my brother to “marry you or lose his manhood”. Yes, it was that serious. Happy birthday, sis. Who are we not to love you when our father himself can kill for your sake?

10. Brother made the best of choices in marrying you. I guess that singular act has cleansed him of the sin of all the meat he stole from mother’s pot. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. If time were to start again, I would choose you before brother gets to the line. (Smiles).

11. It’s your birthday, sis, and things are getting pretty damn expensive especially the candles for your cake, so smile a lot while you still have teeth. Happy Birthday, sister-in-law.

12. It’s your birthday and I’m pretty excited. You rarely celebrate your birthdays, so I’d make a promise not to disclose your age since I’ve known you for like forever. Doing this would disclose mine too.

13. Hey, cutie. Happy super birthday to you. It’s my desire that all your dreams come true. Wait, all your dreams can’t come true; if they did, I’ll have nothing to wish you next year.

14. I never really did like you but I’ve gotten to know you better and boy! you are amazing. If there’s no cake, tell me ASAP, so I won’t visit you today! Lol… Happy Birthday. Go break a leg

15. I know you’ve secretly hoped I forget this day, so you can rant about it later when I don’t say a wish for you. I’m sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart. I wish you blessings upon blessings. Happy Birthday, dear.

16. Hey, dearie. Do you know someone I could send a birthday or anniversary message to? I’m craving cake. Oh! It’s your birthday? Lol. I never forgot. Happy Birthday, dear. Grow in grace.

17. Hey, chum. This message is totally fat and additive free and, sincerely, things like it are what you need more than gifts. You’re one of the sweetest persons I know. Happy Birthday, love.

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18. Please tell me you’re going to throw a party and there would be an actual cake this time. You’re not getting any younger oh. Happy Birthday, love. With love, from your brother in law.

19. It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday. What are we going to do? Eat cake. Eat cake. Eat cake. I’m craving cake oh. Happy Birthday, sis. More cake to your elbow.

20. So I was wondering what to say in this message and how well to articulate it, so I talked to some of your old friends and I realised there’s this really old tortoise that knows you well. Happy Birthday, sis. I love you.

21. Happy birthday, dearest sister-in-law. How did you manage to get a stubborn person like my brother of all people to fall in love? I have a stubborn crush so I’ll be needing tips soon, please. Have a nice year.

22. Happy birthday. As unrealistic as it sounds from what we are used to over here, I love you so much. Must be a disappointment to in-law hating ancestors. Have fun today.

23. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I hated all my brother’s other girlfriends. So I’m glad he ended up with you. Bad poetry, right? Point is, glad you’re a part of the family. Happy birthday.

24. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. Make a wish. You can’t ask for extra height though. You’re grown already, lol. It’s your day. Have fun, eat beans, wear heels and feel tall. Have a great year.

25. Grew up watching movies and thinking up pranks to play on my future sister-in-laws. Now I have one but I can’t play the pranks because you’re so beautiful and so lovely all round. Happy birthday. Love you.

26. So, I’ve spent time in stores looking for sister-in-law birthday cards. Found none. I guess everyone thinks y’all are supposed to be hated. If they had you as an in-law, cards would be everywhere. Happy birthday.

27. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. You’re the exact spec of the kind of wife I want to marry. Smart, kind, beautiful, lively and doesn’t hang on to the remote control. Lol. Have fun today.

28. Happy birthday. I wish you an awesome year of love, joy, happiness and constantly telling my brother to ask me from time to time if I need money. Really, though, have a beautiful year. You deserve it.

29. You stole my brother and I’m stealing yours, too. When are you playing matchmaker? Lol. Just kidding, though. Couldn’t have wished for a better addition to our family. Thanks for being you all the time. Happy birthday.

30. Happy birthday! I was told sister-in-laws are supposed to be boring and bland but you’re just the exact opposite. I’m sure you cheated in your pre-marriage exams. I’m not sure sister-in-laws are allowed to be this cool, but it’s awesome! I love you!

31. I’m so glad to have you as a sister-in-law. Thank you for finding love in a crazy person like my brother. You must be a little crazy too. I wish you a happy crazy birthday.

32. Since you came into our lives, the world has been a better place. Happy birthday sister-in-law and thanks for being the antidote to my brother’s insanity.

33. My brother has caused a lot of havoc in our home but since you came and took him away, the world has been a better place. Thanks for the rescue. Happy birthday, dearest sister-in-law.

34. Happy birthday, sis. I was thinking deeply of what to get you for your birthday until I realised you already have the best gift ever, my brother. Now I’m free from some birthday expenses. I love you.

35. Happy birthday to an amazing sister-in-law and a best friend. Thanks for the joy you’ve brought into our family and the pain you took out of it — you know what I’m talking about.

36. In the planet of sister-in-laws, you’d definitely win all the awards for the kindest, loveliest and sweetest sisters-in-laws, but that’s when I’m not around. Happy birthday.

37. I asked God for a sweet friend and he gave me something bigger and better, a sister-in-law with an extra sauce and drippings, but the blessing came as a person I can’t marry. Happy womb day.

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38. I woke up today feeling like “yayyy!!” It’s your birthday dear sister-in-law and I didn’t even need Facebook to notify me. Happy birthday, angel.

39. Happy birthday, sweetest sister-in-law. I wish you long life and good health and I pray that our love would never grow cold until fishes learn to climb trees on the 31st day of September.

40. I sent a big hug to you for your birthday. Hope you received it. If you did not, just pretend you did till you actually do. Have a fun filled birthday.

41. You are the only “sister” I’ve had, but if this is how sisters behave, I think I would rather not have one. I am just joking though. I just want to say Happy birthday.

42. You are one of the reasons behind most of my smiles. I don’t really know where exactly to place you, cause sometimes you can be a pain in the ass. But I still love you though. Happy birthday.

43. You are beautiful, lovely, stubborn and above all very troublesome, so troublesome that sometimes you make me wonder who created you. But all I know is that I love you and I wish you a happy birthday, my dear.

44. Through the good and bad times, you have always been there for me. It’s not like I won’t do a lot of things without you though. But you have really helped me a lot. I want to say thank you and happy birthday.

45. I am still surprised how I met someone like you, extraordinary in so many ways. You’re still a clown anyway, an extraordinary clown. Wait! I met you through my husband? Happy birthday, dear.

46. Putting what I feel about you into words is like throwing a grain of sand into an ocean and looking for it. It’s harder than the subject I hated most in school. Happy birthday.

47. On this day some years ago, one angel, that can be a demon sometimes, was born. A trouble seeker indeed, seriously. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Just know I love you and enjoy a happy birthday.

48. We have had so many memories so far, like the time we tricked your sister into thinking that her husband was in the hospital. Even though none of our pranks have added to our bank balance, I love you like that. Happy birthday.

49. Sometimes I wonder which planet they threw you from, and I am sure they got tired of you over there. You so fun to be with, and I really love it when you are around. Happy birthday, dear.

50. Words can’t explain how crazy you are, and most of all how loving you are. Let your head swell all it wants, but let it not burst. I mean all those though. I celebrate this day with you and wish the very best. Happy birthday.

51. Happy birthday, sis. I wonder how my brother’s vampire-sounding morning voice has not pursued you back to your father’s house all these years. I love you! We should get married when you get tired of his voice.

52. Sis, see how I am starting to look like you as if it is me you married. That means you missed your calling to be a husband. You can still answer the call again though, so I’ll be your wife. Happy birthday, dear.

53. Happy birthday, sis. Thanks for feeding my brother till he doesn’t need to eat pillows in his sleep again. You have changed his career from a perpetual pillow-eater to a satisfied food-eater like a normal human.

54. Happy birthday, sis of life. That knock you gave me for doing that stupid thing that day still keeps my head correct till this day. When I want to be “mad”, I just see your face and I have sense. Thank you for you!

55. I celebrate you, sis. The woman whom I love with all my heart and soul. No, I am not toasting you, but if I could, I will tie my brother in the bush and take the chance to become your husband. But then, I can’t because I don’t want God to slap me till I go blind. Happy birthday!

56. Hurray!!! Happy birthday to the best sister-in-law ever. I’m so thankful to God for making you see another year without losing any body part. Hope you’ll be a little less rough this year.

57. You must be a very strong woman for surviving another year with my brother. I wish you many many more years, in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

58. Let me give you a little tip. Start first with your tongue, before taking it in your hands. He likes it that way. Happy birthday, sister.

59. I’m happy to be a part of your family, and that’s because of your mum. Oh, you thought it was because of you? But you’re an amazing person. Happy birthday.

60. If there’ll be no cake, text me ASAP, so I won’t bother coming to visit today. I hope your days go very beautiful and that your husband gives you a proper erm…erm… Happy birthday to you.

61. Sister, happy birthday. I would have brought you a cake but I know your husband will eat it all, so let me not bother. I think you should start feeding him bitter leaf already. Forever thankful to you for taking his sweet mouth out of mum’s hands.

62. Happy birthday, dear sister. I will still marry you later; just know that now. Only my brother cannot have the best of life all to himself — even the earth knows it’s not fair. But for now, just accept my birthday wishes; soon, it would be my love.

63. God blessed the day you forced yourself out of your mother in that smart, no-nonsense way you have. I bet you were already screaming “let me out!” and knocking on her womb before the nine months exhausted. Happy birthday, smarty.

64. Happy birthday, sister. I love you too much to not let you know that you are one of the greatest things that happened to our family. And that’s why my brother likes taking you to bed. That’s his way of saying thank you.

65. Happy birthday, sis. Thanks for being so awesome and understanding and patient and what not. God did not make a mistake by letting you marry my brother; any other woman would have run mad. But you’re already mad, so…

66. Happy birthday, my sister from another mom. Let’s not have a party. I can’t dance. You can’t either. Enjoy.

67. As you attain a new age, I wish you enjoy much blessings till you have enough to buy our country and give it back to the government as a gift. Happy birthday.

68. I’m so broke right now that the only thing I can give you is my dad’s old Bible. Trust me, it will help you know God more. Happy birthday, my sister-in-law.

69. There’s a song I’d have sung for you today, but I’ll leave it for next year since I don’t know the lyrics well. Just enjoy the birthday and pray I know it by next year. Happy birthday, sister.

70. I understand that we’re getting greater and growing stronger, but I think you are also getting funnier. What’s the cause? Happy birthday, my sister-in-law.

71. I tell people that they can be anything they want at any time. They can be me on a bad day and you on a good day. Lol. Happy birthday, sister and friend.

72. Sweat no more, I’ll foot all the birthday bills if you’ll be patient enough to wait forever. Are you? Happy birthday.

Still looking at your phone’s screen? It’s about time you copy your favourite and forward it to her. And when next you meet her, tell her we also wish her a happy birthday.

Have a nice day.

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