2024 Inspirational Morning Prayers to Use Daily

We all can agree that prayer is the key. Hence, every good morning must be inspired by lovely, early prayers.

You can start your day with any of these carefully crafted “Inspirational Morning Prayers” on mercy, protection, success, healing, grace, provision, favour, guidance, direction, peace, wisdom, wealth, strength, gratitude, faith, restoration, job, and forgiveness for a happy day, not just for you, but for your lover and loved ones. How generous!

Prayers for Mercy

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Mercy to use daily that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s mercy for this glorious day.

1. Son of David, have mercy on me. Let your mercy bring peace into my heart and into my world. Make your face to shine upon me as I look unto you, today.

2. He will have mercy on me, He will make a way where there seems to be no way. He will remove the roadblock and cause me to prosper because He is plenteous in mercy.

3. Dear Lord, I plead divine mercy on my spouse, today. Let your mercy purge away his sins. Let it set him apart for your favour. This I pray. Amen!

4. Let your mercy keep my sister in the shadow of your wings. May she find your love wherever she goes. Into your hands, I commit her day to day affairs.

5. May your mercy find my family. Keep us together in your love. Let it be to your glory, our prosperity on earth forevermore.

Prayers for Protection

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Protection that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s own protection as they embark on today’s work.

1. Lord, I ask for your divine protection. The sun shall not smite me by day, nor the moon by night. Under the shadow of your wings will I dwell forevermore.

2. Order my steps, oh Lord. Protect me from wicked men, dear Father. In you will I seek protection because, without you, a watchman stays awake but in vain.

3. As my spouse, receives all the goodness you have bestowed on him, Father, give him divine protection to enjoy them all here on earth. Thank you, Lord.

4. I am not moved nor shaken by the weapons fashioned by men because my protection is from the Lord. Whom shall I be afraid?

5. I soak my friends in the precious blood of Jesus. Casting down powers and the evil imaginations of the wicked against their lives. They are saved!

Prayers for Success

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Success that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them success in all they do today.

1. My efforts shall not be in vain. Because, you, oh Lord, have given me the power to prosper. To reap where I have sown.

2. I shall be like a tree planted by the riverside. Bearing my fruits in my own season. Success is my identity.

3. I am blessed! I may not deserve it, but I am blessed. I shall succeed both in the day and night. The treasures of the dark, dear Lord reveal to me.

4. Dear Lord, bless my earthly father. He has laboured but does not let him labour in vain. May success find his works on this blessed day.

5. May the works of my dear mother yield absolute success. May your tender mercies grant her efforts great achievement.

Prayers for Healing

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Healing that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them divine healing from God almighty.

1. By your stripes, I am healed. Infirmity is not my identity. I shall live a healthy and prosperous life.

2. It is your will for me to prosper in health even as my soul prospers. I shall remain hale and hearty to achieve my purpose on earth.

3. Dear Lord, grant my lovely girlfriend divine healing. Her body is your temple and not of infirmities.

4. When I am weak then I am strong. I am healed by the precious blood of the lamb.

5. Though aged, but strength shall not depart from my sweet elderly parents. This I declare. Amen!

Prayers for Grace

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Grace that you can send to your lover, friend and family to seek the grace of God for them through all they will be doing today.

1. By your grace, oh Lord, I am perfected. By your grace, my weakness is made strong, and by it, I am who I am.

2. May your grace find my loving sisters just the way they are. May your grace give them the courage to be who they are.

3. Your grace is enough for my lovely wife. No matter what, she shall come out of this challenge a better person.

4. Your grace is enough for my parents. Your grace will see them through this turbulence. May they find peace and comfort in your grace.

5. Father, give my dear friends the grace to not give in nor give up. Let your grace be their strength.

Prayers for Provision

Inspirational morning prayers for provision that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s provision for this glorious day.

1. The Lord shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. I am provided for, I am catered for. I shall not lack.

2. The young lions do lack and suffer hunger, however, my girlfriend shall not lack any good thing cause, in your words do we hope.

3. Father, clothe my naked friends, give food to my hungry siblings, give home to my homeless neighbours, I pray.

4. Let there be showers of abundance in the home of my friends. Take away lack, for abundance to come in. Let there be divine provision, I pray.

5. Every good and perfect gift comes from you, dear Lord. May I receive your good and precious gifts, today.

Prayers for Favour

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Favour that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s favor for this glorious day.

1. May I find favour in the eyes of men. May your favour separate me for divine blessings and earthly privilege.

2. May your favour grant my dear sister a new job. Go ahead and make a place for her at the top.

3. Favour is all that I seek for all of my friends, today. Let your favour earn them the desires of their hearts.

4. May kings and queens favour all of my siblings wherever they are and would ever find themselves.

5. Favour shall set my husband apart for honour in the land. It shall be his identity and aura.

Prayers for Guidance

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Guidance that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s guidance for this glorious day..

1. The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. So, I ask for divine guidance in all of my decision making.

2. I shall not fall into the pit. I shall not invest wrongly. I shall not make regrettable mistakes. Your angels will guide me through.

3. Father, help my friends not to follow the wrong path. May your still, small, voice be their guide.

4. Your guidance is my wife’s success recipe. Do not forsake her, oh Lord.

5. Please, Father, grant my dear sister and her boyfriend the guidance they both need on their new project.

Prayers for Direction

Inspirational morning prayers for direction that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s direction in all they will be doing on a great day like this.

1. I don’t wanna be lost, oh Lord. Grant me divine direction. Help me solve my life’s puzzles.

2. I am but a child. Let your hands direct me on what path to take to accomplish my life’s purpose

3. My parents need your direction. Do not turn away your face, dear Lord. Kindly, show them the way.

4. You, oh Lord, are the truth, the way and the life. Show my friends the way, set them free with your truth and give them abundant life.

5. Lead my lover on, dear Lord. Help him to hold on to you till the last day. Not his, but your will be done. I ask for your divine direction on his behalf.

Prayers for Peace

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Peace that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them peace of mind.

1. Father, I pray for divine peace that will guide all my decisions and actions.

2. Lord, let your peace surround my loved ones in their moment of trials. Give them the grace to remain calm and unmoved.

3. Father, I asked for divine peace on behalf of my spouse that supersedes all forms of anger.

4. Lord in heaven, let this raging storm be calmed in my family. Give us abundant peace of mind.

5. Father, I ask that you grant me peace in my body.

Prayers for Wisdom

Inspirational morning prayers for wisdom that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s wisdom to attend to every challenge that comes their way throughout today.

1. I ask for the divine wisdom that brings prosperity and promotion.

2. Let the wisdom that solves problem be upon my life, oh lord.

3. Without wisdom, I’ll go astray. Lord, bestow on me the wisdom that will continuously order my steps.

4. Father, I pray for my spouse, let the wisdom that will make him take the right decisions in our relationship be upon him.

5. Father, give my loved ones the wisdom that will make them stand out like King Solomon.

Prayers for Wealth

Inspirational morning prayers for wealth that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them wealth beyond understanding.

1. Lord, I seek for the treasures in the hidden places, let me find them by your grace.

2. Lord, I ask for the wealth that will eradicate poverty from my generations to come.

3. Lord, as you give good gifts to the ones you love, grant me prosperity that will be enough to help others out.

4. Let wealth pursue and overtake my spouse.

5. Grant my loved ones financial breakthrough that shall render them financially independent for life.

Prayers for Strength

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Strength that you can send to your lover, friend and family to wish them God’s strength to carry through today.

1. In this moment of trials and tribulations give me the strength to overcome and never to succumb to fear and defeat.

2. I ask that you bestow on me greater strength than I ever had in the past to walk through life like a warrior.

3. Give to my spouse the strength that will make him come out victorious in life.

4. Lord, I ask that you give me the physical and mental strength to overcome this illness.

5. I ask for the strength that will keep my loved ones going till they eventually make it.

Prayers for Gratitude

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Gratitude.

1. Lord, I’m grateful for bringing me this far in life. Your grace and mercy are undeniable in my life.

2. Father, I return the glory back to you for a successful journey.

3. Thank you, Lord, for letting me close a wonderful deal.

4. Thank you, Lord, for your unconditional love. You’re the reason for my beautiful self-esteem.

5. Thank you, Lord, for protecting my loved ones from misfortunes and the dangers at noon and night.

Prayers for Faith

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Faith.

1. Lord, give me the faith that will give me the proceeds of my victory.

2. Father Lord, the kind of faith that brings miracle in the face of hopelessness, let it be built in my heart.

3. Father, give my girlfriend the faith that never gives up.

4. I ask for faith so that every mess will turn into a message in my life.

5. Bestow on my loved ones the faith that will mend their broken hearts and bring hope in the midst of despair.

Prayers for Restoration

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Restoration.

1. Let there be restoration in my body. Every organ that is malfunctioning may it be restored to its true nature.

2. Let restoration begin to take place in my finances, oh lord.

3. May restoration be restored in the broken homes of my loved ones.

4. Father, let the testimony of my spouse be restored.

5. Oh lord, may every opportunity and blessing missed be restored back to me.

Prayers for Job

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Job.

1. Lord, grant me the kind of job that will make lack and want a thing of the past in my life.

2. May the job that eradicates poverty locate me.

3. Father, give me ideas to create a flourishing job for myself and people around me.

4. Let a job that brings prosperity and glory locate my spouse.

5. Lord, meet my loved ones at the point of their need. Let them be granted that job they dream about.

Prayers for Forgiveness

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Forgiveness.

1. Father, give me a heart that forgives all kinds of offences.

2. Lord, give me the grace to forgive and move on.

3. I ask for a heart of forgiveness for my spouse, so he can move behind his past.

4. Lord, let the spirit of forgiveness be upon every offended soul in my family and amongst my loved ones.

5. Give me a pure heart, incapable of hurt and willing to forgive.

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