Happy 35th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 35th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Birthdays should be given attention whether it’s yours or someone else’s. The energy and enthusiasm that you display to celebrate others should not be lacking to celebrate yourself, and that’s because if you don’t blow your trumpet, who will?

It’s not a completely new thing to wish yourself on your birthday, and there are no birthday traditions that states how one should celebrate it. Different strokes for different folks, who is to say that you can’t and shouldn’t wish yourself a happy birthday especially in this era of social media?

Your birthday should be a special day for you; special prayers and words of wisdom are what you should look forward to receiving from several ends.

Celebrating an age like 35 is a huge milestone, so, you should not even consider seeing that day just like every other day or the birthdays you’ve celebrated in the past. I know you’re an adult now and you seem to be more concerned about ‘other pressing matters’ but take a moment to reflect on your life and deeply consider if your 35th birthday is actually not a big deal.

No matter what you say or feel, your birthday should be special and you can do several things to make it so. 35 is a great age, no one says you can’t use the opportunity of your birthday to take a break or even go on a vacation as long as you can afford it.

Maybe what you’re looking for are ideas on what to write on a card for your 35th birthday or how to wish yourself and someone close to you a happy birthday, you can always find them on here carefully composed for you too.

Funny birthday wishes are also another awesome way to spice up your special day and if you’re opting for a party (maybe a large or small gathering), special birthday themes are unique to bring out the stylish part of you.

Don’t forget that’s it’s your birthday, enjoy it, make the most of it and have a very happy birthday by using these happy 35th birthday to me wishes and quotes, just to yourself.

Best 35th Birthday Quotes for Myself

My favourite day of the year is here, and I wish myself a very happy birthday. And though I may not have the right quotes to put across, still, I wish myself strength and courage for my 35th year. It’s going to be a fulfilling year ahead.

1. Happy awesome birthday to the latest 35-year-old around here and that’s me guys.

2. Who would have thought that it feels this good to be a 35-year-old. I’m excited about what’s coming ahead already.

3. It’s my 35th year on earth, and yes, I’m proud of who and what I am already. Happiest birthday to me today.

4. I’m an adult and I’ve been an adult for a while, but yes, I still get excited on my birthdays. Happy 35th birthday to me, I’m in love with this age already.

5. It’s my 35th year and I’m so ready for the great and exciting adventures ahead. Happy birthday to me, and yes, I’m aware I’m a full-grown adult already.

6. Three decades and a half, and here I am. 35 sure is a big deal for me so happy birthday to me from me!

7. Now I can boldly say that I know what it feels like to be 35! Happiest birthday to me today.

8. This new year, no hard feelings, no negative thoughts, bad energy and no wrong vibes. Happy 35th birthday to me.

9. Today, I’m especially grateful to God for a perfect life and living. Please wish me, happy birthday guys, it means a whole lot to me.

10. It’s my 35th year already and I am more than pumped up about what’s ahead of me. Happy birthday to me today.

11. Thirty-five and fabulous that’s what I am today and you can’t tell me otherwise. Happy birthday to me.

12. 35 hearty cheers and I am good to go for the coming year, it’s a very happy and special birthday to me today.

13. Young, not dumb and getting it, that’s who I was and still am. Happy birthday to me today.

14. There’s nothing that I wish for more this year other than God’s continuous blessings. Happy 35th birthday to me.

15. It’s a brand new and perfect day so dearest chapter 35, shall we begin? Happy birthday to me today.

16. All I wish for today is your genuine prayers and love because it’s my 35th birthday.

17. Today, I’m just going to go out, have fun and pretend that I’m in my twenties. Happy birthday to me.

18. I’m starting this new year of mine with an abundance of blessings that I’m sure of. Happy 35th birthday to me today.

19. Dear God, thank you for lighting up my life this far, I’m confident that it will continue forever. Happy birthday to me!

20. It’s about time to move to the next stage of my life and that’s what this new year signifies for me. Happy 35th champ.

Happy Birthday to Me 35 Years Old

35 years old, that’s my age today! If you’re not sure of what to say to me today, just wish me a very happy birthday.

21. I don’t care what day of the week today is, it’s my birthday and that’s what matters. It’s my 35th year, happy special birthday to me!

22. With all of my heart and resolves, I’m embracing thirty-five with great positivities. Happy birthday to me today.

23. May the light of God continually flood my life and my days, may blessings follow me too. Happy 35th birthday to me.

24. In this new year, may every day of my life be a perfect one for me. Cheers to the good things that are to come, happy birthday to me today.

25. From a foetus and now to an adult, it has been the grace of God that has kept me brightened this far. Happy 35th birthday to me today.

26. 35 at last! It’s a good day to be alive! Happiest birthday to me today.

26. Excitement is an understatement for how I feel right now. 35 awesome years of existence and it’s been so far so good. Happy birthday to me today!

27. It’s a good time and day to be alive as it’s my 35th birthday today. Prayers for me, I need them in abundance. Happy birthday to me!

28. Today, I celebrate 35 years young and not old. Cheers to my life and the days to come.

29. Today, I’m going to take a step back and appreciate the goodness of God for all I’ve enjoyed so far in this life of mine. Happy birthday to me today.

30. I just want to say; thank you Dearest God for your love for me. Happy 35th birthday to me.

31. I’m at the age where I don’t have to worry if I’ll do well in life because I already did. 35 cheers to me today, it’s my 35th birthday.

32. Thank you 34, it was nice having you. Dearest 35, I’m more than ready for you. Happy birthday to me today.

33. Life and living have been awesome and that’s because you’ve always got me, dear God. Continue to take care of me. Happy birthday to me today.

35. I’m 35 years today, not young, not old, just 35. Happy birthday to me.

36. Blessings and favour all the days of my life, that’s what I wish for and it’s more than enough. Happy birthday to me.

37. Three decades and a half, that’s an awesome one so far. Happy birthday to me today.

38. Today I’m taking a break and flexing as much as I deserve because it’s my 35th birthday. Long life and prosperity to me!

39. This year, I’m growing smarter and wiser no matter what. I wish me genuine happiness for the days ahead, happy 35th birthday to me.

40. Cheers to 35! It’s my year of the upgrade all around. Happy birthday to me today.

35th Birthday Messages for Myself

On behalf of myself, I’m sending me a happy 35th birthday message. Long life and prosperity to me! It’s a new year of blessings.

41. Cheers to many more upgrade that my life is set to witness, happy 35th birthday, long life and prosperity to me.

42. For all of the blessings I’ve enjoyed from God so far, I am genuinely grateful. Happiest birthday to me today.

43. Proudly presenting the 35th year version of me. I’m looking forward to a pleasant year ahead.

44. Another year, another opportunity. It’s time for me to get another upgrade. Happy 35th birthday to me.

45. The days and the years have been graciously good to me so far. It’s the 35th year of my life and I’m grateful to God. Many happy returns of today to me.

46. 35 but I feel like 25, that’s to say that age don’t always matter. Happy birthday to me today.

47. 35 with a bang! The year promises to be an amazing one for me. Happy birthday to me today.

48. With all of the excitements that I feel, I wish myself a very happy 35th birthday today.

49. Thank you 34, it was nice having you around but I’m sorry I have to dump you for 35. Happy birthday to me today.

50. Today, I just want to relax and be pampered as it’s my 35th birthday!

51. I’m open to fun and plenty of enjoyment today, happy 35th to me!

52. These days, it’s so easy to lose count of the days. Boom! I’m 35, that’s a freaking experience.

53. Who cares whether I’m 35 or 45 today? It’s my birthday and that’s what matters. Happy birthday to me.

54. Happy 35th birth anniversary to me, may God bless me all of my days!

55. 34 years of amazing existence and now I’m moving into 35 with the deepest gratitude to God. Happy birthday to me today!

56. Allow me to reintroduce myself, it’s my birthday and I’m 35 years old today! Long life and prosperity to me.

57. I look so good for the latest 35-year-old, don’t you think? Well, happy birthday to me!

58. Thank God that I get to live a life of love and bliss. May 35 be good for me.

59. I am the most attractive 35-year-old ever because I look too good. Well, it’s my birthday and a wish will go a long way.

60. May the coming days and years be kind to me no matter what. Happy 35th year to me today.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 35

Dear self, you have done well so far. May your dreams and wishes come true at 35 and beyond. Happy birthday to you today.

61. I don’t know what it means to be a 35 year but I’m excited already as I’ll find out this year. Happy birthday to me

62. 35 feels like 20, that’s a unique one for me there. Happy birthday to me today.

63. May every element of nature work together for my favour. It’s a blessed year for me I’m so sure. Happy 3tth birthday to me.

64. I don’t feel any older today and that’s why I strongly agree that age is just a figure. Happy birthday to me.

65. And here comes 35, immediately after 34. Happy birthday to me.

66. Dear Me, relax, it’s going to be an awesome and white amazing year ahead. Enjoy today and all of the celebrations. Happy birthday!

67. Happy 35th birthday to the latest 35-year-old who happens to be me. God bless my days forever.

68. May this glow in my heart never fade away, this is my utmost prayer today. Happy 35th birth anniversary to me.

69. No matter what going on around right now, I just want to celebrate because it’s been an awesome journey so far. Happy birthday to me.

70. 35 like no other, it’s my birthday and I’m more than excited for today. Happy birthday to me!

71. May I never lose the reason to smile always and forever, this is all I pray and wish for. Happy 35th birthday to me today.

72. It’s a thankful anniversary of my birth! The 35th year of my existence! Happiest birthday to me!

73. Over the years, it has been God’s grace and now, I’m confident that it will go on that way. Happy 35th anniversary to me.

74. I don’t care how many people share today with me, all I know is; it’s a special day just for me.

75. Dear self, happy 35th to you. You deserve the best and it will surely come. Many happy returns of today to me.

76. Today, it’s an avalanche of thanking God for the gift of me to me. It’s my best year yet, happy birthday to me.

77. More than 34 did, I hope 35 will bring in so much joy and pleasant experiences along. Long life and prosperity to me today.

78. 35 hearty cheers and I’m good to go for the year! Happy birthday to me!

79. My subscription to 34 got exhausted yesternight. Auto-renewal into 35 is ongoing.

80. It’s a happy year for me already, so I wish myself a very happy birthday today.

35th Birthday Prayers for Myself

It’s only best that I say some birthday prayers for myself. May this year be completely beautiful for me. Happy 35th birthday to me.

81. It’s my birthday! My 35th year is here. I’m sure it will be a good one ahead.

82. Surely, goodness and mercies shall follow me in this 35th year and all of the days of my life. Happy birthday to me.

83. I pray that the coming days be more exciting than the ones gone by. Happy birthday to me from myself.

84. I waited a whole lifetime just to do this. Happy 35th birthday to me!

85. I was counting down so hard that I barely slept a wink last night. It’s my 35th birthday guys, please celebrate me.

86. The coming days will be more pleasant than the ones gone by. This is my assurance in God. Happiest birthday to me.

87. Shout-out to myself on my special day! It’s my 35th birthday today! I feel nothing joy.

88. With all of the love in my heart, I wish myself a very happy 35th birthday and years ahead.

89. It took me almost a lifetime but it was worth it. Now I can say; I’m ready so let’s do this 35!

90. The days ahead are going to be nice to me no matter what. That’s my declaration. Happy birthday to me.

91. Happy 35th birthday to the strongest, bravest and sweetest girl I know! Yea, that’s me.

92. 35 and strong! Now it’s about time. Happiest birthday to me.

93. This year, I am awesomely loved and extremely prosperous. I am strong. I don’t fall or falter. Happy birthday to me.

94. 35 cheers and I’m set for the coming year. It’s my birthday today baby and I’m proudly 35.

95. I couldn’t just pretend as if today is like every other day because it’s not. Happy birthday to me!

96. It’s with great joy that I wave goodbye to 34, we meet in another lifetime pal. Happy 35th to me.

97. I don’t want much for my birthday today, just prayers and wishes. Happy birthday to me.

98. I guess it’s time I acknowledge that I’m getting older. Happy 35th birth anniversary to me.

99. If you ask, I’ll tell you that it feels so good to be 35. Cheers to long life and prosperity.

100. Thank you 34 for being so impressive and now I’m ecstatic about 35 already. Happy birthday to me.

The best motivation comes when you appreciate yourself, these Happy 35th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes are a very nice way to do that.

Thank you for reading through, I love to hear from you so let me know what you think.

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