Happy 36th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 36th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Birthday is the most special day in one’s life. It is a time to show yourself self-love and self-appreciation. This you can do by making affirmations to yourself or treating yourself like you would treat a loved one. Wishing yourself a happy birthday helps you reflect on the life you’ve lived and inspires you to make amends for the new year.

It is also a time when you expect warm wishes and messages from family and friends but they could forget your birthday or even find it unusual to wish you a happy birthday being that it’s your 36th birthday and they might not see a good reason to send you a birthday wish.

But at 36, you are still in your mid-thirties and a good time to inspire yourself to work harder and achieve your goals in the few years left before you turn forty so you can start living a good life since they say life begins at forty.

A good way to inspire yourself is to celebrate yourself, take yourself out on a date or write a heartfelt or inspirational birthday wish and share on your social media page to let people know the value you place on yourself.

Here is a list of birthday wishes, quotes, messages and prayers for myself to help you take charge of your day.

Best 36th Birthday Quotes for Myself

I love myself but I love myself more on this special day. It’s my 36th birthday, I am grateful for life and I am proud of how strong I have become. I hope to get the best out of everything I lay my hands to do this year. Today I make a toast to success, joy, love, long life and good health.

1. As I mark my 36th birthday today, I am grateful for another year and I hope for a bright future. I am going to work on my shortcomings and improve on my strength.

2. Congratulations to me on my 36th birthday. Today I am older, may I also be wiser and bolder in my decisions. May the good things of life find their way to me.

3. Today is a special day to celebrate my uniqueness, no one else can be me. May my 36th birthday be a wonderful one and may it bring with it peace and joy.

4. On this special day of my 36th birthday, may my eyes be opened to see the new possibilities that I have been blessed with as I journey through the year.

5. I am one year older today, but my hopes, dreams and aspirations are still as clear as ever. I won’t allow any obstacle to derail me from achieving them. Hope I have a great 36th birthday celebrations.

6. On this special day of my 36th birthday, I choose to be
courageous in the pursuit of my dreams this year and I hope to achieve them all.

7. Wishing myself a wonderful 36th birthday anniversary. May this unique day that marks the beginning of my existence pave way for a glorious future.

8. I have survived tremendous challenges and became the strong person I am because I believe in myself. As I celebrate my 36th birthday, I wish this self-belief help me overcome whatever challenges that will come my way this new year.

9. It’s another birthday, a reminder that I am special and I am cut out for greatness. Happy 36th birthday to me, hope to have a wonderful day.

10. Today is my 36th birthday and with it come opportunities that I am going to seize to make the future bright. I am grateful for the gift of life.

11. Here is wishing myself a wonderful 36th birthday. I deserve every happiness that comes to me, may everything I ever wished for come true today.

12. I wish this special day of my 36th birthday will bring sweet people around me to fill the day with sweet memories.

13. I am a delightful person to be with, I deserve all the love and laughter that will come my way this day as I celebrate my 36th birthday. May today be filled with pleasant memories.

14. Like the beautiful rainbow that fills a cloudy day with bright colours, may my 36th birthday fill my life with adventures and excitement.

15. Today is my big day I am not holding back any joy and happiness, I will enjoy every minute of today and laugh till my stomach hurts. Happy 36th birthday to me.

16. Happiest and most loving 36th birthday wishes to me. May I have the best year yet touching more lives positively and inspiring many more to do great things.

17. Wishing a glorious 36th birthday to myself. May the happiness I have brought to others be reciprocated with lots of happy moments in my life today and always.

18. I am proud of the person I am becoming and I hope to show the world what perfection looks like. Wish my 36th birthday to be an amazing one.

19. This past year was a fantastic year of discovering myself. Cheers to a new year with new adventures. Heartfelt 36 birthday wishes to me.

20. Happy 36th birthday to me. It feels great to be in the mid-thirties. I still have a few years left to enjoy and play around before life begins, since they say life begins at 40.

Happy Birthday to Me 36 Years Old

As I turn 36 years old today, I am most thankful for the wonderful people around me and the gift of being alive. As I start this new year of my life, may thing far in line for me and may I find favour before God and man. Happy birthday to me.

21. What a time to clock 36 years. I hope this new year of my life will bring all the strength and vigour I need to conquer every challenge and be victorious in everything I shall do.

22. Today I celebrate myself at 36. I was born with a purpose to make a difference and I am fulfilling that purpose. I am don’t just becoming older but also more experienced and prettier. Happy birthday to me.

23. Wishing a very happy birthday to the coolest 36-year-old girl around. May this day be a blast.

24. At 36 I have come a long way, but the journey ahead is still a long one. I pray it will be an interesting one. Happy birthday to me.

25. As I turn 36 years old today, I hope everything in my life will begin to fall in place to give me the great future I desire. Happy birthday to me.

26. I am 36 years old today and my life is beautiful. I will live to continue to be a wonder to many. Happy birthday to me.

27. I congratulate myself on turning 36 today. May I have peace and joy today and all the days of my life.

28. Dear me, at 36 you are highly favoured. You might not be where you want to be now but you are moving forward and staying strong. Hope you have a very happy birthday.

29. Today being my 36 years on earth, everything has been orchestrated to favour me in this new year. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

30. At 36, I have gathered some experience to be able to do some remarkable things and nothing is going to stop me. Happy birthday to me.

31. Every year is a new season of greatest. This year that I am turning 36 years old will not be a difference. I can’t wait to explore new grounds. Happy birthday to me.

32. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to myself today as I turn 36. I am going to make the best of everything that comes my way this year and make it a memorable one.

33. It is with great joy that I celebrate another year of my life today. I am grateful for surviving all the challenges that came my way these 365 days and for turning 36 years old in good health. Happy birthday to myself.

34. Cheers to my 36 years on earth and to this new year which I know will be more beautiful and amazing than all the past years. Happy birthday to me.

35. Happy birthday to me at 36. My life has been a constant process of growth. I am gradually realising my potential and I hope to exploit it more this year.

36. These 36 years have been adventurous and interesting. Here is to many more years of exploitation, happiness and good health. Happiest birthday to me.

37. Happy birthday to me. As I turned 36 years old today, all I have hoped for I will receive this new year of my life.

38. I am happy to be celebrating 36 years on earth today and I know I will live to celebrate many more years. Happy birthday to me.

39. Every new year is a new phase of life, another stage of excellence and another opportunity for growth. I am grateful to be alive at 36 and hope to make the best of the year. Happy birthday to me.

40. Another birthday, another celebration. I take this opportunity as I turn 36 years old today to tell myself well done and I wish this birthday is the best one yet.

36th Birthday Messages for Myself

This is the moment of blessing I have been waiting for all year long and I hope to receive goodwill messages from friends and loved ones. Today I celebrate one more year of good health and happiness. I am ready for new adventures and I wish to spend beautiful moments with the ones I love. Happy 36th birthday to me.

41. Today I congratulate myself on my achievements thus far. The decision I made and the lessons I learnt from my failures. I am full of hope as I step into this new year and I wish myself a blissful 36th birthday.

42. The sweet breeze, the bright sunlight and the fragrance from the flowers are all gifted to give me a perfect 36th birthday anniversary.

43. Cheers to my 36th birthday, a brand-new year that will be full of laughter, love and friendship.

44. Wishing a very wonderful birthday to a better version of myself at 36. I am proud of my awesomeness.

45. Self-love isn’t selfish because you can’t give what you don’t have. I celebrate myself with a 36th birthday today, hope to have a blast.

46. Cheers to a new year and a new beginning full of love, hope and new opportunities. I am facing this year headlong without looking back. Wishing myself a joyous 36th birthday celebrations.

47. I believe a greater I is in the making and things come true to those that believe that all things are possible. I wish myself a beautiful 36th birthday.

48. Happy me, happy 36th birthday to me. I have a beautiful life and I am glad to be getting older.

49. I am cut out for something better, to achieve great success and live a fulfilled life. Hope my 36th birthday usher in the grace to accomplish my destiny.

50. On this special day that I mark my 36th birthday, I will have a memorable moment to talk about. My efforts all these years will not be in vain.

51. On this unique day of my 36th birthday, I want to celebrate those little things that I take for granted which makes the world a better place to live. Like the things that put a smile on my face every day.

52. It is my 36th birthday today. I hope this year will be my best year ever.

53. I can’t speak for others but as for me, my life is wonderfully beautiful. I am glad to be celebrating my 36th today. Wish to have a fabulous birthday.

54. Marking my 36th birthday reminds me that I am one of the most blessed people on earth. My heart overflows with joy because I am living my dreams.

55. This new year is expected to be nothing short of the good times I had last year. My 36th year on earth should be blossoming with prosperity.

56. I am happy to live up to my 36th year, it is an occasion worth celebrating. I know I will be alive to celebrate many milestone years. Happy birthday to me.

57. I see my 36th birthday as the start of a promising year. I am looking forward to a fresh start with all the good things life will bring my way.

58. Happy 36th birthday to me. I can only trust myself the most because I know myself perfectly, what I am capable of and what I am not. Hope to have an interesting year full of adventure.

59. On this special day of my 36th birthday, I just want to spend time with myself, myself and I. Hope it will bring out something special for me.

60. Happy 36th birthday to the most handsome guy around. Your beauty cannot be disputed by anyone. Always believe in yourself and see how you will excel. Congrats to me, hope to have a great day.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 36

I love my outlook on life, I choose to see all the good around me and make the best of everything I have. I hope as I turn 36 years today, it will bring about the fulfilment of my best wishes and the years ahead will be exciting. I wish myself a fantastic birthday.

61. Turning 36 means I am a year further into my mid-thirties, I am older and wiser than ever before. I am grateful and I appreciate everyone in my life.

62. Immeasurable joy, peace and love are all I wish as I turn 36 years old today. Thanks to all who had been of assistance to me all along.

63. On a special day like this 36 years ago, a princess was given to my parents. That princess has matured into a queen and is proud of her achievements. Wishing myself an incredible birthday.

64. I am so thankful for 36 years of life and all the wonderful people that are in my life. May this birthday bring laughter and beautiful moments.

65. Today is my favourite day because I turned 36. I can’t wait to receive lots of love, lots of laughter and lots of cake. Wishing my darling self an amazing birthday.

66. The memories of every past birthday fill my heart and I am eager to create a new one as I turn 36 years old today. Hope to have the happiest birthday ever.

67. In my 36 years of life, I have come to learn that failure is a stepping stone to success. I wish myself a super-duper birthday.

68. As the years go by leaving their mark and memories, I realize how beautiful and blessed my 36 years on earth has been. Wishing myself a blissful birthday and many happy returns of the day.

69. Life can truly be hard and at 36 I don’t expect it to be different. But if I work hard, it will eventually pay off and that’s exactly what I intend to do. Wishing myself a fulfilling birthday celebration.

70. Even as I turn 36 years old today, I am still excited about having such self-giving family and friends. I am so thankful to have such wonderful people like you in my life. I hope to have a joyous birthday today.

71. I am 36 today and I believe it’s going to be one of the best years of my life. I wish myself a fabulous birthday.

72. I lead a life of excellence and integrity that is why I have been able to impact my world in my 36 years of life. I hope for the strength and wisdom to do more.

73. Let me be the first to wish myself a wonderful birthday and favour beyond comprehension. I celebrate myself at 36.

74. Love to all for remembering to wish me a happy birthday on this special day that I turn 36. It’s heartwarming to spend quality time with great friends.

75. As I turn 36 today, I will continue to be true to myself and who I am. Hope to have a birthday full of fun and laughter.

76. Like a fine wine that gets better with age, some people get more beautiful as they grow older maybe that’s why at 36, I am still as beautiful as ever. Hope I have a great birthday.

77. All I have hoped for I will receive as I turn 36 years old today. Wish me a fantastic birthday.

78. Wishing myself a fruitful and successful new year. As I blow out the 36 candles on my birthday cake today, may all my anxiety and negativity be blown away.

79. Cheers to me and a beautiful birthday to this charming girl/ boy at 36. I am older today but still young at heart. Hope to have a great day.

80. I know I am destined for greatness, as I turn 36 today may my aspirations begin to come to fulfilment. May I live out my destiny this year.

36th Birthday Prayers for Myself

I am grateful to God for another year of life. I thank Him for His grace and favour upon my life. I pray that as I celebrate my 36th birthday today, I will receive all I have hoped for. May this year be a new year with a new beginning. I wish myself the happiest birthday ever.

81. I bless God for everything I am and everything I have. I bless Him for His faithfulness and mercy over my life all these years. May His unending love continue to light my path. Happy 36th birthday to me.

82. Thank God it’s my 36th birthday. I wish myself peace, smiles and an amazing day. I pray that every day of this new year of my life be filled with joy and happiness.

83. God has been wonderfully faithful to me despite my unfaithfulness. His mercy still counts me worthy to see the 36th year of my life. I am forever grateful and hope to have a blessed day.

84. Happy 36th birthday to me. I praise You, God, for this beautiful day and all the happy moments of the past. I pray for the strength to achieve my desired goals this year.

85. On this special day of my birth, my utmost appreciation goes to God almighty for His love and mercy that never comes to an end. My 36th birthday is proof of that. May this new year be one of the abundant blessings.

86. My heart is filled with gratitude for the gift of another year. I thank God for the journey so far and I pray for the grace to discover myself and fulfil His purpose for my life. Wishing myself a pleasant 36th birthday.

87. I am one of the most blessed people today because the bliss of heaven is upon me. I am grateful for all my expectations and my achievements. Today I celebrate my 36th birthday, thank God for life.

88. Dear righteous Lord, thank You for bringing me into another year. May Your goodness remain with me and may I live to bring honour and glory to Your name. May this 36th birthday fill my life with peace and joy.

89. Today as I mark my 36th birthday, I can’t help but be thankful to God for how beautiful my life is. I am blessed and highly favoured. Happy birthday to me.

90. On my 36th birthday today, I pray that the presence of the Lord will never depart from me for the rest of my life.

91. I thank God for His gracious deposit of love, kindness and goodness in my life. Happiest 36th birthday to me and cheers to a new beginning and a fabulous year.

92. As I celebrate my 36th birthday today, the faithfulness of God shall never cease in my life. He will provide me with all the good things of life and I shall ever be grateful to Him.

93. Congratulations to me on my 36th birthday today. May I be blessed with love, radiance and good health. May this new year see me fulfilling my greatest heart desires.

94. Today the love of God shall distinguish me from amongst my contemporaries. As I mark my 36th birthday, the work of my hands shall be blessed and my efforts to succeed will prevail.

95. I thank God for a new year and a new chapter in my life. I bless Him for the unfolding of a new episode. I can’t wait to see the good things I know He has prepared ahead of me. I wish myself a very happy 36th birthday.

96. May the grace of God that found me continue to sustain me. May His love and mercy that has kept me all these years be renewed in my life day by day. Wish me a nice 36th birthday today.

97. Here is wishing myself an amazing 36th birthday anniversary. I rejoice overall I have accomplished these years and I know the best is yet to come. Thank You, God, for this day and many better days to come.

98. I count myself blessed to see the beginning of another new year in my life. I pray on this day of my 36th birthday, that joy and happiness will be with me for the rest of the year and I shall fulfil my destiny.

99. I thank God for the gift of another year. I am thrilled by the numerous blessings He has given me. I have gotten more than I can ask for and I know it will only get better. Happy 36th birthday to me.

100. I pray this special day of my 36th birthday will blossom into achieved goals and accomplished dreams. Happy birthday to awesome me.

Having gone through this post on happy 36th birthday to me wishes and quotes I hope you found the perfect one to show love to yourself or to inspire yourself for a better year ahead.

Will love to receive some comments from you and do share them with a friend.

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