Happy 38th Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes

Happy 38th Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes

It is your sweetheart’s 38th birthday!

It is yet another time in the year to celebrate him and to celebrate with him.

While you can, of course, celebrate him every other day, we cannot deny that a person’s birth anniversary comes with this special feeling that I can’t quite explain.

Besides, he will be 38 years old just once in his entire life.
After this new year of his is gone, he would never be 38 years old again.

This is all the reason you need to make this 38th birthday celebration a memorable one for him.

Words are sweet and memorable and gladden people’s hearts. And believe me when I tell you, that these happy 38th birthday husband wishes and quotes here will do the trick!

Here! The ball is in your court.
You can make more than one choice. It is all to make your beloved husband feel so loved on his 38th birthday.

It’s his day, but it is your celebration too.
So, hearty cheers to you both!

Best 38th Birthday Wishes for Husband

To my best friend, my lover, my joy, my strength, my laughter, my father, my brother, my guide and so much more, is a new year added. I wish you newness and freshness in it all around. My wishes will come to pass, baby ’cause they are genuine and true. Happy 38th birthday, my husband!

1. Hi, my darling husband. I’ll celebrate you, now and forever till my dying breath. Happy 38th birthday to you.

2. You’re like a diamond, stronger than most, and more precious than anything else. Happy Birthday, my dear husband.

3. Getting married to you has been proof that I made the best decision. I never regret choosing to spend the rest of my life with you. Cheers to a new age!

4. You are made for greatness. You are made for the very top and I’m here with you to witness it all. Happy birthday, my darling husband.

5. To my husband, thank you, for everything. For all the memories. For all the encouragement. For all the sacrifices. I love you, and Happy 38th birthday.

6. Meeting you has been nothing short of glorious. You embody the definition of perfection. This is thank you for being you. Happy birthday, love.

7. You show an unbelievable passion for me and the children. You never find it hard to express love in its purest form. I’m glad I met you. Happy 38th birthday, mine.

8. Celebrating today will be incomplete without an acknowledgement of how perfect you have been. I wish you the very best life has to offer. Happy birthday, sweets.

9. From now till forever. If I have to get to the moon and back, I’ll keep loving you. I’ll cherish you for the rest of my life. Cheers to this new age, baby.

10. Together, we grow through all things. Through the pain, the struggles, the arguments. And one thing that will remain is our love. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

11. You face the world with such tenacity and hunger to succeed. I’ve seen you do that, and I can’t wait to see you do more. Happy 38th Birthday, baby.

12. I do not dismiss or take lightly the love you have for me, and the children. I see you show it clearly every day. I love you, always. Happy Birthday dear husband.

13. To my best friend, my gossip partner, my business partner, my inspiration and my daily drive, I celebrate you today. Happy 38 years on earth.

14. 38, 39, 40… till we’re old, so will our love grow. We’re together forever, and I am always glad. Happy 38th Birthday, my darling husband.

15. On this very special day, I wish you a Happy Birthday, and more. I wish you everything good, and I’ll do all I can to see it. Happy Birthday, my husband.

16. You never seem to age, even as you get older. I look forward to spending more years with you, and even enjoying the bliss that is you. Cheers to this wonderful birthday.

17. From here, to the ends of the Earth, I’ll love you. From now, till my dying breath, I’ll be with you and enjoy the love we share. This is my Happy Birthday, baby.

18. What do I want for you? It’s everything good. It’s the best life has to offer. It’s everything pure. It’s all your heart wants. Happy 38th Birthday, my lovely husband.

19. Thank you for being an inspiration, for being a support system, for being a provider, for being a father, and for being my husband. Happy Birthday to you.

20. Every day, I look at our family, and never regret choosing this: our children, our family, our life together. This will be forever, babe. Happy Birthday, sweetest partner.

Happy 38th Birthday Quotes for My Husband

Baby, unfolding every day: Is my love for you
And my devotion to you never ever wavers.
How passionate I am about you,
And the wholeness I feel,
Is because I have you here.
Thank you for the past years, my husband.
Happy 38th birthday!

21. You’ve been the perfect husband. I see you every day with the children, the love you have for them, and how they admire you so much. I’m saying Happy Birthday to the best husband.

22. You’re getting older, and I know with it, you will only get better, stronger, bigger and reach the top. Happy 38th Birthday to you, my love.

23. I’m saying Happy Birthday to mine. I’ve come to love and cherish you with all that I have. Thank you for being the best partner. Happy 38th Birthday.

24. As you grow older, I pray for you, that you will excel in everything that you do. Happy Birthday, my dear husband.

25. The best of life is yet to come for you. Happy 38th Birthday to you, babe. And as you celebrate today, we’ll keep celebrating forever.

26. You’ve been a source of joy to me, and everyone around you. Keep being you, and keep spreading joy. Happy 38th Birthday, my joy.

27. The memories we share are the best of my life. The love we share is what I will never let go of. I deeply appreciate your love for me. Happy happy Birthday.

28. I will celebrate you. I will love you. I will enjoy every single day with you. Happy 38th birthday, and keep being mine.

29. Happy 38th birthday to you, my husband. I pray our home will forever be blessed.

30. Thank you for being the best teacher for our children, and an image to look up to when they need guidance. Thank you for being the best. Happy Birthday, baby.

31. We’ve got a whole life ahead of us. This is a cheer to a new age and a bank of experiences for us to enjoy. Happy 38th Birthday, my darling husband.

32. Watching you get older comes with mixed feelings. I find joy in the fact that we will grow old together. Together for life. Happy Birthday, baby.

33. You’ve never given me a reason to doubt your love for me. And I never will give you a reason to doubt the love we share. Happy 38th Birthday, my love.

34. Celebrating your birthdays are my favourite thing. It is a day to truly appreciate you, and all that you do. Happy birthday, King.

35. I wish the whole world could get to experience how amazing you are. But, I guess that’s left for me to enjoy. You’re truly the most amazing husband. Happy 38th birthday to you.

36. A king, warrior, champion, leader, lover, father, a man who is all and more to me and his family. Happy Birthday, babe.

37. Getting to know you have been so thrilling this far. Cheers to spending the rest of our lives getting to know each other more. Happy Birthday, hubby.

38. I’ve seen you put your life down countless times for me and the children, and I’m convinced there’s no better choice for me than you. I’m forever glad I said yes. Happy 38th Birthday. I love you so much.

39. I awake every day and appreciate the beauty that is you. I live life every day appreciating you, and more. This is cheers to more to come. Happy 38th birthday, my love.

40. I pray you remain blessed beyond what you imagine. That you increase in all things, and you find joy in everything and never lose that smile. Happy Birthday to you, mine.

38th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

Babe! It is your birthday again. I pray that your life shines as bright as the sun and that you remain as vibrant as the sun rays. It is also my prayer that all of your heart desires are granted, baby. Cheers to a beautiful 38th birthday, my dearest husband. I love you so much.

41. You’ve been a consistent source of joy and light to me. On this day, I pray that this will never cease. Happy Birthday, baby.

42. You give me a reason each passing day to live, to be better, to be the best version of myself. Thank you for being my husband. Happy Birthday.

43. Our journey hasn’t been the smoothest so far, but through it all, we’ve learnt to hold our hands and keep moving. Cheers to a life of forever ahead of us. Happy Birthday.

44. We’ve had our differences, fights, issues, misunderstandings. But this has never given us a reason to stop loving. You’re the life I never regret choosing. Happy Birthday, husband.

45. Happy 38th Birthday, my partner for life. This is cheers to spending the rest of our lives in bliss and in each other’s arms.

46. It’s your birthday, baby, and you deserve the best time today. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Party hard! Cheers to 38.

47. Your favourite colour, favourite song, favourite meal, favourite movie and all your favourite things are what I love about you. Thank you for being you. Enjoy yourself today, baby. Happy 38th Birthday.

48. Looking into your eyes and seeing love so pure. Holding your hands and feeling secure. Talking with you and feeling better. All these I love about you, and more. You’re a gem. Happy Birthday, my love.

49. It’s your day. Yours and yours alone. Enjoy it to the fullest! Happy 38th Birthday, husband.

50. My promise to you is to keep our fire going. To hold and love you all the way. To make this marriage the best of our lives. Happy birthday. You’re the best!

1 day out of 365 others is definitely not enough to celebrate a person, especially a husband as loving as yours.

But this day is a special one and it is why you want to give your all to celebrate your dear husband and with the 38th birthday wishes and quotes as lovely as the ones above.

No doubt, he will love the message(s) you have picked from among these and would be grateful to you.

I wish your husband the best of years ahead, and may his ageing be graceful.

Don’t keep these goodies to yourself. Let your people know about these best birthday messages for husband.

Kindly share with your friends and family.

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