Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Him Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Him – Boyfriend

Nothing is as exciting and beautiful as having that special man who makes life all the more worth living and amazing.

I’m excited that you are experiencing life with your special man and for his birthday, it’s great to throw him a party but nothing says ‘I’m thankful to have you’ like happy birthday prayers specially for him.

In 2024 and even beyond, these beautifully written happy birthday prayer messages for him (boyfriend) will let him know just how much you are rooting for him and his progress!

Prayers for Boyfriend on His Birthday

One of the best of gifts is embedded in these happy birthday prayers and happy birthday prayer messages and blessings for your boyfriend (or husband). Send these birthday prayers for him to your sweet boyfriend and make him feel specially loved on his birthday.

1. It’s your special day my darling and I’m so glad I get to celebrate your new age by your side.
May God’s blessings never cease from your life, you will excel in all that you do and God’s glory will continuously radiate through you.
I hope you have the most amazing year going forward!
Also, I hope that big smile remains on your face all the days of your long and beautiful life.

2. What a beautiful day the Lord has made for us to celebrate the birthday of a wonderful man like you, indeed you will be glad!
You have had an incredible year and believe me when I say that it is only the beginning.
You will always have everything you need in abundance and to perfection.
I know your new age will be all that you need it to be and much more.

3. It’s the anniversary of your birth yet again and I couldn’t be more grateful to God for letting me share life with such an incredibly amazing man.
They say there is no perfection in life but when I look at what God is doing in your life, I highly doubt that.
You are forever a child of the most high God and He will continue to shower his choicest blessings upon your life in your new age and always.

4. A very happy birthday to my superman, your birthday is also mine right * insert wink emoji *
I pray that in this new year of yours, that you will get to see many remarkable and rewarding days.
May your efforts never go unrewarded and may God continue to guide your steps in the way of peace, joy and progress always and forevermore.
Cheers to your new age my darling!

5. I look forward to your birthday each year because it gives me the opportunity to celebrate you in a special and extraordinary way.
Today, I lift my hands in prayer to God asking Him to bless you abundantly for me beyond every imagination and expectation.
May your days be long and full of so much joy and happiness.
You are blessed my sweetheart, happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday to my favourite man, the man after God’s heart and mine.
You are an embodiment of God’s love and grace and I pray that’s God’s light will forever illuminate your path and lead you to safe and rewarding opportunities!
I am so happy for all that you are and I know that it would be nothing compared to what’s ahead in your life.

7. To my sweet baby boy, happy birthday to you!
I am beyond excited and I cannot contain my joy because I know what God has in store for you; the best of all the blessings there are!
I hope you get lots of beautiful moments in this new year and give your best to the world in all the ways you can.
May God bless your going out and coming in always.

8. What a day it is today, the birth anniversary of my very own special man!
There’s no one like you on earth and I’m thankful I have the best in you.
This is another year for you to explore your wonderful talents and get all those incredible results all over again.
I will never get tired of praying for you and supporting you.
Cheers to an excellent year!

9. I’m raising a toast today to your new age, thanking God for your brand new life.
The Almighty God who has kept you so far will continue to keep you healthy and happy always!
I pray you receive good and perfect gifts from heaven to celebrate your birthday in style.
May God supply all your needs abundantly.

10. I’m thankful for you every day but today it’s special because you are still here and excelling in ways unimaginable!
I’m so thankful to God for the man that you are, I pray that God meets you at every point of your need and come through for you whenever you need help.
I love you so much but God loves you more and He will keep blessing you always.

11. It is so evident that God is a huge part of your life because of everything happening around you, may that never change!Happy birthday to you my darling and I hope you have the best year going forward.

12. If I had a million tongues, it wouldn’t be enough to thank God for your life.
God has done so much for you, I pray that God will continue to do so much more for you.
Best wishes for your birthday my love.

13. Every day that I wake up, I am thankful that I have a man like you.
Today being your birthday, I pray that you will always be the awesome special man that you are in every way there is.
Have the best birthday today!

14. Happy birthday to my absolute favourite man, you are sheer evidence of God’s love.
As you mark another year in your life, receive many more of God’s blessings and goodness.

15. When you have God, you get the best life!
Today as the world celebrates you, I pray for you that you will always have God day and night as long as you live.
Cheers to this new beginning my darling.

16. I pray that your new age brings you closer to your dreams and aspirations.
I hope this new age makes you a better man for yourself and everyone around you.
Happy birthday my love.

17. Even though it’s a new age for you but life continues, may you flourish and excel in the things you do now and always.
Have an excellent birthday my darling, well I’m sure we will! * insert wink emoji*

18. I’m thankful to God for gifting the world such a special man and especially to me.
I also pray that you receive special blessings and moments that are befitting for a special man like you.
Happy birthday, baby.

19. The best birthday blessings to the best man on earth!
I join you to celebrate another year added to your journey in this world.
I pray you have lots of love, laughter and happiness always.

20. May your special day be a beautiful one, may the rest of the year be an incredible one!
I hope you know that God will never forsake you!
Happy birthday to you my favourite man.

21. Life is better when you have the best things around you, as you mark another birth anniversary, I hope you always get to have the best things that life has to give!
Happy birthday, mine.

22. It feels so good to share in your joy as we raise a toast to the next 365 days of your life.
I hope that the universe is kind to you and may you explore your potentials to their full capacity.

23. There’s so much happiness in my heart today as I celebrate your birthday with you.
You, my darling man, are a blessing to my life.
May so much good come to you in every area of your life.

24. Happy birthday my dear, if I had gold or silver, I would give you all of it but I have none.
What I have to give are my special prayers and best wishes for you today and beyond.

25. A new age brings with it challenges but also lots of good stuff.
Hey baby, I pray that the good stuff that comes to you hugely outway the challenges.
Happy birthday to you dear.

26. Your birthday marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, I pray that you experience lots of beautiful moments in this new chapter of yours.

27. Nothing but all my love and prayers for you on your birthday and always.
Have a wonderful birthday my darling and a blessed year ahead.

28. Praying that you have the most fabulous year going forward and I hope you have an incredible birthday today.
I want you to know that God has got you always.

29. Today being your birthday, I have a special request to God; for Him to listen to your heart desires and grant them to perfection!
Happy birthday to the world’s best man.

30. I can’t give you all that you need, but I know someone who can!
As you turn a year older, may God give you everything you need today and every other day.

31. Today being your birth anniversary, I pray that God will continue to bless your beautiful heart, keep you safe and prosper you in every way.
Happy birthday my darling.

32. You are definitely part of the good in this world, may the universe always be kind to you.
May lines always fall for you in the most pleasant places as everything turns out for your good.

33. By the grace of God, you have seen yet another year of your life.
I thank God for your life and all the good that has come to you.
May much more good stuff come to you, happy birthday boo.

34. You have seen good days, I pray that you see even many better days ahead!
I hope your health is sound and your wealth abundant.
Cheers to new beginnings my darling.

35. Happy birthday, my dear, there’s a kind of love and happiness that only God can give!
I hope you find those moments of happiness and love from above.

36. I pray for you every day but today requires a special prayer for your special day!
I pray that God grants you a safe, happy and healthy life today and every other day.

37. Have you ever had so much goodness in your life that you became overwhelmed?
Well, get ready because you are about to experience that from God!
Have yourself a beautiful birthday.

38. May you have twice the amount of happiness you have brought into my life!
I pray that you utilise your gift of life in the best way possible.
Happy birthday, baby.

39. A very beautiful birthday to a very special man!
As you celebrate your birthday today, may the best things in life forever find their way to you and make your life incredible.

40. Happy birthday to my amazing man.
I thank God for the incredible things that have happened in your life thus far, I also thank God for the many more amazing things to happen.

41. I am beyond thankful for the gift of your life and this brand new year for you.
I celebrate you today and I pray that you find absolute happiness and fulfilling results.
Happy birthday, boo.

42. A beautiful birthday to a wonderful man!
My birthday prayer for you is that you receive God’s blessings in incredible abundance.
Have a beautiful birthday.

43. You are a special gift to me from God and I hope that as you start a new year today that you experience divine intervention in all that you do.
You will never lack, happy birthday my darling.

44. My prayer for you today on the anniversary of your birth is that you have nothing short of the best things in this life.
May your days be filled with happy moments.
Happy birthday my strong man.

45. As the sun is sure to rise from the east and set in the west, may your success always be certain and remarkable.
May your life be as beautiful as sunflowers.
Happy birthday my king.

46. I join the world to celebrate a king today, I am beyond thankful to be here with you.
May you have miracles coming at you from every angle.
Have the best birthday my love.

47. There are moments in life that leaves us in complete awe of God’s love and grace, I pray you encounter many of such moments in this new age of yours and always.
Cheers baby, happy birthday!

48. In all that you do, I hope that you get rewarding and incredible results.
You already know how I feel about you * insert his name*, happy birthday darling.

49. The Almighty God who has blessed you with a new age will give you all that you need to live this life to the fullest.
You are a star my darling, keep shinning in God’s glory!

50. Each birthday is a reminder that we have a duty to live right.
I pray you live a phenomenal life worthy of eternal remembrance!
Happy birthday my prince charming.

51. It’s your birthday today honey, I know you are ready to take on the world.
With God on your side, you have everything you need.
May you experience a better year ahead, happy birthday!

52. My darling, you are like a tree planted by the riverside and you shall flourish in and out of season!
Have a beautiful birthday and the year going forward.

53. Birthdays mark new beginnings and each beginning brings with it lots of new and exciting things.
May lots of good stuff come to you as you celebrate your birthday today.

54. I pray you receive the grace to live a life of purpose filled with grace to excel beyond all expectations.
Wishing you the best birthday and many more birthdays ahead.

55. You will be amazed at all the good things that God will bring your way as you begin this new chapter in your life.
I love nothing more than to see you happy and flourishing!
Happy birthday, mine.

56. What a beautiful day it is to celebrate the birthday of a king!
Happy birthday my dear and may the blessings of the Almighty God never depart from you and all that you do.
Cheers to your new age!

57. As you add another year to your life today, I pray that God’s mercy and grace will never be far from you.
Have excellent health and a happy soul today and all the days of your life.

58. The Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want!
I pray that your new age ushers in a healthier and happier version of you.
Happy birthday my love.

59. I can’t tell you enough how amazing it is to do life with you, I can’t wait for all the amazing blessings God is sending your way for your birthday and beyond!
Happy birthday, darling.

60. You have a lot of good going for you and I pray that it continues that way and gets even way better.
Your new age will be way exciting, I can feel it!
Happy birthday my heartbeat.

61. Birthdays are special and happy days to celebrate life, be thankful for the past and prepare for the future.
I pray that tons of beautiful things happen to you in your new year.

62. I don’t have it all; I have life and I have you and that’s enough.
Thankful for you and thankful for your new age.
I pray that you experience multiple blessings this new year and always!

63. May you find riches along your path, may God’s love overshadow you and may you prosper in all the ways possible.
Have a beautiful year ahead, happy birthday dear.

64. It’s incredibly awesome how far God has brought.
He hasn’t brought you this far just to leave you.
May God continue to lead you to greater and better heights!
Happy birthday my love.

65. You are a reminder that God’s grace abounds!
As you become a year older today, may God’s grace continue to speak for you at every point.
Have a beautiful birthday.

66. In this new year of yours, God will do for you what no man can do for you!
Darling, prepare to be amazed at all the good stuff coming your way!
Happy birthday to you.

67. A special birthday prayer for a special man: may the Lord bless you and keep you.
May He be at your side to be your walking companion all the days of your life on earth.
Have a beautiful celebration.

68. Your birthday may be once in a year but I celebrate you every day!
May your special day usher in great health, more riches and happy moments for you.

69. Happy birthday to an absolutely incredible man, may your new age bring with it everything you need for life and more.
Have a beautiful birthday.

70. On this special day being your birthday, I hand you over to God once again that He may lead you into this new adventure on His terms.
I bet it will be special!
Happy birthday my champ.

71. It’s a new year for you, shoot for the stars and may all that you do be exceedingly crowned with amazing success.
Have an incredibly beautiful new age.

72. I have the beautiful privilege to celebrate your birthday with you today, I am beyond elated!
I feel it in my bones that you are going to have a great year ahead and so shall it be through Jesus Christ Our Lord!
Happy birthday, baby.

73. The anniversary of your birth is a joyful day because not only do I celebrate your gift to this world, I’m also thankful that I have you.
I pray you have lots of reason to be thankful for every day.

74. First of all, you already have a beautiful gift for today; the gift of life!
May your life forever be a living testimony of God’s love.
Happy birthday, dear.

75. You have such a kind heart and I’m forever thankful to be your woman.
I celebrate you on your special day as I do every other day.
You are blessed always. Happy birthday, my darling.

76. All that you have comes from God; may God supply all your needs according to His abundant riches in glory.
I believe that you will have an excellent year.
Happy birthday my superman.

77. I just want to say thank you, Jesus, for gifting the world a special man like you.
May your birthday bring many rewarding opportunities your way.
Have a happy birthday.

78. In this new year of yours, may God make a way for you where there is none.
May God shine forth his light on your path always and forever.
Happy birthday my champ!

79. The things you think are impossible are the things God will do repeatedly for you in this new chapter of your life and beyond.
Have a glorious birthday my love.

80. I pray you have new blessings in each new day of your new age!
You are blessed through and through and I’m so happy for you!
Happy birthday, dear, do have a beautiful celebration.

81. May you have a life that is filled with so much joy, peace and hope.
Every of your step will be divinely guided by God, have yourself a beautiful birthday my dear.

82. Happy birthday to the best man I know, you have come a long way and there’s still so much goodness waiting for you.
I cannot wait for all the success you will have this year and beyond.

83. My darling, believe me when I tell you that God is about to do something incredibly amazing for you.
You deserve all the good the world has to give and you shall receive all of it.
Happy birthday!

84. It’s your birthday and so I will need you to have the brightest of smiles especially because God is about to do something new and beautiful for you!
Have a happy birthday.

85. Everything you ever needed will come to you in all the ways you need them because you serve a God who never fails.
Cheers to your new age my darling.

86. As you mark your birthday today, I hope you discover your best self and make the best choices for a more fulfilling and prosperous life!
You are my champion!

87. Happy birthday to my favourite man and on this day, I pray that God will single you out for special blessings today and all the days of your life.

88. The journey may not always be easy but with God, everything feels a lot better. May you always have God in your corner rooting for you!
Happy birthday my love.

89. Perfection comes from God above, for your birthday, I pray that God makes everything in your life perfect just the way you need them to be.
Have a beautiful birthday love.

90. Like flowers in the summer, bloom and make everywhere around you beautiful.
God is with you my darling, you shall not fail!
Happy birthday to you.

91. Happy birthday baby, you have just one job; to get your thanksgiving ready, God is about to do a lot for you in ways you have never imagined.
have a beautiful birthday.

92. It’s your birthday today and as you continue on this life journey, I pray that you will always have multiple reasons to be thankful to God each day of your life.

93. There’s not a day that will go by without God showing up for you and blessing you abundantly, say amen!
Happy birthday my favourite man, have an amazing birthday.

94. God will do marvelous things for you in this your new age, things that money cannot buy!
May your days be long and prosperous, amen.

95. Each day will bring you new inspirations and every effort you make will be rewarded immensely by God.
Happy birthday to you my love.

96. When you call on the most high God, may he answer your prayers and grant your requests favourably.
Have an awesome birthday, sending you all my love.

97. May your faith grow strong enough to pull you through any situation you face, God is with you on your birthday and always.
Have a happy birthday.

98. Today marks another step in your journey of life and I hope that the blessings of a new age will be more than sufficient for you at all times.
You are loved immensely!

99. God’s love never ends and may you always have God’s love at every point in your life.
Today will be amazing and so will every other day after, happy birthday love.

100. Thank you so much, Lord, for this wonderful man in my life, I pray that you be with him always, do not let any harm come to him.
Prosper him and make every part of his life way better than it has ever been!
Happy birthday * insert his name*

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