Happy 39th Birthday Husband

Happy 39th Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes

Hurray, your husband is one year shy of his fourth decade on this planet. I hope he is excited because he is closer to 40 than ever before. Today is the best time to celebrate the great man in your life.

Expressing your adulations to your partner may not always be effortless when you are trying to pick the best of words! I know you want to make him feel special with inspirational wishes and quotes for his birthday.

Should you have any exertion figuring out the things to make a 39th birthday memorable, do not worry! Here are the best of all happy 39th birthday husband wishes and quotes.

Best 39th Birthday Wishes for Husband

I feel happiest when I am around you. Even when you are away, the thought of your homecoming springs up joy in me. Your birthday is around the corner and I want the best for you. I wish you have the best 39th birthday, my husband.

1. Best wishes to my husband on his 39th birthday. You’ve been a good friend, a great father, an exceptional daddy, and a loving husband. Hope you have a great year. Happy 39th birthday, love.

2. To the love of my life. My sweetheart and my honey pie. I can’t find sweeter words to call you with. You have always been there for me. A shoulder to lean on. Thank you. wish you have a very happy birthday, love.

3. It is your day again, honey pie! It seems just like yesterday that you celebrated your 38th birthday. well, a year is gone already. Wishing a year better than last year. Let’s go have a full year. Happy 39th birthday.

4. Wishing you a year of all the happiness’ in the world. I am thankful for having such a man in my life. I couldn’t ask for more. Wishing you many happy returned on your birthday dear husband.

5. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You are a selfless husband that puts his wife and kids before himself. I am grateful to have you as my king, a very happy birthday to my selfless husband. Enjoy your day.

6. You are the beat to my heart. You make my heart jump so many times than I can remember with all the awesome surprises. It is great having you as a friend and a husband. Happy 39th birthday, Honey. Enjoy the best of the day.

7. You can keep calm and party on. It’s your 39th birthday, so, party on. In the years to come, keep the party on. Remember this all through, I love you and my wish for you now and ever is a life full of parties. Happy birthday, honey!

8. No one is perfect, not even you. I have drafted a list of things you should work on. The list can wait till you are a bit older. But for today, I am wishing you a very happy birthday. Long life and prosperity.

9. You are not just a wonderful husband, you are also my best friend. The one I could chat with all over the night and not feel tired. You are indeed my resting place. I’ve enjoyed every time we’ve spent together. And I am happy it is going to continue. This is to wish you a very happy birthday on your 39th birthday.

10. At 39 years old, people think you should look old. Not to me, your wife. You look as handsome as ever. You are still as amazing as you were when we first met. Enjoy your big day, honey!

11. I wish I could show you as much love as you have shown me. I want to express my profound gratitude to you for being a loving husband and friend that has always been there for me. Hearty cheers from your one and only Mrs.

12. Hey, darling! Happy 39th birthday, dear! Remember that I love you just the way you love your wine. Sweet, older … and aged in barrels. Have a blast this year knowing well that you’ll get sweeter next year.

13. I wish I could say every good thing I want to say to you on your birthday but I know time would not permit that. Since I can’t, I would just say you have been a better husband than I could say with words. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear!

14. My dear husband, life is truly hard. But with you, life becomes easier. Living together has made all the hard work worth it and I know it will pay off later on. Wishing you a fruitful year ahead, dear. Happy birthday.

15. I am happiest when I am in your hands. Cuddling up with you has always been a source of comfort. I am proud to call you my husband. Happy birthday, my husband.

16. I am happy an amazing, handsome, humble, stylish, and charming man found me. A great man found me! I couldn’t ask for more. Have a wonderful birthday, my prince charming. Many happy returns!

17. Letter to my dear husband. “soon you would be able to party as hard as we used to on your birthday. But now that you can, do have a blast”. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

18. The funny thing about life is that smart and crazy always go hand together. You are a smart man and I am a crazy woman. You are smart enough to ask me out and I am crazy enough to say “Yes”. That smart man is now 39 years old and I am wishing him the best. Happy birthday, dear!

19. The best part of every of your birthday is that it shows me that growing old with you takes the sting out of old age. I am happy growing old with you, darling. Happy 39th birthday. wishing you the best of all ages!

Happy 39th Birthday Quotes for My Husband

At 39 years old, you are closer to 40 now than you have ever been. Hand in there, you are still at the zenith of life. You have just the right amount of energy you need right now. Enjoy your 39th birthday, my husband. Have a blast, dear.

20. If there were rebirths or another life at all, I would still be a human being just because of you. I would find you and would marry you without any reservation. On your 39th, remember that I love you. have the happiest of birthdays.

21. My husband is intelligent, resourceful, goodly, supportive, empathetic, hardworking, loving, and the list goes on and on. You know I love you for this and for who you are. Happy 39th birthday, dear.

22. Home, they say, can be a person. I didn’t believe it until I met you. I am happy to have you as my home. Anytime time I am with you I feel free and secured. Happy birthday, my husband. You always make me feel at home.

23. Relax, 39 years doesn’t mean you are old yet or have you seen a 39-year-old fossil. You are still a young chap to me. I love you just the way you are, my dear. You are here now, hope you be here at 99 when you are officially old. Happy birthday.

24. I would put down great words for you while you’re still alive. I wouldn’t normally but for you ill make an exception because you are a great man. The world might not know it yet but u have experienced it first hand since we’ve been married. Happy birthday, my superman.

25. Dear husband, you have made me a better person and a better wife. You have turned my regular life into a fairy tale. There is no way I could ever live without you. thank you for making me better. Wishing my better half a happy birthday.

26. If I could celebrate your birthday every day of the year just to show you how much I love you. seeing that I can’t, I will take all of today to wish you a very happy 39th birthday.

27. Darling, you’re worth more than gold to me. Diamond and other precious stones cannot come close to you in value. You are my invaluable husband and today is your 39th birthday. wishing you the best in the world. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

28. Instead of being mean, you are kind. Instead of being heartless, you are compassionate. You are indeed a good role model not only to our kids but to everyone you come across. And I love you for that because you’ve been at it for many years. Happy 39th birthday to the best man on earth, my husband!

29. You and I are made for each other. We are a perfect pair. Whenever you are away, I always miss the talks, the laughs, and the time we spend together. You are indeed a better half. Happy birthday, darling.

30. Just like always, I think of you today. But unlike before, today is special. It is your 39th birthday. Your name is always on my lips and I have your thoughts in mind always. Happy birthday, dear. Looking forward to your 40th!

31. My young man. My man is 21 years old with 18 years of experience. My love at 39 is still as fresh and agile as a teen. My wish is that you will not fade neither will you fail. Happy birthday to you, my husband. Have a blast!

32. Hubby, today is the day you turn 39. Can’t believe how quickly time flies. It is just like yesterday that we are married. You have indeed made me a proud wife. Happy birthday to you, dear husband.

33. Hurray! It is my true love’s birthday. I know true love lasts forever and I hope you do too… loving you makes my world go round. You and I have a connection that cannot be broken. Happy 39th birthday to my true love.

34. Your 38th birthday was lit. you are having a blast on your 39th. I know you would have a great one too when you are 40. This is to wish the love of my life, my king, and the only man I love a very happy birthday. long life and prosperity, dear!

35. Wishing you long life and prosperity seems common when it comes to birthdays. A special edition is made for my one and only husband. You are dear to me. Happy birthday, honey. More to live for you.

36. Marriage is sweet I am a living testimony. Getting married to you has made me see a sweeter side of life. I am lucky to share my love with you. this is to wish you a happy birthday as you clock 39years today. Hearty cheers, love!

37. Wishing the man of my dream and the man of my life a very happy birthday. having you in my life gave my life a new meaning which I am grateful for. Do have a blast as you celebrate your 39th birthday.

39th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

I have been pondering on what to pray for you on your 39th birthday. you’ve just been so good to me. I pray for you, my husband, that the Lord will bless you on all sides. God will establish you as you clock 39 years today.

38. You are the best thing that has happened to me. I enjoy all our time together. Your birthday presents another avenue to thank you for being who you are and also praying you see many more of your birthdays in good health. Happy birthday, dear!

39. Your going is blessed. Your coming in is blessed. All that you lay your hands on shall prosper. You will be favoured in the sight of God and the sight of men. Go have a fulfilled year. It is your 39th. Happy birthday, my loving husband!

40. My king, my lord, my teacher, and my husband. You’ve been a great and compassionate ruler, a sound teacher, and a loving husband to me. I pray the Lord will crown all your efforts with success in this 39th year. Happy birthday, love.

41. I love it when your birthday comes around. It is an avenue to especially pray for you. as your 39th birthday is here, I pray that the grace of God would multiply in your life and you would fulfil destiny. Happy birthday!

42. Wishes are good but prayer is better. I pray for you this year that you will grow in strength. You will move from grace to grace and lines will fall in pleasant places for you. A very happy birthday, love.

43. It’s been what… 39 years. that’s 39 fruitful years that you’ve been a blessing to the world. You are truly an extraordinary man. I am happy to be part of the journey. Happy birthday to my dear husband. He is the exceptional husband every wife prays for.

44. I cherish you, my king. You are not just a good husband, you are also a great dad to our kids. I can’t wish for a better dad for them and a better companion to me. I love you from the bottom of my heart. On this your birthday, I pray God will do what he hasn’t done before for you. Happy birthday!

45. You’re not old, you’re just 39 years old, dear. My able man, ever active, ever-loving, and always great to be around. Your birthday marks another year of us being together. My only prayer for you is that you’d remain relevant all the days of your life. God bless you for me. Happy 39th birthday

46. I find myself praying this prayer for you on every of your birthday that God will richly bless you on your birthday and every other day in the year. You’re on the verge of 40 and I pray for you the same prayer that the Lord will bless you today and every other day to follow. Happy 39th birthday.

47. You are ever positive. You always see the good side of every bad thing and a better part of every good thing. I thank god for giving me such an optimistic fellow as a husband. Wishing my optimist, a very happy birthday. May positivity never cease from your life.

48. I know God loves me. Yes, because he has given you to me. The time we’ve spent together has been the greatest of my life. May you be blessed to the extent that the blessed will call you blessed. You are a blessing to me and I pray you’ll live long to eat the fruit of your labour. Happy birthday, dear.

49. For close to four decades, you’ve been putting smiles on people’s faces. There is something about your presence that brings joy to people. I pray that doesn’t leave you. this and many more I wish for you. -with love from your wife.

50. Our union is planned in heaven. I know this because, since the day we met, our fates were sealed. We are perfect just the way we are. I pray this persists until death does us part. This is to wish you my lovely husband a very happy birthday.

There you have it. Inspiring 39th birthday wishes for your husband. I know you must have found the perfect one for him. Feel free to pick one or two to make your husband’s birthday a memorable one. Catch you when he’s 40 years old.

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