Happy 54th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 54th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

The race to a diamond jubilee, even 60 years is not a joke! Age 54 is a very unique age decked with realities of life and industriousness in nature.

It is much important that you take out time to celebrate yourself and take the day off to have a good and lovely birthday celebration!

Yes, you sure need to!

Then more than the gifts and treats you receive and give to yourself, you should also pour out all of your heart desires in the form of wishes, likes and most importantly, prayer to God for life and also for your petitions and request for a new year.

You’ve got that right!

So, don’t hesitate to select from these collections of wonderful happy 54th birthday to me wishes and quotes, I am sure you’d be happy you did!

Best 54th Birthday Quotes for Myself

To me, I wish myself a life saturated with grace and sweetness even in this new year of my life. A journey supported by unlimited grace and mercy. Happy 54th birthday to me, I wish myself the best!

1. That’s right, left to right, losing to happiness, bright light and music, staying out all night will make a million memories, I’m going to party anyway cause I feel so alive. Happy 54th birthday to me.

2. I’m going to let it go, going to leave all my worries behind, and take control, just to have a good time, no time for stress on my mind cause it’s my day. Happy 54th birthday to me.

3. Oh! Come and dance with me right now, if you want to dance, I’m going to make you dance, if you want, I’m going to make you groove. Congratulations to me, it is my 54th birthday. Happy 54th birthday to me.

4. I’m going to love myself, nobody else will, taking it nice and slow, feeling good and happy always and specially today because it is my birthday today. Happy 54th birthday to me.

5. Bad friends keep off, evil occurrence, halt, I’m starting another phase of life as it is another year of my life. Happy 54th birthday to me, darling.

6. Don’t feel like putting make-up on my cheek, what I want to do is to love every single part of me to the bottom because that is perfect to me, Be happy dear. Happy 54th birthday to me.

7. Feelings inside me are so strong! Happiness and joy, I’m going to touch every pain away, the feeling is on ignition. Happy 54th birthday to me.

8. I was born great to this world without exception because I’m walking in a way with a good perspective into greater success and I sure will. Happy 54th birthday to me.

9. I’ve got the eyes of a tiger, a fighter. Dancing through my worries to happiness and laughter. Happy 54th birthday to me.

10. No better me than I am, I am a star and I am beautiful, the world won’t change my heart against me. Happy 54th birthday to the beautiful me.

Happy Birthday to Me 54 Years Old

A happy and meritorious birthday to me. May I age graciously in health, wisdom, greater achievements and fulfilment. 54 looks good on me.

11. Hurray! I’m 54 today in health still looking radiant and charming as ever, Happy 54th birthday to me.

12. I don’t really know what to say to myself, hours and hours pass, my heart blinks for a second time waits for no one and within the twinkle of an eye, it’s me celebrating my birthday again. Happy 54th birthday to myself.

13. I’m not concerned about what people say about me, I solely rely on Your grace, dear God for a life enraptured by sweetness and happiness. It’s my day, happy 54th birthday to me.

14. I’m so excited! it’s another edition of a special day I was brought into this world. Wishing myself more wealth and health all the days of my life. Happy 54th birthday to me.

15. Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy womb escape day to me. Happy 54th birthday to me.

16. I’m gonna scream it out loud. It’s my birthday, and I’m overwhelmed with joy for it’s another season of greater joy than before, more blessings than the past even more insight into what the future holds. Happy 54th birthday to my dear self again.

17. It’s the time for me to lead it, take it or not, I’m the boss now because this particular day is specially mine for the taking. Happy 54th birthday to me once again.

18. And of this marvellous day of my life, freshness and blissfulness shall be said of me. It’s my birthday. Happy 54th birthday to myself.

19. Being alive to celebrate another edition of my birthday is a great privilege. I give thanks to you, dear God. Bless me with divine blessings and gracious favours. Happy 54th birthday to me. Hurray!

20. I’m feeling so good as never before today being my special day. May the experiences of this day and the whole year be a remarkable one for good. Happy 54th birthday to my lovely self.

54th Birthday Messages for Myself

A message to the celebrant of today, convey my warmth and lovely wishes of love, peace and joy for the celebrant. I’m happy because I’m the celebrant! Happy 54th birthday to myself!

21. Putting myself in a dancing mood, dancing to the fullest with the fullest of joy for another year has been added to my years, happy 54th birthday to me.

22. Today is my birthday, giving myself a lovely smile, wearing a beautiful dress, putting on makeup and giving it a shot. Happy birthday to me.

23. No one can love me as I do, nobody can trust me like do, nobody can cherish me as I do. It’s another special day of the year to shower more love on myself. Happy 54th birthday to me.

24. I wish I could go back to the very first day I was born to behold the lovely moments I have spent so far. Life is just so good and simple. Happy 54th birthday to me.

25. Without me uttering a word today, I know I’m blessed already. Loving me, myself and I. Happy 54th birthday to me.

26. Spreading my wings flying so high, feeling loved by everyone around me. Loving myself because it’s my day. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

27. True love ain’t something you can buy for yourself because no one can love me like I do, loving my me truly with true love. Happy 54th birthday to myself.

28. Sometimes, it’s hard to follow your heart but don’t lose who you are because there’s nothing wrong with who you are at present. Wishing myself an awesome birthday experience. Happy 54th birthday to me.

29. Finding me was one of the beautiful things of life. I don’t need anybody’s policies, no apologies for being who I am for it’s my birthday. Happy 54th birthday to me.

30. Hurray! It’s my birthday today and I’m going to dance and shake up worries away for it is a day to rejoice and be glad. Happy 54th birthday to me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 54

My wishes are life and life more abundantly. May this new year of my life bring me the endowment of blessings divine and make my life a living testimony of grace. Happy 54th birthday to me, myself and I.

31. I wish myself more happiness, increased joy, wisdom and love. Wishing myself a happy 54th birthday.

32. I know I’m a king so I don’t need a crown. I look up at the mirror and I know for sure that I’m the one. Age with prosperity, dear me. Wishing a whole me happy 54th birthday.

33. Yeeepee! party after party, it’s my birthday once again, a special day that comes once in a year to my beautiful self wishing me a grace-filled and happy 54th birthday.

34. Today is a queen, a mother and wife like me’s birthday. Wishing myself a loving and wonderful 54th birthday.

35. I used to recognize myself. It’s just funny how reflection changes. I’m older and stronger today. May I grace and age with bountiful grace. Happy 54th birthday to me

36. I am feeling so glad for myself, deep down I know I’m filled up with happiness and excitement. Hurray! Happy 54th birthday to me, wishing me long life and prosperity.

37. Thanks to all my well-wishers, thanks to all my lovers, it’s another year of celebration for me, wishing myself all the good things of life. Happy 54th birthday to me.

38. Little by little, I clock 54, wow! Life’s good. With a smile on my face, it’s my birthday again. Wishing myself a happy, and remarkable birthday.

39. Cheers to me on my birthday, more money to my account and more happiness and joy to my heart. wishing myself a wonderful 54th birthday.

40. When I remember all the times that I felt small, all the times I was wrong and I thought I will never overcome my wrongdoings, all these have become wonderful past memories. Wishing myself a splendid and happy 54th birthday.

54th Birthday Prayers for Myself

May I never be a victim of evil circumstances, may I never lose any of my loved ones to death but we all shall enjoy long life and happiness all through. Happy 54th birthday, May all my prayers be answered this new year.

41. I’m a year older today, I’ve entered another chapter of life as I clock 54 today, I want to say thank you Jesus for purchasing the gift of salvation and for Your mercy upon my life since the beginning of my days. Happy 54th birthday to me.

42. Bless the Lord oh my soul and everything that is within me, bless the Lord for it is another great year of my life I’m 54 today in health and happiness, alive and sound. Happy 54th birthday to me.

43. In joy and gladness as I celebrate another year of life I pray the Lord will shower His blessings on me and bless my family. Amen. Happy 54th birthday to me.

44. Oh Lord as I add in age, help me to know You more, help my heart to pant for more of Your grace and grant mercy to see many more years to come. Happy 54th birthday to me.

45. You have done so much I cannot tell it all, thank You so much, Jesus, for it is another year again and You kept me alive till date. Thank You, Father. I pray that my life will a beacon of light. Happy birthday 54th to my lovely self.

46. Beating my drums, this is how I dance the dance-like David’s dance, the dance of joy and happiness praising the Lord for another year I’m witnessing in the love of God. May my soul experience life and peace. Happy 54th birthday to me.

47. I will rejoice and glad for this is the day the Lord has made specially for me to rejoice and be glad in it, thank Father for making a day like this special. May You divine grace and mercy be my guide throughout the year. Happy 54th birthday to me.

48. I am fortunate to be under God’s guidance and protection, seeing another year of my life is not by my might but by His55 mercy, thank You, Father. Happy 54th birthday to me.

49. Happy 54th birthday to me, feeling grateful because the Lord has done it again I’m so favoured to witness another year of my life, may Your name be praised, dear Father. May Your grace and mercy keep me through and through. Happy birthday to me.

50. Happy 54th birthday to me, oh Lord lift me up and let me stand by faith, on heaven’s tableland, a higher plane than I have found. Keep me, dear Lord. Amen! Happy birthday to me.

You have just succeeded in making your day a memorial of good things and even greater things.

Celebrating oneself is good but wishes and prayers are much better to grace oneself into the new year.

I so much believe you’ve been able to make use of this awesome collection of happy 54th birthday to me wishes and quotes in ushering yourself into the new year of your life.

I will be very appreciative of you if you also share your comments on this post.

Happy 54th birthday to you!

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