Happy 60th Birthday Husband Quotes and Wishes

Happy 60th Birthday Husband Quotes and Wishes

Special occasions call for special treatments, and your husband’s birthday is one of them. Your husband should feel so special and loved on his birthday because he is your better half and he deserves special treatment from you.

Even though he’s likely to be celebrated by other people, yours should stand out. You should create wonderful memories for your husband on his birthday, not just by showering him with gifts, but by penning down or sending him messages and wishes for his 60th birthday.

You could be overwhelmed with so much on that day that you might not know what you write. Not to worry, I have a solution to that.

Kindly check these happy 60th birthday husband quotes and wishes below to make your selection(s).

Happy 60th Birthday Messages to My Husband

My love for you knows no bounds. I am thankful for the point where we are right now. God has been so faithful to you. While I send this message to you, I hope you really do have a happy 60th birthday, my husband. I love you.

1. Loving you has given me reasons to wake up every day and be thankful to God for having you. You are not just an ordinary husband but a loving father. Thank you for training our children with me. Happy 60th birthday, my sweetheart.

2. I know I have not been the best wife, in the last couple of years, but trust me, your love in my heart is still very intact. Just like I promised, you are the only man who will have my heart forever. Happy 60th birthday, my love. I love you forever.

3. We have come a very long way, my husband. We have experienced something much in our pursuit to becoming great in life. This has made me learn so much from you and life. Thank you for tolerating me, despite all my stubbornness. Happy 60th birthday, honey.

4. I never knew we could make it this far together because we really had a lot to go through. I thank God for making you, my purpose partner and husband. Marriage has been the sweetest with you. I promise to love you forever. Happy 60th birthday.

5. Loving you has brought the highest level of peace into my life. You are the best husband ever. Even at this age, you are still killing your role like a new husband. Glad to have made great children with you. Happy 60th birthday. I love you.

6. There’s no man I love, other than you. I could kill myself just to see you live. You have been through a lot for me, so nothing is too big to do for you. The only thing I want is to grow old with you, and that has started manifesting. Happy 60th, my boo.

7. Despite being a grandpa and grandma, we are still giving young couple vibes. Nothing about us has changed over the years. I can’t thank God enough for making you mine, honestly. You have been all shades of wonderful. Happy 60th birthday. Have fun.

8. No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby boy; you can never be old in my eyes because I have been in love with you for a very long time. It’s your 60th birthday, and trust me, I am very happy. I hope that happiness never ceases in your life. Happy 60th birthday.

9. I sincerely can’t think of anything to gift you, on your birthday, because you have the greatest present already – me. Thank you for making me realize the need to be a good wife, very early. Now, I am by far the best grandmother. Happy 60th birthday, love.

10. Sometimes, I get so jealous when I see how close our children are to you, but I can’t stop thanking God for giving me a perfect family. I have always prayed to God for a man like you because my children will have no problem at all. Thank God we are together. Happy 60th birthday.

What to Write in a 60th Birthday Card for Husband

I sincerely don’t know what to write to you on your 60th birthday, that’s why I got you this beautiful birthday card. I hope you like whatever is inside. Happy birthday, my husband.

11. I sincerely hope that you are not thinking that you’re getting old because you are not. You are still that sweet baby boy I met, so many years back. Looking back I can’t but thank God for His grace and mercy upon our lives. Happy 60th birthday, my dearest husband.

12. I am not surprised at the level of love our children have in their lives. We have done really well by being a good example to them. This couldn’t have happened if you weren’t their father. My love, thank you for being such an amazing husband and dad. Happy 60th birthday to you.

13. You have no idea how hot and good-looking you are, even after almost 60 years on earth. My dear, you are just so sweet and handsome. Thank you for making me glow and happy, by giving me peace in this marriage. I owe you my love and loyalty forever. Happy 60th birthday.

14. What would I rather be doing if not to celebrate you, my king? You are one in a million. Your kind of man, husband, and father is rare. While I’m still confused about how I got so blessed, I am thankful for you’re the greatest blessing of God to me. Happy 60th birthday, honey.

15. I can’t forget the early years of our marriage, where we had to go through so much to make ends meet. Where you had to work your ass out, so you could put food on the table. Look at us now. We are a proud and happy couple and grandparents. It can only be God. Happy 60th birthday, my husband.

16. My life could’ve been full of regrets and shame now if I hadn’t considered getting married to you. But I knew exactly what I wanted, and I went for it. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful love story ever. Happy 60th birthday, my heartbeat.

17. If only you know how much you mean to me. You are my everything. Our children are my witness, whenever you travel, I don’t feel good at all. Your arms are where I want to be forever. Thank you for loving and providing for the family. Happy 60th birthday to you.

18. Sometimes, I wish you could just stay back and spend quality time with me, but then, you have to work. Who even works this hard at 60? I can’t thank you enough for putting our family first in all you do. Happy 60th birthday, sweetheart. We all love you; we really do.

19. The kind of love that exists between us is straight from the heart. Right from when we started dating, we knew exactly what we wanted and we worked towards achieving them. Trust me, we are the best couple ever. I want to be your wife forever. Happy 60th birthday to you.

Happy 60th Birthday Husband Images

I have just too many beautiful images of you in my head. You are all I think of, day and night. Thank you for being a wonderful husband to me. Happy 60th birthday, my love.

The best present to get for your husband’s birthday.

20. While you’re probably tired of me thanking you for everything, I sincerely wish you could get used to it because I will never stop. Sincerely, you have done so much for us, and I’d be an ingrate not to be appreciative. Happy 60th birthday, my love. Once again, thank you very much.

21. Luck smiled at me, the day I met you. If only you knew how hard it was to finally have a man to call my own. Baby, it’s been years beside you, and I still am not tired of you. Instead, I grow fonder of loving you. Happy 60th birthday, my dearest husband. I love you forever.

Happy 60th birthday husband quotes

23. You were everything I have always prayed for. When my world was dark and I had no hope, that was exactly when God made our paths cross. It’s really been an amazing journey with you, my husband. On behalf of myself and our children, I say a very big happy 60th birthday. We love it so much.

Happy 60th birthday husband quotes

24. We both know my bad sides are way more than my good sides, but you’ve managed to stay under the same roof with me, for more than thirty years. You’re not just an ordinary husband, but a loving and caring one. Thank you for always forgiving and standing up for me. I owe you, my love. Happy 60th birthday.

25. I hope you’re ready to have the time of your life today because there are so many people coming to grace this occasion. Sincerely, I wish I could invite the whole world, just to show you how happy and appreciative I am for all you’ve been doing. Happy 60th birthday, my love. I wish you all the best.

Happy 60th birthday husband quotes

26. I know you have been enjoying my love for so many years, the same way I have been enjoying yourself, but trust me, it’s just about to get started. I will make sure I injure you with my love because that’s literally all I have to offer. Happy 60th birthday, my lovely husband. God bless you.

27. You have no idea how much I love and pray for you. The fact that you still feel the need to work hard at this age, is something that keeps baffling me. Not to worry, I know you love your family and you only want us to be comfortable. God bless you, my husband. Happy 60th birthday to you.

28. Your birthday always makes me extra happy. I mean, it’s the day my husband was born into this world. There’s no other day I’d rather love to celebrate with you, than on your birthday. I hope you know I won’t stop loving you. Happy 60th birthday, my husband.

Best 60th Birthday Wishes for Husband

It has never made sense to anyone but you. You are the only one who constantly wishes me luck with all I do. You are a supportive husband, and you deserve the best. Happy 60th birthday.

29. Because you give me the amount of love I have always yearned for, there’s nothing I won’t do for you. You have always been amazing since I knew you. Thank you for being the best husband to me, and the best father to our children. Happy 60th birthday to you.

30. Even though we are both nice people, I’m still thankful that our children took after you. You have too many good sides, and that’s one of the reasons why you are the best husband in the entire world. I hope you don’t get tired of being celebrated because I am going to do that forever. Happy 60th birthday to you.

31. What a time to be alive; a time to celebrate my one and only husband. The man after my heart. The man who will never do no wrong in my eyes. My husband, I wish you a better life as you progress in life. Happy 60th birthday, honey. I love you.

32. I have loved you for a very long time; I still love you now, and I will always love you. Your face is all I need to see, whenever I am going through any situation. Just as I am the best for you, you are the best for me. Let’s keep making the world a better place. Happy 60th birthday.

33. Because of you, so many people had to stop with the thoughts of giving up. You are an angel to so many people because you are up with solutions at the right time. My love, I don’t ever want this to end. It’s your 60th birthday, and I can’t wait to celebrate your 70th. Happy birthday to you.

34. Life has given us our share of ups and downs, but here we are, even stronger than we thought. Wherever I go, I will keep telling people that I have the best husband, because that’s what you are. Happy 60th birthday, my love. Please, don’t get tired of loving me.

35. When u thought about ending it all, I remembered your love for me. Your love for me settles everything; it pulls me out of an unfortunate situation. There’s nothing I would do without your love; it’s an answer to my prayers. Happy 60th birthday.

36. We have been married for years, and we have never yelled at each other. Even though we had no idea what marriage was before we met, we have managed to prove the world wrong, that great marriages exist. I really want to do this with you again, if possible. Happy 60th birthday.

37. At this age, we are still fully in love with each other. The love has always been massive from my side. I see all the sacrifices you make just to ensure things work out fine with the family. You are our (children and I) hero, and we are grateful to have you in our lives. Happy 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Sayings for Husband

My husband, what exactly have you not done for me. Even after having children together, you still make sure you are the same man. Thank you for everything. Here I am saying, happy 60th birthday.

You could be doing something wrong if you do this on your husband’s birthday.

38. Your birthday is a continuous reminder of God’s love to me because it’s the day the world was blessed with the most beautiful gift – you. Your coming into my life definitely brought some positive changes. I love you forever, baby. Happy 60th birthday.

39. If you weren’t my husband, I would never have believed that you are 60. You don’t look your age at all, you look way younger. This is just a result of the peace and love I give you. I promise to keep better at being a good wife and mom, no matter how old I am. Happy 60th birthday.

40. There’s nothing I won’t do for you. You are my husband, and there’s nothing time you don’t make me happy. You’re always particular about my happiness and health. I’m grateful to have you beside me. Our love will never die, as long as I live. Happy 60th birthday, my man. It’s all love from here.

41. I know we are not the most perfect couple, but we are the best. The level of maturity that exists between us is everything. We are always ready to do anything for one another. I’m sure our children will have the best lives in and out of their marriages. Happy 60th birthday, my husband.

42. I must confess, you have been the best husband around. I sincerely am not flattering you. Even other people who are close to us can testify to that. I am such a lucky and fortunate woman to have had you beside me for more than thirty years. I don’t mind spending fifty more years with you. Happy 60th birthday.

43. There’s nothing you haven’t given me since we started this marriage. You have made me realize that family is everything and that you will always be there for whoever you love. My darling husband, thank you for considering me the right woman for this journey. I would love to enjoy more years with you. Happy 60th birthday.

44. Your 60th birthday will be a wonderful one because I have promised to make every second worth it. You deserve so much more, so please, don’t be surprised if the whole place is filled with our loved ones today. We all can’t wait to celebrate you. Happy 60th birthday.

45. I can’t stop these years from rolling down, but trust me, they are tears of joy. What exactly have we not been through in this life? But still, we remain unshakable and undefeated. We have each other’s back because that’s exactly what marriage is all about. I keep learning because you are right beside me. Happy 60th birthday to you.

46. I am so in love with you, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We have been in this together for a very long time, and I can boldly say that we have come a very long way. Almost thirty years after it’s still your face I want to see everyone morning. How about we do this forever? Happy 60th birthday, my love.

Happy 60th Birthday to My Husband Quotes

Quotes? No amount of it can tell exactly how great you are. I’m just glad I got the best husband. Our children and I are so blessed to have you. Happy 60th birthday to you.

47. My baby, you look so cute on your 60th birthday. I’m glad we could manage to give each other the peace and love we’ve always wanted. Life is the sweetest, with you honey. Happy 60th birthday to you. I wish you more prosperous years ahead. I love you.

48. I will never get tired of loving you because that’s one of the things that give me joy. Right now, I feel sorry for the women who treated you badly in the past. Well at the same time, it turned out to be a blessing, because we ended up together. Happy 60th birthday, my love.

49. I never knew all I wanted was right beside me. I mean, we were both friends before we decided to go into a relationship that led to this beautiful marriage. If we had known, it would’ve been earlier than we started. Well, it all ended in praise. Happy 60th birthday, my king.

50. Out of all the beautiful things that have happened to my life, you remain the best of them all. Your presence in my life ushered in so many blessings. There’s absolutely no reason to stop loving you, honey. We are both in this forever. Happy 60th birthday, my Prince Charming.

51. This marriage has brought us so many blessings. One of those blessings is our children. They are just what we have always prayed for. Sincerely, they make this family so beautiful and complete. Most importantly, you are the one who made this happen. We all love you. Happy 60th birthday.

52. You are the most important part of our lives. I’m very sure our children are proud of you, as much as I am. You perform your daddy duties so well. Even after they all got married, you still make sure you are fully a part of their lives. Thank God I ended up with you. Happy 60th birthday, darling.

53. Never in my weirdest dream would I have thought about meeting a wonderful man like you, not to talk of getting married to him. Our meeting was divinely planned by God, and I will forever be thankful for it. I love you, my husband. Happy 60th birthday to you.

54. I want to thank you for making me realize my potentials very early. I am the woman I am now, because of you. You keep reminding me of how amazing I am and how much I can achieve. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on. Happy 60th birthday, baby boo. I love you.

55. Even though you are not my father, I have learnt something much from you. In fact, you are more than a father to me. Your corrections never come with harsh words. Thank you for always being kind to me. I’m glad I got the best dad for our children. Happy 60th birthday to you.

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes for Husband

Sometimes, you look so funny to me. I guess it’s because I have gotten used to your jokes. I’m sure that’s the only reason I haven’t developed high blood pressure. Thank you for making me happy. Best wishes for your 60th birthday.

How to surprise your husband at his office on his birthday.

56. You are still the man I fell in love with, even after so many years. I still love everything about you, especially your sense of humour. Depression has no chance with you, and that’s why I want to be with you forever. Happy 60th birthday, my love.

57. Honey, I need to clear you on some things. Sometimes, your jokes are very dry. Even though I laugh out loud, you can always tell my laugh is fake. You are 60 now, so please come up with something sweeter for your lovely wife. Happy birthday to you, my love.

58. I am really hoping that you stop coming to me for massage sessions because you always complain. The best thing to do now is to hire a professional masseur, but don’t ever think of bringing her into this house. Yes, I know you’d go for a female. Happy 60th birthday.

59. I’d have loved to throw a party for you on your 60th birthday and invite a lot of people, but most of them will only come and have fun, they won’t bring any present for you, so there’s no need. Let’s just celebrate between ourselves. Happy 60th birthday, my husband.

60. You are not only the best husband, but you are also the most stubborn one. Even after almost forty years of knowing you, you still haven’t stopped being stubborn. Look at you, you are 60 already, you really should stop. Don’t mind me, I am enjoying the stubbornness. Happy birthday.

60th Birthday Prayers for Husband

Prayers are what has kept us together after so many years. Prayers are what keep us prospering in all our ways. Today, I pray that we never have any cause to mourn over you. Amen. Happy 60th birthday, my husband.

61. I never thought someone could make me so happy and loved. In fact, I was never going to give you a chance, because I grew up with the wrong orientation about men. Thank God I was particular about finding love. Thank you for loving me. Happy 60th birthday to you. God bless you.

62. I have never missed an opportunity to pray for you because you give me reasons to do that. I know you were sent by God to bless and make me a blessing to others. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to be with me. May God keep prospering in your ways. Happy 60th birthday to you.

63. We are a praying couple, and that’s why we have little or no problems in our marriage. I have always been particular about getting married to a man who will draw me closer to God, and God brought you. May you never drift away from God. Amen. Happy 60th birthday to you.

64. I have met so many men in life, but none of them had the qualities you possess. Sincerely, you are the best man I have ever met, and I’m thankful that you are mine. As you clock 60 today, I pray that God keeps your health from every harm. Happy birthday to you.

65. Dear husband, it’s been a pleasure to be married to you. I never ever saw myself burning for Christ, at any point in my life. But when you came along, the story changed. I want to specially thank you for making me know God. You will not stop being relevant to Him. Happy 60th birthday.

66. If only I could have my chance, I’d make sure that you don’t go out of this house today. My husband, did you know my life changed the moment you came into it? I wasn’t ready for this life, but you made it happen. Happy 60th birthday, sweetheart. God will continue to be faithful to you.

67. My darling, it’s your 60th birthday, and I am super excited. You know I have never stopped praying for you, just as you keep praying for me. But it’s your birthday, so you need the prayers more. I wish you God’s blessings and love for the new year. Happy 60th birthday, my dear.

68. I have never been this lucky in my life. Before I met you, I told God what I wanted, so when I finally got to meet you, I was not surprised at all. Even though we have been married for so long, I still keep learning from you. Thank you for being the best prayer partner ever. May God keep you grounded in His love forever. Happy 60th birthday.

69. You have been a wonderful husband and father. Of all the wishes I had in my life, not ending up with a useless man tops the list. I thank God for giving me a man like you. Happy 60th birthday, my husband. May God be with you in everything you do. Amen. I got you for life.

Birthday Wishes for Husband on His 60th Birthday

Our marriage is all I have ever wanted, because of you. I honestly don’t think there’s anything good I haven’t wished you. Today, I hope God grants all the wishes of your heart. Happy 60th birthday.

You might be doing something right if you do this on your husband’s birthday.

70. There’s absolutely no reason to lie; I love you so very much. It has always been like this, even before you asked me for a relationship. I thank God because even after so many years, nothing has changed. We only keep getting better. Happy 60th birthday, my husband. I love you.

71. You are evidence that God loves and does not joke with me. You are the only one who keeps seeing me through difficult times in life. You are the only one who keeps me focused. You are the only one who makes this family a happy one. Thank you, dear husband. Happy 60th birthday to you.

72. I’m sure no one will ever believe that you are 60 because as your wife, I am still finding it hard to believe. You look way younger than your age, honey. Happy 60th birthday to you. Thank you for being God’s best gift to me. I love you forever.

73. You always make sure that you show up for your family, no matter how busy you are. Sometimes, I don’t know how you do it; this minute you are home with us, the next minute you are at work. You are only getting older, your strength keeps doubled. Happy 60th birthday, hubby. Thank you for everything.

74. I don’t have all it takes to appreciate you for all you do, but trust me, I will always be yours. Nothing’s ever going to take me away from you. We have been through it all, baby. All I want to do is to keep loving you. Happy 60th birthday. Have a fun-filled one.

75. Even though all our children are married, I can’t erase the fact that their marriages are sweet because we gave them the best, you in particular. You kept making efforts to be there for and with them when they were here. My love, we raised kings and queens. Happy 60th birthday.

76. I know you are a very principled man, but behind all those principles, is a sweet soul who will do anything for his wife. My dear, over the years, you constantly put me before others. Your loyalty and respect for me makes me feel like a queen. Happy 60th birthday, my king. I love you forever.

77. I have always loved you, my husband. My relationship with you was the sweetest. While I was thinking that marriage will be so boring, I never knew you had other plans for me. My darling, thank you for making our marriage an outstanding one. I never want us to fall out. Happy 60th birthday.

78. You have invested so much in this marriage, my love. If only all men could be like you, there’d be a lot of great marriages out there. Thank you for being God’s best gift to me and this generation. Always know that I won’t stop loving you, my husband. Happy 60th birthday.

79. There’s no one I’d ever prefer to support than you. You were the only one who keeps seeing me through every situation in life. You know every single thing about me, yet you don’t mock or ridicule me with it. Indeed, I married my best friend. Happy 60th birthday, Sweetheart.

80. My mother never enjoyed her marriage, so I was expecting the same thing. I never knew God had great plans for me. Even after so many years of marriage, being married to you still feels like a dream. Thank you for being mine. Happy 60th birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for 60-Year-Old Husband

My dear husband, you are 60 years old today. How time flies. I’m thankful that through it all, I have never left your side. I will continue to support and love you, no matter what. Warm wishes on your birthday.

81. I know you have gone through so much in life, but I hope you know the sky isn’t your limit but your starting point. No matter how hard it gets, trust me to always be right beside you. This marriage will keep flourishing, regardless of whatever we face. Happy 60th birthday.

82. With so much joy in my heart, I welcome you to your 60th year. I have known you since you were 33, and everything about you has always made me happy. I hope that you get to enjoy life more, as you begin another beautiful year. Happy 60th birthday to you.

83. You are my husband in whom I am well pleased. You are the husband of my youth and the love of my life. With you, life has been so fair. God has really blessed you, and it will be a good thing to thank Him for His blessings. Happy 60th birthday, hubby. I love you.

84. I am glad we could raise such wonderful children who think about God first before anything else. God really blessed us with everything we have asked for. I hope He blesses you with good health and a sound mind, as you begin this wonderful year. Happy 60th birthday.

85. Even when I was with my parents, the love has never been this much. Since almost thirty-five years that I have known you, you have never given anything less than love. You care more about other people by looking out for them. You have come a long way, and I’m grateful for you. Happy 60th birthday.

86. I salute your courage, my husband. I admire your strength, and I keep thanking God that you are my husband. You have done so much than I can mention. Thank you for everything you have done and the ones you are yet to do. Happy 60th birthday to you.

87. It’s a special day, and I am super ecstatic about it. We have come a long way, and I’m thankful that despite all we have gone through, we are still right beside each other. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. I love you loads, my husband. Happy 60th birthday.

88. I really don’t like birthdays, but yours is one I always look forward to. Darling, you bring so much joy and love into my life. You are by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You are my essence. I hope our love never stops. Happy 60th birthday to you.

89. If there’s anyone I’d love to keep celebrating without getting tired, then it is you. We have been in this for so long, and it still feels as though we are just getting started. Thank you for making me, love. I honour you, my husband. Happy 60th birthday to you.

90. You are my champion; you have fought so much for me. I know I don’t thank you enough, but my heart thanks and prays for you every time. Thank you for blessing me with the things money can’t buy. I promise to love you forever. Happy 60th birthday to you.

60th Birthday Greetings for Husband

On your 60th birthday, I am sending you special greetings, because you deserve it. I hope that you keep being the sweet man that you are. Happy 60th birthday to you.

91. Being married to you keeps opening doors, even after so many years. You are an amazing man. I know you are proud to have me in your life, but you have no idea how proud and happy I am to have you. My love for you will keep blossoming, no matter what. Happy 60th birthday.

92. You are my soulmate, my heartbeat, my happy place and everything. Your love keeps me going. Because of you, I am positive, strong and powerful. You literally taught me the best way to live life. I love you so much, king. Have a happy 60th day, my husband.

93. You are the only man who knows how to rock my world. I trust your judgement, any time any day. I have so much to say about you, and it would be better said in the bedroom. Happy birthday, my loving husband. I love you till the very end of time. Cheers to a good year.

94. You came when I least expected. Ever since everything keeps going on fine. Thank you for keeping it real with me. From the bottom of my heart, I am wishing you a fantastic, fabulous, great and wonderful 60th year. You will always be important to me. I love you so much.

95. When I think of you, I see impossibilities becoming possibilities. You are so full of love and every beautiful thing. Thank God you are mine. I know that you were made just for me, so I will be with you forever. Have a beautiful 60th birthday, my husband.

96. My whole body comes alive, whenever I am with you. I am unapologetically in love with you, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s been years with you, and I still hope for many more years. I love you, my crown. Happy 60th birthday to you, my husband.

97. Life is in many phases. I thank God that you are always beside me through each phase of life. You never leave me, instead, our love keeps waxing stronger. My intentions of you will always be pure. Happy 60th birthday, my crown.

98. My friends ask me why I keep glowing despite getting old, but I keep telling them that you are the reason behind my radiance and sparkle. You brought joy and laughter into my life, and nothing will stop me from doing the same to you forever. Have a happy 60th birthday, my husband.

99. You rule my world, honey. Everything about me is safe with you, even my top secrets. I don’t expect you to have my time anymore, as you keep ageing, but you have proven that you will always be right beside me. Your love and presence are all I want to enjoy forever. Happy 60th birthday.

100. You have never given me a reason not to trust you. You travel a lot, but I have never doubted whatever you do while you are away. You are a great man, and even after so many years, I still feel very lucky to have you. Happy 60th birthday, honey. Cheers!

I hope you got some of the happy 60th birthday husband quotes and wishes up there for your husband. Thank you for always coming for more content. Please don’t forget to share it with anyone who might need it.

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