6th Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Happy 6th Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Just in case you’re wondering, there are so many reasons why turning 6 is the coolest thing ever!

It means that your boy is healthy and having fun. It means that all the warmth you’re surrounding him with is having an effect on his life. It also means that he’s getting closer to living out his dreams.

On this note, you shouldn’t be holding back on celebrating his 6th birthday. The gifts should be coming in their numbers. The same way the good wishes, love and prayers should be pouring in. This is to ensure that he has the smoothest new year he’s ever had.

Luckily, I have the perfect happy 6th birthday wishes for baby boy for you below. Enjoy!

6th Birthday Wishes for My Son

May your reign in this life be a long one. I wish you happiness and perfect health. Happy 6th birthday, my son. I love you so much.

1. Happy 6th birthday, my son. I am thrilled about the journey ahead of you. I believe that it will be a bright and beautiful one.

2. Everything I was looking for, I found when I had you. Thank you for the last 5 years. May your 6th year be a blast. Happy birthday!

3. Your charm is irresistible. Thank you for bringing me more happiness than I dreamed of. May you experience unlimited happiness as well. Happy 6th birthday, baby.

4. I love you more than words can describe. And I hope that you have a year filled with immeasurable fun, love and laughter. Happy birthday, son.

5. Today and always, may life be kind to you. Welcome to your next best year, my son. I love you plenty!

6. Honey, I’m proud of the man you’re growing up to become. I pray that your path will always be in the right direction. Happy 6th birthday, son.

7. May your smile never fade in this new year. Happy 6th birthday celebration son. I love you now and always.

8. You know you’re the most handsome 6-year-old ever? Welcome to a year of blessings and good fortune, my son. Happy birthday!

9. May all your wishes come through this year and beyond. Happy 6 years old birthday, (insert his name).

10. May blessings and favour be abundant in your life now and always. Happy 6th birthday, baby!

11. Happy 6th birthday, my son. You’ll always be my baby boy, (insert his nickname). Cheers to God’s blessings and protection upon your life this year.

12. You have a blank cheque today. So you can ask for whatever you want. Welcome to chapter 6, honey. Keep growing!

13. May your life be filled with sweetness only. May the sour and bitter be far away from you. Happy 6th birthday, my darling.

14. The world is yours to conquer, and I know that you’ll make great strides. Happy 6th birthday, darling.

15. Today’s another big day in your life, which is why I’m praying that you enjoy big blessings this year. Happy birthday, love.

16. May north, east, west and south favour you always. Welcome to level 6, darling.

17. Welcome to a year of more blessing, growth and fun. Happy birthday, darling.

Happy 6th Birthday Son Messages

I’m thankful for everything about you. There’s no part of you I’d change. I wish you everything beautiful as you continue to grow. Happy 6th birthday, son.

18. May all you need to succeed come to you with ease. May your life be a truly good one. Happy 6th birthday, son.

19. 6 years down, and I still love to look at you while you sleep. Welcome to your new year, love. Happy birthday!

20. You’re the most adorable child ever, and I’m proud to be your parent. Happy 6th birthday, son.

21. Knowing that you’re mine gives me so much joy. Welcome to chapter 6, darling. It’ll be a beautiful year.

22. You’re one heck of a son, and there’s nothing about your journey I’d change. Happy 6th birthday, darling.

23. You’re gradually getting closer to becoming the man you’re meant to become. Happy 6th birthday, dear.

24. You’re perfect the way you are, and there’s no one else like you in the entire world. Happy 6th birthday, honey.

25. Today marks another chapter in your life. That’s why I’m praying for new starts and blessings for you. Happy 6th birthday, my son.

26. May you do bigger things than we’ve done. May your life be filled with so much ease. Happy birthday, darling.

27. May every day of your life be filled with testimonies. Welcome to your 6th year, my darling.

28. If I were as smart as you are at this age, I’d have gone on to do even bigger things early in life. Happy 6th birthday, my smart son.

29. I’ll always remember the joy I felt the day you were born. Happy birthday, son. Live long and prosper!

30. I’ll always provide you with the support and guidance you need to become the best version of you. Welcome to year 6, son.

31. It’s us who are blessed to have such a smart child like you in our family. Happy birthday, my big baby.

32. May your future be a great one, son. May it exceed all of our expectations and dreams. Happy 6th birthday, love.

33. You’ll live till you’re old and grey. Your life will not be cut short by anything or anyone. Cheers to year 6, darling.

34. I’ll keep working hard. Because you deserve the good things of life, and you’ll get them. Happy 6th birthday, son.

6th Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

As your mother, my wish is that your life, health, growth and education are all preserved. This year, there’ll be no reason to cry over you. Happy 6th birthday, my son.

35. Your arrival in my life was a good one. May your journey through life also be a good one. Happy 6th birthday, son.

36. You’re God’s gift to me, (insert son’s name). May God gift you beautiful and amazing things in your new year. Happy 6 years birthday, darling.

37. Here’s wishing that the innocence in your heart never fade away. Cheers to year 6, my son! I love you!

38. Today’s a magical day for me as much as you. Welcome to another year, love. May you live long, and in good health too.

39. May the joy in your heart always remain. Here’s to another year, my son. Happy 6 years old birthday. Love ya!

40. We’re celebrating in a big way today. My son has hit the big 6! Here’s to long life, prosperity and good health. Happy birthday, baby.

41. Seeing you smile does something to my heart all the time. Keep smiling, son. Happy birthday.

42. You’re my biggest flex, my biggest reason for bragging. May God bless and crown your efforts with success this year. Happy six years birthday, honey.

43. It is my prayer that you live a truly happy life, son. Happy sixth birthday. I love you so much.

44. I’m grateful to the universe for the growth you’re enjoying. May you continue to grow from strength to strength. Happy sixth birthday, my son.

45. May wonder continue to fill your life. As your mother, I pray that your life will be a good one. Happy 6th birthday, darling.

46. Grateful for the last 5 years. Definitely looking forward to this year and the many more to follow. Happy 6th birthday, son.

47. May God continually look out for all that concerns you. Happy birthday, my baby.

48. May the peace of God be your lot forever, my child. Happy 6 years birthday.

49. Already, you’re saying you want to become a doctor. May God help you to become whatever you want to be in life. Happy birthday, child.

50. May God’s goodness abide forever in your life. Happy 6 years old birthday, son.

51. God’s angels are always on guard for you. They’ll watch over everything that concerns you. Happy 6 years old birthday, baby.

6th Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

I’m looking forward to a year of adventure, and discovering sides to you that you didn’t know about. Happy 6th birthday, son. Hope you know your father loves you! Best wishes!

52. The pages of your life will be filled with good news. Happy 6th birthday, son. Love you!

53. You’ll always be enough for me, son. Nothing you do or don’t do have to qualify you for my love. Happy 6th birthday, (insert son’s full name).

54. You don’t have to be strong by yourself. I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday, son of my youth.

55. I know the thoughts God has for you, and I’m certain he’ll lead you to an expected end. Happy birthday, my blood.

56. You’ll always have my hands to hold on to. Welcome to a year of beautiful news, son. Happy 6 years birthday.

57. Every day of your life will be filled with abundance and blessings. Happy 6th birthday, buddy.

58. When you look around, I’ll always be there, God willing. Happy sixth birthday, mate. I love you!

59. Your life will be an inspiration for others to see. Just as you’ve already started to inspire us. Happy birthday, my son.

60. May you never be stranded in life. May all your wishes come to reality. Happy six years birthday, my son.

61. I’m learning so much from you already. Can’t wait for the world to see all that you can offer. Happy 6th birthday, darling.

62. I’ll always be in your corner, son. Cheers to an amazing new year. Happy 6th birthday.

63. I believe that you’ll do big things in life. I’m here for your magic, son. Happy 6th birthday.

64. I didn’t think we’d see today, but we’re here. Here’s to more testimonies and sunshine. Happy 6th birthday, son.

65. Being your father has helped me grow in so many ways. Thank you for all that you are. May God bless you real good this year. Happy birthday, son.

66. I’m proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Can’t wait for the beautiful things ahead of you. Happy 6th birthday, buddy.

67. Happy 6th birthday, (insert son’s name). It is my prayer that you grow old to see many more years. Here’s to comfort and prosperity as well.

68. May wisdom continue to be your lot in life. Happy 6thbl birthday, my son. It’s a beautiful year for you.

69. Hope you find the strength to go after the things that matter to you. Hope you find help when you need it. Happy 6th birthday, son.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 6th Birthday

Hope you’re ready for all the gifts we have lined up for you today? Happy 6th birthday, baby boy. It’s going to be a beautiful year. I wish you the best.

70. Already, I know the kind of end you’ll have. It’ll be a beautiful and fun-filled one. Happy 6th birthday, baby boy.

71. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and contentment, son. Happy 6th year birthday. Love you!

72. All I’m asking God for today is a lifetime of happiness for my godson. Happy 6th birthday, honey.

73. May long life, prosperity and good health colour the rest of your life, honey. Happy birthday, son.

74. May the universe be kind to you always. May it always look out for all that concerns you. Happy birthday, my son.

75. Continue to grow in knowledge and strength, my son. Happy 6th birthday. I love you.

76. Happy birthday, godson. I’m proud of your growth, and I look forward to the years ahead. Happy 6th birthday celebration.

77. May your joy extend to the rest of your days. Happy 6 years birthday, love.

78. I can’t believe that you’re six already. I pray for long life, prosperity and good health for you. Happy birthday.

79. Look who’s clocking six today? Happy birthday, favourite boy. Cheers to a fun-filled year.

80. Every day of your life is worth celebrating. Welcome to another chapter, baby. Happy 6th birthday.

81. Your mind works in an amazing way. I look forward to the magic you’ll weave in the coming years. Happy birthday, love.

82. Watching you grow has been an absolute delight. Here’s to many years of growth and fun. Happy birthday, love.

83. I’m glad that you’re surrounded by people that love you so much. Welcome to your 6th year, child.

84. I promise to never put you under pressure. You’ll do big things in life. Happy 6th birthday, son.

85. Still surprised at how you’re almost taller than I am. I’m grateful for the growth and good health you’ve enjoyed over the past years. Happy 6th birthday, love.

Sixth Birthday Wishes for Son

This year, I wish that every day of your new year will be better than the previous one. Happy sixth birthday, son.

86. This is just the beginning of God’s wonder and love in your life. Welcome to year six, son. I love you.

87. Here’s to another year of fun, excitement, warmth and good friends. Happy sixth birthday, son.

88. You’re a bundle of joy and excitement. May joy never depart from your life. Happy sixth birthday, son.

89. If being your mom is the only thing I get to do, I’d be very content. Happy six years birthday, love.

90. I’m so happy that you’re growing into an amazing young man. Cheers on your sixth year, my darling. It can only get better!

91. May you never lose your cheerfulness in the coming days. Happy six years old birthday, love.

92. You’re protected and ensconced in God’s love for you. Nothing and no one will cause you harm this year. Happy sixth birthday to you.

93. You’re doing more than okay for your age, son. Happy sixth birthday to you. Cheers to a year of fun and adventures.

94. Glad that you’re celebrating another year of God’s goodness. Happy six years birthday, baby boy.

95. May your life be filled with everything sweet and good. Happy sixth birthday celebration, honey.

96. Your life can only get better from here on, son. Happy sixth birthday to you. I love you.

97. May no one succeed in taking what belongs to you. Welcome to your sixth year, son.

98. You’re the smartest 6-year-old I know. Continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge. Happy birthday!

99. All my wishes are geared towards you having a good life. Happy birthday, my son. I love you.

100. May you be kept safe from any form of hurt this year. Happy 6th birthday, my darling.

Year 6 smells like fun, laughter and adventures already. Hope your baby boy feels all these with the birthday wishes above.

Also, feel free to share these with your friends and loved ones. Thank you!

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