Happy 80th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 80th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

I am super happy for you! You have aged so wonderfully and have lived for 80 whole years! Whoa!

80 years is certainly no walk in the park, but here you are, strong and absolutely ready to take on your new year! Happy, ain’t you now?

Your old age is something to be proud of. You should wear your age badge with pride. This is why I love that you are thoughtful enough to want wishes for yourself for your 80th year. And you see, this is why you have me around.

Here for you, dear sweet, ageing one, are beautiful happy 80th birthday to me wishes and quotes. And you know what? Each one of these 80th birthday wishes and quotes is written with you and your blessed new old age in mind! Yes, they are just for you!

Take a sweet tour around them, and make a pretty choice for yourself.

Cheers to your 80th year! Happy Birthday!

80th Birthday Prayer Messages for Myself

On my 80th birthday today, I say a beautiful prayer for myself: that my life would be so sweet, and that I reap all of the fruits of my labour. I pray that the rest of my life is the best of my life and that for the rest of my life, I shall have no regrets. The rest of my years would be full ones. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

1. 80 full years of living! What more can I ask for? I’m full of gratitude cos I’m privileged to see this day. Happy 80th birthday to me.

2. Today, on my 80th Birthday, I affirm that I have been blessed and that I have indeed lived a full life. It’s going to be a blessed year for me. Happy Birthday to me.

3. Seems like yesterday when I celebrated my 40th birthday! Time has gone by so fast, but I’m glad life has not passed me by. It’s my 80th birthday now! Happy Birthday to me.

4. Happy Birthday to me! I’m so grateful for 80 years of truly and fully living. I hope and pray that the rest of my life is the best. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

5. The only wish I have today, is that the rest of my life is laced with joy and laughter and that I have no cause for sorrow. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

6. On the occasion of my 80th birthday, I wish for joy for my kids and their spouses and their children, because at 80, their joy is my joy. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

7. May I have a wonderful 80th year, and may I live much longer. Life is sweet, and I wish for many more years. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

8. Eight decades! 80 years of living is certainly not child’s play. But, I’m grateful my long years of living are filled with no regrets. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

9. May I have a beautiful 80th year. May my barn be full of riches, and all that brings me joy never brings me sorrow. Happy Birthday to me.

10. My 80 years old eyes have seen a lot, and my frail hands have weathered storms. Yet, I’m standing strong. I’m grateful for life and all I have. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

Best 80th Birthday Quotes for Myself

It’s my 80th birthday today and I celebrate my many years of living, of beautiful experiences and pleasant memories. The rest of my days will be sweet, and full of joy. I will only count my blessings, and be sure to live right for the rest of my years. Happy Birthday to me.

11. 80 years now, and even though I’ve had a rather imperfect life, I can say I’m ageing towards perfection. I’m happy I’m growing old. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

12. Now that I am old and grey, I look back on my life, and all I’m filled with is thanksgiving. May the rest of my life be indeed full of joy. Happy 80th year to me.

13. I’m enjoying every step of ageing, and with each day that passes, I tend to love more, all that greying brings. Happy 80th Birthday to my dear self.

14. It is my birthday today! And my 80th at that! I’m so grateful for life, and for everything good thing that I have been blessed with. Happy Birthday to me.

15. Guess who just turned 80! May I have a really beautiful year ahead, and may the rest of my days be fruitful. Happy Birthday to me.

16. I look in the mirror, and oops! I’m getting old! I joyfully anticipate the next years of my life. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

17. I’m ageing, and I love that I get to spend the rest of my years around family. My only wish is that I have more years with them. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

18. I’m blessed to have lived this long, and I will forever be grateful to my Creator for granting me long life. Happy Birthday to me.

19. I am now 80 years old. I have witnessed 80 full birth anniversaries, and today, my heart is full of emotions. I am happy, and I am grateful. Happy Birthday to me.

20. I am not just 80 years old, but 80 years strong. My bones are just as strong, and I’m ageing with and in health. Happy beautiful and strong Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 80 Years Old

I am 80 years old today. I am so grateful to the Almighty who has kept my life and preserved my soul thus far. I’m so grateful for all that I have been blessed with in my 80 years of living. Now, I’m old and grey and full of joy and rest. I wish myself peace for the rest of my years. Happy Birthday to me.

21. I wish I could slow down, but I am ageing pretty fast. I wish that the remaining years of my life be full of every good thing left for me. Happy 80th Birthday to my beautiful self.

22. Happy 80th Birthday to me. My life is a testimony, and I am happy I have been around for so long! Happy Birthday to me.

23. May I stay around for many more years. May I always have cause to be happy. May I never be a grumpy old granny! Happy 80th Birthday to me.

24. It is a privilege to have lived this long, one I do not take for granted. I am grateful for my pretty long life, and all that has come with it. Happy 80th year to me.

25. 80 years of existence! 80 years of living! 80 years of being fruitful and beautiful. Oh! I’m so blessed! Happy Birthday to me!

26. It’s my 80th year, y’all! Celebrate with me! Happy Birthday to me. I wish myself prosperity and happiness that will last the rest of my days. Cheers!

27. Happy 80th Birthday to me! I wish for strength to laugh with my kids and run around with my grandkids! Cheers to a great year ahead of me!

28. All of God’s promises to me are now fulfilled. I have lived to a ripe old age, and I am blessed with everything that I have desired. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

29. I look back on all the years, and I cast my worries and regrets aside. I will only be filled with gratitude because the Almighty has kept me. Happy 80th Birthday to me.

30. I am gracefully 80 years old! It’s my 80th birthday today, and I am so happy. My wishes are to have peaceful and happy years ahead, with every beautiful thing for me and my family. Happy Birthday to me.

Hello, beautifully ageing one! You certainly are one of the blessed ones we have around. It’s been a long ride of 80 years, and I share in your happiness to have been alive for such a length of years.

It is indeed your new year, and you should have all the sweet wishes to yourself that you can get. And I’m certain you’ve made a pretty choice(s).

Can you let me know if you love all the Happy 80th birthday to me wishes and quotes you’ve just read? Kindly take a moment to drop a comment for me in the comment section.

And if I wouldn’t be asking for too much on your 80th birthday (as you should be taking in all the goodies you can lay your hands on, haha), can you drop as a comment, any of your beautiful experiences in all your 80 years of living?

I’m sure some of us young ones will have something to learn or laugh about!

Thank you so much!
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