Happy Birthday in 1 Day Advance Wishes and Quotes

Happy Birthday in 1 Day Advance Wishes and Quotes

There are moments that you as a human value most in your life, and while you may not act like it, those moments define you. Amongst the list of those moments are birthdays.

It is also human nature for someone you know to make an early announcement in order to notify their special ones, friends, families and colleagues on their upcoming birthday. The idea is to prepare you for such a day, with you having no excuse to be absent or failing to send a wish.

When you have such special people in your life you can send some advance birthday prayers and wishes or happy birthday in advance prayer messages for them. Sending it in advance doesn’t make you too early to celebrate that person, it only shows that you have them in mind and care about them.

When you decide to send a birthday wish in advance to someone, it shouldn’t be just plain without any thoughts and feelings in the words you are sending. Whoever is getting those messages from you should feel your care and the joy that you have for them.

Therefore, you can send emotional birthday in advance quotes for a loved one or heart touching birthday in advance wishes and prayers for a loved one. There is always a wave of emotions that flows in you when you receive such messages from someone.

It may not be easy for you when trying to come up with such emotional or heart touching words. As your mind may be preoccupied with so many thoughts and the right words to say might be hard. Hey, don’t be discouraged. Send them these amazing happy birthday in 1 day advance wishes quotes.

Happy Birthday Wishes in One Day Advance

It is time for you to celebrate! Knowing that your birthday is just one day away gives me great joy and much more reason to celebrate with you in advance. I wish you a happy birthday and many more pleasant wishes for a blessed life.

1. I knew from the onset that you are made and destined for something great and wonderful. Knowing fully well that your birthday is just by the corner gives me an opportunity to appreciate you. happy birthday in advance, do have a lovely celebration.

2. Before I say a happy birthday to you on your birthday, I know that a great and amazing life that was promised to you has been prepared for you and your birthday is an entrance to such life. May such promise in your life remain everlasting and glorious, happy birthday in advance.

3. As you become a gift to many, so shall your life not be devoid of different types of gifts. What your life has taught me is that wherever I go, I should strive to be of help whenever it is needed. I celebrate every moment with you as I say happy birthday in advance.

4. May all the good you have done and the lives that you have touched not be counted for you as evil and may you constantly be in remembrance of those that have set their heart to reward you greatly. Happy birthday in advance.

5. This is just the beginning of the much better things that are awaiting you, your life has always been a phenomenon and I can’t say otherwise. It gives me great joy and I acknowledge the fact that I am delighted to have you close to me. Happy birthday in advance.

6. I am more than excited to come to have fun, wine and dine with you and I am delighted that it’s the joyous occasion of your birthday that is coming right up. I know for certain that it is going to be a memorable one as always. Happy birthday in advance to you.

7. My wish for you is that every birthday that will come after this will give you more reasons to celebrate and will usher you into breakthroughs that you have needed for so long. Best wishes to you as you celebrate another birthday.

8. Your birthday that is just one day away is something I am looking forward to, I know that it is going to be wonderful and I wish that you have a great day and live very long to have greater birthday celebrations.

9. As tables are about to turn for you so is your life about to experience a miracle. Relax and savour the moment because you are going to leap further into dimensions of greatness. Happy birthday in advance my dear.

10. This is the herald of a new beginning in so many ways for you. I foresee that nothing will ever stop you from reaching your full potential as you celebrate your birthday. Do have a memorable and lovely time as it draws closer. Happy birthday in advance.

11. I have always loved and cherished you and praying for you is a thing I will always do. I hold you dear in my heart and I will always be proud of you. happy birthday in advance.

12. Many have seen your light and can testify that it shines bright and brilliantly. Because of this, you shall never be hidden and your light shall always make way for you in any dark corners of the world. Happy birthday in advance to you.

13. On your upcoming birthday, the Lord shall supply all that you need to celebrate. You shall not lack any good things of life neither shall you and your household have a reason to beg. Happy birthday in advance to you.

14. I know this came very early but I want to be the first to wish you since you are so adorable. May life surprise you in so many ways that you least imagine and may whatever that is good on earthwork for you. happy birthday in advance.

15. You know that I love you dearly and I always in a joyous mood because of you. I am in an even greater joyous mood because your birthday is just one day away. I say congratulations to you and happy birthday in advance.

16. Good people don’t come quite easily these days; that’s right for sure. You are a good person and your birthday coming up in a day allows me to let you see that. It is truly an honour knowing what a great person you are, happy birthday in advance.

17. May the eyes of the world become open to your greatness and may it never be shadowed by its own problems and may the problems be guided to the solutions that you bring. Happy birthday in advance to you.

18. You are something and some one special, it’s not your fault that many have failed to see that and few have acknowledged the greatness in you. keep being the best that you are and sooner than later the world is going to accept you. happy birthday in advance.

19. There is always something or someone special in each generation. Your generation is very fortunate to have someone like you and it will be pleased that your birthday is just in a day. Happy birthday in advance.

20. Colours are only beautiful and seen in the light and neither does it become visible in the dark. The light of God in you shall always reflect your colourful life in the dark and you shall never be hidden from the eyes of good people. Happy birthday in advance.

It is always nice to be an early bird when saying congratulations or sending wishes and quotes to that special person. The Ideas for a special message are already written for you here. Find in the list above the message that appeals to you and send it to that person.

I’m sure you’ll love this happy birthday in 1 day advance wishes quotes, don’t forget to share and comment, thanks.

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