First Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes for My Niece

First Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes for My Niece

Birthdays are special occasions. The first birthday in a child’s life is very special and it’s often marked with a celebration. It is a time when the family get together to have a celebration in honour of the little member of the family and also offer prayers for them to have a good start in life.

The child will not remember the celebration but the memories might be captured for them to see when they grow up and I’m sure the love and warmth will be felt.

As an uncle or aunt to the child, you get to enjoy some privileges that come with parenthood and also have some of the responsibility that comes with it.

Nieces especially are cute, smart, adorable being and it’s a good feeling having the pleasure of scooping them up in your arms.

Here is are some beautiful and heartwarming first birthday wishes and messages for niece you can pen on a card, put on a banner send to her parents or even put on your social media. Whichever way, she deserves the best from you.

1st Birthday Prayer Messages to Your Niece

Happy 1st birthday to my lovely niece. I pray that as you start your journey in life, may the good Lord continue to watch every step you take and lead you to His perfect will for your life. May you grow to the knowledge of God’s unconditional love for you and proclaim His message of salvation among your peers.

1. Lord, I thank You for keeping my beloved niece strong and healthy these first 365 days of her life. May she continue to grow in good health of body and mind, bless and prosper her in all areas of her growth especially in her knowledge of You. Bless her 1st birthday today and all the many more birthdays she will have in life.

2. Heavenly father, I thank You for the gift of my sweet little niece. As she celebrates her 1st birthday today, may it be filled with love and happiness. Bless her with a united family where her love for You reigns supreme and may she grow with the desire to know You more day by day. May this birthday be glorious.

3. I thank God for gifting me a beautiful niece such as you, as you celebrate your first birthday, I pray for His continuous divine protection over your life. May He bring to fulfilment all the good plans that He has for your life. You shall grow up to reflect the love and light of God in the world. Happy 1st birthday my sweetheart.

4. Blessed Lord, I give you praise for this amazing gift of my gorgeous niece. I pray that You protect and keep her in good health. Shower her with Your love so she will come to know You early in life. As she grows older and relates more with the outer world, influence her with Your word so she will represent You everywhere she finds herself. Bless her 1st birthday today, let this celebration bring honour to Your name, in Jesus name. Amen.

5. Dear heavenly father, my heart is filled with gratitude for my wonderful niece, You have brought her to her 1st birthday. Cover her with Your wings of love and keep her safe from harm’s way. Walk with her through her lifetime and guide her to Your perfect plan for her life. May this birthday be a fantastic one.

6. Congratulations to my lovely niece on her 1st birthday. May the Lord bless and provide for you in abundance, may He bless you with good health and long life and may you grow with a hunger for God’s word so you can influence the world positively for Him. Happy birthday, sweetie.

7. Happy 1st birthday to the cutest little princess I have ever met. May the Lord guard and protect you, may He bless you with good health of body and soul and may the power, love and guidance of the Holy Spirit be with you now and always. My dear niece, you shall grow up to bring honour and glory to the Lord’s name. Amen.

8. Thank you, Lord, for filling our lives with happiness with this most beautiful gift You have given us. As she celebrates her 1st birthday today, cause her to grow nearer to You each passing day. Let your divine covering be over her and may she always find joy in You and not in the things of the world. Happy birthday my sweet niece.

9. Lord, I commit my pretty little niece into Your care, as she celebrates her first birthday today, may You give her a great start in life. May she grow to uncover the path You have destined for her in life. Provide all she needs to grow strong and healthy. Happy 1st birthday my cute little niece.

10. Happy 1st birthday my precious niece. May God bless you at every stage of your life. May you always be safe under His protection of love and may you grow up to be an example of God’s glory.

Birthday Messages for 1 Year Old Niece

This 1 year of having you as my niece has been the most amazing times of my life. Every day with you is a special gift, seeing you grow day by day is a beautiful sight to behold. Happy birthday, my pretty niece, I hope this message melt and bring warmth to your heart when you are old enough to read it.

11. My dear niece, you are turning 1 year old today. You might not be able to remember, but this day will last for a long time in our memories because you have brought us so much joy. Wish you the happiest birthday sweetie.

12. You are so little right now but you have brought so much happiness to our lives. It’s been 1 year of fun, adventure and laughter. Happy birthday my cute niece.

13. Happy birthday to my darling niece at 1. You have blessed the heart of many with your incredible smile and I know you will touch so much more in the years to come.

14. You are a wonderful blessing and a treasure from above. You fill my life with so much joy and pride. Happy birthday my precious niece.

15. Happy birthday to a great niece at 1. You are the reason your parents are smiling today, may you always fill their hearts and ours with happiness.

16. You may not know it yet but you are so loved, you will be amazed at the beautiful life that awaits you. Happy birthday to my awesome niece at 1.

17. You are growing too fast, your uncle needs more time to cuddle you in his arms and pamper you some more. May you have the happiest birthday my dear niece.

18. Happy birthday to a very special niece at 1. With your angelic eyes and smile, holding you is a special treat. You are one in a million.

19. Every day with you was fun and interesting, time went by so fast and I can’t believe 1 year has already passed. I am glad to have shared it with you. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

20. I never knew being an aunt could be so cool, this 1 year had been amazing. Thank you for gifting me with your presence. Have a fantastic birthday my beautiful niece.

1 Year Old Niece Birthday Wishes

Today is a great day, my niece is 1 year old. It’s been fun and exciting watching you grow, you have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. My best wishes are with you today as you celebrate your first birthday. May you grow up to be a wonderful child.

21. It’s been 1 year since I was blessed with an amazing niece. I am looking forward to more amazing years with you. Happy birthday my gorgeous niece.

22. Happy 1 year birthday to my sweet little niece. Just as the sun brightens the day, your smile fills my heart with joy. I love you little princess, have a fun day.

23. You are the world most prettiest niece today and that makes me the most prestigious aunt, aren’t I lucky. Happy birthday beautiful.

24. Here is wishing my favourite niece a fun birthday as she turns 1. Eat as much cake as you can, there are no rules today.

25. May everything that happens around you today fill your life with sweet memories, you deserve only the best. Happy 1 year birthday my dear niece.

26. Happy birthday my cutie little niece. May the fun and happiness you fill my life with be what you get today and even more.

27. My darling niece, as you turn 1 year old today, you deserve all the love that will be showered on you, you have given us 365 days of joy and laughter. Happy birthday my princess.

28. The past 1 year of my life has been filled with sunshine, thank you for honouring me with your presence my sweet niece. Have a fun birthday.

29. I could not have a single boring moment for the past 1 year, not with a loving and dashing niece like you around. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

30. Your smile is so contagious it wipes away every frown, even the most serious ones. Happy birthday to my 1-year-old beautiful niece.

1st Birthday Wishes for Niece from Aunt

I thought I was the most beautiful in the family until I met you. You get prettier each passing day, you are endlessly adorable and I know you will grow up to be my favourite niece. As you celebrate your 1st birthday, may your beauty continue to radiate from the inside out. My best wishes are with you, from your humbled aunt.

31. I never knew I was capable of loving so much until you were born. May your 1st birthday and every day fill you with as much love as you fill my heart with.
Happy birthday my precious niece.

32. This one year of your life has shown me how interesting and fun being an aunt could be. Happy 1st birthday my wonderful niece.

33. The smiles and laughter we have shared this 1st year of your life have filled my heart with so much love I never knew is possible. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

34. Enjoy your 1st special day to the fullest my wonderful niece, you deserve all the best for bringing so much joy into our lives. Have a fun birthday dearie.

35. Hope to spoil you on your 1st birthday and many more to come. You are an awesome kid and I love you. Happy birthday my fabulous niece.

36. Happy 1st birthday my darling niece, you touch my heart in ways only a precious little girl as you can.

37. You are a toddler and may not care, but your aunt will make sure your 1st birthday is a blast because you deserve it. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

38. It’s your 1st birthday, you might not know it but it’s a special day for us because you are loved by us all. Happy birthday my wonderful niece.

39. Happy 1st birthday to the smartest niece, your presence makes everywhere cosy and exciting. Have a rocking day.

40. My love for you has taken the largest space in my heart. Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest niece around, love you loads.

1st Birthday Wishes for Niece from Uncle

You came into my life and altered the course of my life. You have a way of brightening up my dark moments and fill them with joy and laughter. You make me want to be a superhero so I can fulfil all your wishes. Never knew being an uncle could be this awesome. Happy 1st birthday my incredible niece.

41. My world is more beautiful because your contagious smile takes every frown away and makes every face beautiful. Happy 1st birthday my charming niece.

42. I thank God for blessing me with a niece so wonderful. I hope my daughter turns out exactly like you when I eventually have one. Happy 1st birthday my love.

43. Just as the rainbow adds colour to the sky, your sweetness adds colour to my life. Happy 1st birthday to my fabulous niece.

44. I thought being an uncle means I have to become all serious and mature, but with you, the reverse has been the case. Happy birthday my wonderful niece.

45. You can’t talk yet but we communicate very well. Your giggle, laughter and loud cry say it all. Happy 1st birthday my gorgeous niece.

46. On your special day, because you are very special, your gifts will be too heavy for you to carry. But not to worry your superhero is here to help. Happy 1st birthday my incredible niece.

47. I used to be very serious-minded but your presence in my life has changed my name and nicknamed me uncle clown. Happy 1st birthday my amazing niece.

48. It’s your 1st birthday but I get to celebrate more than you because now we can take a walk in the park without me having to carry you on my shoulders. Happy birthday my favourite niece.

49. Not every uncle has the privilege of having an audacious and cute little niece like you. I love you to the moon and back. Happy 1st birthday my princess.

50. I don’t need a foot massage anymore, your wonderful smiles can ease out any stress. Happy 1st birthday to my awesome niece.

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl Niece

Our beautiful baby girl has clocked one today. Every day you become more fun and interesting, it’s a pity the time is moving so fast. I wish I can spend more time cuddling you in my arms, but you have grown so big that is not possible anymore. This 1st year with you was a privilege. Happy birthday my sweet niece.

51. You are just one year old and we already share so many pleasant memories. Happy 1st birthday my cute, sweet and adorable niece.

52. Girls love surprises, you are just a little girl but I know you do too. May your birthday be filled with pleasant surprises. Happy 1st birthday my darling niece.

53. Today is your special day my little baby girl because it’s your 1st birthday. So, let’s party till you fall asleep on the dance floor. Have a fabulous day my dear niece.

54. On your special, wish you have as much fun as you can. Eat as much cake as you can, boost all the balloons you can and dance till you drop. Happy 1st birthday my amazing niece.

55. Today is the birthday of the girl who gave me the status aunt/uncle. May this day and every single day bring you as much happiness as you are bringing to my life. Happy 1st birthday my dear niece.

56. A year ago a cute little girl came into my life and filled it with the colours of the rainbow. May today and every day of your life be filled with sunshine. Happy 1st birthday my darling niece.

57. To acquire the title amazing uncle /aunt you must have a niece and it happens the most beautiful and cute girl whose 1st birthday is today is my niece. Have a great day my love.

58. My world is more beautiful because your giggle and smile brighten up my bad moments. Happy 1st birthday my sweetest niece.

59. Even when you are crying you still look cute and pretty and I just can’t stop loving you. Happy 1st birthday my lovely niece.

60. Happy birthday to a little fairy princess who can make me do whatever she wants and it’s so much fun now that you are one. Enjoy every moment of your 1st birthday my darling niece.

Birthday Wishes for My Niece on Her 1st Birthday

Happy 1st birthday to a bundle of joy who is so full of energy and happens to be my niece. Today she can do a whole lot of stuff with her strength, one is throwing cake and ice cream on everyone. All she needs to do to be forgiven is cry very loud. My best wishes are with you, my love.

61. I wish my darling niece loads of joy and happiness on her 1st birthday. Enjoy loads of cake and ice cream too. It’s your special day.

62. My love for you has almost filled the whole of my heart leaving only a little space for everyone else. Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest niece around, love you loads.

63. Happy 1st birthday to the most beautiful princess in the world. Your aunt/uncle is here to make sure today and every day of your life are full of joy and happiness.

64. You spread joy and pure happiness with your unique smile, may this smile never leave your face. Happy 1st birthday my pretty niece.

65. At just 1 you already know how to capture everyone’s heart you meet with your charm, your aunt was the first. Happy birthday my charming princess.

66. I know you can’t respond to my warm wishes but I know you understand because of the bond we share. Happy 1st birthday my lovely niece.

67. Watching you grow this 1 year has been an amazing experience, I am glad to be part of it. Happy birthday my cute niece.

68. Wishing you a very happy 1st birthday my sugar plum, you bring unlimited happiness into my life and make me the happiest aunt around.

69. One year ago, I got the most precious gift and now she is a cute little girl that keeps filling my heart with joy. Happy 1st birthday my darling niece.

70. Here is wishing my charming niece on her 1st birthday an extremely fun, delicious and messy birthday, it’s your 1st birthday cake you can eat it anyhow you like.

Birthday Quotes for Niece Turning 1

Though you are turning 1 today, I will still hug, cuddle and carry you on my back like always. You are such an awesome niece that my heart wants to fly. Happy birthday to my sweet little girl, may today be full of sweet memories for both of us.

71. This 1 year with you has been fun and adventurous. I know the coming years will be super fun so let’s start practising from today. Happy birthday my fabulous niece.

72. You will soon grow into a fine young girl, but for now, let’s play and get dirty. Happy birthday my darling niece.

73. At just 1 year old you have already stolen my heart. I know you will grow up to be my favourite niece. Happy birthday, dear.

74.Just 1 year and we have had many joyous moments together. By the time you are ten, there won’t be space left in my memory book. Have a fantastic birthday my lovely niece.

75. I have always imagined how it will feel like being an uncle, never knew it could be this interesting. Happy 1 year birthday my amazing niece.

76. On this special day, you will only get the best of wishes because you belong to that special part of our hearts. May your birthday bring you as much joy as you bring into our lives.

77. My dear niece, I am grateful you came into my life at the time you did. It was becoming very boring and didn’t know what to do with myself. Thanks for adding some excitement to my life. Happy birthday.

78. Happy birthday to the cutest and smartest 1-year-old girl I have ever met. Enjoy your day dear niece.

79. Watching you grow day by day has been exciting and fulfilling I didn’t realise it’s 1 year already. Happy birthday my awesome niece.

80. This 1 year of your life has been fun and adventurous, I hope the rest of your life is just as great. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

Happy 1st Birthday to My Little Niece

My warmest greetings to my cute little niece as she celebrates her 1st birthday today. You have always been a happy girl and I think you know today is your special day because you’ve been the happiest person alive. May this joy and happiness continue for many more years to come. Happy birthday, sweetie.

81. Your uncle is going to spoil you today with all the goodies you ever wanted, you deserve it because you are a wonderful little girl. Happy 1st birthday my lovely niece.

82. It’s your big day today my love, though you might not remember but we are making it a big do because it’s your 1st special day. Enjoy your birthday my little princess.

83. Happy 1st birthday to my favourite niece, I wish you a very special birthday because you only get to turn one once.

84. Today is your special day my little baby niece, it’s your 1st birthday and I wish you enjoy every moment of it especially the blowing out of the candle and the eating of the cake. Happy birthday, dearest.

85. You can always rely on me my angel, you are such a priceless gift from God and I am extremely happy it’s your 1st birthday. Enjoy all you want my niece, it’s your special day.

86. You look irresistibly cute with your unique smile that everyone around you wants to cuddle you. Have a fantastic 1st birthday my darling niece.

87. Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest little girl who turns out to be my biggest fan. No one can take up more space in my heart than you. Love you loads, my favourite niece.

88. Happy 1st birthday to the most beautiful princess in the world who happens to be my niece. Aren’t I lucky, do have a wow day my dear.

89. My darling little niece, I promise to be your best friend, adviser, greatest fan and whatever else you want me to be. Happy 1st birthday.

90. Happy 1st birthday to my cute little niece. Having you in my life is one of the best things that happened to me, I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Happy Birthday to My First Born Niece

I didn’t know the right words to describe you when you were born especially that you’re my firstborn niece. Even now I am still searching, maybe I will end up creating my own words. For now, let me use supercutefantastic. You have stolen my heart with your awesomeness. Happy birthday my love.

91. We are bonding so much that you will end up being not only my firstborn niece but also my favourite. Happy birthday, darling.

92. My love for you grow with each passing day, by the time you are a young lady there wouldn’t be space in my heart for anyone else. Happy birthday my amazing niece.

93. My firstborn niece has grown into a wonderful little girl. We are so happy and so proud of you, may your amazing smile never leave your beautiful face. Happy birthday, dear.

94. I am the happiest person on earth right now, it’s my firstborn niece’s 1st birthday. You are the best gift I ever had, wishing you all the best on your special day.

95. May this new year bring you new discoveries and new adventure and wish you also get all the toys you ever wished for. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

Happy Birthday to My First Niece

Today I celebrate the miracle of your birth. You are my first niece and you have proven to be equal to the task of sharing love and joy with the whole family. We thank God for bringing you into our lives and we hope your birthday is extremely fun and delicious. Happy birthday my lovely princess.

96. Your younger siblings already have someone to learn from because you are the perfect role model for a niece. I wish you a day full of love and a year full of beauty. Happy birthday my love.

97. Happy birthday to my sweet sunshine, wishing you lots of hugs and kisses today with plenty of toys.

98. Today you will carry out your first task of blowing out your candle, cutting your cake and unwrapping gifts. I hope you have enough strength to do all these. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

99. Since you and I started our journey one year ago, it’s been fun and exciting. I hope we create many more beautiful and joyous memories. Happy birthday my amazing niece.

100. Congratulations my awesome niece, today is the first and most significant event in your life. I wish you enjoy every moment of it. Happy birthday.

Hope you had fun while reading these messages, wishes and quotes for my niece and you got some that expressed your feelings for the moment.

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