Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Boss and Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Boss and Friend

A birthday occasion is the best time to reveal your good wishes to your boss who happens to also be your friend. A good boss deserves the best birthday message on their special day. Don’t screw it up, send them sweet birthday messages to appreciate their lovely personality

Beautiful birthday quotes and greetings may be the way to your boss’s heart as candy is the way to a child’s heart, sending them to him may be all it takes to create a more lasting impression of yourself to your friendly boss.

Your boss’ birthday celebration is the right occasion to show him just how much you appreciate his friendship. Kind words for a boss on his birthday and some lovely birthday greetings will melt your boss’ heart and make him value your friendship more. Feel free to send them any of these happy birthday wishes and messages for your boss and friend below!

Happy Birthday to My Boss Friend

My world has become a better place to live since you walked into it, I have you to thank for adding life to it. Seeing you celebrate your birthday is a joy giver, I only hope to see you happy and lively. Happy birthday, boss, you are a good friend.

1. Wishing you a very pleasant day and a year filled with happiness and peace. You have had it rough these past few years at work and I know your struggles so I hope that your birthday brings success and joy to you. Your presence in my life as a friend and boss has been of great help to me. Happy Birthday, you will celebrate more of this day in the coming years.

2. Happy Birthday, boss! Here’s a wish for you, may your day be blessed with sounds of laughter from your loved ones, and may your phone receive messages that’ll keep you smiling all day long. May you receive an abundance of patience to deal with the troubles I give at work. Have a good day.

3. You have given so much wisdom to my colleagues and me, you are a friendly person with a beautiful personality. Congratulations on your special day, your kind nature has earned you the right to enjoy this day. You are the best and you deserve the best. Happy Birthday, friend.

4. Happy Birthday boss, many more years to you I hope. Don’t bother yourself with your ageing look for you look good. Your team didn’t fall in love with you because of your good looks, your friendly nature won us over. Your cheerful spirit is admirable and I’m grateful for that. Best wishes!

5. Happy Birthday! I love you as a friend and boss. I can’t wait to get off work to celebrate your birthday with you, you are a special person to me and I look forward to giving you the best birthday party. You are an awesome boss at work and a great person outside work, so I hope you see your worth.

6. Something has to be done about your none ageing looks. People at work are discussing the possibility of you being anything but human. How have you managed to look this way after all these years? Can you try to look your age? As your junior at work, I don’t have the right to ask this of you so I’m asking you this as a friend of yours. Happy Birthday! I hope this puts a smile on this special day.

7. You have achieved so much for your age and I’m so happy for you. To see you add a year that represents all the achievements you have made in your life, I say congratulations. Happy Birthday to you, I hope this day is celebrated next year and the year next! Enjoy your day.

8. We have been good friends for a long time and our boss and subordinate relationship hasn’t come in between friendship and it isn’t capable of ruining our friendship. Your maturity has kept us going, your support has turned my impossibilities into possibility. Thanks for coming into my life, I’m grateful. Happy Birthday!

9. Happy Birthday dear friend, I wish you good luck in the remaining years of your life. Your current position is just the starting point in your life. There are still more heights for you to accomplish so I wish you all the luck you need. I’ll always cheer for you as you gain more achievements because you are a good friend to me.

10. You have always given my colleagues and me the spotlight. Finally, the day has arrived for the attention to be on you. Today, we get to celebrate and share your joy, it’s an honour for me. Happy Birthday, I wish the coming years be filled with much celebration.

11. Thanks for everything you have done. Thanks for inspiring me to do better, thanks for being my support system, thanks for treating me as a friend instead of a junior, and thank you for allowing me to work under you. Everything you’ve done will have a place in my heart. Happy Birthday, more grace to you.

12. Wishing the most admirable boss a happy birthday. I respect your leadership skill a lot. Contrary to a lot of views, I think you are doing a good job as a boss. No one would have done it better. Happy Birthday! Keep up the good works, more wins to you.

13. You deserve to know how much you mean to your team as a leader. This day is the best time to bring to your knowledge how incredible of a person you are. You are kind, patient, and understanding and these are some of the reasons I became your friend. Happy Birthday! Your team wishes that you enjoy everything you truly deserve.

14. To an inspiring figure in my life, I wish you have a very interesting day filled with good memories. My man/woman crush for every day of the week would always be you. You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Happy Birthday! You deserve to know how significant your existence is to me.

15. Today marks the special day of a very significant figure in my personal and work life who acts as a pillar that keeps me standing and a listening ear. Happy Birthday to you boss, thank you for inculcating in me all the good qualities I have. Being your friend has rubbed off good qualities on me, I’m grateful.

16. On this special day which is your birthday, I hope for you to be blessed with wisdom. Although you are blessed with an abundance of wisdom, I still hope for more. Your current position isn’t your final destination. Only wisdom can drive you to your goal. Happy Birthday! You impact your knowledge on me, wishing you more wisdom will do more good to me.

17. Happy Birthday to my friend and boss. With the whole of my heart, I wish you a successful year ahead. All of your struggles and difficulties will meet their end today as you celebrate your birthday. More wins to you and a fun day.

18. I love working under you and I love talking to you as a friend. Thank you for your companionship, I look forward to many more years of working with you. Happy Birthday, stay healthy and be happy, it’s a unique day, don’t ruin it by coming to work, celebrate with your loved ones, leave all the work to us.

19. You are the most amazing boss and mentor anyone could ask for and I’m so happy to be in your team at work. Your patience when guiding us and your constant words of encouragement that keeps us lively are one of a kind. To see you celebrate your birthday is a thing of joy to me. Enjoy your day, that’s all I hope for. Happy Birthday!

20. I’m sincerely grateful to you for your guidance. When I started under you, I never imagined I would break through my limits and achieve the things I currently have. Your friendship is meaningful to me, I love you. As you celebrate today, the grace to do best what you love is my biggest wish. Happy Birthday!

21. You have played the role of a strict boss in my life making me take seriously my job at the office. You have played the role of a supportive friend, making me believe in humanity’s love. Happy Birthday to the most flexible boss I know, you switch roles when the need arises. You are a talent.

22. I would have loved to give you a present with this birthday greeting card, but, you have been blessed without measure that you have everything you need. So here’s my wish for you, that you stay healthy and remain filled with wisdom. Happy Birthday!

23. Today which is your birthday, your achievements in the office have come to the attention of the team. You are amazing, you have achieved a lot at work that success has become a daily routine for the whole team. Thank you for making me resistant to failure. Happy Birthday!

24. Happy birthday, boss. Here’s a glass raised to you. Wishing you a long life to achieve all of your dreams, good health, and happiness. I hope you make the best of today.

25. Breakthrough in your endeavour is what I wish for you. Life is filled with ups and downs and doesn’t go our way at times but I hope that a friendly boss like you experiences favour and success in everything you do. Happy Birthday, lots of love.

Best Birthday Wishes for Friendly Boss

On this day, I raise a toast to you for being a friendly boss. You have an outstanding personality which sets you apart from the rest of the bosses I know. My wish is that you continue to stay unique and continue to receive love and admiration from the ones you love. Happy birthday, best wishes.

26. Congratulations boss on your birthday. You are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul, I’m so excited about celebrating this day with you. Having you as a friend and boss is one of my biggest joy in life. Thank you for being my friend. As you enjoy today, may you be blessed with good people around you.

27. Under your guidance at work, I have made much progress and achievements. Your determination and hard work pushed me to my limits setting me on a height with no limits. You made me discover that I have all it takes to be what I want to be. Thanks, boss for your support, a boss and friend like you is hard to come by. I wish you all the best, happy birthday.

28. Happy Birthday to the most strict boss I know. Here’s a huge shout out to you for keeping a balance between our work-life and friendship. At work, you are responsible for all of my improvements and outside of work, you keep me company. Our relationship is a gift from God and I will forever cherish it. Happy Birthday once again, may your wishes come true.

29. Happy Birthday boss. I know how special this day is to you. Just so you know, this day is also a very special day for me. It was on this day that the one who means a lot to me was born, so of course, it’s a very important day for me. I wish that this day remains special to you, take care.

30. Every step I’ve ever taken at work that proved to be successful was all due to your directions. So today, I will use this opportunity to thank you for all of your efforts. Thank you for being a friend to me, thank you for being my leader. Your existence means a lot to me, I’m glad about today and I look with anticipation how this day will bring laughter to your life. Happy Birthday, boss.

31. Happy Birthday to you, boss. It’s an honour to have you as a friend and a boss. Your friendship has given me hope to keep believing, your leadership has paved the way for my dreams to become a reality. I’m so grateful to you, I hope this special day of yours blesses you with joy.

32. Today is a very unique day for both of us. It was on a day like this that my fate with you was sealed, on a day like this, my friend, supporter, and boss came to existence. As you celebrate this day, I’ll celebrate with you, I’ll share your joy with you. Happy Birthday, boss, we will have a pleasant day today. You are loved.

33. You created one of the best working environments I’ve ever seen. You treated me as a friend instead of a subordinate, you are a very special person. A special person’s day needs to be filled with all the special things of the world, so, I hope that this day gives you the attention you deserve. Happy Birthday, this day will be unique.

34. Happy Birthday friend. I hope this day sees enough of your smile. A boss like you who makes his subordinates laugh at work deserves to smile all the days of this life. Your support and care have never gone unnoticed by me, I’ll always remember your friendship. Have a blessed day, enjoy!

35. Happy Birthday to the sweetheart who is also my boss. My colleagues and I are happy to witness this day with you. Your friendly behaviour has caught the attention of all the workers and they can’t wait to see this day bring laughter to your face. If this day disappoints, we are ready to make sure you have the best time of your life, have a wonderful day boss.

36. Congratulations boss, this year has been a wonderful year for you. Your kindness has made everything we do at work become a success. Your kind nature will continue to make things work in your favour. Happy Birthday, I hope you receive love from the people you care most about.

37. Happy birthday boss. Your leadership style has made me find pleasure in working under pressure. You always show up when I needed you and you are never low on jokes to tell. Thanks for the countless times you have made me laugh. I’m so thankful. As you go about this day, may the universe never lack a reason to make you share tears of joy.

38. You welcome me on my first day at work with a smile, I thought it was only a welcome ceremony, who knew you would keep on smiling at me and the rest of my colleagues every day we showed up at work? You are a special person boss, the world doesn’t deserve a beautiful soul like you, I’m happy you get to celebrate your day. Happy Birthday, may you never have a reason to stop smiling.

39. Today, I want you to have every reason to stay happy. You have always kept us lively at work. My days under you have been a roller coaster of happiness. You are the boss I’ve always hope I worked under. Happy Birthday, boss, may all your heart’s desires come true. Lots of love from your subordinate.

40. You know when to make a person feel comfortable and you know when to make your juniors stay at the edge of their seats. I’ve never seen a leader who’s strict and at the same time friendly. As you have managed to guide us strictly while being our friends, I hope that the universe finds a way to give you joy even when you encounter the problems of the world. Happy Birthday!

41. Happy Birthday to you. Every morning, you make me wake up ahead of my alarm to be at work. You have a way of making work feel like a playground. I appreciate you for that. I hope that we get to celebrate this day at work with you, have a wonderful day!

42. You have been a wonderful boss to us and I’ve had the best time of my life working with you as my boss. May you receive abundant love from your loved ones, may the rest of the year shower you with abundant love, happy birthday boss, your colleagues are looking forward to a cake from you to us, your special day have to be celebrated.

43. The office is radiating good energy. Your presence at work has always left us with good energy but today has seen a lot of it. I hope that your day attracts the best things in the world to you. Keep up the good vibes boss, it will bring blessings to you. Happy Birthday, may you be healthy to celebrate this day again with us next year.

44. Dear boss, thank you for inspiring me and always acting as a support killer to me and the rest of the colleagues at work. Even though you don’t act it, the way you stare at us when picking our wrongs is enough to know that you care. I’m most happy to share your happiness on this important day of your life. Happy Birthday!

45. Happy Birthday boss, I find this day to be very unique and my colleagues share this thought with me. You came to this world on this day and overcame life’s challenges to become our boss and friend. You are not alone on this day, everyone at work shares your joy with you. We hope that your plans for this year pull through.

46. Can this day get any better? I get to wake up to realize that a special person celebrates his birthday today and that special person is my boss and mentor. This day brims with blessings, all thanks to you. Happy Birthday boss, enjoy your day, may you remain blessed, and may you never face the challenges of life that will take away your beautiful smile.

47. Happy Birthday boss, I wish you good health so you can keep working as a boss to me. You are everything I need to walk on the path I want for myself. Your friendly nature is what I look forward to cultivating. I hope working with you will rub off your kind nature on me. I wish you long life sir, the world needs more of you.

48. Happy Birthday! I know you have a lot of plans for our company and I know the efforts you put into making these plans become a reality. I know you are under pressure to make my colleagues and I feel comfortable at work, you go through all this but you never forget to smile at us and act friendly. You are so kind boss, I’m afraid I’ll never get to meet your kind in this life so I wish that all of your endeavours become a success, stay happy boss.

49. I want to take this opportunity to sing your praises boss, you deserve it. You are a one in a million. Meeting you is a fortune I don’t deserve. You welcomed me into your team with one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen and every day at work, I’m always blessed with this smile of yours, I adorn you. If no one says it, I’ll let it known that you deserve the best things of life. Happy Birthday, may the rest of your life be blissful!

50. Happy Birthday sir/ma. Its been a pleasure working under your ridership. The thought of having to work with you gives me unspeakable joy so I’m glad that you are able to add a year to your life. More years to you, boss, may you live to fulfil all of your dreams.

Birthday Greetings for A Boss and Friend

Today, the sun will listen to you and shine brightly on you. As it shines, may every one of your achievements as a boss be revealed, and may you receive recognition for each one of them. Happy Birthday, here are my greetings for being a boss and friend to me.

51. Who would have known it was possible to have a great friend who also plays the role of a boss at work? You’re an awesome person for breaking the stereotype that follows a boss. I adorn your kindness and thoughtfulness. If there’s anything I hope for, it’s that the good things of life accompany you through your journey on earth. Happy Birthday!

52. It’s very difficult for me to make friends because I see it as a bit of hassle but it’s a good thing to know that you are part of my small circle of friends. You are both a friend and a boss, this might seem like a weird relationship to many, but to me it’s perfect. Happy Birthday dear friend, your birthday will bring joy to you.

53. You have shown times without a number that you cherish our relationship as friends and although things can be difficult at work, you have always worked on maintaining our friendship. This is to let you know that you are valuable to me and this day will always remain one of my favourites days. Happy Birthday dear, higher heights to you.

54. Congratulations to you, boss. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have you as a boss. Not only are you a boss to me, but you are also a good friend, I’m so lucky and I know you are too. I cherish the friendship we both share. Happy Birthday!

55. Happy Birthday friend. You are the best leader I’ve ever known. Your dedication to the growth of your team is marvellous. As a friend and as your subordinate, I want to let you know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are special, and you deserve to know that.

56. I hope we could have a day off while celebrating your day but I understand that there is still a lot of work to be done at the office so I’ll let you off on this one. Enjoy your day while I do all the work boss. When the day is over, we’ll spend the night as friends. Happy Birthday!

57. Dear boss, you are like the midnight star that shines even when surrounded by darkness. Your unique behaviour glows and reveals itself even at work. Amidst the challenges at work, you remain the sweetest person I know. This is one of the reasons I find joy in calling you, my boss and friend. Happy Birthday, have a pleasant day.

58. I wish you get to live long on earth to experience the troubles of living with wrinkles. Don’t furrow your brows, it’s actually a good wish. I hope this wish of mine doesn’t cost me my job. Happy Birthday, boss, it’s a good thing to have you as a friend I can joke around with. Enjoy your day!

59. On this special day, I hope you have enough of everything you want. I wish you the strength to overcome your every challenge and the patience to guide your subordinates at work. Keep the good work and never forget to smile, it’s all the makeup you need. Happy Birthday, it’s good to have a friend like you.

60. Happy Birthday to the most cheerful boss I know. May your day be as cheerful as you are. Bringing smiles to your workers is a hobby you don’t know you have, so I hope that you receive love and favour from people you never knew. Your lovely friend wishes you the best.

61. As a leader, you motivate and guide me through tough times. As a friend, you listen and provide solutions to every problem. Thank you for being the moon that gives me light and drives away my darkness. You are loved, I wish you success in all you do. Happy Birthday! More happiness to you.

62. You are the best boss anyone can ask for and you are the most supportive friend I have. Your kind-heartedness inspires me to be a better person and your diligence at work pushes me to put more effort. Happy Birthday, I hope the problems of life never come your way. Have a great year ahead.

63. Another chapter of your life is here again. I hope this new chapter of your life pushes you to make a breakthrough that will exceed that of last year. More heights to you I hope for. Your friend wishes the best for you, stay happy, you deserve to be happy. Have a nice day, happy birthday!

64. Dear good friend, although you act strictly with me at work I understand your good intentions. You have set the boundaries at work to enable me to focus and learn more. This behaviour of yours is what I admire the most about you. I respect your wisdom and I see you as a very special person. Happy Birthday.

65.Dear best friend, your perseverance and careful words have kept me going through the hard times of my life. Your patience at work as my boss has placed you in my heart. I share your joy with you and I hope you have a wonderful day for you deserve it. Happy Birthday.

66. Happy birthday to the one person who keeps bossing me around at work but can’t stop calling me out for drinks on weekends. You should know that you are the only one who can get away with that. Happy Birthday dear, I love you as a friend and I admire you as my boss. Have a splendid day.

67. I always thought having a friend who was my boss would ruin our friendship but you proved me wrong. Working under you has strengthened our friendship and has made me the best version of myself. It’s an honour to work under you and to see you observe your birthday celebration. I hope you get everything you want. Happy Birthday!

68. Happy Birthday my dear friend. I know it’s your long-time wish to have the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk attend your birthday, so I did you a favour by inviting them over. You don’t have to thank me, what are friends for? Have a fun day with them, I wish you the best. You are free to laugh all you want but this is the birthday text I hope to send to you when you celebrate your special day in some years to come. Live long, and watch this become a reality.

69. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on adding another year to your life! You are getting closer to your retirement age and it hurts to think I’ll be left alone at work. Who’ll be my gist partner when you leave? Haha! Just joking, it’s a thing of joy to see you advancing ahead of your peers. Have a pleasant day, leave some fun for me.

70. Your smartness and diligence made me feel secured around you. I felt so afraid of being friends with my boss but you stayed patient and made me feel so comfortable working with you. May you receive the same energy you give to others and may the rest of your life feel comfortable. Happy Birthday!

71. No matter which way it is looked at, you are always the best. As your friend and a junior at work, I feel most proud of you. May you be blessed with more grace to achieve all of your dreams. Happy Birthday, you are loved!

72. It’s so difficult to guess your age, even as your friend I still have some doubts about your age. At your age, you have shown the strength and vigour of youth. This is an admirable character of you. I look forward to more years with you, I hope they are filled with vitality. Happy Birthday!

73. Happy Birthday boss. I’ve learned a lot from you since I began working under you. You are a terrific leader and an amazing friend. Your companionship has been my therapy when I encountered life’s obstacles. Thank you for your friendship, I wish you many more years of happiness.

74. Happy Birthday boss! Thank you for all your teachings and words of motivation. Thank you for giving me the best friendship, thank you for the efforts in making me who I am, and thank you for being a good leader.

75. Always cheerful and diligent are the two words that best describe your behaviour at work. A good listener and my support system is the word that best describes our friendship. Happy Birthday! You are the best!

Birthday Prayer Messages to A Boss Like Friend

A boss-like friend like you deserves all my prayers. Happy birthday to you, I pray that you stay blessed and that you continue to abide under the shadow of the Almighty God. May the Lord God bless you with a message that’ll make you smile. Amen.

76. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ abide with you as you go about your day. May the hands of the Lord envelop you and keep you from dangers. His grace will be sufficient in your life and his mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Happy Birthday, the Lord God has good plans for you on this day. Believe!

77. The love of God kept you, he is worthy to be praised. The wonderful hands of God can be seen in your life. The reason you keep smiling and believing is because of the reassurance he has given you. His grace is abundant in your life but I pray that this grace is sustained. Happy Birthday, the Lord is with you.

78. I thank God for his works in your life that have been made evident in your actions at work. It is the kindness of God that kept you alive to this day, he deserves praise! Happy Birthday boss, the Lord God’s presence in your life is the reason for your amazing personality. I pray against whatever will hinder the presence of the Lord in your life. Amen.

79. I pray that as you celebrate your birthday, the grace of God will never leave you and that your faith in him will continue to gain more height. Whatever will stand as a barrier to your faith in God will cease to exist on this day. Happy Birthday, the Lord is with you and he will see you through your journey on earth.

80. Not only are you a boss who inspires me to make more efforts, but you are also a spiritual leader and friend to me. I have taken a leap in my Christian life all due to your guidance and support. My prayer for you as you celebrate your day is that you never have a reason to backslide in your faith in God and that you gain more insight into the word of God. Happy Birthday!

81. There is no need to ask the secret to your happiness. It’s obvious that the hands of Jehovah are working in your life. Happy Birthday, the Lord that kept you alive to celebrate this day will sustain you and bless you with long life. May the Lord bless our friendship so that it may last to the end of time. You are a blessed boss!

82. I give thanks to God for bringing a friend like you into my life. Your presence in my life has changed the course of things for good, I know this was the plan of God. As you have been used as a vessel to change my life, I pray to God that people who will be used to change your life will locate you and bless you.

83. May you witness the mighty power of the Lord God in your life as you celebrate today. For all of your inspiring words at work, the Lord will reward you. The Lord will always protect and listen to you whenever you call on him. Happy birthday!

84. You were created on earth for a reason which is to act as the light that will brighten the path of my colleagues and me. You have shown yourself as a child of God and as one of his children, I know that the Lord will never abandon you. His plans for you on your birthday are of good and not of evil. Amen

85. I thank God for his wonderful creation which is you. You are truly wonderfully made by the hands of God. Your impact has been felt by those around you, you have shown yourself to be God’s temple on earth. May the Lord God always stay with you. Happy Birthday!

86. Happy Birthday boss, I celebrate with you the life that has been bestowed upon you by God. He had mercy on you and considered you worthy of being alive, may his name be praised. My prayer remains that God continues to have mercy on you and shower your life and good health.

87. You have brought so much laughter to the life of many at work, in the same way, I pray that God opens the doors of heaven for your sake and pours out his boundless joy on you today and the rest of your life. Life will try to throw challenges at you but because of your kind nature, the Lord God will intervene for you. Happy Birthday!

88. You are next in line for God’s miracle, it’s your special day he won’t pass you by. The Lord will bless you today and will put an end to all of the situations in your life that seemed unsolvable. Today, your name will be on his lists of who to favour. Amen and happy birthday!

89. I said a prayer to God this morning on your behalf and I know he is more than able to answer me. Here’s another prayer to God for you because I’ll never get tired of talking to God about you. I pray that God’s mark of ownership is on you to prevent evil from befalling you. Happy Birthday! The Lord has heard my prayers and he’ll answer them.

90. Ever since you walked into my life and became my boss and friend, I’ve always had you in my prayers. I’ll attribute your success at work to the fact that God has been faithful in answering my prayers. Today which is your birthday, I pray that all of your prayers and deepest desires be answered. Amen! Happy Birthday, boss.

91. “Father Lord, unto your hands I hand over my boss who is also my friend, purify his soul so that he may stand before your glory and receive your grace and favour. Grant upon him the spirit to worship your name so that he might speak of your existence to those around him. Amen.” Happy Birthday, boss, the Lord has heard this prayer of mine.

92. To my dear friend and boss, happy birthday. May your spiritual life receive a boost and may you find peace in honouring the word of God. As you make those around you feel comfortable, so will the hands of God comfort you. As you groom those under you to become the best, so will God’s gentle hands lead you to prevent you from going astray Happy Birthday!

93. The year has been a rough year, with challenges on every side. May the Lord bless you with the strength to overcome and find success in everything you do. May God’s grace be made sufficient in my life to enable me to stay with you as a friend in every journey of your life. Happy Birthday!

94. I’m thankful to the heavenly father for the unique relationship we share. I praise the name of God for who he moulded you into. You are a fine and special person, may the presence of God rule over you and show his dominance in your life to shield you from losing the admirable qualities about you. Happy Birthday, dine in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

95. Happy Birthday boss. Today I pray a prayer for you, that you be filled with the powers of the highest God and that he showers you with peace. You are a unique individual boss and only having peace of mind and God’s blessings will you be able to prosper! The blessings of the Lord are on the way.

96. Happy Birthday boss, this day, you will receive everything you have always wanted. This will be God’s gift to you. He will surprise you and make it end in tears of joy for you. You deserve this special treatment from God. Enjoy the rest of your day in the glory of God.

97. May every single plan you’ve made for this year receive the approval of the almighty God and work for your good. The power of God which will work wonders for your sake today will not fall short of your expectations, happy birthday, stay blessed.

98. May negativity never locate you. As you celebrate your birthday, the presence of a Lord God will surround you. The Lord’s goodness will follow you all the remaining years of your life. Happy Birthday!

99. I pray to God that he gives you a helping hand as you climb more heights in the future. May the Lord direct your path and lead you to every of your goal in life. Happy birthday, God is with you.

100. I thank God for blessing me with a kind-hearted boss like you. I pray that as you celebrate today, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of his holy name abide with you forever. Happy Birthday!

These are the best birthday messages, wishes and, prayers to send to a boss who is also your friend in your place of work. People like your boss are hard to come by, so don’t neglect his/her kind behaviour.

Pick a birthday message from the list above, personalize it and send it to your boss to make him feel motivated.

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