Get Well Soon My Sister Messages and Quotes

Get Well Soon My Sister Messages and Quotes

As much as no one wants to be sick, life would always be life; “Stuff happens”. What matters isn’t what happens to us; instead, it’s our response that matters.

If you can help someone respond well to sickness by giving them the psychological and emotional support they need, why not do it? There are more than a thousand ways to help people through tough times. However, kind words that inspire hope, laughter, smiles and peace have a special power.

Here’s a story. Years ago, my dad was sick. So, everyone in the family gathered around him to pray and tell him some uplifting words. We prayed with all our hearts, and he was healed. Looking back, I believe it was that show of love, even more than the prayer itself that healed my Dad.

That day, he must have subconsciously thought to himself “Oh God, I have people that love me this much! I’ve got to make it. Please God; I’ve got to live for them”. Now, that’s the potency of kind words!

Get well soon messages are enough to remind that loved one of yours that it is very possible to get well by filling them with empowering thoughts, beliefs and feelings that accelerate the healing process.

These messages would really come in handy for a sister.

You know how emotional women can get, and how sicknesses especially serious ones can take a toll on them psychologically. So, take this opportunity to bless your beloved sister with these get well soon, my sister messages that can make all the difference.

Get Well Soon Messages for Your Sister

Dear sister, you’ve been my pillar – sure moral support. Seeing you go through this rough patch reminds me of all the battles you’ve won in the past. I’m assured that you are more than conquerors. So, stay strong. Your present situation would only make you stronger. It can’t kill you. Get well soon.

1. Your smile lights up my day. Your voice sparks hope when I pray. Wake up to the fact that I care. I wish you strength and grace to get to the end of these sicknesses faster than you imagined. Know that your present situation doesn’t determine where you are headed in life. God has a plan for your life, and He is ready to enforce it.

2. I’ve never known you to back out of a fight. That mind should be in you as you go through this tough time. God put you on this earth for a purpose; so, He won’t allow you to be lost. Let His love fill your heart. Through this sickness, He will bring out the best in you.

3. A little word for my sweet sis: I love you so much. Know that you have in you everything you need to make it through these rough times. The strength, mindset, family; name it. So, steady your heart. You’ll win.

4. It’s a new day, sis. Remember God’s mercies never cease. Never think He is tired of helping you, or that your flaws are too numerous or that your problem is too big. Keep the attitude of gratitude today and watch as God sends you more wellness than you could pray for.

5. Wow! See how beautiful the day is already. It’s a reminder of how God has promised to levitate you above your challenges. All you need to do hang on a little longer. Get well soon my sister.

6. Hello, my beautiful gem. A home without you in it is very incomplete. That sickness got the wrong person because by God’s grace you’ve walked out of it already. I can’t wait to have you home again. I miss you so much that I don’t think we’ll ever argue again. I never knew I love you this much. Get well soon, please.

7. Miracles are unleashed upon your life. Testimony is the only valid conversation right now. Beat this thing finally and let’s have fun when you are back. I love you so much. Get well soon.

8. Hello, God’s beloved. Do you remember all the amazing things we trusted God to do as we started the year together? God isn’t letting those things fall to the ground even for a sec. So, kick that sickness in the butt with the speed of light; let’s get into achieving all that God has called us to achieve. Love you!!

9. Hey, sis. I want you to remember that you were created to dominate. Don’t let what the doctors say scare the victor out of you. I’m seeing you walking out of that hospital sooner than you think. Best wishes.

10. God’s healing power is made available to you today. Receive it. Sickness isn’t your portion. Hope to see you at home before this week runs out. I’m planning a party for you. Your crush would be there. You don’t want him getting disappointed, do you?

Get Well Soon Quotes for Sister

Dear sister; with every sunrise, you receive new strength and new thoughts to arise. You also receive me—an embodiment of all the love you could ask for in a sibling. Thus, you have no other option than to arise. Yea put one foot in front of the other. Get well soon.

11. You have the unimaginable strength and motivation to turn your scars into stars. Stay strong. Only you can write your story; the next episode is going to be terrific.

12. It’s possible to recover. Supernatural healing exists and it’s closer to you than you think. So, reach for the stars. Let your hope be boundless, and your peace limitless.

13. It’s not the strength of your body that matters, but the strength of your mind. Constantly Imagine yourself healed and it would manifest outwardly.

14. All the power you’ll ever need is within you. So, look inwards and let that grace propel you towards a quick recovery.

15. The problems of life should not defeat us. Instead, they should propel us towards greatness. The choice is yours.

16. This is life; shit happens. But, as you know already, you can stand up and say “screw it, I’m going to overcome this thing. I’ll do everything I can to win. The universe is on my side. God is on my side”; and you will surely win.

17. At the centre of every challenge resides opportunities for greatness. What you choose to focus on is what you will get, and that ever so quickly.

18. Character is not developed in comfort; but through hardships, pain and difficulties. That terrible situation you are going through now will produce for you, the inner strength that would lead you to outstanding success.

19. Whenever I’m faced with challenges, what keeps me moving is the feeling of victory that would come afterwards.

20. Troubles prepare ordinary people for astonishing lives. How much more you who is already extraordinary?

What to Write in a Get Well Soon Card for Sister

A Sister for life, you represent excellence. That trait would help you overcome today. I see mountains get flattened for you. I see God’s favour overwhelm you. I see you walk out of that trouble faster and better than everyone thought. With love from me to you. Get well soon.

21. Get better soon!

22. Here’s to wishing you a miraculous recovery.

23. Hope today brings you a million steps closer to sound health and joy.

24. Sending you much love and care. We are in this together.

25. I’m praying for you more than I’m thinking about myself. Just mend; this world is going nowhere without you.

26. Sending you hugs, kisses and all the wishes you could ever ask for.

27. May God’s healing power outshine your present condition. Don’t get too comfortable in there. God is putting you back on your feet in grand style.

28. Dear sis, God’s not dead. I wish you the strength to keep believing that as God turns around this sickness for your good.

29. It’s a rare privilege that I get to support you in times like this. Get well already, sis. I miss you.

30. My diamond accessories lose their lustre without you around. You are my sunshine. I can’t wait to hold you tightly in my arms. Heal fast.

Speedy Recovery Sister Quotes

To my lovely sister: Stay cheerful. That’s enough medicine already. If you want to be on the mend faster, don’t miss a truckload of laughter tablets and joy injections. Don’t be scared; I’m now a doctor. My patients always recover fast. Get well soon.

31. The greatest healing routine is a day filled with friendship and love.

32. Joy comes from overcoming obstacles.

33. Adversity is heaven’s polishing tool.

34. Stubbornly refuse to conform to the norm. Dance when you don’t feel like it. Get a phone and encourage someone. Your problem isn’t as big as you think. Be a beacon of hope.

35. That challenge you are facing carries with it an equal blessing. You are not going through it for nothing. Keep fighting.

36. Just like fire is a test for gold, troubles are a test for strong men and women. And strong men and women always make it out of troubles quicker.

37. Your dream is to be healed. Hold on to that dream; focusing on it a day at a time. You’ll win.

38. The fact that you woke up today is enough signs that you are fighting well and succeeding. All things are working together for your good.

39. No matter how terrible the moment is; love, faith and hope will always prevail. They will always lead you to a blissful recovery.

40. Listen to God with a contrite heart. He not only heals; He wipes away every tear. Allow His voice to direct your behaviour and attitude as He takes you through this rough time to refine you.

Get Well Soon My Little Sister Quotes

Believe you can and the problem is halfway over. Believe what I’m telling you and you are completely healed. Your beliefs affect your life. Choose to dwell on the right beliefs. Don’t be disempowered; be empowered. Get well soon, little sister.

41. Belief in God. He will stand by you and give you strength.

42. Don’t pray for an easy life. If you do, it won’t come because life wasn’t made to be easy. Life was made to test you and bring out the gem in you. Pray instead for the strength to bear what life throws at you.

43. That obstacle in front of you and that crazy past of yours cannot be compared to all the potentials and magic that lie within you. Fight like a winner.

44. Good health is a principal asset. Fight hard to protect it. It’s your portion in the land of the living.

45. Stay happy as you heal. Completely forget the past. Obsessively believe in a bright future. Joy will come in the morning.

46. God loves you. He is right by your side to help you and comfort you. Let your joy flow from the knowledge of that experience. He isn’t leaving you to suffer.

47. A calm mind and self-confidence is a perfect recipe for good health and quick recovery.

48. A calm mind, a strong body and a loving family make healing fun. Fear not. Worry less. Have lots of fun. God loves you perfectly.

49. God promises to heal your wounds. Say Amen to that.

50. God meets our needs. God is still speaking today. Your situation is not a match for what He can do. So, sit still and watch the salvation of the Lord.

Get Well Soon My Big Sister Quotes

We’ve braved winds. We’ve fought lions. We’ve started trends. We’ve been sharpened like iron. This is another time for you to exceed expectations. Don’t be deceived. You are unstoppable. You are capable. God is using you to demonstrate His glory. What a privilege! Get well soon, big sister.

50. With every breath you take, remember God watches over your neck, and I’m two thoughts away from eating your cake. Heal fast.

51. Life doesn’t even know anything formidable to throw at you as a barrier. You are a shining star. The possibilities with you are more than the sands in the Sahara.

52. ‘Congratulations’ is the only valid conversation today because you are a born winner. Let that be your confession, winner!

53. Every time you believe your best dreams are possible, the universe sends them to you. You are just a thought away from a speedy recovery.

54. Recover your will to survive. Recover your dreams for a better life. Hold on to them till the sickness can’t survive. Stand on them until they enrich your life.

55. Sicknesses are not enough to stop you, if there were you wouldn’t be alive today. So, hang on in there. As long as you don’t write yourself off, your healing can’t be denied.

56. Your past doesn’t determine your future. Your present does. Decide to fill today with smiles, laughter, merriment and great thoughts. Make it hard for good health to stay away from you.

57. When you close your eyes do you only see darkness? I bet you see all the amazing things you can do as well. That inner drive– that bursting passion– is a sign that there is more to you. Your journey can’t end here.

58. There’s always a way out of every mess. In your recovery journey, there’s so much strength and healing available to you. Just close your eyes and say “God I receive it”.

60. People like you were made to last. You were not created by a manufacturer trying everything he can to manage resources. When God made you, He lavishly harnessed everything needed in the process. There’s absolutely nothing that can win over you.

Get Well Soon Prayers for Sister

Hello, sister. May God grant you the transformational kind of healing He gave to Naaman. The moment you step out of the hospital, you’ll be a brand new you; stronger, greater, and more fulfilled than before. God’s power in your spirit is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. That power is at work in you right now. Get well soon.

61. Long life is your portion, Meghan. I pray that God accelerates your recovery process. Let His angels of healing be released upon your life, and let the grip of sickness be separated from you now.

62. God is still speaking today, Precious. Your life is proof of that. This sickness would not take your life. God has started a good work in you and I pray that He completes it, even now.

63. Let God arise over your situation and do a new thing for you. I declare that surely you will sing a new song and dance a new dance– that of joy. Joy over your miraculous healing.

64. I pray for the fulfilment of God’s promises over your life. God always honours His word. Receive divine health. Receive the grace to recover fully fast.

65. May your heart be filled with peace as we believe in God to heal you quickly. God has never been late. I pray that no power of darkness would hinder the answers to your prayers.

66. May the grace of God continue to be with you; to fight the seen and unseen battles that you are in right now.

67. Healing is the children’s bread. I command that mountain of sickness in your life to be removed totally in the name of Jesus. Prepare to celebrate. I’m your cake plug, by the way.

68. It’s not over, dear. I ask the Lord for His unlimited favour that has stuck with you this far to keep staying with you. Imagine the entire host of heaven backing you up in this. That’s exactly what is happening.

69. Here’s to my heavyweight champion. You have been the strongest person I’ve ever come across. I pray for more of that inner strength. I declare today that you are set free from every power of darkness.

70. Jane, God is with you. I pray that you always be aware of His presence and remain there therein. Get well soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Sister Quotes

These days I look around and I can’t find anyone to punch and get away with it. I’m losing my violent tendencies and I don’t like that. Someone just said I’m the kindest person he has ever met. Like seriously? Should I tell him the truth? Lol!!! Get well soon sis, please.

71. We were expecting you to be home yesterday. When you didn’t arrive, I ate the whole cake meant for you. I told them that since we are twins, whenever I eat; the food goes to your stomach too. Better get well soon so you can prove me right.

72. Looks like My main resolution for next year would be to get sick often. Look at all the love you are receiving. I don’t even get a quarter of that on my birthday. Get well soon before I die of jealousy.

73. This is how you want to evade schooling, right? Believe me, this method only leaves you with more school work. Heal fast.

74. You are one hell of a trouble maker. I literally have to force myself to not think that you are faking this whole sickness. Get well soon.

75. My life is much saner without you. I guess you are blessed with the ability to turn people’s lives upside down in really funny ways. Get well soon. I’m not used to staying sane at all.

76. Where are the people that say distance makes the heart fonder? I need to buy them coffee because they are more correct than I thought. Heal fast before I get broke from buying everyone around Coffee.

77. I need you to rest enough because you are coming back to a lot of chores heaped up just for you; with lots of food too.

78. I miss you these days more than I think of my boyfriend. Get well soon before I break up with him.

79. You fell ill in December? What? How? What were you doing throughout the year?

80. Turn your scars into stars… What I’m trying you say is “I’ve been using your car”.

Get Well Soon Sister Images

Sissy love, arise. Be filled with enough magic, hope and grace for the new day. Enough strength to fight your demons. Enough peace to ignore all the worry. And just enough to be all that God wants you to be. You are loved. Get well soon.

81. As the mountains surround Jerusalem; so, does God’s love and mercy surround you. You are blessed.

Get Well Soon My Sister

82. Just so you know I care. Here’s all the love I can share. So, don’t just stare; be of good cheer.

83. For the love of miracles, for the love of vitality… because we believe in miracles and we’ve defeated sorcery…I wish you a speedy recovery.

Get Well Soon Sister 2

84. God is solidly on your case. Cut to the chase, honey. Beat this sickness to the face.

85. On the 8th day, God made strong-willed world-class ladies like you. Get well soon. The world needs you.

Get Well Soon My Sister

86. God has singled you out for mighty blessings today. You won’t end today the same way you started it.

87. This sickness is giving you a better perspective of life. Hope you are patient enough to let that happen.

Get Well Soon My Sister

88. Victory is yours, always!

89. Even though the earth be shaken and the waters overflow, our faith is steadied on God’s promises. He will never fail us. Never!

Get Well Soon My Sister

90. The Lord of hosts is with you. He is your fortress and strength. He is your ever-flowing and a constant source of help.

Prayer Messages to a Sick Sister

Dear sister, the doctors say it is impossible. But God says it is possible. I ask that God’s limitless power would abound for you and cause you to fly on eagles’ wings in every ramification of life. Let His grace be made manifest and effectual in your life. Get well soon.

91. May your life be the epitome of God’s provision and help. Your life would be a testimony for others to look up to.

92. May God make you a wonder and a sign.

93. May God shield you from the worsening of this sickness and deliver to you fast healing.

94. May God rebuke the devourer for your sake and restore you to your best self with double blessings for your trouble.

95. May the Lord cause His face to shine on you. May He meet you at the point of your needs.

96. May the Lord remember you and all your afflictions today and deliver you as He did in the days of old.

97. You shall prevail over this sickness. God shall clear away all the weary, troubles, fear and pains like a cloud.

98. May God’s presence always be so real around you. May he inspire peace, healing and joy in you.

99. I pray for God’s intervention in your case, sweetheart. There’s nothing too hard for Him to do. May His help overshadow you today.

100. May God lift you today. Above the sickness. Above the pain. And into your healing and divine wellness.

One of the best things to do for your sick sister is to give her encouraging words, not just money and gifts. There you have it – get well soon messages for almost any situation. Don’t hesitate to bless your dear sister with them.

Feel free to comment and share as well, thanks


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