Get Well Soon Aunty Messages and Quotes

Get Well Soon Aunty Messages and Quotes

Knowing that someone thinks about you and wishes for your safe recovery is one of the best feelings in the world especially for people who are at their lowest due to illness. Making your aunty cheer up even when sick should be your priority and the way to do this is by sending her some sweet messages that will give hope to a sick aunt or doing things that will make your aunty happy.

A carefully written message to someone with an illness is sometimes all the therapy they need to believe in their recovery. If you’re a Christian, you should also consider texting your aunt some powerful get well soon prayer points for fast recovery or bible verses for healing and recovery to strengthen her faith. This is very important as sickness can make her lose hope in God.

Letting your aunt know how much you want her to get better with these emotional get well soon text will make her want to get back to good health. Recognizing the right words to send to a sick aunt can be a bit of a task so don’t worry, here are some perfect get well soon aunty messages and quotes your aunt needs.

Get Well Soon Auntie

I miss you, auntie. I spent my day sighing because of the thought of your illness and I just couldn’t stop myself from tearing up. The thought of you not being healthy is depressing, get well soon auntie, or I might fall sick myself.

1. I’m writing this get well soon message because it’s the right thing to do even though I know for a fact that you will be back home very soon. I’m not just hoping that you recover, I know that you will get back to health soon auntie.

2. When I visited you today and saw how sick you looked, my whole being scattered. You have always been my consoler when I fall sick so I hope to stay with you till you you recover. Get well soon aunt, my blessings are with you.

3. Tomorrow will bring more joy to you. Don’t let the worries of today wear you down. Keep the hope alive aunt for everything will be better soon. My prayers are with you, congratulations on your recovery in advance, I believe that all will be well soon.

4. I was informed about your sickness so I thought of sending cards and flowers to cheer you up. Everyone is hoping for your quick recovery auntie. You’re missed get well soon.

5. I knew it. You have been taking care of my cousins that you have forgotten about your health. I have a matter to settle with my cousins for not being able to take care of you. Don’t try to stop me, you just need to get your health back, or else, I’m over to fight over you.

6. My entire family is hoping for your recovery, your children my cousins are praying every day for you. There are lots of people wishing you the strength to battle this sickness, I hope you don’t disappoint us all aunt. Get well soon, you have us here with you.

7. You have faith in your recovery, this is a good thing that I’m happy about. I’m only worried about your stay in the hospital since you don’t like the smell of a hospital. Get your health back aunt, I’m worried sick about you.

8. I hope you are feeling better because I heard that your sickness was pretty serious on the first day. Are you okay now? I know you are gaining back your health slowly, but I’m still impatient, I want your healthy self back quickly, for it doesn’t feel right knowing you are sick.

9. You have always been brave, that’s why I’m brave, my cousins told me not to be worried so I won’t worry. If you don’t get well soon, I’ll begin to panic. I want all the best for you auntie, and I hope you get the best.

10. You may be going through a lot right now but I want you to know that a lot of people are looking forward to your recovery so don’t panic but have faith and most of all, never lose hope.

11. I dreamt of you last night, I saw you talking non-stop to my mum, you seemed to be in good health. I know this is a sign that everything will be back to normal and that you will come visiting when you are okay. I’m missing you, so I hope this dream becomes a reality because I want to see you get well soon.

12. I hope you are taking your drugs diligently? Why haven’t we seen any progress in your health? I know how much you don’t like taking drugs but I hope you are taking your prescriptions seriously because this is the only way to get you back to normal. Get well soon.

13. Miracles happen, I’m sure of these. Even though the doctor’s reports are looking serious, I still believe in a miracle happening to you. You will be fine sooner and not later because you have always attracted favour. All the best, see you soon.

14. I loathe this feeling of helplessness I have these days. Get well soon auntie, I simply can’t focus on anything knowing that you are unwell. I want to see you smile again, so please, can you take good care of your health.

15. I heard about your sickness and I was shocked. What are my cousins doing? How could they let you get sick? If they don’t take good care of you and put you back on the road of recovery, I’ll come over there to take you away from them. Get well soon aunt, I want the best for you.

Get Well Soon Prayers for Aunt

Good health is your portion in Jesus’ name for the word of God says “by his stripes we are healed”. May the divine strength of the holy spirit fall on this day to wash and cleanse your life from any sickness. I believe that you will get well soon auntie for my prayers will receive answers. Amen

16. Creator of heaven and earth, I call upon your name, I call upon the one whose name surpasses every other name, I seek your intervention in the life of my Auntie, she is weak and sick and without hope. I have seen your mighty work and I know how powerful you are. Lay your hands on my aunt for her healing to be made complete. This I pray of you. Amen.

17. Father Lord, I come to you on behalf of my aunt, her sins and iniquity are not hidden from you, look upon her with your kind heart and heal her. Relieve her of her pains so that she might witness your glory. Purify her sins and bless her with full recovery. Amen

18. Dear Father, I give you thanks for your mercies and grace upon the life of my aunt. I thank you for the life you bestowed upon her. Thank you. I ask today that you put everything pertaining to her health back to order. Only you are capable of restoring her health, that’s why I’m here today. In your mercy, answer my prayer.

19. Lord Jesus, I know I’ve neglected the things that have to do with you. I’m sorry for forgetting you. I plead that you forgive me. Forgive the sins of my auntie for only through this can her faith stand firm in you. Do not forsake me Lord, grant me this request of mine and heal her.

20. Oh God My Pillar, my aunt is going through one of the most difficult times of her life, she needs a shoulder to lean, be that shoulder. She needs your miracle to believe in you, never let her down. Shower her with your healing and may your grace follow her. Amen

21. In Jesus’ name, oh lord creator of all things, I come to you with a heavy heart seeking your grace, do not give the evil ones a reason to laugh at my faith in you. I trust in you I know you will answer me when I call you. Visit my Aunt on her sickbed and lay your hands upon her for healing. I pray this of you. Amen

22. Mighty Warrior, there is nothing impossible for you to do. You took the Israelites out of Egypt and defeated the Egyptians. There is nothing you can’t do, my Auntie’s illness is too small of a task for you, rescue her from the clutches of sickness and give her your good health. Amen

23. Dear Lord, grant my aunt the spirit to serve you even with the afflictions she’s passing through. Help her faith to grow in you by healing her. Restore her strong faith in you and do not give her reasons to doubt your existence. Amen

24. Almighty God, my aunt has always served you with the fullness of heart, she has always taken your words seriously. Right now I know she’s praying for her recovery, I hope you remember her services to you and make her road to recovery short.

25. Lord Jesus, my aunt is currently in the hospital and she needs your healing power to comfort her. You know all of her worries and struggles, she’s believing in you, show her how wonderous your power is so that her faith won’t waiver.

26. In Jesus’ name, my father my healer, you said I should call upon you and you give me rest, I’m calling on your name concerning matters related to my aunt. She has been in the hospital and isn’t herself recently. Visit her and lay your hands on her.

27. Almighty Jehovah, I know it is because of my sins that I face challenges, I plead for your forgiveness and I pray for the grace to serve you diligently. Forgive the sins of my heart and heal her also give her your spirit so that she can serve you. Amen

28. Lord Jesus, come into the life of my aunt and take your place. She is depressed about her sickness and needs your reassurance that all will be well. Stay with her and guide her through this journey of hers. Amen

29. Jehovah, you have always been the one I seek help from when I am at my lowest and you have never let me down. Once again I’ve come to you, and my aunt is the one who needs help. May you not count her sins Lord but have mercy. She needs your healing, hear her in Jesus’ name. Amen.

30. King of glory, my heart is full of grievance and I’m sorry about doubting the powers you possess. I seek your presence in the life of my aunt, heal her and wash her clean from every disease. I know my heart is full of doubts, I beg that you help my unbelieve.

31. Mighty Redeemer, your word Is true and that same word says ” many are the afflictions of the righteous but they will be saved from them all”, I hold this word close to my heart as they are the only truth I know. Although my aunt is passing through afflictions, you will save her.

32. Gracious God, I know my aunt must have deviated from your presence, but don’t abandon her now at this critical point of her life. Use this illness to renew her faith in you. Wash away her sickness and may she be renewed by your power. I thank you, Lord, for your answers in advance.

Get Well Soon Aunty Quotes

Our family and I are hoping for your fast recovery because we miss you. Get well soon aunty, there are a lot of things we still need to do together. I was hoping we could go on a picnic this month, so cheer up, don’t worry about your health, I’ll send lovely quotes to put a smile on your face.

33. A step at a time is all I want you to take. Don’t hasten your steps lest you get worried and fall, don’t slow down a step lest you lose your hope. Just take a step at your own pace and slowly, you will come to just how far on the road of recovery you have gone.

34. Sorrow may last for the night, but joy will surely show itself in the morning. This period in your life is only temporary, very soon, everything will be back to normal. Believe!

35. I have always overlooked the importance of self-care but I’ve never fallen sick, I know I’m filled with luck that’s why I’ll be sending most of my good lucks to you. You deserve it and more. Hope to see you healthy soon.

36. We stay far from each other, but the distance is never a barrier. I may not be close by to attend to your every need, but my heart is with you and it bears your every burden. Feel free to offload all your worries on me aunt, I’m more than capable of handling them.

37. The road to recovery isn’t wide and easy to walk through, it’s filled with thorns and not everyone is bold enough to walk on it alone. Your family and I will always be here to raise you when you fall, with time, you’ll arrive at the end of that road.

38. There was a time I planted a seed for science class, I didn’t take it seriously, so I only watered it once. Contrary to my expectations, it bloomed even when surrounded by a lack of attention. I hope that plant of mine gives you hope to keep striving for recovery even when all hope is lost.

39. Eating has become a hobby of mine after I heard about how difficult it is for you to have a meal, so I’m hoping all the energy I get from eating can freeload themselves on you. Until you get better, I’ll keep the eating spirit up. Feel better soon.

41. Your recovery rate is on the rise now, I’m rooting for you so badly, if there was a way I could help you bear some of your worries, I would do so without a second thought. It’s good to see you recovering, I’m happy for you aunt.

42. This illness is life’s way of telling us we can’t have it all aunt. So have no fears, all will be well. After you are back to health, let’s enjoy life in moderation so that we won’t be taught another lesson on life by life. I hope I put a smile on your face, if there’s anything you need, I’ll be here for you. Get well soon.

43. My voice finds its way into the soul of a human and drives away every abnormality, I may not be with you, but you will hear my voice when in despair, I love you, aunt, take care.

44. I’m so sorry about your illness and I know it must be depressing to you. I don’t want you worrying about yourself for everything will be fine. Take good care of yourself aunt.

45. Kind words are medicine to the heart so expect a lot of sweet words from me. If your medication doesn’t work, my comforting words will do the magic.

46. This illness can’t kill you, so it’s only here to make you a stronger person given the fact that you are already strong. I hope you feel better soon. Have a lot of rest, it helps.

47. No one likes the feeling of being sick. So, I thought of keeping you company to remove your feeling of uneasiness, though we may be physically far from one another, my heart is with you, I’ll always be available to reach out to you.

48. I just thought of you, so here’s a message of my thoughts. ” if only today can bring with it a strong wind that would blow away every illness from your body, wouldn’t that be nice?”, if only the sun can shine brightly today giving you reasons to want to smile, if only you won’t lose hope and keep fighting then all would be fine. Get well soon.

49. It’s a hard process recovering from an illness but I know that nothing is permanent, so please aunt, have patience, it may take a while but you will surely get back your health just as you deserve.

Get Well Soon Messages for My Aunt

I can’t pull myself together after hearing of your illness and my only comfort has been in the fact that you will surely get well soon because good people attract blessings. I hope my message helps you stay strong. I love you.

50. It’s been hard on me knowing that you’re on a hospital bed. The aunt I grew up with deserves all the love and care the world has to offer. I want to see you smiling and back to health. I love you aunt, your fast recovery is my biggest wish right now.

51. Life is unfair no doubt. Amazing people deserve the best but in one way or the other, life keeps getting on our nerve. Tomorrow will be better aunt. I know how strong you are and I know you won’t let this small illness get you. Wishing you the best.

52. I hope to be the strength you need during this dire period of your life. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know. You were always by my side when I was at my lowest. Even as my aunt, you showed me the love of a mother. I love you aunt, get well soon.

53. I got into an argument today and what I needed was the sweet voice of someone telling me that all was well. I realized eventually that it was your voice I needed to reassure myself. I miss you aunt, I hope to see you strong again.

54. I know you have probably heard enough of this, but I still want to say it. You are okay aunt, everything is going to be alright. My family and I all love you and as each day passes by, we pray for your health. We are in this together, you are not alone.

55. Do you love staying on your hospital bed aunt? You have stayed too long at the hospital recovering that I begin to wonder if you’ve found love in the hospital. The Auntie I know wouldn’t let any sickness keep her tied down, so aunt, let your fighting spirit out and defeat that illness.

56. These flowers looked so beautiful so I thought of getting them for my beautiful aunt. I hope you liked them. If you do, I’ll send more of them to you. Get well soon aunt, I want to go on a picnic with you when you recover.
57. I’m coming over to visit you. I don’t want to see your gloomy face because it puts me in a sad mood. Expect my loud energy today, I hope it gives you the strength to find hope in your recovery. Take care of yourself.

58. This may sound harsh but you are not the first to land in a hospital and you won’t be the last. I know you are not an emotional kind of person so I hope my message puts you in a laughing mode. Get well soon aunt, I miss chatting all day with you.

59. You are a strong woman aunt. This sickness is here to only make you stronger, you just have to look at the bright side of things. This obstacle is here for the moment, I’m sure you are brave enough to overcome this. Best of luck aunt.

60. I know you hate drugs so here’s a guideline on how to take your drugs. When taking it, think about me and you will be alright. Remember to have a lot of sleep, don’t overthink matters, leave them be. I’ll always visit with fruits to keep you healthy. Lots of love to you aunt.

61. You are like a mother to me aunt, it hurts to know about your state of health. This message is to let you know that you have a son who is always thinking about you. I pray always for your quick recovery, I’m telling you this to let you know that I love you as I love my mum.

62. Once in a while, we experience setbacks, these set back build us up to a better person. There are lessons attached to every problem so instead of focusing on your weak health, I hope you put more attention in finding the blessing intertwine with your illness.

63. “It just a sickness, no big deal, we will keep on fighting”, that’s what you said to me when I was ill. I hope you believe in these words of yours. Keep fighting aunt, it’s just a matter of time all will be well soon.

64. I heard about your illness and I know how depressing this is for you. I hope you don’t put many thoughts into your illness because sickness doesn’t last long on cheerful people like you. Smile more and take your drugs diligently. You’ll be okay soon.

65. I hate the smell of hospitals and I know you do too. Nevertheless, I’ll keep on visiting you because I like the way your eyes lit up whenever I come to visit. I love you aunt, never forget that and I hope to stay with you as you recover.

66. You don’t deserve this illness, I wish it was me going through what you are currently facing. Aunt, you are not alone. I want you to know that I can feel the pains you feel. I wish you a quick recovery. Sending lots of love.

67. Today, I was watching a movie where a character smiled and that smile reminded me of you. You have one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. Illness has deprived you of smiling, and this hurts me a lot. Get well soon aunt. I’m praying for you.

68. Aunt, you better get well soon or I’ll have to move in with you to the hospital. My life has been feeling stuffy and I know it’s because I miss you. I’ll rather rent a bed in the hospital than continue feeling unhappy. If you don’t want me to be a burden, then, get well soon.

Get Well Soon Wishes for Aunty

May all the blessings you’ve acquired through your good deeds come back to take away your illness. Aunty, my heartfelt wish is that you get well soon and stay with me forever so don’t lose hope about the possibility of your recovery.

69. Everything will be better, that all I know and hope for. I won’t lose hope in your recovery and I know you are doing the same. The only thing you can do right now is to believe, that’s all that matters. I know you will get back to health, I believe this.

70. Ever since you got sick, my cousins have been looking depressed. I wish for their happiness, it’s saddening to see them looking unhappy due to your illness. I know this isn’t easy for you, I only wish that you bounce back to health very soon.

71. I know it’s a normal thing for humans to fall sick once in a while, it’s even more normal for an ageing person but I can’t still deny the fact that I don’t want you to experience sickness. Get well soon aunt, I wish you all the good health the world has to offer.

72. When I visited, I noticed how you couldn’t stop chatting and telling me about your experience in the hospital. I’m glad to know that you are looking at the positive side of things and that you are using this opportunity to make new friends. May this sickness find its way out of your body and may you receive back your health, this is what I wish for.

73. I know this coming late, I just heard of your sickness. Are you still sick aunt? Is it over yet? When I was young, you kept on nagging me if my illness persisted for more than 4 days. I know you will get back to health soon and I’m here to give you all the support you need. Wishing you strength.

74. My siblings and I were talking about your illness today, and we shared a lot of memories of our time with you which made me realize how many sweet memories you helped create in my life. I’m hoping you get a quick recovery so that I can repay you by creating more sweet memories together.

75. The mind holds all the power to decide victory over any illness. Knowing that you have a strong mindset is enough hope for me to know that this sickness is a minor obstacle that you will defeat. I wish you all the strength you will need.

76. My parents are having problems going to bed. They are worrying a lot about you, get well soon aunt, so that we can have a good sleep knowing that all is alright with you. Don’t worry, my family and I are wishing you the best.

77. Yesterday, I was thinking about you, and today, I heard about your illness. Do you think it’s my fault? I’ve been thinking too much about you so it must have been a toil on you. Just joking! How are you doing? I know you are getting better because I’m been wishing you a quick recovery.

78. I miss your cooking, my cousins couldn’t prepare it the way I want. So, I might buy all ingredients and bring them over to the hospital so you can prepare them yourself. If you are uncomfortable with this idea, why don’t you get well soon? I’m wishing you the best so get well.

79. I’ve been sending my heartfelt wishes to you but they don’t seem to be working on your health. I’m coming over for a visit to see why you haven’t recovered just yet. Is there something you are not telling me? Or are you hiding your recovery status so that I can come visiting? Either way, I’m coming over, so prepare a lot of gist for me.

80. I know you may be feeling sad about your illness since you don’t want anyone to worry about you. You don’t have to be sad, everyone falls sick so it’s normal. All you have to do is take your drugs, I’ll be cheering you on as you recovering. My best wishes are with you.

81. I know you got sick because I didn’t call you on your birthday to wish you good health, I know it’s my fault, I’m hoping you forgive me. If I had wished you good health, the universe would have heard my word and remove illness from you. I won’t repeat that mistake, I wish you a quick recovery.

82. I heard you have taken a liking to one of the nurses in the hospital, and that you both talk all day. I’m happy to know that you are still full of hope and that your illness hasn’t robbed you of your lively spirit. Wishing you a fast recovery aunt, I know this is possible because of your faith in yourself.

83. Everything is a goal to you, and I know you have taken this illness as a problem you have to overcome. You have always been a winner, I hope to see you beat this illness and come out victorious. I’m always behind you, you can do this. I wish you success.

84. Our once lively home has turned to a den with sad people. I can’t just stop myself from getting worried about you. I hope that the sun will reflect on you tomorrow and do away with every abnormality in your body. Wishing you the best.

85. I miss you aunt. I have never felt the absence of a person but your illness has kept us far from each other making me miss you. I wish that you overcome your illness so that we can see each other again.

Recovery Messages for Aunt

I heard about your illness aunt and I’ve taken it upon myself to be a shoulder to lean on. I know how devastating this condition is for you so I hope it doesn’t affect your mental health. I’ll be with you all through this journey and I hope to put you on the road to recovery through my messages.

86. I grew up watching you and I’ve always thought of you as a wonder woman. You never let anything get to you, and I’ll be honest when I say, you have always been my source of inspiration. I hope you fight and defeat this illness of yours because I’m still looking up to you

87. I’m hoping you recover quickly so that I can watch you chatter about the smallest thing ever. It’s saddening to see you sick and unable to talk about your favourite things. I hope you get well soon.

88. My parents are missing you so much and I miss you too. I miss the food you prepare, I miss the way you nag all day when you come visiting, I miss the sound of your loud laughter and the look on your face when you discipline me. I miss everything about you and I hope you get back to health.

89. I’m unhappy, aunt. there is no other way of consoling me. Only when you are up and bouncing will I find my happiness. I know I’ve not been visiting you lately but believe me when I say your illness has affected my daily life greatly. I hope you recover quickly.

90. Dear Auntie, I wanted to write about how I know what you are going through but that would be hypocritical since I’ve never been in your shoes. So I want you to know that, I’m always available if you want someone to share your troubles with. Take care of yourself.

91. The thought of how painful this illness is for you is living rent-free in my head. I just can’t stop thinking about my lovely aunt. How are you coping with your illness, tell me when it’s too much for you to bear. I’m praying for you always. Don’t lose hope.

92. Thinking won’t solve your problems aunt; they will only make your sickness get worst. Drink water and try to smile always, it will help in its way. I heard a positive mindset is a drug to a quick recovery, so, I hope my message puts you in the mood to smile always.

93. I want to see you laugh so badly. The fact that your illness has deprived me of seeing you smile and laugh is annoying. I wish so bad for your recovery that I even dream about the days we use to have so much fun.

94. This is one time in my life I wish I had superpowers, people like you need to be having the best time of their lives. People like me need to create the opportunity for you to have fun. If I had powers, we would probably be watching movies while discussing random things but unfortunately I don’t have powers, and I can only hope for good health.

95. I don’t want to sound cheesy but, I hold you dear to my heart. No one apart from my mum, dad and siblings have ever made me so worried. I’m having a mental breakdown due to your illness, I hope for your fast recovery because only through this can my mind be at ease.

97. You have to be perfectly okay for me to stop praying about you. I’m sorry about my behaviour of always texting you, I’m only worried about your health. Text me when you feel any slight change. I’m here for you.

98. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Your absence has made me realize just how much I want to see you healthy. I can’t wait to see you looking healthy.

99. I was informed about your illness, and I feel depressed about it, but I keep reassuring myself that you will get better soon because of your optimistic spirit. Keep fighting! I’m always behind you.

100. I know I should be ashamed of sending this message to you because we haven’t been in contact with you lately. I’m sorry about my negligence. I didn’t receive news of your illness early, nevertheless, I’m hoping that you get back to health.

Having relatives suffering from sickness can put emotional pressure on those around. Your aunt may be worried about your mental health since you are worried about her.

These get well soon aunty messages and quotes can put her at ease. They are perfect to make your sick aunt feel comfortable and loved. I hope she gets well soon too.

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