Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Aunt

Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Aunt

Aunts are one of the most important women in our lives, and they are always our moms in disguise. If truly you have learnt some lessons from certain people, then your aunt must be one of them.

Aunts are very kind in nature and are overprotective of the nieces and nephews they love. I mean, some even love and care for you like you are their biological daughter/son. For most aunts, it’s a must to care and provide for their nephew and niece, whether or not they are far or near.

And when things don’t seem to be going well with them (financial constraints), they feel very bad that they can’t treat you well enough. Some even take it upon themselves to teach you about morals, family, love, God and humanity in general.

Your aunt is definitely a Godsent, that’s why you’re here I believe and you should make her know how much impact she’s had on your life. Her birthday is the perfect time to make her realize that.

Below are very beautiful happy birthday quotes and wishes for aunt and if for any reason you want to wish a happy birthday to your aunt who is no more, there are also birthday wishes below that will serve you well.

Aunt’s Birthday Quotes from Niece

Dear aunt, it’s your birthday and I have decided to send you the best quote. It’s such a pleasure to be your niece, and I’m grateful for everything I enjoy from you. Happy birthday, aunt.

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1. Dear aunt, you are so special and definitely the best. I want to thank you for filling the space of a second mom to me. Your guidance and support keep me going. Happy birthday to you. I love you with all my heart.

2. There’s no one as close as you are to me. There’s nothing I don’t discuss with you, and there’s no time you show up without lasting solutions to my problems. I want to thank you for always being there, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

3. Look whose birthday it is. I’m grateful to God to have such an amazing and sweet aunt like you, who makes everything available to her niece. I love you, and I’m not going to disappoint you. Happy birthday to you.

4. No one will ever understand the kind of bond that exists between us. I’m sure if my mom wasn’t my mom, then you would’ve been my mom. Despite having a mom, you still play the role of a mother judiciously. I’m grateful, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

5. I want to thank you for filling up a special place in my heart, no one deserves this except you. Having you in my corner is something to always be grateful for. Thank you for being not just an aunt, but a mom. Happy birthday, mama.

6. The little things really matter, you know? I mean, I never knew that until I gifted you a little present on your last birthday. You still thank me for it, till today. Whereas, you have done much more for me. I love you, my aunt. Happy birthday to you.

7. I really don’t know where to start, in case I think of telling all you’ve done. You are the sweetest aunt and the greatest support system a niece could ever wish for. You spoil me so well, aunt. I can’t wait to start doing the same for you. Happy birthday to you.

8. If my mom wasn’t alive, I’d have said you were my mom. I mean, who does these things for just a niece? You are proof that a smooth aunt-niece relationship is very possible. I love doing life with you, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

9. You have taught me much more than you ever can imagine. Ever wondered why I love being around you? Well, I will tell you; it’s so I could pick one or two lessons from your stories. You inspire me a lot, and I love to hear you speak. Happy birthday aunt.

10. You have such a stronghold in my life. There’s nothing you want I won’t do for you. You have been there all my life, and you are still very involved and interested in everything that has to do with me. This love is too real, aunt. I wish you a happy birthday.

11. I want to thank you for taking your time to instil discipline and fear of God in me. I have such busy parents, and you could’ve chosen not to help with anything, but you do anyways. Thank you, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

12. You are the best aunt anyone could ever wish for; the absolute best in the whole wide world. I want to be like you when I grow up because you inspire me a lot. Thanks for always being there. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Quotes for Aunt from Nephew

This is the best quote I will ever send to anyone on their birthday. I’m sending you this because you are the best aunt in the world. I’m a happy nephew because of your love. Happy birthday to you.

13. Today is a special day because it’s my aunt’s birthday. I have a confession to make, aunt. You have always been so inspiring and uplifting in your words. They keep me going, and I just thought to give you credit today. Happy birthday, ma.

14. It will be so wrong of me not to acknowledge your birthday, aunt. I mean, you are a very nice person, and I enjoy being with you. I’m sure it’s going to be a great year for you. Happy birthday to you, aunt. I love you too much.

15. What exists between us is far beyond the aunt-nephew relationship, it’s more like a mother-son relationship. You have never stopped giving me pieces of advice, ever since you noticed I had come of age. I am grateful because they help in dealing with life. Happy birthday, aunt.

16. Today will not go well unless I wish you a happy birthday. You are my helper and confidant. You go all out for me, even when my parents are around. What more can I ask for in an aunt? I hope this year comes with more happiness because you deserve it. Happy birthday to you.

17. I don’t know about you, but I love you so much, aunt. Everywhere is always boring without you, and whenever you’re not around, I am always looking forward to seeing you. You are the best in the world. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.

18. Today is a great day because I get to celebrate the best aunt in the world. You haven’t stopped winning my heart, ever since I knew you. You’re always right there to take me on expensive shopping. There’s nothing I’d do without you, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

19. I want to thank you for always having my back, whenever there’s an argument between my mom and me. You are always coming to my rescue, and this is something that makes me happy. I will be taking you out to lunch, later in the day. Please, don’t say no. Happy birthday.

20. You are more than just an aunt to my siblings and me. You have been of great help, especially when our parents are out of the country. You give us the best treatment, and I just thought to appreciate you on your birthday. Happy birthday, ma.

21. If there’s a next life for me, then I will have no choice but to choose you because you remain the absolute best. A lot comes with being an aunt to such a stubborn nephew like me, but you’ve always maintained your position like the queen that you are. I celebrate you, aunt.

22. I’m sure it’s no news that you’re the best aunt in the world; whoever will counter this fact should come forward with proofs. You have been the best, even to my friends. You mean a lot to me, and I couldn’t just let this day slide without wishing you a happy birthday.

23. With you, it’s the easiest to love and give. You do both so effortlessly, and I’m glad to be taking after you. You are an aunt, a friend and a perfect gift from God to me. I love you forever. Happy birthday to you.

24. I can’t keep thinking about how lucky I am to have an aunt like you. You make life so easy with your selflessness. I want you to know that you will always be that special aunt to me, come what may. Happy birthday, dearest aunt.

Best Quotes and Wishes for Aunt’s Birthday

Today being your birthday, I have lots of quotes and wishes in mind, but the most important thing to wish you is a life full of many blessings than you send out to others. Happy birthday to you, best aunt.

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25. It’s the world’s best aunt’s birthday, and I definitely can’t keep calm. You’ve and will always be an important person in my life. You do a lot in my life, and I can’t but wish you well on your birthday. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Happy birthday to you.

26. Today and always, you won’t stop being my beautiful aunt. Nothing will come between us, because we are best of friends. Thank you for always helping to collect whatever I need from dad, I really appreciate it. Happy birthday to you.

27. I’m so certain you’re the only one who is good at doing this aunt thingy. I still wonder how you manage to work and also manage the excesses of an overdemanding nephew like me. Thank you for everything, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

28. I have never stopped celebrating you, so your birthday will not be different. To the biggest aunt, anyone could ever wish for, I am seizing this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday. This year, your heart’s desires are granted. Love you.

29. I call you my ATM because you are always generous with your money. I have never seen an aunt who spends on her nieces and nephews like you. You are never tired of our excesses, even as much as they are. I will forever be indebted to you. Happy birthday.

30. You are so caring and accommodating. Your understanding of situations is also very remarkable. I want to thank you for always coming to my rescue whenever I get broke in school. You are loved forever. Happy birthday.

31. Everyone loves my aunt mainly because of how sweet she is. Aunt, I wonder why you’re are still this sweet, despite all life has thrown at you. I’m sure God is set to compensate you for all you’ve lost. Happy birthday to you. All my love.

32. You brighten up my world with your smile. Whenever I go through stuff, all I have to do is think of my beautiful aunt, and all my worries are gone. I hope your special day brings lots of laughter, fun and wonderful wishes your way. Cheers.

33. You are too caring, aunt. This is just one of the things that make a beautiful woman like you. I am looking to be like you when I grow up. You have motivated and inspired me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Happy birthday, sweet aunt.

34. School days were always wonderful because you always showed up with gifts and money. Even now that I am out of school, you still haven’t stopped being a good aunt. I hope I can pay you back, someday. Happy birthday to you.

35. I love your strength and resilience towards the things you believe in. You’re never the one to give up, and this gingers me to do more. Please, don’t you ever stop inspiring me. I love you too much. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Quotes for a Special Aunt

A special aunt like you deserves a special quote on her birthday. Thank you for being there for me, not minding my stubborn and carefree attitude. Happy birthday to you.

36. To the most special and best aunt in the world, I hope that you keep having reasons to smile and rejoice because you have brought nothing but joy into my life. May God continue to bless you with all the desires of your heart. Happy birthday, ma.

37. You are too beautiful for words, I guess this is just one of the things that make you special. Heavens bless the day I became your nephew because it was the beginning of a blissful journey. Thank you for showing me love, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

38. I bet to disagree that you just added another year today. What! You definitely are ageing backwards. This is a sign of always minding one’s business. I love the fact that you will never be found in the middle of other people’s businesses. I love you, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

39. No one is wiser and stronger than you, aunt. Despite all you’ve been through, you are still here standing tall. This simply means you are a very special one. Here’s wishing you many joyous years ahead. Happy birthday.

40. Because you are a very special aunt, I have no choice but to wish you the best in everything you do. You have been a great role model to me, over the years and having you in my life has opened so many doors of opportunities for me. I’m grateful. Best wishes, aunt.

41. You are not one of the aunties that shout at their nieces and nephews just because they play with them. Some don’t even want to attach themselves to their nieces and nephews, because they’re scared they might be rude to them. I guess your decision to be close to me makes you a very special aunt. Happy birthday.

42. I want to thank you for not feeling the need to ever scare me away. Instead, you are always interested in my business, so you can know how I am fairing. On your birthday, I just want you to know how blessed I am to have you as my aunt. Wishing you many happy returns, dear aunt. I love you.

43. You have taught me so much than you will ever imagine. I take my time to study you well, and I conclude you’re just a special aunt. No aunt will ever condone what my siblings and I do to you. We all love you, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

44. Everywhere I go, I make sure I blow your whistle. I tell people about my aunt and how special she is to the world. Thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me, directly and indirectly. I will make sure I don’t disappoint you. Happy birthday, ma.

45. I can beat my chest to say my life will never be this beautiful if you weren’t in the picture. You never left my siblings and me lonely, all the times our parents failed us. I still can’t wrap my head around how you managed to take care of us and work, at the same time. You are a hero. Happy birthday.

46. Most people will never understand the reason behind the pure love and understanding between us because it’s difficult for them to spot something good. You have been my life’s support from day one, and I have pledged to take good care of your kids too. Happy birthday, ma.

Birthday Prayer Quotes for Aunt Like Mother

No amount of prayers and quotes are too much for an aunt like you. You are just like a mother to me, and that’s perfection in itself. Thanks for being there for me. Happy birthday to you.

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47. I have never seen an aunt who does so much like a mother. Sometimes, you outdo yourself just to see that I am happy. It’s a great privilege to be your niece, and I will forever keep saying thank you. Happy birthday, aunt.

48. You are such an awesome and incredible auntie. Times with you are always very inspiring, and that’s why I always look forward to spending quality time with you. Thank you for living a good life for me to emulate. Happy birthday, aunt.

49. World stop! It’s the most beautiful woman’s birthday. You are an aunt like a mother, and that’s why I don’t bother referring to you as my aunt. You have had my back for years, and you still haven’t left me to myself. I will do anything to make you happy. A wonderful birthday, ma’am.

50. Naturally and generally, you’ve always been a wonderful person; not only to me but to everyone who’s had the chance to come across you. Some even talk about you, unknowing to them that I am your niece. Thank you for a good life. Happy birthday.

51. You have been a great companion and a wonderful inspirer for me. An aunt like a mother, that’s who you are. You hold nothing back when dishing out values. Your life is a great example to me. Happy birthday, world’s best.

52. I have a lot to be thankful for, especially for an amazing and supportive aunt like you, who plays the roles of a mother and an aunt in the most beautiful way ever. May your day bring you lots of joyful moments. Happy birthday.

53. You are the queen of all queens. You fiercely stand out amongst the strongest women I have met in my entire life. You shoulder lots of responsibilities without ever complaining of being weak. I can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday.

54. I love you in so many ways than one. I just wish I could bless you with everything I’m thinking of right now, but I guess you will have to wait till I make it very big. May this birthday of yours bring you more luck, happiness and success. Happy birthday.

55. You have brought me so many juicy opportunities than I thought. Here and there, people keep calling me for contracts. This is a clear effect of having an aunt like a mother. Oh, aunt, you do a lot for me. I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

56. We all deserve a great life, but you will gladly deprive yourself of this because you want to satisfy your nieces and nephews. Dear aunt, please slow down. Take it easy on yourself. I hope you see the need to take care of yourself too. Cheers to a great life.

57. Years from now, I will still keep talking about this wonderful aunt, who overdoes things for me like she’s my mother. God know I love you too much than I can explain. I’m never one to disappoint you, and I never will. Happy birthday, dearest aunt.

Birthday Messages and Quotes for Maternal Aunt

Dear aunt, I’m sure this message and quote meet you very well. For being the best maternal aunt in the world, Here’s wishing you a happy birthday. I love you deeply.

58. I have always heard about maternal aunt’s being the sweetest, but you just confirmed it to be true. Dear aunt, you do too much for me. You even do much more behind closed doors. Being appreciative is not enough, but that’s all I can do now. Happy birthday.

59. The best aunt in the world? Definitely you! Maternal aunts have never been this sweet towards their nephews. It’s with great joy that I welcome you into your year of unlimited opportunities. Happy birthday, my wonderful aunt.

60. Never wonder why God keeps blessing you. You will only be wasting your time doing that. Why won’t God keep blessing you, when all you’ve always done is live your life for charity. There’s no how you will stop progressing, mark my words. Happy birthday.

61. You are more than just an aunt to me. You’re a maternal aunt, and this makes you a special person. None of my paternal aunts will do half of all you’ve done for me. You are never the stingy type. I am grateful for everything. Happy birthday.

62. On your way up, I know you’ve lost a lot of good opportunities, but not to worry, they will present themselves to you again in no time. You deserve to be happy, and you are in for some great happiness, this year. Have a great birthday. I love you.

63. You are the most beautiful and amazing of all maternal aunts, and I have more than enough proofs to back this fact up. I hope your birthday is as beautiful and as special as you are, dearest aunt. Happy birthday to you.

64. You don’t only mean a lot to me, you mean a whole lot to this family at large. You can ask mom, I will always raise prayer points for you every morning, during the devotion. I love you, and I want no harm near you. Happy birthday, aunt.

65. You are the sweetest maternal aunt anyone could ever ask for. I have enjoyed you more than all my paternal aunts combined. You truly stand out, and that’s why the love towards you is massive. I love you forever and a day more. Happy birthday, aunt.

66. I’m sure there’s nothing that can tear us apart because we will not allow me. No one has ever made me feel like a complete woman like you. Everyone sees a bag full of shit, but you see a beautiful lady confident in her self. Thank you for believing in me, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

67. I’m not saying this to make you feel good, aunt. I mean it when I say you are the best maternal aunt ever. On behalf of all your nieces and nephews, I am saying we are more than grateful for all you do for us. We will never disappoint you. Happy birthday, ma’am.

68. Sincerely, I wish I could just get you a very nice jeep for your birthday, but you just have to manage this message. You have always been there for me, and there’s nothing one I’d ever have as my maternal aunt than you. Happy birthday, aunt.

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Aunt Quotes

You are and will always be an important person in my life. Life is so beautiful with people like you in it. Please, manage this quote for your birthday. Happy birthday, my beautiful aunt.

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69. You have played a very good part in making my life a better one. It wasn’t easy until you came into the picture. Ever since it’s been from one sweet experience to another. Your effect on my life is visible, even to the blind. I am forever grateful. Best wishes for your birthday.

70. It’s the birthday of the most important person in my life. And yes, you are more important than every other maternal aunt in the world, because you are a queen who rocks her crown the best way. Happy birthday, my beloved aunt. All the best.

71. I sincerely want to seize the opportunity of your birthday to tell you how proud I am. I mean you’re not only beautiful outwardly, but you also have a more beautiful heart. The things you do for charity will definitely find their way back to you. Happy birthday.

72. You look so beautiful and ravishing on your birthday, aunt. What a wonderful time to be alive. You are one of the wonderful women in my life, but you are also the most wonderful of them all. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Happy birthday.

73. Your kindness illuminates everywhere, once you step in. You are far too beautiful and kind to live amongst humans on earth. You deserve to be one of the angels in heaven, but I thank God you are my aunt. Happy birthday, sweetest aunt.

74. I’m sure by the time you see family and friends all over the whole place today, you will be so dazed. To be sincere, I feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful, supporting and motivating aunt like you; it’s such a great opportunity. Happy birthday to you.

75. You are the most beautiful and loved aunt in the whole wide world. You’re not only loved by your family, but by people who haven’t even met you. You are on your path to greatness, aunt. I wish you all the best. Have a happy birthday.

76. Heartiest congratulations on your new age, dear aunt. You deserve to live longer than anyone has ever done in the history of this family. Because to be honest, no one has ever come close to you in breaking records. You are a true heroine. Happy birthday, beautiful aunt.

77. Your good heart can be seen from afar off. Even without speaking or standing in front of people, they already know how beautiful you are. Dear aunt, on your birthday, I wish you to get the lost opportunities of yesterday and the bright future that you deserve. Happy birthday.

78. I have always wondered why you give more than you receive, not until you told me it’s honourable to do so when you have much more. And when I asked if you aren’t scared of running out, you simply told me God replenishes the purse of a giver. I felt that! Happy birthday, dearest aunt.

79. I know there are things that you wish you to have. I know there are levels that you wish to attain. I know there’d a future you’re picturing already. All these will come to pass because you have the most beautiful heart and you deserve much more. Happy birthday, aunt.

Happy Birthday to My Favourite Aunt Quotes

You are my favourite aunt, and everyone knows that. The influence you have on my life is not something I can include in such a short quote like this. I will love to give a speech at your birthday party. Happy birthday.

80. You are a very important part of my life, and I won’t fail to acknowledge you in my success story. You have done a lot for me, no wonder you’re my favourite aunt. Even when I don’t seem focused, you call me to order, with love. It’s a wonderful thing to have you in my life. Happy birthday to you.

81. Even when it’s not convenient, you’re always finding yourself, bending to make sure you satisfy me. I don’t know what I’d do without you, dear aunt. I know I have said this before, but I will repeat it; I will never disappoint you, trust me. Happy birthday, aunt.

82. I want to seize the golden opportunity of your birthday to thank you. I’m not thanking you for being an aunt to me, but for being the light other people use to see the road; for showing up for people with love and support. Happy birthday to you, rare gem.

83. Thank you for teaching me almost everything I know today, especially how to make the best of what I have; it has helped me. Some certain things would never have been possible without an aunt like you. That’s why you’re my favourite aunt. Best wishes.

84. My other aunts will always look at us like we don’t know what we’re doing. Little did they know that you’ve won my heart a million times over. I want to thank you for all the love and support. I will be forever grateful for all the great things you have done in my life. Happy birthday.

85. My life was already on its way to doom when I decided to be close to you. Ever since it has been in the most beautiful shape ever. You are worth emulating, unlike other aunties. Thank you for being a blessing. Happy birthday to you.

86. I have a lot to say on your birthday, but I’m going to keep it short and simple. I want to thank you for never behaving in a way that I will feel the age difference between us. You are my best friend and playmate. I wish you a great year ahead.

87. Here’s thanking you for being a part of my life, dear favourite aunt. It has helped in becoming this lovely young lady that I am. I feel very secure with you because you never gave me room to doubt you. Happy birthday. I love you forever and a day more.

88. You are an aunt who deserves the best things of life. I know you are blessed with almost everything you’ve ever wanted, but I still hope that you have much more. Keep being awesome, aunt. Happy birthday to you.

89. I have met lots of young ladies like me who talk about you, without knowing you are my aunt. Dear aunt, I want to get to a stage where everyone says something good about me and is inspired by the way I live my life; just like you. I know the day is near. Happy birthday, ma.

90. It’s not just your birthday, but our birthday. This is because it’s the day my favourite aunt was born into the world. This day will always remain the best day in the history of my life. You deserve to be celebrated more than just once a year, and that’s why I will keep celebrating you in my little way. Happy birthday, aunt.

Happy Birthday to My Aunt in Heaven Quotes

It’s so sad that I’m referring to you as dead in this quote. I can’t control my tears, dear aunt. Life was so beautiful with you. You loved me till death. I’m happy you are in a better place; heaven. Happy birthday.

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91. Dearest aunt, just when I was about to start getting closer to you, death decided to take you away. I’m glad you had a little impact on my life before you left. Everything you taught me has been so useful. I love you so much. Happy posthumous birthday to you.

92. Nothing’s has ever been the way they were before you left. I miss you every day and wish you were here with me. I’m facing difficulty in so many things, because of your absence, but I can only hope that you keep resting in peace. Happy posthumous birthday, aunt.

93. You were one person I was very close to, in the whole family. They all wondered if it was just an aunt-niece relationship, but little did they know that you were more like a mother to me. It’s so painful that I have to refer to you using past tense. Continue to rest in peace, dear aunt. Happy posthumous birthday.

94. Today is your birthday, so we all are celebrating you even in your absence. Ever since you left, things haven’t been the same, but we keep being hopeful still. You were still a wonderful aunt to us your nieces and nephews. We miss you every day. Happy birthday.

95. Even though you’re in heaven, we are very sure you’re on the right hand of the Most High God. I’m glad you lived a life full of purpose and grace. You were never a wicked aunt, but a loving and supportive one. Your memories will continue to linger. Happy birthday.

96. Today is such a wonderful and at the same time, sad day in our lives. We should be celebrating you; a lovely aunt and a treasure to our hearts but God wanted you to be with Him. I want you to know that we still love and miss you, nothing will change that. Happy birthday.

97. As wonderful as today would’ve been, we have no choice but to be happy, because we are sure you’re in a better place now. You lived a very inspiring and lovely life. You were always there for your people. I’m very sad that I won’t get to see my aunt again. Happy birthday.

98. Heaven gained an angel, the day you left this world. Who are we to question God for taking you from us? He will definitely treat you better than everyone you left in the world. It’s your birthday today, and instead of mourning, I choose to rejoice. Happy birthday, aunt.

99. Today is such a sad and emotional day for me, just like the day you made your exit out of this world. Thinking of how perfect life was with an aunt like you, I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I miss you a lot, aunt. It’s your birthday.

100. It’s your birthday, dear aunt. I wish you could just stand up and talk to me. I wish I could sing for you and eat your cake with you. I miss everything we had, including the happy and sad moments. You had such a great impact on my life, and I will never forget you. Happy birthday.

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