Happy Birthday Wishes for 17 Year Old Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for 17 Year Old Daughter

Having a daughter is one of the greatest blessings ever, either you’re a father or mother. Most daughters are priceless in that they will never let you go through anything alone. They constantly put a smile on your face by doing well in school and in life, generally.

A daughter like this is a prayer for every parent, and if you’re lucky enough to have such a daughter, then you should do all you can to see that she’s happy and comfortable even on her birthday.

You probably must be looking for wishes to celebrate and put a smile on your 17 year old daughter’s face on her 17th birthday, I bet you are in the right place.

If your intention is to make your 17 year old daughter love you the more then, these happy birthday wishes for 17 year old daughter below are all you need to do that. Just one of them is enough to convince your daughter that she has the best parent ever.


Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Here’s wishing you a very happy 17th birthday, my dear daughter. You mean so much to me, and I hope you keep doing well in life. May God continue to bless and keep you. Best wishes, my dearest.

1. 17 years ago, God decided to bless me with the most amazing gift ever. You have since changed my life completely, and you still do. Thank you for keeping up with my nagging and scolding. You know everything is out of love. Happy 17th birthday, my daughter.

2. You are the real evidence that God still exists. I never knew life could be so fair to me. Ever since you became mine, it has been from one wonderful experience to another. I enjoy bliss and happiness since you became mine. Happy 17th birthday to you. Make sure you have fun.

3. You are just 17, and you are the closest to my heart. There’s nothing bothering you, that you can’t tell me about. The way you willingly open up to me without zero effort is so beautiful. Thank you for trusting me, daughter. Happy 17th birthday.

4. It’s your 17th birthday and I am super excited. I haven’t been as happy as this in a long while. I’m thankful for where you are at the moment, and where God is taking you to. I want you to always be focused because the goal is to be successful and relevant. Happy 17th birthday.

5. The closest person to my heart is a year older today. My beautiful and amazing daughter is 17. My darling, you have no idea how happy I am right now. I’m proud of everything you keep achieving at 17. I’m very sure there are still much more to come. Happy birthday to you.

6. You inspire me a lot, my darling. You just want to keep doing all it takes just to make it. I appreciate you for finding the need to do the relevant things every time. Thank you for training and grooming yourself in the best way possible. I am proud of you. Happy 17th birthday.

7. I honestly don’t want to believe that you are 17 already. I won’t lie, I feel like a proud and blessed mom right now. Things haven’t been easy, but God has been faithful. I want you to keep your head grounded on the relevant things. I wish you the best. Happy birthday to you.

8. I have never seen a 17 year old so focused as you. You are all I have always prayed for, honestly. I thank God that you are here, and making the necessary impacts. Happy 17th birthday to you. I can’t wait to celebrate more years as your mom.

9. We have the best of connections. Our vibe is on a whole different level. You are like a sister I never had. I’m grateful for the times we spend together as a mom and daughter. I know there’s much more to you, and I can’t wait for the unveiling. Happy 17th birthday.

10. You are my jewel of inestimable value. I can’t go a day without thanking God for the gift of a wonderful daughter and best friend in one person. For all the times I yelled at you, I want you to know it’s for the best. Happy 17th birthday to the most adorable and respectful daughter ever.

11. You know what? It’s your 17th birthday, and I want to make it as special as you want it to be. You have been more than a daughter to me. The bond we have keeps showing me how empty my life could’ve been without you. I just want to have you all to myself forever. Happy 17th birthday.

12. The best part of my life is 17 today. I have known you for good 17 years, and in all of those years, you have been nothing but a blessing to me. You have never brought me shame. You are an example of a wonderful daughter. With two of your kind, the world will definitely be a better place. Happy 17th birthday to you.

13. You are not only relevant to me but to a lot more. When people talk about me being your mom, there’s this happiness that comes from within me. I am the happiest mom on earth because I have an amazing daughter like you, who brings me good luck. Happy 17th birthday to you. Enjoy your day.

Happy 17th Birthday Daughter Quotes from a Mother

This is the loveliest quote you’d ever received. As a proud mom, I have had uncountable proud moments, because of you. You have always brought me joy and happiness. My greatest inspiration is you. Thank you for making me proud. Happy 17th birthday, my daughter.

14. The fact that I have known you for 17 years of my life makes this day even more special. In all of these 17 years, I’ve never passed through any sad conditions. I knew how bad my condition was before I had you. You are my greatest testimony, and nothing will ever stop you from being permanent. Happy 17th birthday.

15. You have no idea how I feel about you. You came to rewrite my story. I didn’t have it good, but when you came through, God came through for me. I’m convinced that you’re the answer to my prayer. I don’t ever want to lose you, my baby. Happy 17th birthday to you. I love you so much.

16. There’s nothing I can do without you. My life will definitely be void of meaning without you in it. Since I had you, I have had more great experiences than I have all my life. Things just keep getting better. You know what? I would do anything to keep you happy and safe forever. Happy 17th birthday.

17. I know you really don’t like birthdays, but you have no idea how I feel about your birthday anniversary. It’s been 17 years since I have known you, and you’re still the only reason I want to keep living. You have brought me so much joy and happiness. May God bless you for me. Happy 17th birthday.

18. As a mother, it’s my joy to celebrate you on your birthday. Of all the persons present here, I am the happiest. I’m grateful to you for being so intentional about your life and those of the people you hold dear. Thank you for being so passionate about charity. I see all you do, and you have my support forever. Happy 17th birthday.

19. You are just 17, and you do things like a 50 year old. It’s obvious that you are wiser than your looks and age. God must really love me to bless me with such an ambitious and focused girl. A new year is upon you; make sure you make good use of every opportunity therein. Happy 17th birthday to you.

20. You have been living for a total of 17 years. I have every reason to be grateful to God. You are a special daughter, and I’m thankful that I have all I need to take good care of you. Thank you for heeding to those corrections even when they come sternly. Happy 17th birthday to you.

21. Your level of amazingness is beyond me, trust me. A lot of people love me because you are my daughter. Your presence in my life has really put things in place. I’m grateful for the times we spend talking together about life and business. I wish you have the best ate of everything. Happy 17th birthday to you.

22. Dear daughter, I won’t stop telling you that you are too wise for a 17 year old. Most of my business ideas come from you, and they work like magic. There’s nothing you will ever need, that I will not provide for you. Thank you for being so amazing; please, don’t stop. Happy 17th birthday.

23. My daughter, you are the only reason I am happy with life. You are the only reason I am still being nice to some people. Your birth changed my life totally. I’m grateful for the lessons I keep learning as a mom. You are my greatest blessing, and I wish you all the best. Happy 17th birthday to you.

24. Talk about a sophisticated and classy girl, you are the one! How did I get so lucky? I have watched my friends cry to God for an amazing daughter like you. I feel like I am the most blessed woman and mother to have you. Thank you for changing my life. Happy 17th birthday to you. Do have fun.

25. The Lord is my witness, I will never watch you go through anything alone. I promise to always be there for you, no matter how inconvenient it seems. You are my pillar and strength, and whatever I do outside of your knowledge will make no sense to me. Happy 17th birthday, my special daughter.

26. I will always attend to your needs as swiftly as possible because no ones comes before you. You are the most amazing daughter ever. If I hadn’t had you, my life would’ve been a mess. I want to thank you specially for choosing me. Happy 17th birthday, my daughter. Cheers!

Happy 17th Birthday Daughter Quotes from a Father

Fatherhood is somewhat tasking, but not as much as motherhood. You were the one who made me realize how powerful your mom is. Thank you for putting smiles on our faces. Sending this quote with all my love to you. Happy 17th birthday, daughter.

27. People will never understand how much you mean to me, and I honestly don’t care about their opinions. Apart from being my firstborn, you are my first daughter and only child. I have no reason to be unfair to you. Instead, I have every reason to spoil you, because you deserve it. Happy 17th birthday, my baby.

28. Like I have always told you, the best is yet to come. As you grow older, your faith will be tested. You will fail many times that you might even consider yourself a failure. That’s very fine. Just know that I will always be there to guide you against repeating any mistake. Happy 17th birthday to you. I got you forever.

29. I never knew my life will end up being the sweetest. I never knew God had a plan to bless me with an amazing daughter like you. For 17 years, I have experienced nothing but blessings upon blessings and abundance of it. You are my dream come true, baby. I hope you have an amazing 17th birthday. Mwah!

30. It’s no news anymore that I have the most amazing 17 year old in history. You keep making me proud and happy. Tell me why I should stop being a good mother and friend to you. Thank you for choosing me as your dad, best friend and role model. I will keep living right for you. Happy 17th birthday.

31. 17 years ago, God decided to bless this family with the most loving and amazing daughter ever. I’m grateful for all you’ve been doing all these years. You are really growing, and I must confess I am proud. May this 17th birthday blesses you with contentment and happiness. I love you.

32. I am the proudest father ever because I have a daughter who isn’t shy to tell me things I need to know. I thank God for this relationship that exists between us. I am not just your father, but your best friend. Feel free to keep telling me things. Happy 17th birthday to you.

33. You have turned out very well, beyond my wildest imagination. I never knew a female child could possess this kind of zeal and determination. I’m glad to be here to support your dreams, and I’m going to be here as long as you want me to. Happy 17th birthday, my baby. You are loved.

34. God planned with your mom to bless me with the most amazing and wonderful daughter ever. I will never stop being grateful to God because His plans made my life better. It’s been 17 years, my love. I hope you enjoy having me as your father as much as I enjoy having you as my daughter. Happy birthday to you.

35. Dreams do come true. It has been my dream to have a daughter who will be very close to me. God answered my prayer by sending you into my life. I don’t ever want to see you sad or unhappy. Happy 17th birthday to you. Daddy loves you forever.

36. Turning 17 is no ordinary milestone. In fact, it’s a major one. So from the bottom of my heart, I am wishing you a surprise-packed happy 17th birthday. May it be the beginning of the best years to come and may it lead you to greater heights in life. Amen.

37. I am the proudest parent ever! Having you as my daughter is more blessing than I ever thought. I don’t even know how best to explain how I feel about celebrating your 17th birthday with you. May the happy moments of your life be as countless as the sands upon the surface of this earth. Happy 17 birthday.

38. You are so amazingly beautiful and gorgeous. Your mom really did a great job in raising you alone, all the times I was not around. Thank you for embracing the best training any parent will ever give. We are proud of you, and we know you will go far in life. Happy 17th birthday.

39. 17 is an outstanding age because it prepares you for being an adult. I would like you to learn all you can now, so you don’t have to really bother yourself when you eventually turn 18. I trust you, my baby girl. Have a happy 17th birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday to my Daughter Messages

Sending you this beautiful message o your 17th birthday, because it’s a big deal to me. I’m thankful for the privilege of being a mother to the best daughter in the world. Thank you for blessing me with your love and presence. Happy birthday to you.

40. Nothing makes any meaning if it’s not about you. My whole world revolves around you, and I’m so happy about it. You are the only one who has got me working tirelessly day and night. I promise to always be intentional about giving you the best life. Happy 17th birthday, my angel. Have fun.

41. Life had no meaning to me before you became mine. I went through so many heartbreaks that I never thought about having a husband talk less of a child. Until I met your father. The beautiful relationship eventually resulted in a wonderful daughter like you. I will forever adore you. Happy 17th birthday.

42. My life became normal, the moment I welcomed you into my life. Your presence was felt by so many people, especially family and friends. We all knew that our lives were about to experience a new wave of glory. I’m thankful for the good luck you brought us all. Happy 17th birthday to you.

43. Before your arrival, this family never felt like one. It was always from one fight to another. Your presence really erased some irrelevancies from this family. Your presence brought love and cordiality into this family. We all are celebrating your beautiful life at 17. Happy birthday, my special and wonderful daughter. Love you.

44. Dear daughter, it’s been 17 years since you have been filling our lives with premium joy and happiness. We have never had any reason to complain about you and the things you do. We are very sure that you will keep giving us more reasons to love and adore you. We hope that your 17th birthday brings you more than you ever wished for. Happy birthday.

45. Birthdays come just once a year, and a daughter like you deserves to be more celebrated every single day. As a good mom who knows the impact you have on my life, I have never stopped celebrating you. You make me proud every time. You deserve everything I do for you. Happy 17th birthday to you.

46. Nothing else makes me happier than celebrating my beautiful daughter. It’s your 17th birthday today, and I want to thank God for being so faithful. You have been a blessing from day one. You haven’t stopped making us all happy. Today, we choose to celebrate you. Happy 17th birthday.

47. Sometimes, I don’t want to believe that you are my daughter. I mean, we could easily pass as sisters. We even have the same shoe size. Everything about us is almost the same. Trust me, I couldn’t have chosen another daughter. Thank you for filling my life with so much joy. Make sure you have a wonderful one.

48. I am never going to promise you the world because that’s impossible. But I will keep making sure I provide everything you need, no matter how far fetched they are. You are my dream come true, and going the extra mile to satisfy you is not out of place. Happy 17th birthday, my joy. I love you so much.

49. Life was dealing with me when God felt the need to bless me with you. My story has since changed from worse to good. I’m enjoying the life of my dreams because I have you. Nothing’s ever going to come between us. Happy 17th birthday, my baby.

50. Nothing is too much to celebrate a lovely angel like you. For 17 years, you have constantly brought joy and laughter into my life. Because of how much I glow, people now ask me what I eat. I eat the peace and joy you bring me. Happy 17th birthday, my daughter. You are blessed.

51. No other hood makes sense like motherhood; the experience has been amazing. Each time I wake up, I know there’s someone very important I need to talk to. You make everything easy for me, so I am grateful. Please, make sure you have a wonderful day today. I love you.

52. I have never been blessed this much, ever! I knew God was ready for me when I had you. My story changed all of a sudden. You are much more than just a daughter. You came through with full force, and I’m eternally grateful. Happy 17th birthday, my dream come true.

Happy 17th Birthday to my Daughter Quotes

This lovely quote is coming straight from my heart. You are an amazing angel and I am proud of everything you’ve achieved at 17. I want you to know that I will always support you, no matter what your choices are. Happy 17th birthday, my daughter.

53. I have never seen or heard of a more adorable daughter. You are respectful, kind, loving, amazing, hardworking, brilliant; you are literally everything a mother could want in her daughter. You have blessed my life more than you know. I just hope God keeps blessing you too. Happy 17th birthday, my darling.

54. Everything you do amazes me. You are the best daughter every mother would wish to have. My life is much more beautiful than ever, because of you. You bring me peace, joy, companionship and love. You are the most loving daughter, and I won’t stop loving you. Happy 17th birthday to you.

55. The day we all have been waiting for is finally here. The day you joined this lovely family and made it even lovelier. You deserve to be celebrated in a grand style, and we will make it a reality. Happy 17th birthday my beautiful daughter. Life is just about to start for you, but don’t fret!

56. Even in my next life (if there’s anything like that), I will choose you again. You complete my life in so many ways I can’t explain. All I know is that my life has become much more beautiful than it was before I gave birth to you. Here’s sending my best wishes to you on this special day. Happy 17th birthday.

57. You are my reality. I dreamt of having the best daughter, and you came through; nothing makes me happier and fulfilled than that. I signed up for motherhood because of you, and I’m never going to sign out till my last breath. Happy 17th birthday to you.

58. My ambition in life is to be the best mom; one who will always be there for her children. One who will have their backs and make sure they never experience defeat. I’m going to be this mom and more for you, my daughter. Make sure you have a happy 17th birthday because you deserve it.

59. I love how you take the necessary things seriously. You can never be found gossiping or being frivolous. I’m grateful for the kind of daughter God has blessed me with. I know you’re on a mission to bless the world with your amazingness. Happy 17th birthday to you. Have fun.

60. Some things happen just so one’s life can change for the better; one of them is you. You came into my life and things started making meaning. Your effect on my life is the utmost gift, and I’m sure God sent you to do this. Happy 17th birthday, my angel. You rock!

61. You have no idea how much of a blessing it is to watch you grow into an impressive young girl. You are the smartest and most versatile 17 year old I know. You have always been brave, kind, and dedicated. Please, make sure you enjoy this special day. I love you forever.

62. There are some things you will do that I will never complain about because I trust you to do them well. You have proven time and time again that you are a smart young lady. I hope things keep going your way. Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter. You are loved and cherished forever.

63. One of the promises I made to myself was that, if I ever have a daughter, she will be my best friend. 17 years ago, God answered my prayers and blessed me with a sweet and beautiful baby girl. Guess what?! She is now my best friend. May this day be the most memorable in your life. Happy 17th birthday, daughter.

64. Of all my achievements, you are the greatest. You top the list in everything that concerns me. I’m not just lucky to have you, I am the most Blessed Mother in the world. Happy 17th birthday, my precious daughter. I am proud that you are a part of my life. God bless you.

Birthday Greetings for 17 Year Old Daughter

Here’s sending you warm greetings on your 17th birthday. It’s a privilege to have a 17 year old daughter who makes me happy and proud. I hope you don’t ever change your ways. Happy 17th birthday to you. I love you so much.

65. You are my greatest gift from God and this will make me treasure you forever. You have no idea how great the plans I have for you are. I will make sure I keep supporting your dreams till you become the woman you plan to be. Happy 17th birthday, darling. Keep reaching for the stars!

66. Blessed am I amongst women. Blessed am I amongst mothers. God decided to bless me with eternal happiness, the day you became mine. I keep having greater experiences with each passing day. You are the most intelligent daughter ever. Happy 17th birthday to you. With lots of love from your mom.

67. No words can describe how proud I am of you. You have grown to be a responsible and respectful young girl. With the path you are towing, I know that you will be amongst the world’s most celebrated women. May all your dreams come true as you celebrate your 17th birthday.

68. Very soon, you will walk into the clique of adults. On your 17th birthday, I want to commend you for how responsible you have been. You do things without waiting for me to yell at you. I am raising a queen, and this makes me very happy. I hope you enjoy this new year. Happy birthday.

69. The world is full of wickedness and inhumanity, and that’s why I sometimes feel you don’t belong here. For God to have sent you into this world, then you have an assignment. I’m very sure you will make the world a beautiful place with your impact. I anticipate that time. Have a happy 17th birthday.

70. As you grow older, my life keeps getting more beautiful. I keep getting more intentional about living. Your effect on my life is so visible. Here’s wishing you all the joy and blessings your world can contain as you mark your 17th birthday. Keep blessing the world with your gifts and talents. Have a great one.

71. I want to specially congratulate you on turning 17 today. You are officially a big girl, and by next year, you will start doing what adults do. May this beautiful age be the beginning of several decades of happiness and great accomplishments for you. Make it count, regardless.

72. You are really learning a lot. You’re obviously different from who you were last year. You don’t find it hard to adapt to corrections. I see you going far if you continue this way. Here’s wishing an unforgettable 17th birthday to the most wonderful daughter on earth.

73. You are my favourite person in the world. My life will be in darkness without you. Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous you are? You are undoubtedly the most gorgeous 17 year old in the world. Thank God you’re mine. I hope you have yourself a happy and exciting 17th birthday.

74. The past few years have been so beautiful because you are present in my life. I honestly don’t know how you do it, but your amazingness is beyond me. Thank you for being effortlessly supportive of your mom. You’re an angel to me, daughter. Happy 17th birthday.

75. Age 17 looks absolutely beautiful on you. I’m sure this age has come with some more maturity and poise. I hope the year you’re going into brings you more courage and encouragement to tackle the uncertainties in the world. Happy 17th birthday to you. You are the best.

76. You are the most beautiful girl to ever clock 17, trust me. You have no idea how blessed I am. If I could be permitted, I’d love to scream on top of my voice, so the world can know how blessed I am. On your 17th birthday, I wish you the greatest treasure of life. I love you so much.

Birthday Messages for Daughter Turning 17

Yay!!! My beautiful daughter is turning 17. What more can I say than to thank God for His faithfulness and love. If not for God, you won’t be here today. I’m very happy and pleased with all you’re doing with your life. I wish you all the best. Happy birthday.

How to Plan a Birthday Party for your 17 Year Old Daughter.

77. Giving and loving is something you do effortlessly. Even though you sometimes love the wrong people, that hasn’t stopped you from being who you truly are. I just hope the world never changes you. May God give you an unlimited supply of happiness and love. Happy 17th birthday, my dear.

78. This is a great occasion in your life, and I’m so ecstatic about it. You absolutely deserve more love than you receive from people, but not to worry, I will keep coming through for you. I hope this year brings you all the joy your heart desires. Happy 17th birthday.

79. I see myself in you every time. When I was younger, I was exactly like this; full of life and positivity. I never allowed anything to get in my way. I stayed focused till the end. Trust me, if you continue this way, things will be much easier for you. Happy 17th birthday, my baby.

80. It’s officially 17 years since God blessed the world with you. Well, I have been the most blessed mom for 17 years now. I keep getting more blessed like it was when I just had you. As you keep bringing blessings into my life, I wish you nothing short of God’s blessings throughout your lifetime. Happy 17th birthday.

81. I’m not going to pretend as your presence has never blessed me. Of course, it has and it still hasn’t stopped. You are a great gift from God to me. My promise is to treasure you forever. I hope you have a fantastic year as you celebrate this special day. I love you.

82. A lot has happened in my life in the last 17 years, but your presence kept me grounded and focused. Sometimes, I want to believe that this beautiful life is not for me, because of the horrible past I have. But I’m reminded of God’s love for me. You have been a huge blessing to me. Happy 17th birthday to you. Enjoy yourself.

83. I’m not surprised that good things keep happening to you. As a 17 year old, you don’t allow things to get to you. No matter how much people insult and talk down on you, you stay focused. One thing I know is that you will never disappoint me. Happy 17th birthday, my baby. I love you forever and a thousand years more.

84. I have loved you even before you were born. The moment I discovered I was pregnant, I started communicating with you. Each time you jumped in my belly, I smile because I knew you were communicating with me too. We have always been best friends, and I hope we don’t ever stop! Happy 17th birthday, honey.

85. I hope this new age of yours does not get in your brain. I want you to know that, you can’t be truly free until you’re 18, so relax. Focus on what’s important and leave frivolities behind. You have a great mom and she will always be here to support you. Happy 17th birthday. All my love.

86. I have always given you my world. I promised to support and love you with every fibre of my being, and that’s what I keep doing. I have nothing of my own because everything I have is for you. It’s your 17th birthday, and here’s a hearty congratulations on hitting this great milestone of life. Have a beautiful 17th birthday.

87. Things keep getting easier with you. I have no reason to stress myself because I have the most considerate and responsible 17 year old. You make sure the whole house is clean, and you also take care of your siblings without asking you. I wonder what manner of a daughter you are. Happy 17th birthday, my love. You are nothing but the best.

88. Your smile is the brightest I have seen all my life. I’m blessed to have you in my life, and I’m sure many others can say the same. Thank you for being an amazing daughter who fixes things before asking her to. I owe you so much, but you owe me a good life. Happy 17th birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 17 Years Old Girl

You are officially 17 years old, my girl. One of my wishes is to see you do well in life. So far so good, you have never disappointed me. I will keep making sure that you never lack anything good, as long as I live. Happy 17th birthday to you.

89. There’s nothing I’d do without you. God knew how badly I needed you, and He sent you into my life. I’m grateful to you for everything you do. You’re just 17, but you know how important it is for your mom to be happy. Thank you so much. May your 17th birthday open the door to many blessings. Happy 17th birthday.

90. I have no reason to complain because I have the smartest 17 year old girl. Being your mom has taught me a lot about motherhood and life in general. For being such a wonderful daughter to me, you deserve nothing but the good things of life. On your 17th birthday, I hope you have full joy and happiness. Enjoy.

91. You have made every day a blessed one for me. I wonder what I have done to deserve an angel like you. I look forward to spending time with you, whenever we are not together. No one makes my world brighter than you; not even your dad. Happy 17th birthday, my sunshine. Love.

92. Your 17th birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell how blessed I feel to have a wonderful daughter like you in my life. Things got really better when you came through. I won’t stop blessing the day you came into my world. May your 17th birthday be a remarkable one.

93. You have made my life outstanding in everything way. So many people now see me as their role model, just because I enjoy being a mom to the most amazing daughter in the world. Thank you for causing me to smile again. May the Lord be with you as you celebrate 17 years of existence on planet earth.

94. I know you have some birthday wishes I can’t grant, probably because my hands are tied or they are not ordinary. Whatever they are, I hope God listens to you and grant each of them. You deserve to be happy forever because you’ve brought me so much happiness. Enjoy your 17th birthday.

95. I know you love to have fun, so I have made plans for premium fun for you and everyone that’s going to show up at the party. I hope you know you deserve whatever I do today. May all the good things find their way to you, because you deserve them. Happy 17th birthday to you.

96. Wherever you may find yourself, always remember that you have a mom who loves and will do anything for you. No matter how bad times are, I will keep making you happy and make sure you have whatever you desire. Happy 17th birthday, my love. Have fun.

97. You are a Blessed Child; I know that because I have never stopped experiencing God’s blessings ever since you came into my life. I promise to provide all your needs for you. May God help me provide the ones that are above my reach. Happy 17th birthday to you.

98. I don’t even know what else to say other than to thank God for blessing the world with the most amazing young girl. You’re just 17, and the world keeps feeling your presence. I know you have so much to achieve, and I will be here to make your dreams a reality. Happy 17th birthday.

99. I know I’m nothing close to being a perfect mom, but I am the best. You make being a mom so easy for me. You have never stopped making me proud, and this enables me to do more. If you continue like this, you will leave me with no choice but to spoil you silly. Happy 17th birthday.

100. You are the coolest 17 year old ever. I didn’t even know how I got so lucky. On your 17th birthday, I have one thing to tell you; never stop being proud of who you are because you are amazing. May things keep working out for you. Have a wonderful 17th year.

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