Happy Birthday Wishes for 3 Year Old Son from Mum and Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes for 3 Year Old Son from Mum and Dad

Kids are so adorable, especially at the age of 3-5 and this is mostly because they are at that age where they are so impressionable.

This is the best time to teach them what love and family is. And you have a great chance to do that on their birthday. You can make them see and feel how special they are to the family.

Now, you might be thinking that they won’t be able to read your wishes. Well, they can see them in future to see how their family celebrated them.

And there is something to be said about speaking the right words into the atmosphere.

So, if your son is celebrating his 3rd birthday, this is for you; happy birthday wishes for 3 year old son.

And without further ado, let’s get to it.

Special Son Happy 3rd Birthday Son Quotes

Happy 3rd birthday to my cute son. I thought of the special quotes and sayings to celebrate you today because you have brought me so much joy. But really, I just wish that you are always happy and cheerful. Love you, honey.

1. You have won my affection, there is nothing you need that I can say no to. You are my special son in whom I’m well pleased. Happy 3rd birthday. I welcome you to a bright beautiful season of tremendous growth and transformation.

2. Happy 3rd birthday to my special son. Right from the day you were born, I knew something about you was different. And now that I see the manifestation of those things, it makes my heart rejoice.

3. It takes God to make anyone special, and I’m glad He chose you to be this amazing as a child. I can not wait to see the future He is preparing for you. Happy 3rd birthday, my special son.

4. I have never seen any 3 years old this smart and well-behaved. It makes me happy seeing how much good you are doing so far. Happy 3rd birthday, son, you’re special.

5. Things began to turn around for good in our family the day you were born. Up until now, you have never ceased to bring us good luck. Happy 3rd birthday, my special son.

6. I don’t know how this sounds but, it best agrees with me to call you my special son. I know you may not understand it now. In time, I will tell you more. Happy 3rd birthday, Champ!

7. God has done marvellously with you, son. I can’t imagine how I could have raised you by myself. But, look at us now, we have nothing to worry about, and all that is because of the great favour you have brought with you the moment you entered into this world. Happy 3rd birthday, my special son.

8. Dear special son. I could barely think of anything outside of my life with you. You are my source of strength and hope. Happy 3rd birthday!

9. You are by far the most adorable boy I know. Look how happy you make me, son. Thank you for bringing laughter to our faces. Happy 3rd birthday, my special son.

10. You have made it clear that being a 3 year old is not an excuse to not do great in life activities relevant to your age. Your attitude to life is worthy of emulation. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Thank you for being special.

3rd Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful son in whom I am well pleased. From the time you were born to me till now, I’m still in awe that you are mine. Mom loves you so much. My wishes for you are goodness and success all the days of your life.

11. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Mothering you to this day has been a great journey. Your bubbly and vibrant spirit is so infectious. Here is to wishing you a fabulous birthday.

12. Your actions get me wondering all the time how much of a problem solver you will become. It’s your 3rd birthday yet, it feels like I have a grown-up in my house. Happy birthday, my son. Wishing you a day as wonderful as you.

13. Your type is rare on this earth, son. Your sweet little soul makes my heart rejoice. You always want to be there for Mommy, how sweet! Happy 3rd birthday. I wish you more beautiful years.

14. When I look at you, tears of joy flow down my cheeks. Every battle I fought to make sure you survived was all worth it. Happy 3rd birthday, my miracle boy. Keep living, son.

15. Deep down my heart, all I really want is to raise you to be the best man that you can be. It is one duty I owe God. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Here is to wishing you a year full of light and laughter.

16. I always have you in my thoughts. I don’t seem to forget you even for one minute, no matter where I am. I love you so much, son. Happy birthday.

17. You’re full of joy and happiness. Watching you run around the house lightens the heaviness in my spirit. You are one good thing that has ever happened to me. Happy 3rd birthday, son.

18. It’s your 3rd birthday on this journey of life. It feels great being your mother. Here is to wishing you an amazing birthday, my dear son.

19. You are so peaceful that sometimes I want to be like you. Even though you are a child, and have little to worry about life, I certainly know you will maintain this peaceful nature even as an adult. Happy 3rd birthday, my son.

20. You are full of charm and delight. You win the heart of everyone around you that sometimes, I get jealous of how much attention you are getting. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Wishing you a year as gorgeous as you.

3rd Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

Seeing my mini-me running around the house makes me so happy. I like seeing you light up when you see me come into a room, it shows I’m doing something right. The wish of my heart is that you will never know sorrow and you will have a good life. I hope you enjoy the gifts from dad. Happy 3rd birthday, son.

21. I bless God for you, son. It was on this day 3 years ago that He gave you to us. Your birth has literally turned my life around, I never knew I could be a great dad. Here is to wishing you the best of the new year. Happy 3rd birthday!

22. It has been such an honour being your dad. Happy 3rd birthday, my son. If it wasn’t for your birth, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wish you a fabulous new season.

23. I never thought it was possible to have a family of my own after all the challenges I had in life but, look at me today, I’m a dad. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Cheers to an amazing year.

24. I feel really proud being called your dad. You have no idea how happy you make me. As you step on this new chapter, nothing you ever need will be lacking in your life. Happy 3rd birthday, my beloved son.

25. Happy 3rd birthday, son. It took me some time to realize the fact that the life of someone now rests in my care. Being your dad has inspired me to become more of a person you would want to look up to.

26. My favourite time with you is usually our walk in the park, when I take you out shopping, and when we have our little dad and son talks. Happy birthday, son. I love you so much.

27. It takes only one significant thing to change a person’s life. Welcoming you into the family brought so many great changes our way, and every time you call me dad, I feel fireworks in my eyes. Happy 3rd birthday, son.

28. I have always dreamed of being a dad. Most of all, I have always wanted to give my son everything life denied me. Happy 3rd birthday, son. This is just a starting point. I will open doors for you that I had to fight my way through.

29. Happy 3rd birthday, son. You are my legacy. Soon, I will teach you everything I know. Keep growing, my champ, I have a lot in store for you.

30. The first time I heard you call me dad, I was jolted in my spirit. I felt so emotional that day that I promised myself that I wouldn’t let you down. Happy 3rd birthday, son. The world is your oyster.

Birthday Wishes for Son on His 3rd Birthday

There is nothing about my son that I don’t find adorable, from his quick smiles to his hearty laughter. I am grateful to be your parent, baby. My heart wishes you a very wonderful 3rd birthday. I pray for you that you will not miss it in life.

31. How wonderful it feels to have a 3-year-old son. I appreciate the gift of you, son, and every single day, I pray God’s purpose in your life will come to fruition. Happy 3rd birthday.

32. Your energy fires me up. Each morning I wake to your voice cheering and playing around the house, I feel fulfilled. Happy 3rd birthday, son.

33. You are my world, son, and I’m thankful for all the sweet emotions I feel raising you. Happy 3rd birthday, my love.

34. My greatest feat came the day you were born, and up until now, nothing has surpassed that. Happy 3rd birthday, my son. I love how you call me dad.

35. I have been looking all over for you. I just realized you would be busy with one of those toys I got you. Happy 3rd birthday, my little champ. It’s wonderful having you as my son.

36. Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their kid growing in the manner they are being trained. Happy 3rd birthday, son. I’m super proud of your little wins.

37. Each year comes with a new chapter, and yours just got started. Happy 3rd birthday, son. I want you to always remember that I got you.

38. On the days when I feel tired and waned from the hassles and struggles of life, I come home to you and your adorable smile melts my heart. Happy 3rd birthday, son. You are the reason I don’t want to ever give up.

39. Happy 3rd birthday, son. I adore you. And I don’t want you to ever lose your shine. I hope you always be resilient and determined as you grow up and face life.

40. Hey son! I hear it’s your birthday today. Happy 3rd birthday, my wonderful boy. I love you. Have fun!

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Son Messages

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet son. We have gotten so many messages from your grandparents, uncles and aunties already. The best thing about your birthday is the fact that many people are praying for you to live a beautiful life. We love you.

41. Words fall me to express how happy and grateful I am today being your birthday, son. Happy 3rd birthday to my lovely son. You are such a delight to be around with.

42. Countless times I have asked myself what I did to deserve such a brilliant boy. Heaven blesses the day you came into our lives. Happy 3rd birthday to you, my son.

43. Happy 3rd birthday to my son. My soul rejoices in you always. It’s that time of the year again when we get to celebrate your special day. I hope you enjoy your day today.

44. I have thought about what to get for you on your birthday today, but I can’t seem to come up with anything at all. Happy 3rd birthday to my son. Ask whatever you want and it will be yours today. I just want to make sure you have a wonderful 3rd birthday.

45. I enjoy watching you sing all the time. You have a great voice already, son. Today is your 3rd birthday, and I just want to use this moment to say; happy birthday to my son. Wishing you the best of the new year.

46. Anytime I remember you, a wild grin spreads across my cheeks. Boy! You make me a proud dad. Happy 3rd birthday, my son. You deserve nothing short of the best in life.

47. I have never seen any kid with your determination to get things done at such a young age. This is a great attitude to life, and I hope your determination continues to pave way for you. Happy 3rd birthday to my son.

48. I look at you with so much satisfaction, joy, and appreciation. You have the sweetest personality. Happy 3rd birthday to you, my son.

49. As you make your 3rd birthday today, my son. I want you to always remember one thing, and that is to never lose hope in life ’cause good things come to those who wait. Happy birthday!

50. You shall excel far beyond the level that I am now. Happy 3rd birthday to my beloved son. Everything I’m doing today is to make sure you have a great life.

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Boy

My little boy is becoming a big boy. Everybody that comes around you always wonders how you are already this eloquent at such a young age. I celebrate you today and every other day. Happy 3rd birthday to you. Love you.

51. You are a great kid. I have never seen anyone your age this intelligent. Happy 3rd birthday, my little boy.

52. Happy 3rd birthday, little boy. We have been counting down to this day for the past few weeks. Now, the D-day is upon us, and we have to paint the house red.

53. Happy 3rd birthday, little boy. I’m super thankful for this new year of your life. Here is to me saying hello to the latest 3 years old in town.

54. One of the things I love most about you is that you are smart and attentive. You just understand my body language without me having to say a word. Happy 3rd birthday!

55. No matter how much I have to pay, I will make sure you get to the highest level of your education and career. Your talents and brilliance will never go to waste. Happy 3rd birthday, my boy.

56. I know what you want today, and be certain you are going to get it. If I don’t spoil you on other days, today is exceptional. Happy 3rd birthday, my little boy.

57. Happy 3rd birthday to the coolest little boy in the house. You are one special child, and God knows I love you so much.

58. The long-awaited 3rd birthday is upon us. I see you in different shades of happiness. You deserve all the attention you are getting today.

59. Thank you for letting me parent you without any problems, my little boy. You are obedient and empathic, and I’m glad you have good elderly ones to look up to. Live your best!

60. Cheers to the birthday boy! I am probably more excited than you are about today. Happy 3rd birthday, little boy. You are just amazing.

Happy Birthday Wishes for A 3 Year Old Boy

Happy birthday to the smartest 3-year-old boy I know. My love for you is unquantifiable because you are a precious gift to me. My heart wishes you so much love and warmth all the days of your life. May you grow into more awesomeness.

61. Happy birthday to the smartest 3-year-old boy I know. As you clock 3 years today, you shall never experience backwardness in your life.

62. This year shall be made perfect for you, my boy. Happy birthday to the most adorable 3 years old kid on the block.

63. The heavens rejoice, the earth sings for you, and I celebrate you on your special 3 years birthday. Happy birthday to you, boy!

64. I can feel the height of happiness surrounding your life today. Therefore, I want you to have a happy 3rd birthday. You are a great boy.

65. There is never a dull moment around you. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. I hope your 3 years birthday experience will be your best so far, my boy. Happy birthday.

66. Raising you is my greatest joy. You have a special aura of grace and favour. You are 3 years old today, and I want to wish you a happy birthday, my dear boy.

67. I love having you around me all the time ’cause you make the best company. I want to seize this opportunity to wish you a wonderful and happy 3rd birthday.

68. You’re young and witty. The kind of wisdom you showcase is not common among your mates. Here is to wishing you a delightful 3rd birthday, dear boy.

69. I am full of satisfaction seeing how well you represent the family. You are just 3 years old but we are already hopeful about your future. Happy birthday, my great boy.

70. I really can’t hold back the joy I feel around you. You make my whole life meaningful, boy. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 3 Years Baby Boy

My favourite baby boy is 3 years old today. Even though you talk my ears off due to your curious and intelligent mind, I will definitely have you no other way. My wishes for you are great blessings and favour in life. Happy birthday.

71. You’re such a vibe! Happy birthday to my 3 years old baby boy. Mama loves you so much.

72. Anytime I think of you, I feel this assurance that I have something worth fighting for. Here is to wishing my handsome 3 years old baby a fabulous birthday!

73. Cheers to your 3rd birthday, my baby boy. I’m pleased with the level of progress you have shown so far, and I can’t wait to hear more success stories about you.

74. Anyone can tell that you are happy today. Why not? it’s your 3rd birthday, my baby boy. I want you to know that I’m always here for you. Happy birthday.

75. Your voice is the first thing I hear in the morning, my baby boy. I feel so happy that you are now 3 years old. That means we are going to be seeing some level of maturity from now henceforth.

76. I think I already know what you want for your 3rd birthday, my baby boy. Don’t worry, I have a lot of surprises for you today. Happy birthday!

77. You are cheerful and full of great delight. Happy birthday to my 3 years old baby boy. I don’t know what my life would look like without you around to brighten my day with your energy.

78. If I haven’t told you before, know it today that you rock my world. You are the only reason I want to wake up and live for another day. As you mark your 3rd year today, my baby boy, I want to wish you a happy birthday.

79. You keep making sweet progress here and there. Happy birthday, my baby boy. Cheers to 3 years and many more to go!

80. Happy birthday, my baby boy. I can’t believe you’re 3 years old already. May life be good for you.

Third Birthday Wishes for Son

My handsome son is celebrating his third birthday today and I couldn’t be more proud. I see your wit and grit even at such a young age and it never ceases to amaze me. My wishes for you are joy that never ceases and laughter that never dims. Happy third birthday, love.

81. I’m grateful for this day. It was on this day, three years ago, that I welcomed you graciously into my arms. Happy third birthday, son.

82. I can not describe the weight of gratitude I feel In my heart ever since you were born. Happy third birthday to the son of my womb.

83. I can’t explain the unconditional love God has shown you and me, my son. Giving birth to you was a battle God fought for us. Happy third birthday, my son of consolation.

84. I have so many things in store for you today, son. Happy third birthday. Welcome to the best time of your life.

85. My heart is full of joy concerning you. Happy third birthday, my son. Anytime I look at you, I see God’s hand in your life.

86. Happy third birthday, son. With you, my life is complete. I have no care in the world concerning any other thing ’cause I have waited long for you to be here.

87. I still remember the first time you called me, dad. I have never felt as emotional as I felt at that. I love you, son. Happy third birthday.

88. You make me shed tears of Joy. Happy third birthday, my lovely son. You’re the evidence of God’s love towards me.

89. I’m lost for words to describe how happy I am today. It is just unbelievable watching you celebrate your third birthday. Time really flies. Welcome to your best year yet, son.

90. Today’s a delightful day. Happy third birthday to my son. Always remember that I’m here for you and that I love you beyond what words could say.

3rd Year Birthday Wishes for My Son

My lovely son is celebrating his 3rd year birthday today. You are very precious to me and my heart wishes that God blesses you with wisdom and intelligence. I pray for you that God will lead you and shine His light on your path.

91. Happy birthday, son. It’s your 3rd year here on earth. It has been great watching you grow up to this point. Here is to wishing you a delightful birthday.

92. When It comes to you, I feel triumphant. You may not know this but, your being in my life today is a huge testimony. Happy 3rd birthday, son. I wish you God’s protection all year round.

93. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Your activities in school give me joy. Don’t worry, I have something special for you today. Just keep making me proud, and I will do more for you.

94. If I were told that I would be the mother of a 3-year-old today, I would have doubted it. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Thank you for choosing me to be your mum.

95. Experiencing life with you has been the most thrilling story of my life. Happy 3rd birthday. Cheers to many more years of sharing sweeter memories with you, son.

96. I’m always blown away by your wit. I wonder how a little boy can be this witty. It’s your 3rd year birthday, my son, and I want to wish you a wonderful year ahead.

97. I never use to have the kind of confidence I have now but, ever since you were born, I can boldly raise my head anywhere because you make me proud. Happy 3rd birthday, son. Thank you for being the source of my strength.

98. Your being in my life has brought me ample progress and favour. You have no idea how much greatness lies within you. Happy 3rd birthday son. You will excel!

99. Your empathy towards others is so commendable. I have no doubt that you will grow into a good and responsible young man. Happy 3rd birthday, son.

100. Look whose 3rd birthday it is today! Happy birthday, son. You already know how much I love and pray for you every day. This year will surely be great for you.

In conclusion, remember that this is more about putting a smile on your son’s face. And so, when he grows old, he can see how much your display of love for him has been consistent. Hopefully, this collection of happy birthday wishes for 3 year old son will help you in achieving that.


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