Happy Birthday Wishes for 6 Year Old Daughter from Mom Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes for 6 Year Old Daughter from Mom & Dad

One of the most special moments you can seize to show your beloved child just how much you love them is on their birthday.

For your daughter marking her 6th birthday, showering her with incredibly sweet wishes and messages will do a great job in conveying your deepest affections for her. And here, you will find cute happy birthday wishes for 6 year old daughter from mom & dad.

As her mom, you can choose from the 6th birthday wishes for daughter from mom section to serenade your baby girl on her birth anniversary.

That’s not all:

6th birthday wishes for Daughter from dad have also been written in such an emotional manner to bind the bond between you two stronger, as a dad.

Different categories abound below and it’s all for your daughter’s big day. So, don’t shy away from going through each of the sections, you never can tell where your most favourite wishes lie.

Ready, go!

Happy 6th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

May you continue to grow in good health, happiness, and abundance. Mom and dad love you to the moon and back. You can always count on us to give you our very best. Happy 6th birthday, daughter.

Here are the best happy 6th birthday wishes for your daughter:

1. You’ve been in our lives for 6 beautiful years. I look forward to spending several years with you as my loving daughter. Happy 6th birthday, darling.

2. I have so many sweet wishes for you. Above all, may you never be full of pain but your life be repleted with sheer happiness. Enjoy your new age, my loving daughter.

3. As my first daughter, I love you with every fibre of my being. May this new year of your life bring you only good tiding.

4. You are the sweetest daughter anyone could ask for. Thank you for making your dad and me proud. Happy 6th birthday, darling.

5. May you witness many years ahead of you. All of your sweet wishes shall become a reality before your young eyes. Happy 6th birth anniversary, my friend and daughter.

6. I have you to thank for the warmth and joy I enjoy in my life. Happy 6th birthday to my lovely daughter. May you never be broken in life.

7. As you continue your journey in life, may you never lose focus nor be stranded when you need help. Happy womb escape to my 6-year-old, daughter.

8. I’m so glad to call you my own. May the special bond we share grow tighter. I wish you many happy returns in good health and joy.

9. Happy birthday to an exceptional 6-year-old daughter. I’m glad you are the baby girl I’ve been searching for. Thank you for coming into my life.

10. Wherever you go on earth shall bless you. I pray you never be deprived of anything good and beautiful. Your 6th year on earth shall be more fulfilling for you, baby girl.

6th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Always remember that mom would do anything for you as long as you remain a good girl; I trust you will, my dearest daughter. Wishing you a one-of-a-kind happy 6th birthday. Enjoy the rest of your day, honey.

Use these 6th birthday wishes for daughter from mom to celebrate your beloved child:

11. With my whole heart, I wish you a happy new year. May this new age make you happier than the yesteryears’. I love you more than you would ever understand, my precious child.

12. You brought surreal happiness into my life. I conceived you by pure serendipity. Hence, I see you as a divine gift. Happy 6th baby, my mini-me.

13. You’ve grown from being a sleeping beauty cocooned in your lovely crib to my beautiful child running around the house. May your strength and joy never diminish cause I love you forever.

14. Wherever you may go in life, favour shall find you. Happy 6th birthday to my sweetest daughter.

15. I love everything about you cause you are more than everything to me. Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful daughter in whom I’ll always find fulfilment.

16. I count it all joy when you make me yell at you, correct you or wrap you around me. Happy 6th birthday to my only child and daughter.

17. For your sake, I could fight a war and bring you victory. Happy 6th birth anniversary to my daughter. You look so beautiful as each day passes by.

18. Happy 6th birthday to my first child. I love everything about you. Merely thinking about you makes me cry tears of joy. May you never regret being born.

19. Your joy will perpetually be my joy. I love you so much from here to the moon and back. Happy birthday to my darling daughter.

20. I’ll choose you all over again if I’m to have another daughter. Thank you for all the years you’ve made me a happy mom. Happy 6th birthday, my love.

6th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

My dearest daughter, you’ve always made me a happy dad since the day you came into my life. For you, I’ll do anything to make your smile grow wider. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter. I love you so much, princess and I wish you well.

Use these 6th birthday wishes for daughter from dad to show your princess how much you love her:

21. You’ll always be my little charming princess no matter how old you grow. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter.

22. I love you, my dearest daughter, and would always prove it to you cause you must never forget that you are so much loved. Happy 6th birthday, baby.

23. I will build the would and give it to you, my beautiful 6-year-old baby girl. Always have a beautiful life. Happy birth anniversary, darling.

24. You are everything to me than I can describe. I wish you everlasting joy in your journey in life. Enjoy your 6th birthday, honey.

25. I will always love you even when I chastise or applaud you. Always remember that, my beautiful 6-year-old angel. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

26. You are the biggest reason I believe in God cause you are a divine blessing to me. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl.

27. Wherever you go, always remember that you have a father who’d always love you and be proud of your accomplishments. Happy 6th birthday, baby.

28. no one can ever take your place in my life. Happy 6th birthday to my only daughter. You give me reasons to smile every day.

29. You are the most beautiful girl in the world cause your heart says so and your pulchritude confirms it. Happy birthday, my 6-year-old little angel.

30. I’ll always be with you wherever you may go in life cause I dwell in your heart at all times. Happy birthday to the one whom my heart guards.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter 6 Year Old

It’s your birth anniversary, today, and I can’t help but shed few tears for the joy we’ve shared as a family. Happy 6th birthday, my beloved daughter. You’ll always be our true love cause you are irreplaceable. Wishing you many happy returns in good health as you become 6 years old.

Here are the most cutest birthday wishes for daughter 6 years old:

31. I’m so happy to have a daughter who has grown this much. It’s being 6 years of having the kindest person in the world be my daughter.

32. I look forward to every milestone you’ll celebrate in life. Happy 6th birthday to my sweetest child.

33. You make us, your parents, the proudest ones on earth cause you are such a focused young child. Happy 6th birth anniversary, baby girl.

34. Without you in my life, I’ll be lost. Thank you for giving me purpose. I love you so much, baby girl.

35. You’ll always make me proud with or without a trophy. Happy 6th birthday to my awesome baby girl.

36. I love your laughter cause it brings so much joy and serenity to me. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl. May your life continue to be beautiful, baby.

37. I have so much faith in you that you’ll always be a good kid. Happy 6th birthday to my kindest daughter.

38. I wish I could describe all the beautiful emotions you make my tender heart go through. One thing I can say for sure is that I love you unconditionally. Happy 6th birthday, my lovely child.

39. Whatever good your heart desires shall always be your portion. Happy 6th birthday to my best friend and daughter.

40. You are the most charming little princess in the world. May you never lose your glow, charisma, and wisdom. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter 6-Year-Old Girl

I have so many wishes for you, today, as you clock your 6th year on earth. It’s my earnest desire that you thrive in all that you do. You shall always enjoy the gift of happiness, love, and prosperity. Wishing you many happy birthdays, my baby girl.

Here are the warmest birthday wishes for your daughter 6-year-old girl:

41. My wishes for you could travel as far as the heavens. Happy 6th birthday, daughter. May you never be a sad child. You shall live life to the fullest.

42. I will always love you no matter what you do. I wish you long life, joy, and happiness.

43. May your heart desires come to pass and you shall become the girl of your dream. Happy 6th birthday to my little one.

44. I have so much confidence in you cause since birth you have always made me a happy mom. Happy 6th birthday, gorgeous baby girl.

45. I pray you never lose anything good in life. You shall always be surrounded by the good things of life. Happy 6th birthday to my child.

46. I am so proud to be your mom and your dad feels the same way, too. Thank you for choosing us. Happy 6th birthday, girl.

47. May you never grow weary of life. You shall always find the will, inspiration, and reason to keep thriving. Happy 6th birthday, my love.

48. You shall not only survive the battles that life throws at you, but you shall thrive. Happy 6th birthday, honey.

49. I wish you the very best as you go round the sun for another 365 days. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter.

50. You are the best thing to ever walk the surface of the earth. Thank you for blessing the world and touching our lives. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl.

Happy 6th Birthday To My Daughter Messages

Today is brighter than usual because it’s your birthday. Our lives have been transformed by the love you constantly bestow on us, your parents. Happy 6th birthday to the most lovely child in the world. Never stop chasing your dream, dearest daughter.

Here are happy 6th birthday messages for your daughter:

51. I promise you that I’ll always be your present help when you need me the most. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter. I love you, dearly.

52. If you have any need in this world, always run to me cause I’m willing to go to the ends of the earth to quench your taste. Happy 6th birthday, my daughter.

53. I wish I’ll always read you your favourite bedtime stories but I do know that not all things last forever. Nevertheless, I will always be here to give you a listening ear. Happy womb escape to my 6-year-old daughter.

54. Never look down on yourself cause you are the daughter of a king. Happy 6th birthday to my most beloved daughter.

55. For your sake, I’ll keep working hard so you never be bereaved of anything good in life. Happy 6th birthday, my love.

56. Always run to me whenever you need a thing, I promise to always be your provider. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter.

57. I love you so much that no words can convey the magnitude of my true feelings for you. Happy 6th birth anniversary, daughter.

58. I have come to say a big thank you for being my daughter. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl.

59. I’ll always thank you for fighting to stay alive during your birth into the world. I’m glad you made it like a warrior. Happy 6th birthday, my baby girl.

60. You are the kindest 6-year-old girl I know. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart. May this new age bring you all the good things you cherish.

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 6

With each passing day, you keep growing into a beautiful young girl. I implore you never to leave your dreams behind as you grow each day. Instead, fight for what you believe in. Congratulations on turning 6. Happy 6th birthday, beloved daughter.

Use these birthday messages for my daughter turning 6 to celebrate your daughter’s 6th birth anniversary:

61. Never give up on your dreams no matter how impossible it seems. I love you. Enjoy your 6th birthday, daughter.

62. If you need someone to always hold your hands, let me be that person. Happy 6th birthday to my child. I love you so much.

63. Wherever you go, goodness and joy shall go along with you. Happy 6th birthday to my little princess.

64. I want to say that I love you for many reasons I don’t know. Happy 6th birthday to my source of joy and strength.

65. You are the reason I see the beauty in each day. Happy womb escape, daughter. May your new age be so beautiful than the former.

66. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl. I pray you grow old in good health, peace of mind, and happiness. You shall always have the best things of life in your care.

67. Happy 6th birthday to my sweetest child. May you always be kind, optimistic, and a winner.

68. Your joy shall never fizzle away. It shall continue to flow until it overflows and there’s no iota of sadness in you. Happy 6th birthday, my love.

69. Your life shall be a conflate of happiness and true love. This new age shall treat you better than the last. Happy 6th birthday, daughter.

70. I pray you never have to deal with anxiety, fear, and losses. Your life shall be full of bountiful harvests of good gifts.

Birthday Wishes for A Six-Year-Old Daughter

My precious daughter, thank you for making us unbelievably happy. Happy 6th birthday to you. May this sixth year of your life be more beautiful than we all can ever imagine. Do have a terrific new year.

Use these birthday wishes for a six-year-old daughter to celebrate your own:

71. As you continue to grow, may your joy be renewed. Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful daughter.

72. You shall be a blessing to this world. Never shall you create any negative impact. Happy 6th birthday, my lovely daughter.

73. I have you in my heart at all times. I pray that you shall always be happy and full of life. Happy 6th year birthday, daughter.

74. Your journey in life only began, may you be blessed enough to live long. Wishing you all the joy in the world. Happy 6th birthday, baby girl.

75. I’m so proud of all the little things you do every day to make me happy. Wishing you a fulfilling 6th birthday, daughter.

76. The way you protect and provide for your little brother amazes me. Happy 6th birthday to a daughter any parent will be lucky to have.

77. You shall never do poorly in life. Always, you shall be the best. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter.

78. No matter how many times you fall, you shall never be broken. Happy 6th birthday to the love of my life, my precious daughter.

79. I believe in you. You shall make us proud. Happy 6th birthday, my lovely daughter.

80. Thank you for always striving to put a smile on my face. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter.

Sixth Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Princess, I love you beyond words can convey. I hope you can feel my love for you with every positive word I say to you. Happy sixth birthday, my daughter. May this new age treat you kind.

Use these sixth birthday wishes for daughter to mark the birth anniversary of your child:

81. Your sixth year on earth came at a good time. I’m so happy to see you grow this much. Happy birth anniversary, daughter.

82. Many more beautiful birthdays shall you celebrate. Happy birthday to my daughter and friend.

83. Keep on being this lovely girl that you are to the world. Here’s another chance to be kinder, better, and more successful. Happy sixth birthday, daughter.

84. I’m so happy to call you my own. Here you are so beautiful and smart. Happy sixth birthday to my baby girl.

85. If I ever conceive of a girl again, I pray you come into my life all over again cause it’s a blessing having you in many folds. Happy 6th birthday, girl.

Happy 6th Birthday Quotes for Daughter

You are the strongest 6-year-old child I know. Thank you for always giving us your very best. May this new age bring you the choicest gifts that life has to offer. Happy birthday, cutest daughter.

Here are the best happy 6th birthday quotes for daughter you could ever find:

86. There can never be any other one like you cause you are unbelievably special. Happy 6th birthday, my daughter.

87. Even though you clock 6 years on earth, today, I’ll still plant some gentle kisses on your head. Happy 6th birthday, daughter.

88. I will always love you cause you are the cutest daughter in the world. Happy 6th birthday, my love.

89. You are the reason today looks so bright and energetic. Happy 6th birthday to my wonderful child.

90. I pray you have all that you wish for in life. Happy 6th birthday to my cherished daughter.

My Daughter Turns 6 Today Quotes

The most lovely daughter in the world turns 6, today. My dearest one, I’m more than honoured to be your guardian angel on earth. Whatever you desire, make it known so I’ll bring your wish to pass. Have a blessed 6th birthday, my daughter.

Here are the best my daughter turns 6 today quotes perfect for captions on social media:

91. There’s so much warmth and positivity in the air, today, cause my daughter turns 6 on this day.

92. Keep laughing and enjoying every moment of this beautiful day. Happy birthday to my daughter who turns 6, today.

93. You shall never grow weary of life. Your joy shall never be lost at any point. Happy birthday to my beloved daughter who clocks 6 on this day.

94. You are such a beautiful force to reckon with. You came into the world on a blessed day and you have always been a blessing. Happy 6th birthday.

95. For turning 6 years old, today, you shall never miss anything good in life. Joy and happiness shall always be yours, dearest daughter.

96. I pray your victories shall outnumber your failures. Happy 6th birthday, darling daughter. Enjoy the rest of your year.

97. You are the reason the sun is brighter and fairer, today. I pray you always be the source of joy for many. Happy 6th birthday my angelic daughter.

98. From now henceforth, happiness and joy shall be yours. I pray you never suffer any mental, emotional or physical pains. Happy 6th birthday, daughter.

99. You have the most beautiful smile that can heal the world and mend the brokenhearted. Happy 6th birthday to my daughter.

100. It’s your day, today. I pray you find joy, love, happiness, and fulfilment in whatever you do. Happy 6th birthday, angel.

Finally, you made it to the end. I’m quite sure you’ve found more than enough happy birthday wishes for 6-year-old daughter from mom and dad.

Kindly leave a comment to let me know which of these wishes means a lot to you.

Don’t forget to share too. Someone needs these birthday messages to celebrate their daughter as well.

Thank you.


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