Happy Birthday Wishes for My 2 Year Old Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for My 2 Year Old Daughter

Birthdays are special moments that need to be celebrated especially when it comes to a very dear person to you. Children should not be exempted when it comes to celebrating birthdays. It’s another opportunity for them to be giving special attention by celebrating their special day with some sweet words that will brighten their day.

It’s your daughter’s second birthday and it should be celebrated. Trust, you will like to make it a very exciting experience for her, unlike the first birthday when she barely knew what was happening. Now, even if she might not be able to talk well, she will definitely be excited and happy.

You could make her really happy by reading these messages to her and giving her a bright smile, you are going to be amazed at how quickly she’s going to return the favour. If there’s anything she does, it’s to make you happy by giving you those great vibes while still maintaining her innocence. Everything she does probably puts a smile on your face, so, she deserves all the happiness she can get on her birthday.

Below are compilations of happy birthday wishes for my 2 year old daughter that will help your daughter feel loved and excited.

Birthday Messages to My Daughter Turning 2

I know you don’t understand the wordings of this message, but I hope you grow up to really love whatever you find in it. You turning 2 is such a big deal for me, because I have always waited for this moment. Happy birthday, my daughter.

1. I can’t believe you’re turning 2, already. Somebody should please wake me up. It feels just like yesterday when I had you. The past two years have been the most wonderful ones of my life. I can’t wait for you to fill my life with so much more. Happy birthday, my daughter.

2. You have no idea how adorable you are. Everyone always wants you to be in their arms, because you don’t even cry. I have never seen a sweeter baby girl. Thank you for adding colors to our lives. I hope this year brings you more exciting moments. Happy birthday, my daughter.

3. No matter how much you grow, my heart will always beat for you. I have loved you right from the time I discovered that I was pregnant. All through the pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to meet you. Since you’ve been here, I have never gone a second without you. I’m afraid it’s going to be like that forever. Happy birthday.

4. I have never seen a livelier 2 year old. Some people don’t even want to believe you are two years old. Thank you for filling my life with so much joy that have no bounds. You are a wonderful daughter, and even your uncles and aunts can testify to this. Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl.

5. I feel beyond blessed to have such a bundle of joy and love as my own daughter. I couldn’t have imagined having another human inside of me. Thank you for making the process worth it. I am going to cherish you forever. Happy birthday, my baby.

6. All my life, I have always wanted to have a child of my own; preferably a female. I can’t thank God enough for making my dream come true through you. It’s been such an exciting journey. I can’t wait to do much more with you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

7. Sometimes, I feel you understand the body language I give you, because you just know when to stop crying. Oh, you look more adorable when you smile. I can’t wait to see more of those beautiful smiles. It’s your birthday my daughter. I will make it fun for you.

8. You, my daughter, are all I have always prayed for. I have seen my mates carry and play with their children, but it’s almost like I have been waiting all my life. Now, the opportunity is right here and I can’t get enough of it. You bring me joy, darling daughter. Happy birthday to you.

9. Sometimes, I feel you should just grow up to a fifteen year old, just so I can tell you things and we could probably do the mummy-daughter stuff together. I won’t lie, you haven’t stopped making me happy, since I had you. It’s been the most beautiful two years with you. Happy birthday.

Birthday Messages for My 2 Year Old Daughter

This message is coming straight from my heart to you, my 2 year old daughter. I am not sure if I’m meeting up with the demand of motherhood, but I hope you grow to be proud of everything I ever did for you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

10. It’s only your 2nd year, but it feels like you’ve been existing in my life, like forever. I constantly thank God for making you mine. My life has changed from what it used to be before I was blessed with you. Happy birthday, daughter. You are my favorite person in the world.

11. If it would take me to lay down my life in exchange for your happiness, then I will. I know it’s very normal for babies to cry, but I always cry with you. This is just to show you that I will never leave you to go through any challenge alone. I will always be there for you. Happy birthday, daughter.

12. It’s been the best two years of my life. I wish you could talk, I would’ve loved to tell you how much joy you bring into my life. You are such a lovely and lively little angel. Being your mom has and will always be a blessing. I’m happy to have you. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter.

13. There’s no love like that of a mother and her daughter, no matter how little that child is. Sometimes, all I want to do is stare at you from morning till night. I just can’t get my eyes off you. I know we’re going to be best friends; I can’t wait, though. Happy 2nd birthday.

14. My life began to really make a meaning, when I had you. I have never felt this way for anyone. I doubt if my mother ever felt anything this deep for me. Happy 2nd birthday, my lovely daughter. I am going to make sure you have all it takes to live a good and decent life, I promise. I love you forever.

15. If I had known this is how motherhood is, then I could’ve had you earlier than this. These last two years have been full of things I never imagined could happen in this lifetime. I’m grateful for everything second, I have to stare at you. You make it worthwhile. Happy 2nd birthday.

16. I can’t believe this beautiful baby is all mine. Our Lord is wonderful, and He makes everything beautiful in His time. I’m grateful that God later answered my prayer. You are my own bundle of joy, and I’m never going to allow any harm come near you. Happy 2nd birthday, sweetness. I love you.

17. As for me, I’d say life has really been good. Sometimes, I just feel I don’t deserve these much blessings. I am grateful for each and every day I spend being your mother. The feeling is so heavenly. I hope you’re happy with all I’m going to do today. Happy 2nd birthday.

18. In a world full of deceitful and wicked people, I will love to make you my best friend, because you are my own daughter; my flesh and blood, and so you will never betray me. Whatever I need to do to get you a bright future, I will. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

Birthday Quotes for Daughter Turning 2

I am not good at writing quotes, but I’m the best at making my daughter happy. You’re turning 2 today and I am excited. I’m grateful for the times you never allowed me to be lonely. I love you, daughter. Have a happy birthday.

19. You are so very beautiful, my daughter. Life is even more beautiful with you in it. I have experienced love in its purest form, these past two years. I can’t wait for many more things you have in store for me. Happy 2nd birthday, my daughter. You will continue to be important to me.

20. Happy 2nd birthday, my darling daughter. You look more beautiful, today. Even though it took me so much time to finally style you. I can’t just erase the fact that you are my daughter. I’m going to cherish this feeling forever. I’m hoping you’d be fine with the plans I have. Happy birthday.

21. My lovely daughter, if though you’ve only just clocked two years today, your dad and I am proud to have you, because we are very sure we are raising a queen. You bring so much happiness into our lives. We can’t just get past the fact that we are your parents. We will die for you! Happy 2nd birthday.

22. Even though you can’t read this, I’m still going to write it anyways. You, my daughter, are everything love represents. I’m eternally grateful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. I want you to know that, as the first child to open my womb, you will always come first in everything. Happy 2nd birthday.

23. No matter what happens in this life, I will continue to show up for and be with you. You can’t even do anything for me now, other than smile all day, but I will fight for you, if I have to. Happy 2nd birthday, my beautiful princess. I hope life continues to be good to you. I love you.

24. Having you wasn’t easy at all, but I knew I was going to have my best friend, so that kept me hopeful. Since the day I offloaded you from my womb, it only keeps getting better. I am grateful for the blessings of, seeing you, smiling with you, changing your diapers and so many more. Happy 2nd birthday. I love you.

25. I never knew I had such a great voice, until I gave birth to you. Day and night, I keep singing for you, while you smile away like the angel that you are. I also want you to know that, no matter how much you poop, I will keep cleaning you up gladly. Happy 2nd birthday, my baby.

26. It’s time! Yes, it’s your 2nd birthday, and I am very excited for you. Even though you can’t talk yet, we communicate like best friends. In fact, we are best friends, and I couldn’t have preferred anyone else to you. I hope this bond remains forever. Happy 2nd birthday.

27. It’s been two years of having the most beautiful daughter in my life. Sometimes, I just want to scream on top of my voice, so the whole world can know how blessed I am. You are everything to me, my daughter and I will fight for you, if I have to. Happy 2nd birthday.

2nd Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

My beautiful baby girl, if wishes were horses, I’d like for you to be a 15-year-old right now, so we can start doing what a mother and daughter do. Till then, I will continue to take good care of you. Happy 2nd birthday.

28. I have been waiting for today. I keep checking the time, so I can know when it’s exactly 12:00am. It’s officially your 2nd year in my life my daughter. It’s been two years since God blessed the world with you. I must confess, the world has really been a better place. Happy 2nd birthday, my love.

29. Times change, but my love for you will always remain the same. You have made me understand everything I never realized about love. My life finally makes a meaning, because you are present. I wonder where you have been, all my life. Happy 2nd birthday. Mommy loves you.

30. Everyone knows that you are my world. I find it so difficult to sleep when you’re crying. All the times I have had to drop you off at your aunt’s, I really couldn’t concentrate at work. My whole life revolves around you, baby. I will make sure you stay happy forever. Happy birthday.

31. It’s only your 2nd birthday, but if feels like I have known you for a very long time. Your presence in my life has changed it completely. I’m no longer the woman I used to be; I am better and know better now. All thanks to you. It’s your birthday today, and I wish you a happy one.

32. I don’t even know if I should wish you a happy birthday, because you are always very happy. I thank God for making this day a reality. Ever since you’ve been in my life, it has never remained the same. Instead, it keeps getting better. Thank you for making me realize how blessed I am. Happy 2nd birthday.

33. Life is good, but with you in my life. Things got much easier, when I had you. My story changed, and everyone keeps asking how I did it. I’m grateful for the best life with you. I know the best is yet to come, but it’s closer than we know. Happy 2nd birthday, my joy. I love you.

34. As I celebrate you today, my joy knows no bounds. It’s been the most amazing two years of my life. Nothing has ever been the same, since I had you. You are undoubtedly the best part of my life. I will make sure I keep taking good care of you, even if it would cost me my career. Happy 2nd birthday.

35. Everything I do, all I work for, is for you to grow up and have a good life. You are the best part of my life, and not having you would’ve cost me so much. Thank you for each day you spend smiling with me and loving me. I hope I can provide all you’d need to be a blessing to the world. Happy 2nd birthday.

36. Your 2nd birthday is here, already and I am super excited about it. You have grown from the very little girl who pooped around to the one who now understands how to tell mommy she wants to poop. Thank you for making my life livelier and more beautiful than it was. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter 2nd Birthday

I’m sure you have no idea what this is, but I’m hoping that you grow, and later love and appreciate everything you find inside. Having you was one of my wishes, and it came true. I am a happy mom forever. Happy 2nd birthday, daughter.

37. The world is full of evil, but I promise to always be your shield. I promise to make you go through only the best times and not otherwise. You have brought a permanent change into my life, and taking care of you is the least I can do, to prove my love for you. Happy 2nd birthday

38. My dear daughter, your dad and I am the most grateful parents in the world, right now. We could keep thanking God over and over, for blessing us with most wonderful and smartest two year old. Even though you can’t talk well, you understand everything we communicate to you. Thank you for making life easier. Happy 2nd birthday.

39. I had no idea life could be this beautiful; that means I hadn’t been lucky, and I only just got lucky two years ago, just because of you. My heart is full of so much gratitude to God for all He has done. It’s your 2nd birthday, my daughter. And I hope you have a happy birthday.

40. Trust me, you are going to feel how you haven’t felt before. I’m going to make sure that your 2nd birthday is the sweetest ever. After all, you have been making myself life wonderful with your smiles and attention, for the past two years. It is time to celebrate you, my daughter. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

41. The Lord knew I wanted a child so badly. He knew I was ready to do anything, just to have a child. He then decided to come to my rescue, by blessing me with a daughter I would’ve be able to stop loving. My dear, nothing will ever take you away from me, I promise. Happy 2nd birthday.

42. It’s your 2nd birthday, and mom is just as excited as you are. It’s time to celebrate you for giving me the opportunity to love and care for you, for two good years. If this opportunity keeps showing itself, then I’m afraid I am going to keep using it. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

43. Hey little one, I know you can’t read this, but I’m going to make you read it when you grow up. Two years ago, you entered into my life and virtually made everything beautiful. I am grateful for the times we spend together, and I sincerely can’t wait to have more of them. Happy 2nd birthday.

44. I might not have all it takes to be a perfect mother, but I promise to always try my best, and you will grow to be proud of me. I cherish each and every moment with you, and I can’t wait till you can start talking to me about everything. Happy 2nd birthday, my baby girl. Mommy loves you.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl 2nd Birthday

I have always wanted a baby girl. You need to see how happy I was when the scan revealed I had a baby girl inside of me. That was the moment my wishes began to come true. Now, you are two years old. Happy 2nd birthday, my baby.

45. I can’t stop staring at you, simply because you bring me so much joy. It’s been two whole years of being your mom, and nothing beats that feeling. Being your mom makes me feel blessed. No, I don’t ever want to stop being your mom. Happy 2nd birthday, my princess.

46. You have no idea how I feel when you smile. Trust me, your smile is like an assurance that everything is going to be fine. It’s been two years of constantly loving and caring for you. I would love to do this forever, and pass it to your children, if possible. Happy birthday to you.

47. You might not be able to able to talk now, but we communicate so well. In fact, I communicate better with you than everyone else. Thank you for allowing me to be your mom. Thank you for letting me care for you. I promise to raise you in a way you will be proud of, in the nearest future. Happy 2nd birthday.

48. Nobody can love you like I do. No one knows what I went through, before you were born. I’m just thankful that the whole process is now a thing of the past. I now have my lovely angel in my life, and that’s all that matters. Happy 2nd birthday, my princess. Mom will do anything for you.

49. I have always wanted to carry my own children. While I enjoyed playing with other people’s children, I have never stopped crying to God for mine. I’m grateful to Him, because He did it, at last. Yes, He answered my prayer and blessed me with you. You are two years old, today. Happy birthday to you.

50. Nothing beats having your own child; the happiness and satisfaction this brings, is everything. I’m glad to call myself your mother. Thank you for being my daughter and best friend. I know you can’t wait to start doing everything with mommy. Happy 2nd birthday, daughter.

51. I’m very sure you will grow into a lovely and amazing woman. After just two years with you, I have so much to say about you already. I just want to let you know that, I would rather die, than watch anything come between us. I will always be your loving mother. Happy 2nd birthday.

52. It’s been two years since you were born, and I still feel sad whenever you are. Crying is supposed to be a normal thing for babies, but I can’t just stand it when you cry. I have grown so fond of you, my daughter. I’m very sure you are going to be best friends. I actually can’t wait to see you tell me things. Happy 2nd birthday.

Daughters Second Birthday Wishes

Dear daughter, I have been so fond of you for the last two years. You have made every single day beautiful for me. I sure have so many wishes, but one of them is that you keep making me happy. Happy second birthday.

53. My life had no meaning, before your arrival. My brightest moments were still dark. I had no one to talk to or play with. Ever since I had you, I vowed to never let you go out of my hands. I vowed to keep you safe and always give you the best. I am very sure God will help me. Happy 2nd birthday.

54. The feeling just can’t just go away; I don’t even understand how I feel when I am with you. One thing I know is, my life revolves around you. I’m going to keep doing everything within my power to make sure you are fully safe and secure forever. Happy 2nd birthday, my joy.

55. Both family and friends can’t have enough of you. Once you’re in their arms, they never want to drop you. The thing is, you have affected our lives positively. It was never like this before I had you. Thank you for reuniting my family. Happy 2nd birthday to you. We all love you.

56. I feel very jealous when other people carry you. I don’t know why, but I want you all to myself forever. I never want to be absent at any moment in your life. I want to be fully involved in everything that has to do with you. You are my daughter, and I will love you forever. Happy 2nd birthday.

57. I know you feel very happy, right now, you can’t just say. I have had the best moments of my life, in these past two years. I have made more memories than I had all my life. You know what? I just want to keep being your mom, even if it takes other people not to want me. Happy 2nd birthday. I love you so much.

58. Being your mom is one thing I am going to keep being grateful for because it made my life more wonderful than it ever was. Life for me was never really good. I never had the best of things. Now, all I keep thinking of, is how I am going to provide you with all that you’d ever need. I promise I will. Happy 2nd birthday.

59. The fact that you can tell who your mom is, makes me so proud and happy. You are just a two year old, but you make me feel like the best mom in the world. Trust me, I have so much in store for you, and I can’t wait till you grow enough to enjoy those things. Happy 2nd birthday, sweetness.

60. I just want to keep being better at being your mother and friend. I know you are just two years old, and you barely understand a thing, but I am sure you know mom wants the best for you. I will keep doing my best to see that I give you the best life. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Daughter Quotes

You are worth more than the most beautiful quotes in the world. All I want to ever do is to keep living up to your expectations. I never want to fail as a mother. Happy 2nd birthday, my daughter. I love you.

61. Nothing really worked for me, before I had you. It was literally from a problem to another. I struggled so much just so I could see myself through, but nothing changed, till you came. Your presence in my life has brought me more blessings than I ever enjoyed before I had you. Thank you for everything. Happy 2nd birthday.

62. You clocked two today, and I still can’t do without you. I still find it very hard to leave you with your aunts while I am away at work. Trust me, if I had my way, I would take you to work every single day, because it will eventually enable me to work well. Happy 2nd birthday.

63. You are my life, and I owe you everything. I will make sure you never have to beg for anything in this world. I will keep working till I am sure it’s enough to make you have a great future. You are my everything, and I’m going to keep loving and making sure you are fine. Happy 2nd birthday.

64. Your 2nd birthday reminds me of when I just had you. I felt a breath of fresh air, and I knew my life was just about to start. I wasn’t wrong after all, because it was the exact time things started working out for me. Happy 2nd birthday, my miracle baby. I love you.

65. I could pluck my two eyes out, just to prove my love for you. I have never been sad, ever since I had you, unlike how it used to be before you came through. You have no idea how much your presence has changed my life. You mean the world to me, and I am never going to allow you to slip off my hands. Happy 2nd birthday.

66. The first time you fell, I literally cried my eyes out, because I wasn’t there to stop you from falling. There has been no better job than being your mom and looking after you. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I am going to keep making it worth it. Happy 2nd birthday, my love.

67. Life has really dealt with me. I never knew or dreamt about things being better in this lifetime. Having you has opened so many doors than I can count. I am blessed to have you as my daughter. It’s your 2nd birthday, but it feels as though I have known you forever. I love you so much, baby.

68. Lord knows how much I hate singing, not until I had you. I just had to master that, just to keep you happy. Your happiness makes me happy, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you always wear that happiness. Of course, it’s a happy day. I love you.

Birthday Wishes for 2-Year-Old Daughter from Mother

I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I was so sure it would be worth it in the future. It’s been two years since I had you, and it feels like I am living my best life as your mother. You are the most brilliant 2-year-old daughter I know. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday.

69. I know it’s not enough to just wish you a happy birthday, especially since you’re not going to read it, but I will make sure you enjoy this beautiful day. Thank you for giving me the chance to prove myself worthy of a wonderful daughter like you. Happy 2nd birthday.

70. No matter how much your dad tries, you will always be my number one. Even though I knew him before you, that does erase the fact that I carried you in my womb for nine months. That’s the most beautiful thing ever. It’s priceless to me, so I’m going to cherish it forever. Happy 2nd birthday.

71. You possibly don’t know what a birthday means, because you are still very little, but I am very sure you’re going to enjoy all the fun. Happy 2nd birthday, my wonderful daughter. You make mommy so happy, and she can’t wait to start another year of laughter and love with you. I love you.

72. You are my entire world rolled up in one. You represent every good thing in my life. Lord knows there’s nothing I won’t do for you. There’s nothing I won’t do, to keep seeing those beautiful smiles of yours. Happy 2nd birthday, my daughter. You make my life meaningful.

73. With all my love, life, money and everything that is valuable to me, I will make sure I give you the finest things of life. With me by your side, you will never have to lack anything. I will make sure things keep going fine with you. It’s just a promise from your mom to you. Happy 2nd birthday.

74. I know you sleep very easily, but I will make sure that doesn’t happen today. It’s your 2nd birthday, and we have to celebrate. Above all the celebrations, I just want you to know that this woman will never stop being a great mom. Happy 2nd birthday, my lovely daughter.

75. You are my greatest addiction. There’s absolutely nothing I can do without you. You make me feel like a complete human being. Being in my life has opened my eyes to so much toxicity I never knew existed in my life. Thank you for making this so visible. Happy 2nd birthday.

76. Hey love. It’s your 2nd birthday, and mommy feels so great and blessed to have you in her life. So many people can bear witness; it has never been so easy. Thank you for bringing clarity and happiness into my life. I live for you, don’t ever forget that. Happy 2nd birthday.

Birthday Wishes for a Two Year Old Baby Girl

You are the smartest two-year-old baby I know. It’s even more wonderful that you are a girl, just what I have always wanted. Here’s wishing that you enjoy every single process of your growth. Happy birthday to you.

77. I know you’re probably confused right now because you don’t know what’s going on. But I promise you, you will love every single moment this will bring. You have been an amazing daughter to me; one who listens carefully, even though she can’t talk yet. You are great. Happy 2nd birthday.

78. Hey baby. It’s your 2nd birthday, and mom is as excited as you are. In fact, I am more excited, because I have spent two years of my life, loving the best part of me. The feeling this brings is unexplainable. I can’t thank God enough for this great blessing. Happy birthday.

79. I am going to keep making sure that I don’t ever lag on being a great mother. Since I had you, I have only constantly keep reminding myself that you are the only one I have. I have no excuse not to take good care of you. Happy 2nd birthday, sweetness. Love, from mom.

80. You are my life. You are my world. You are my everything. Nothing will make sense without you. I couldn’t even make a sense of my life, before having you. It’s been the most realistic years of my life. Having you around me just feels great, no matter the circumstance. Happy 2nd birthday to the only one who gives me joy.

81. To me, you will always remain the most amazing and beautiful two-year-old ever. Sometimes, the things you do amaze me, maybe it’s because you are amazing. My love, I can’t get enough of your amazingness. Please, keep on amazing me. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

82. When I had you, people who have always done nothing but castigate and talk down on me, started wanting to be friends with me. Things began to work in my favour. All I have been looking to achieve started working out. It was then I knew you were my good luck charm. Happy 2nd birthday, baby.

83. Life feels so great with you, my daughter. This is the 2nd time you’d be celebrating your birthday, and the last is no way near the present; things only keep getting better. With or without your birthday, I won’t stop doing the needful. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

84. It is that time of the year when I celebrate my loving daughter. Two years after I had you, nothing has gone back to the way it was. I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity given to me to be your mother. I will keep enjoying it, by God’s grace. Happy 2nd birthday, my love.

Second Year Birthday Wishes for Daughter

It’s your second year birthday; I can’t believe I have a two-year-old daughter already. God has been faithful, every step of the way. It’s so beautiful to see one of my wishes come to pass. Thank you for choosing me. Happy birthday, daughter.

85. It’s just your second year on earth, but it feels like your tenth. It feels as though we have been mother and daughter for so many years. While I want to just keep staring at your innocent face all day, I really wish you grow up so fast, so we can rock the world together. Happy 2nd birthday.

86. I have known the most important person in my life, for two whole years. This seems unbelievable because it feels like just yesterday when I was welcomed from the hospital. My dear, it is time to celebrate you, and I am going to do that, with all I have. Happy 2nd birthday.

87. I will never let anyone opportunity of telling you what you mean to me, pass me by. Even when I know you barely understand anything, I keep telling you how grateful I am to have you in my life. If motherhood is the only great thing I am going to keep enjoying, then I am in. Happy 2nd birthday.

88. I know you only just clocked two, but I can’t stop dreaming about your wedding day. I know you haven’t even started school yet, but this is what comes to my mind every time. My baby, I am sure you’re going to make me very proud. I won’t give you any reason to do otherwise. Happy 2nd birthday.

89. It’s your 2nd birthday, and I have just too many cakes for you. I have noticed your love for cakes, so I had to go all out. While you innocently enjoy yourself today, know that I am doing all I can, to lay a very good foundation for you. I hope God helps me. Happy 2nd birthday.

90. Hurray! It’s my baby’s 2nd birthday. It’s official; I have known you for two years. It’s either these two years keep repeating themselves or the years ahead keep getting better. I never want to experience bad times with you. Happy 2nd birthday, my daughter. I love you so much.

91. I can’t do anything without you. I can’t even be progressive at work, while you are somewhere else. We have this great connection that makes me feel we are going to be best friends. I really can’t wait for the future to be here. Happy 2nd birthday to you, my smart two-year-old.

92. Dear daughter, I might not be able to do much, but I will do anything to keep seeing those beautiful smiles of yours. The happiest times of my life were the ones spent close to you. I know there’s still much more to come, so I would wait because there’s nowhere better. Happy 2nd birthday.

Quotes for Daughter’s Second Birthday

It’s your second birthday, and I thought to write you this beautiful quote. With all that I have seen in the last two years, it’s safe to say you will become a great woman in the future. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

93. I always heard that the first few years of a child stress the mom, but I can’t recollect ever being stressed by anything that has to do with you. Instead, it keeps getting more enjoyable and satisfying. I’m sure it’s going to be more wonderful when you are older. Happy 2nd birthday.

94. I have barely known you for two years, but I can tell very much about you. You have no idea how much you bring out the best in me. You are just a two year old, but you inspire me. Looking at you makes me very emotional, but encourages me to do more. I promise to be enough for you. Happy 2nd birthday.

95. I honestly don’t want to quit motherhood, because you make me enjoy all the sweetness it brings. You are the only one I have, but it feels like I have ten children. Thank you for bringing me priceless and joyful moments. Being your mom will always be a blessing. Happy 2nd birthday.

96. Even though I know you will always be safe with certain people, I can’t imagine doing fine without you. I want to keep having you to myself. I want to keep loving you, because I am your mom, and no one can do all these things better. Happy 2nd birthday, my baby girl. I love you.

97. You are such an adorable princess. You look so cute, and I can’t even resist you. Not all moms have little superheroes, but I am lucky to have one. The past two years have been such a wonderful ride with you. I can’t wait for more exciting moments. Happy 2nd birthday, my love.

98. I love to see you walk. Even though the process was very hard for you, and I had to cry each time you fell, now, it feels like you have achieved something very great. Happy 2nd birthday to you, my little girl. Mom loves and will do anything for you to be comfortable and happy. Cheers!

99. No one ever told me how beautiful motherhood is; all they kept saying was “it is not easy.” While it’s not easy, it’s definitely not as bad as they painted it. I’m thankful I got to experience it myself. Or should I say you make it easy for me? Well, maybe. Happy 2nd birthday, sweetness. Mom loves you.

100. You are the light that shines on my path. You are the reason behind my happiness and beautiful smiles. I am very lucky to have you, and you will forever be important to me. It’s amazing to see how you’re growing up so fast. I hope you have a great second year.

Hello there! I am very sure you got more than you were expecting from these happy birthday wishes for my 2-year-old daughter up there. I hope your daughter grows up to appreciate whichever you have chosen.

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