Happy Birthday Wishes for My Twin Cousins

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Twin Cousins

Having trouble getting the suitable messages to send to twins on their birthdays? Yes, I have been there and that is why I know that as beautiful as it is to celebrate twins, getting that time to carve out beautiful messages sometimes may be challenging.

What do you say about twins? Twins are beautiful pairs that complete the joy of most parents. As much as they can constitute more work for a parent, they also provide more joy for them. And when you have them playing around the house, your life is fulfilled.

We all love to be celebrated and so when your cousins, your twin cousins have their birthdays, it is very adorable to wish them a happy birthday in a unique way and putting the twin effect in the message. Do twins wish each other happy birthday? Yes, they do. So, if they do this for each other, then, be prepared that they will expect it from others as well including you.

Here, you’ve got happy birthday wishes for my twin cousins in your hands to send to your twin cousins.


Birthday Wishes for Your Twin Cousins

For your birthday, dear cousins, I wish you double blessings, double joy, double breakthrough. By the reason of you two being twins, may everything about you always be doubled.

1. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful twin cousins. I pray that the experience of joy in all areas of your life will be made permanent and continue to overshadow you. Happy birthday, lovely cousins.

2. To my little cousins. Your little light of today will grow to become very giant and will be lights to many. I hope you two have identical cake as your faces are identical. Happy birthday to you, twins.

3. The double blessing coming over you beautiful twins is necessary because we are celebrating a twin birthday. Many happy returns of the day to these wonderful ones. Happy birthday to my fabulous twin cousins.

4. What is that mountain before you guys, they shall become like plains. I wish the two of you divine help and support and as you continue on this journey. May each of your efforts turn to success. Happy birthday to my twin cousins.

5. No hill can stand before two giants; yes, though you are my little twin cousins today, but I know that the future for you is very bright. Every valley shall be exalted. Happy birthday to you, my twin cousins.

6. The Lord will grant you double relief for all your troubles and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed in the life of the two of you. You both are blessings to this world. Happy birthday to my sweet twin cousins.

7. Today, I wouldn’t want to remind you of the rivalry the two of you engaged in for many infantile years; I hope the designer of your cake gave your cakes the same perfect touch. I wish you both happy lives. Happy birthday, twin cousins.

8. Every rough ground shall become level and every rugged and crooked place shall become smooth. Happy 84th birthday, my sister.

9. I have all to give to these twin cousins today because they have been such an amazing pair in my life. Happy birthday to the duo of my sweetest cousins. I wish you abundant prosperity as you keep growing.

10. I wish you the most amazing birthday anyone can ever have. Congratulation to the two best cousins I have and guess what- they are twins. Congratulations.

11. I hope this birthday affords you two awesome moments to celebrate with many friends and families as your birthday is supposed to be declared Twins’ Day. Happy birthday to you, twin cousin of my dynasty.

12. Twins are known to be awesome, but with you is another story entirely, you are super awesome and your glory is such an amazing one. Therefore, have the best of the day, my adorable twin cousins.

13. The news of twin birth isn’t just ordinary news; it is an extraordinary one and today as you mark your birthday as a twin, I wish both you amazing success and favour.

14. The best that life can give will arrive for my twin cousins whose birthday is today. I wish you prosperity and satisfaction in every area of your life, my two champions. Happy birthday to you, cousins.

15. Glad tidings around you always. Favour surrounds you both like a mighty warrior. You both are called TWIN WONDER, for wonderful shall all the rest of your days be. Happy birthday to you my two cousins.

16. The fact that you are twins has saved me the stress of keeping two different birthdays. So, on a single day, I celebrate two very wonderful people. Happy birthday to my special cousins; my only special twin cousins.

17. Happy special birthday to these two champions and stars. I hope that the best in all you do and that the good Lord will continually grant you the needed strength to function in your capacities. Happy birthday to my adorable twin cousins.

18. At a time when everything is being doubled, your birthdays struck. Happy double birthday to my double cousin called TWINS. I wish you the best in life and may your career be on the smooth ride towards success.

19. Happy birthday to you, twins. I wish you the reward of your combined strength poured freely in your bosom and made to manifest in every portion of your life. To my wonderful twin cousin, happy birthday to you.

20. Congratulations to these two young lads as you both combine to celebrate your special day today being your birthday. The beauty of the double blessings you brought to life will forever be relevant. Happy birthday to you, twin cousins.

21. Happy birthday to my lovely twin cousins! Beautiful things come in pairs and you top the list. Double best wishes to you two.

22. Happy birthday to you, beautiful ones. I pray that the doors of your goodness will always be opened and you will always be happy to celebrate and mark the best of times to come.

23. Dear twin cousins, here’s to a fabulous birthday. I wish you all the good things in life and may they never delay but instead come at you knocking on your doors.

24. You came into this world together, and today we celebrate you together. I pray that nothing would bring separation between the two of you as you celebrate your birthday together as twins. Happy birthday, cousins.

25. Happy birthday to my cousins. May you both never be separated by anyone or anything. Happy birthday my beautiful twin cousins.

26. Happy birthday to you, dear twins. I pray that the best things in life will not elude you as you progress in life. Happy Birthday to these two cousins of mine; my wonderful twins.

27. Twins are a bundle of joy to be cherished as treasures and rare gems. You both are a fantastic masterpiece work of the Almighty and I will always thank God for bringing you both to us. Happy birthday to you, twin cousin.

28. Dear twin cousins, gad to know you both are a year older today. I hope you have full fun and complete enjoyment to the maximum. I wish you many more years in splendour.

29. Happy Birthday twins, the two of you are a bundle of many blessings to your family and us. Coming as a pair was a delight and celebrating as a pair is a memorable thing. Happy birthday to you, my twin cousins.

30.My dear twin cousins, always remember that you are special not just because of your birthday today but because you are twins and blessings come in pairs. Happy birthday to you, dear twin cousin.

31. I say a very big congratulations to the best pair of cousins I have. Happy birthday to my twin cousins. The troublesome nature of you two cannot be compared to the joy you have brought to our home. Happy birthday.

32. To the duo of my twin cousins marking their birthday today, I pray that you will forever grow from grace to grace. I wish you more blessing and favour. Happy birthday to you, twins.

33. My dear twins, may you be stronger than your enemies and may all who oppose you will be as nothing before you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to the two of you.

34. Your coming in a pair wasn’t a mistake but a fulfilment of the promise of the Lord to give us beyond our expectations. I wish you both divine guidance as you follow the leading of your Maker. Happy birthday to you, my twin cousins.

35. Dear twins, the beauty of your eyes far outweighs the responsibility of buying everything in pairs. Happy birthday to the two most amazing cousins I have. I wish you the peace that man cannot fathom.

36. Happy birthday to these wonderful twin cousins of mine. You have shown to a great extent that blood is thick and family ties are strong ties. The Lord who has kept you till this great day will never depart from you. Happy birthday to the twins.

37. Dear amazing twins, I celebrate you today as you mark another birthday. You are a twin with a difference. I wish you all the best as you continue to prosper. Happy birthday to my cousin.

38. Happy birthday to my identical twin cousin. Never would I forget the day you played a prank on me disguising as the other. Well, it shows you the two of you have so bonded. Happy birthday to you both.

39. The advantage of the two of you being twins is that I get to send the same text messages to the two of you. My distinguished twin cousins, happy birthday to you.

40. No one needs to affirm to me that you are both precious in God’s sight. Happy birthday to my cousins who came into this world on the same day. I wish you many more gracious years ahead, twins.

Happy Birthday Twin Cousins Quotes

It is a common quote that when double blessings are about to come your way, they make their first appearance in the place of a twin. Happy birthday to the two lovelies, my dear cousin.

41. The number 2 is a special number, no wonder you have proven to be very unique in your ways. As twins, you make collaboration easier. I wish you the best in all you do and in everything you aim for. Enjoy your day, my cousins.

42. The birthday of twins is equivalent to the double blessing of an expectation. Happy birthday to these wonderful cousins of mine. I celebrate you today.

43. Twins are a good omen for prosperity and with your birthday, we are reactivating the seed of prosperity in the family. Happy birthday to my twin cousins. Enjoy your day.

44. He who created you is capable of taking care of you even if you are more than these in number. Happy birthday to the smartest twins in the world. I wish you more glory in the years coming. Happy birthday, cousins.

45. God has never left single children alone, how much more twins who come in pairs? The Lord who has kept you this far will never leave you alone. Happy birthday to you, my dear twin cousins.

46. Dear twins, you are special, you are unique and I know that your birthday is another special one. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousins.

47. When twins ride, they ride in glory. When your blessings come in pairs, they come with loud announcements. Happy birthday to you, my dear twin cousins. More glory in your new age.

48. You both will be brought riding in glory and honour. No matter the distance, either close or afar, you will be seen riding on the wings of kings and queens. Your combination is the best the world is yet to see. Happy birthday, twin cousins.

49. Twins are blessed in a manner yet to be known to others. Anything they touch turns to gold and they attract double blessings. I wish you blessings that are come in pairs. Happy birthday to you, twins.

50. I am happy to be associated with the two of you. Happy birthday to the best twin cousins on the planet. I wish you more fruitful years ahead. Congratulations.

51. As you mark your birthday today, the Lord will call you by a new name which only you shall know. You will be called THE SUCCESSFUL TWINS and noting you lay your hands upon shall go down.

52. Your success shall resound because it shall carry the double effect of a twin just as you are. Your story shall diffuse through your innermost being and separate you both from many of your peers. Happy birthday to you, my fabulous twin cousins.

53. Dear cousins, happy birthday to you. I have the full confidence that noting shall be difficult for you to handle. Enjoy the joy of your birthday. Happy birthday to you, twins.

54. Dear twins, you are favoured from the rising of the sun to its setting. You are the best of your type and no one shall be able to stand before you two all the days of your life. Happy birthday, dear cousins.

55. Dear cousins, I celebrate you today and I know that no matter how old you grow, you shall be lifted beyond boundaries and be the best twins ever to walk this planet. Happy birthday to you, my twins.

56. My lovely twins, happy birthday to you both. I hope the number of the ingredients in your cake is more the combination of your ages. Happy birthday to you, my lovely twins.

57. Dear twins, shining as light is not a matter of how old you are but how much joy you bring to another person. So, shine brighter knowing the COMBO of your lights can provide illumination for many more people. Happy birthday, cousins.

58. As a twin, you get the chance to bond with someone in your life that others cannot feel. Happy birthday to you two for the Lord will be a light to your path and the good hand of the Lord will always be upon you. Happy birthday, my beloved cousin,

59. A tree doesn’t make a forest and no one is called a twin without a second person. Happy birthday to my awesome twin cousins. You are going places.

60. Happy birthday to the most wonderful twins in the world. Keeping up with twins may be a task but it is worth it when days like this come. Happy birthday to the best twin cousins in the world.

61. You are amazing just the way you are, and I’m not talking just about you but about your other twin brother too. You both are amazing. Happy birthday to my cousins.

62. With every seed of life in you, there will be double returns and a double yielded because you are endowed with the grace of the double blessing. Happy birthday to you, twin cousins.

63. As you both grow in age, may your grace be renewed and I ask that the Lord refine your age as pure gold. Happy birthday to you, my lovely and precious twin cousins.

64. Many things come in pairs; the kidneys, the lungs, the eye, the ears, the hands, the legs. But only you duo come in a special package. Happy birthday to you, my precious twin cousins.

65. When you are far away alone, just know that you can never be alone because twins are never alone. And on your birthday, all I can say is keep flying high. Happy birthday to you, my twin cousins.

66. Have you ever experienced a twin year? Well, when the calendar of a year is similar to that of another year, they are then called TWIN YEARS. But as for you, you are twins for glory and we do not need to search before we know. Happy birthday to you, my cousins.

67. I have seen many twins but I have never seen a duo like yours who cooperates so well and work together to achieve the same results. Happy birthday to you, dear cousins.

68. Happy birthday to you, my precious warriors. I am glad to have you both as twins and as cousins because you surround me all over like bouncers. Happy birthday to you, dear cousins.

69. You will be called the beloved of the Lord. As you mark another jointly celebrated birthday, I wish you all the goodness and blessing in your life. Happy birthday to you, beautiful twins.

70. The sight of you beautiful twin cousins can make one renege on his promise never to go the lane of childbirth again. You are such an amazing pair. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Twin Cousins

Dear cousins, I celebrate you today and wish you all the prayers of your hearts and those of your parents. Happy birthday to my dear twin cousins.

71. My lovely twin cousins, I am glad to see that you have grown to see the beauty of life. I pray that the Lord will grant you double glory in all you both do. Happy birthday to you.

72. I’m so glad you are celebrating your birthday today, my dear cousins. May all your dreams and desires in life be granted to you at the proper time. Congratulations, my lovely twins.

73. Dear gorgeous beauties, happy birthday to you. I pray that every day of your life will be a shining example of the best that has been deposited in your life. Happy birthday to you, twin cousins.

74. Dear twins, instead of disgrace, you will rejoice. No one shall be able to suppress you and everything you lay your hands on shall be successful. Congratulations.

75. My dear cousins, my prayers for you today is not a singular prayer but a twin prayer that the best in your lives be brought to the surface and that everything you do prosper and successful.

76. As my cousin, I decree that everything about you shall be done without stress. As twins, I decree that your lives will be remarkable for double success stories.

77. Twin cousins are a special duo. The beauty of life is the success we record as we continue to stride in the journey of life. I pray that your lives, dear cousins will be full of pleasant stories. Happy birthday to you.

78. Dear cousins, you have been a role model and a leading example of what blessing it is to have twins as children. Happy birthday to you, my dear pretty twins.

79. Dear twin cousins, I pray that you two will dominate your space and be a pacesetter in the affairs of your circles. Happy birthday to you, beautiful twin cousins.

80. No one shall be able to stand before the two of you to oppress you. The Lord is your portion and shall always be the guide of your lives. I love you both. Happy birthday to you, dear twins.

81. Happy birthday to my awesome pair of beautiful ladies. I pray that the joy in your lives will never diminish but will continue to increase in all areas and ramifications.

82. Heaven will smile over you. The Lord rejoices over you today, dear cousin twins. I pray that you continually experience the grace that is upon your life as a pair and as individuals. Happy birthday to my twins.

83. My handsome cousins, happy birthday to the two of you. I pray that you both shall be preserved by the Lord and no one of you shall be lost. Happy birthday to you, twins.

84. To the best and most cooperating twins in the entire world, congratulations on the occasion of your birthday. You are both special in our sight. Continue to shine the light inside of you. Happy birthday.

85. Dear twins, let me remind you that the Lord has promised never to leave you and he will establish both of you in your spaces as pillars in your endeavours.

86. My unique cousins, you are the apple of the Lord’s eye. Your life is hidden in him and there’s nothing that can shake you out of your positions. None of you two shall be found missing. Happy birthday, twins.

87. As the two of you celebrate another birthday today, remember you are both precious to us and much more precious to God. Continue to enjoy the love of God. Happy birthday to you, my twin cousins.

88. You are to me, the best twins in the world. Continue to come out in flying colours and be the best that you can ever be in all areas of your life. Congratulations, my dear twin cousins.

89. I pray that as you grow up, you will continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom and in the glory of the Lord. You will always be a delight, not a burden and as the two of you continue to grow, you shall be preserved. Happy birthday, twins.

90. Dear twins, you have made your mark as active twins throughout the entire neighbourhood. The Lord will continue to do awesome things in your life and grant you more wisdom. Happy birthday to you, cousins.

91. I wish you greater blessings in all you do and in the way you choose to go. Either of you that shall aspire for greatness shall never be denied. Happy birthday to you, twin cousins.

92. Dear cousins, I am the happiest today seeing the twin of yesterday grow together to mark another special birthday. Therefore, I wish you the happiest birthday, dear twins. Congratulations.

93. Dear Lord, I pray for my twin cousins today as they both celebrate another birthday that you continually grant them all the glory of their lives and they be a force to reckon with. Happy birthday to you.

94. Almighty God, in whose name we pray, I ask that you bless these little cousins of mine indeed and give them the special blessings of a twin. Make all their ways prosperous and their plans fruitful.

95. Our dear Lord, we thank you for the gift of life and for your protection over the life of our adorable twins. Grant as we beseech you, the everlasting joy of having them as cousins. Amen. Happy birthday to you, beautiful twins.

96. We will continue to give thanks to God for blessing us with a pair of beautiful children. I celebrate you today, my dear twin cousins. Happy birthday to you.

97. My beautiful twins, I pray that as you mark another birthday today, I pray for overwhelming breakthroughs for the two of you as you continue in the journey.

98. Happy birthday to you two. A double Hurrah to you both. I pray that the best that comes your ways are utilized for the best in your life. Happy birthday to you, cousins.

99. My dear twins, I am glad to witness the two of you grow amidst all the challenges faced in the past. I pray that afflictions shall not rise again and as you clock another year, the two of you shall go from height to height. Happy birthday to my twin cousins.

100. There are children and there are twins. You are an exceptional duo. Happy birthday to the most amazing twin cousins in the world.

Having twins in your line could mean you are used to duplicating things. So, be ready to send duplicates of these happy birthday wishes for my twin cousins to your twins and extend the joy of their birthday to many others.

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