Happy New Month My Love

July 2024 Happy New Month My Love Wishes Quotes

Every new month is a special day. And your lover deserves some special wishes on this day. We’re here to represent you always. The wishes and prayers here promise to be thrilling. Join me as we take a ride. Winks

Happy New Month Wishes to a Lover

Here comes another month with greatness and happiness. And it is another great time to wish your lover a happy new month. Send these collections of Romantic happy new month wishes and quotes to your lover.

1. I am committed to no other but you in my life. So, my allegiance is to keep you stronger by my side every blessed day of this new month.

2. If I do not love you, no one else can like I do. I hold you in high esteem. Happy new month baby.

3. I cherish to keep riding with you from now and even for a lifetime. We are soaring higher darling. I wish you the best of the month!

4. I want to live my life devoted to loving you and holding you close to my heart. Happy new month, my love.

5. Every single day of each month counts. Projecting into the future with you in the picture is more fulfilling than anything else in the world. Happy new month.

6. Experiencing a new month is a pointer to renewing my love for you afresh. Even as each month rolls by, I want to keep loving you more and more.

7. The spontaneous revolving of every new month revitalises my love for you. I will not but dedicate this new month to loving you more than ever before. Happy new month baby.

8. The only thing I long to fill my heart with this new month is the picture of your admirable personality. A happy new month from me to you.

9. Sweetheart, you have made yourself a significant part such that I cannot let go even for a second. Have a thrilling new month dear.

10. My love for you will always increase even as each month rolls by. Happy new month, my love.

11. If all I can live with, in this new month is your presence in my heart, then I am assured of having a fulfilling month.

12. I cannot but marvel at the wonders your love has done to me. You’re the best wonder ever. Happy new month baby.

13. Now I have the courage to move on for your love quickens my steps and enlivens my heart. I can’t just live without you. Blessed month I wish you.

14. If having you fetches money, then I want to live my entire life living for and serving you all through. I am rich with your love. Happy new month my dearest.

15. Your love and imagination are enough to have a swell time this new month and beyond. Happy new month my heart.

16. I will not but make the whole world know how much you mean to me because this is another month to express my tender feelings for you. You’re mine forever. Happy new month!

17. Get ready for a sweet voyage. It’s going to be an exhilarating moment all through the month. I give you my words.

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18. This is another month to renew our promises and love for each other. No one but you my love. Happy new month!

19. My love for you is beyond description. I want to live my entirety studying you more so I can learn how well to describe you. Happy new month, my love.

20. I will not fail to respond to your profession of love this new month. I can’t wait to be yours forever. Happy new month to my dream man.

21. The joy of a new month is ever exhilarating. The thought of your presence is much more electrifying than can be imagined. Happy new month, my sweetest!

22. Every new month counts for me because I have to behold the breaking of a new dawn with you beside me. I can’t love you less my darling.

23. The value your presence has imprinted in my heart is enough to carry me through this new month and beyond. Thank you for being there. Happy new month!

24. The abundance of the love that flows out of you is enough reason not to doubt you even for a second. Happy new month dearie.

25. As we behold a new month now, I choose to enclasp you into my future. Only you can make this achievable because we are in this journey together.

26. We have no other goal, but to live together forever. Remember we have the vision to share our all together. No secret, no lies. This is my commitment for this new month.

27. My joy and goal is to make you merry as every new month rolls in and always. Happy new month to you, my love.

28. Having you in my life is a special blessing on its own. And I want to keep having you so I can remain ever blessed. Happy new month, my blessing.

29. I am committed to no other person but you in my life. So, I am dedicating this new month to stay stronger by your side every blessed day. Happy new month my dear.

30. Nothing matters now as much as the impact you’ve impressed on my heart. You’re all that matters to me. Happy new month!

32. The commencement of every new month reminds me of the very first day we met which will ever be retained in my heart. Happy new month with love from me to you honey.

33. Every new month is too long a time to wish us a wonderful lifelong journey together. But I know that as each new day comes by, my love for you remains ever green. You’re special! Happy new month.

34. If only I could hold you close to me every moment and as each month passes away, I will gladly do because the month promises to be great with you by my side.

35. I am more joyful because you and I are still together to enjoy more blissful month and years ahead. Happy new month to us.

36. You have enchanted my heart so much that I don’t wish to let go of your love. Thank you for giving your heart to me. Happy blessed month!

37. I have always known that having you in my life brings the best ecstasy one can ever imagine. Thank you for always being there. Happy new month.

38. Having you as a shoulder to lean on and a solace to hide in bubbles my heart with immense joy. You’re all I need. Happy new month.

39. Your love, passion, dream, drive are part of the qualities that endeared me towards you. Happy new month to the best man in the whole universe.

40. I don’t wanna stop dreaming because you’re all I dream of. Happy new month my dream.

41. Though, it took a while to get connected. But ever since we did, you’ve ignited my heart in ways beyond imagination. Happy new month my all in all. I don’t want to live without you.

42. Of all the beautiful and wonderful things that has ever happened to me, you are the sweetest story I will always live to tell others. Sweet love, happy new month to you.

43. I want to start this new month by first congratulating myself that I still have you to myself. This shows that my huge investment on you has turned out great. Now I’m getting good returns in manifolds. You’re the best man ever. Happy new month!

44. I cannot wait for a new month before I can send my warm wishes and express my tender feelings for you. I wish to keep doing this every blessed day my love.

45. You’re such a significant part of me that I don’t wanna let go even for a second. I really wish this love never know no end. Together we shall ride on till we get to our promised land baby. Blessed month I wish you.

46. Hearty cheers to a love rekindled and a relationship rejuvenated. Happy new month!

47. You’re my pride and everything I ever crave for in a person. Happy new month my love. You mean so much to me.

48. The breaking of a new month marks the launching into a greater destiny. This can only be achieved as long as we remain united.

49. Each new month that rolls in gives us another opportunity to plan our future together. I know this month will never elude us because we are taking the love to another level.

50. The higher we climb, the better shall our lives be. Don’t stop climbing as I also will never relent in my effort. Cheers to a better month.

Happy New Month Motivations to a Lover

Be the source of motivation to your lover, upon the arrival of a new month like this with Motivational Happy New Month Quotes and Wishes for Him or Her.

51. It’s a new month for another strive and opportunity. Do not relax, keep moving. The month is already blessed for you my love.

52. One thing is needful. Starting from somewhere. Now is the time to pursue the vision. I am counting on you. Just do it! Yes, you can. Happy new month, dearest!

53. You’re an expression of the reality of the light the world awaits. Keep shinning the light. May you never go down. Happy new month!

54. This is another month to lay your cards on the table and strategise. Do not give up on your dreams. Happy new month!

55. Many that started the previous month with you are no more. But here you are still alive and active. We thank God for the grace of another new month. Now is the time to launch out deep. Success awaits you.

56. Worry and anxiety do no good, but rather pulls you down. God is all you need to pull you up. Keep trusting… Keep living. Go in His might this new month my dearest!

57. Disappointment is inevitable; but not giving up is more reassuring. Keep dreaming this new month and beyond.

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58. No one can stop you except you. So, nothing should hinder your progress this new month. Find a better life. Pursue your purpose. Yes, it’s a good month!

59. Yesterday is gone. Today is another day. Worry less about the past failures. Aim more for a better today and a glorious tomorrow. Happy new month my dearest.

60. Life challenges are real, but they are also surmountable. May you soar above every form of limitation as the month progresses. Happy new month!

61. The end of a month marks the end of every form of disappointment, while the beginning of another lights up the spark of positivity. May the blessings connected to the new month remains yours and always.

62. Every month has its blessedness and hurdles. Strive to overcome every hurdles and glory in the blessedness of the month. I wish you a blessed month.

63. Everything is possible for them that believe. Cheers to a new month of possibilities.

64. There are lots of prospects in this new month waiting to be harnessed. Reach for the sky. Aim for the best. Go for gold. The month is glorious for you.

65. I don’t see you losing. Quitters are losers. Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep reaching for the top. Fulfilment all-round this new month

66. Your enthusiasm for greatness is highly commendable. You’re full of life and excitement. You can do better. The month promises to be great.

67. Circumstances has never hindered your vigour. I admire your courage. May you soar above every limitation. You’re unstoppable this new month and beyond.

68. Nothing is unattainable as long as there’s still life and hope. Keep all hope alive this new month. Fulfilment galore for you.

69. He who stops striving cannot keep hope alive. Keep fighting to get better. Keep aiming for the top. Happy new month.

70. Failure is never an end to success. You only need to take another chance while you aim for the best this time around. Happy new month, my love.

71. You may not be rich now, but I believe in your vision. Sooner than later, I know everything is going to turn out big and fine for you. Blessed month I wish you dearie.

72. Yeah, another month is gone. Do not relent because of the dreams yet to be attained. Keep hope alive. This is your month of breakthrough.

73. Love what you do. Believe in yourself. Aspire for the best. Your greatness is assured. Happy new month my dearest.

74. No matter how the past months had been without the realisation of your dreams and plans, the new month is another opportunity to work at aiming your target. Keep reaching for the skies.

75. You’ve got great potentials. I know it’s all in you. This new month has more for you than can be imagined. Tap into its greatness before the month rolls by.

Happy New Month Wishes & Prayers to a Lover

Start the new month with your lover on a good note with the following Happy New Month Wishes and Prayers for Him or Her from the heart.

76. A new month – like a new found love, ever thrilling, ever exciting, ever lovely. I pray you experience all these and more this new month and always.

77. Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time for celebration. Yeah, if you believe, it will surely come to manifestation. Happy new month baby.

78. Eyes have not seen. Ears have not heard what the good Lord has in stock for you this new month. It’s your month of liberation, my love.

79. There’s always a new direction for every fresh start. May you not lack direction this new month and always.

80. The grace to rise above discouragement, the strength to move on when weak, the insight to picture into the future, these and more I pray you this new month and always.

81. Nothing ever hinders the sun from shinning as soon as day breaks. Nothing will stop you from shinning this very day and all through the month.

82. I pray you more smile to your beautiful face and more merry to your lovely heart. Happy new month to you baby.

83. This new month is special but you are more special. So, special blessings and good tidings await you this new month.

84. I pray you lesser trouble and bigger blessings this day. Have a glorious month ahead dearest.

85. May you not labour for others to harvest. May you enjoy every fruit of your labour. Success is your portion this new month.

86. May every inspiration needed to run the course of this life in the right direction, and at the right time, be endowed unto you. Have a great month ahead!

87. Refreshing hours, productive days, and successful weeks shall be your reward this new month.

88. Every good things you desire shall come your way this new month and always. Happy new month my love.

89. My heart, my wishes is that may our love be renewed and our heart be refreshed this new month and beyond. I love you endlessly.

90. May we grow stronger and better in love as each month keeps unfolding. Happy new month dearest.

91. May the new month mark the launching into a new beginning for us. As we step further, may we never have cause to go backward. It’s a blessed month for us, baby.

92. Your morning is blessed. Your afternoon is favoured. Your evening is glorious. Most of all, may your heart remain ever pure. Happy new month, my love.

93. May God satisfy you all day long. May riches envelope you and may honour surround you. Cheers to a month full of pleasantness for you my love.

94. May you continue to grow in love, grace and favour, even as we continue to share our lives together forever. Best wishes this new month and always.

95. The blooming of a fresh day births forth life and tranquility. May this new month births forth greater life and divine tranquility into you. Happy new month.

96. I earnestly wish that you’re favoured beyond your wildest imagination this new month and all through the year.

97. Every new month is ever special and adorable. May everything special and beautiful come your way this new month and always.

98. Attached to every new month are blessings and riches of its kind. My prayer is that all the blessing and riches in the month be yours now and ever.

99. May God restore unto you all the years the cankerworm had eaten. May everything dead in your life be enlivened. Happy new month bestie.

100. May you experience the best part of life and not the other way round. I wish you all the best this new month and always.

101. Miracle awaits you. Greatness locks around you. Your victory is certain. It is your month of elevation.

102. Where others struggle to achieve something, may you find ease in all endeavours. May you not lack anything good this new month and always. Happy new month, my love.

103. I can only ask God to shower you with lots of blessing this new month, my love. Yes, welcome to a new month!

104. Nothing you lay your hands upon shall pose difficulty for you. Happy new month, dear.

105. I pray to God to bless and keep you. I’m glad your testimony is sure. Happy new month!

106. I pray for you, my sweetheart, prosperity, and elevation are yours in all ramification this new month. Amen!

107. As you climb a new ladder of another month, the grace to climb to the peak shall be endowed unto you.

108. Baby, the blessings of the Lord shall be made available for you in this new month and beyond.

109. I’m rest assured that as you’ve seen this month, so shall you continually experience good things of life. Happy new month best choice.

110. Welcome into a new month, love. You will be fruitful in all your ways this new month, dear.

111. Get ready your dancing shoes. You’re stepping into your next level. Happy new month!

112. I could perceive the aura of great testimony that will soon come your way. Be expectant this new month, dear!

113. I pray you ease as you go into the new month. God shall make everything work in your favour.

114. Nothing shall by any means harm you this month. God will be with you all through the days. I love you!

115. May you not encounter any difficulty. I release you into a supernatural dimension of comfort. Happy new month, lover boy!

116. You’re so important to me. And so, I pray this new month become so significant in your daily endeavours.

117. May joy, peace, and love in abundance fill your heart this new month. I truly care!

118. In this new month, may the days be joyful, the weeks be graceful and the entire month be blissful for you.

119. For my care for you, it is my desire that you witness and see more glorious months ahead.

120. To know how much you mean to me is to show you the level of my good wishes for the new month for you. I wish you all the best!

Thanks for checking by. Trust you’ve got the best of the wishes and prayers you ever desire. Feel free to use and share with you families and loved ones.




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