Happy New Month November

Best Wishes for Happy New Month November 2024

Conveying your wishes this month to your loved ones is indeed very important and lovely to do.

Are you searching for the best wishes to convey your warm feelings and love to family, friends, lovers, colleagues and all your moved ones? And you are short of words to put together?

Then worry no more for we have here the best coupled words for wishes that would wow and surprise those loved ones of yours to the extent that they give you a return call to appreciate you.

Give it a trial now!

Happy New Month Wishes for Him or Her

The best of sweet wishes for happy new month for November 2024. Best to be sent to your lover, friends or family members.
happy new month messages and quotes for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife and loved ones.

1. I have no greeting card to send, no box of chocolate to package for you but a heart full of lovely wishes and sweet smelling aroma of beautiful things shall all be yours, darling. Happy new month!

2. This month shall be to you a month filled with joy, happiness and progression in all your endeavours. Happy new month, cute friend!

3. As you enter into this new month, lovely things shall find you, awesome surprises shall locate you and gracious happenings that will lead you to the place of your destiny shall happen to you. Happy and lovely month to my heartbeat. Love you!

4. For every new month is the beginning of new things. May new things begin in your life from this month henceforth. Wishing you a happy and glamorous new month, dear friend.

5. Having you as a friend makes every day so lovely. As you enter into this new month, every sorrowful issue in your life shall be turned into sweetness. Remain blessed, dear. Happy new month.

6. In this new month, you shall be tagged successful, favoured and uplifted. Have a wonderful month ahead.

7. May your sad stories and unfavourable conditions be turned into happiness and favourable testimonies for you in this new month. Happy new month, cute friend.

8. As the days dawns and everything becomes new and fresh, may your life also experience newness and freshness all round in this new month. A happy new month to the best sister ever.

9. Sisters like you are rare and costly to have, you are such a beautiful sister. May this new month establish positive things in your life. I love you, sis. Happy new month.

10. I have a lovely sister and I am blessed with the gift of an outstanding personality in a sister. That’s you, sis. I wish you a happy new month. May God’s blessings continually rest on you.

11. I just want you to receive this by faith; may you find more happiness, joy and peace in this new month. I have also replied amen over here. Happy new month.

12. As you enter into this new month, may your life be an expression of God’s goodness. Wishing you a happy new month.

13. May your life be filled with sweetness and joyfulness all through this month. Enjoy yourself, dear.

14. This November, may the heavens shower the rain of blessings and favours upon you abundantly.

15. This month shall be a month of remarkable successes for you. You shall have every reason to rejoice. I love you so much dear brother. Happy new month.

16. Hello love, as you awake into the dawning of another new month, may you be increased in all sides of your life for good. May the goodness of God find expression in your life. Happy new month, sweetheart. I love you so much, kisses!

17. Each month comes with its own challenges and successes. May you be equipped enough by God to overcome all the challenges and be graced abundantly to be embraced by success all round. Happy new month, darling. Lots of love!

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18. May the new month be to you as colorful as the rainbows, as bright as the sun in its strength and as beautiful as a diamond. Have a wonderful month, sweetheart. Love you!

19. Every month is like a hurdle of challenges to cross and a starting point of success to begin. May you be granted strength to cross every hurdle victoriously and start well at the point of your success story.
Happy new month, friend.

20. In this new month, there shall be a lot of positive changes in your life. Your life shall be a testimony. Have a wonderful month ahead, friend. Happy new month.

21. May your heart find peace from every trouble you have been facing. This new month shall be the month of solutions to every of your troubles. Always stay calm and be cool, friend. Happy new month of November.

22. As much as you smiled in the previous months, this new month shall be with a difference. You shall smile more and have lots of reasons to rejoice abundantly. Stay blessed, lovely friend. Happy new month

23. In this new month honey, you shall experience laughter in the place of gnashing of teeth, joy in the place of sorrow and sadness. The mercy of God shall keep you. I really love you, dear, I just can’t wait to embrace you now. Happy new month!

24. May your heart know no ache neither shall you be entrenched with sorrows in this new month. Stay blessed, my dearest brother.

25. At the beginning of every new month, it is always my heart desire that laughter shall never cease from your mouth and joy shall continually spring up in your heart. Happy new month, dear brother.

26. As this new month arrives, I pray for you that all the hidden treasures of the month shall be made known to you and the grace to exploits them rightly shall be given to you. I wish you a month of great blessings.

27. May the month be blessed for you. You shall be fruitful and you shall multiply geometrically divinely. Newness all round. Happy new month, my handsome brother.

28. The new month has started, may you succeed in all you do for good. Ensure to help others in your capacity and one more thing, always put on a smile. Happy new month.

29. Hello daddy, get ready and be fully prepared for uncommon favours and unlimited breakthroughs. Have a wonderful month ahead. You are the best dad in the world. I love you, daddy. Happy new month of November

30. May this month be a month of celebration for you. May you be celebrated and elevated as you step into the month. Happy new month, daddy.

31. In this new month, happiness and smiles shall not cease from your mouth. You shall do things with ease even the will of God. Happy new month, cute dad.

32. May you be given the grace to exploits every opportunity that comes your way in this new month. No factor shall mitigate against your success. Happy new month.

33. As you embrace this new month, may you encounter great blessings that will sum up into a remarkable month for you, daddy. Wishing you a happy and splendid new month.

34. May you experience peace of mind and quietness from all troubles around you daddy. This month shall be a very peaceful month for you. Happy new month, lovely dad.

35. My wish for you this month is that you will continually be meritorious and free from oppression and sorrows. May experience peace like a river in Jesus name. Love you so much mummy, happy new month.

36. To the most beautiful mother in the world, this new month shall be fruitful for you, you shall experience total freedom from all forms of turbulence and upheaval. Joy unspeakable and happiness undescribable shall be your portion from this month henceforth. A happy new month to my lovely mum.

37. Every month comes with its uniqueness, may you find the uniqueness of this month and be more unique. Happy new month, mum. I love and cherish you so much.

38. As the months go by and I also grow up, I’m always appreciative to God for making me one of your children, mum. May this month speak forth favour, blessings unlimited, joy unspeakable, happiness undescribable and love unconditionally for you. I just can’t stop loving you, mum. Happy new month.

39. Success is a function of prayer, hardworking and obedience. As you journey into the new month friend, take all these three words and use them accordingly and success shall be undeniable for you. Remain blessed, dear. Happy new month.

40. May you be granted access into all that the Lord has prepared for those that love Him. Hey friend, let us rekindle and also increase our love for God and our lives shall arrive safely. Happy new month, darling. Do have a great day.

41. Ensure to be patient and never lose hope, for all shall be well. I wish above all things that your soul prospers even as your health prosper in this new month and beyond. The peace of God shall flood your heart abundantly. Happy new month, friend. Lots of love!

42. May each day in this new month bring you closer and closer to the fulfillment of God’s plan for humanity. Do have faith and follow Him wherever He goes and it shall be good. Stay blessed darling. Happy new month.

43. This month shall be to you a month of breakthrough and breaking of new grounds. May you be empowered to perform exploits for good. Do have fun dear. Happy new month.

44. Wishing you a happy, meritorious, splendid, wonderful and blessed month. Remember to always smile and love everyone. I love you, dear. Happy new month.

45. Wishing you a fabulous new month filled with loads of positive surprises, an exciting memorable experiences and fantastic time outs. Enjoy the month, darling. Happy new month.

46. Happy new month to a very good friend of mine. You are a blessing from God. May this month bring you more blessings and abundance of joy.

47. As this month is loading, may you be supplied with the requirements for success. Wishing you a blessed month ahead, cute friend.

48. May you never fall victim of evil circumstances in this month. The guidance of the Lord shall be over you.

49. New surprises and new experiences for good for you. This month shall be a remarkable one in your life. Happy new month, sweetheart.

50. My sweetness, as you go on in this month, may the heaven’s intervention come upon all our issues this month. Always remember I love you so much. Happy new month.

51. In this new month, you shall rejoice greatly, my love. And you shall be celebrated. Happy new month of November!

52. In this month and beyond, your going out shall be peaceful and your coming in shall be graceful and profiting, my darling husband. Happy new month of November to you!

53. May you be protected from every form of attacks in this new month and beyond. You shall dwell in safety. Happy new month, my sweetest love. I am missing you already, darling.

54. Kisses and hugs, more love and favours all from me to you, my love. In this new month and beyond, our love shall grow stronger and stronger. I love so much darling. Happy new month.

55. May you strengthened the more and your heart be meritorious throughout this month and beyond. Have a wonderful month, my lovely wife.

56. I pray for you, sweetheart that you shall be granted the grace to achieve all your dreams in this new month. You shall be successful. I love you, honey. Happy new month of November.

57. I entreat the favour of God for your life in this new month and henceforth that great shall your profit be and bountiful shall your yields be, my handsome boyfriend Happy new month.

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58. Wishing you a good beginning in this new month, a favourable transition and a fruitful ending of the month. Remain blessed, my sweetest girlie. I love you so much. Happy new month.

59. May each passing day of this month birth great blessings for you. Have a blessed month ahead.

60. This month shall be so pleasant, profiting and full of liveliness for you. Enjoy every bit of it, darling. Happy new month.

61. May all your hopes according to God’s will for your life in this new month receive the divine stamp to come into fulfillment. Have a wonderful month, sweetheart. Happy new month.

62. May your life and the things around you receive freshness and newness of existence in this new month and beyond. Remember to always put on a smile at all times. Happy new month to you, lovely friend.

63. May you have every reason to be cheerful and joyful in this new month. Stay blessed, darling. Happy new month!

64. Be of a seeking heart and a hearing ear in this month and the Lord shall direct your footsteps. He shall lead you through, just have faith and be obedient, dearest brother. Have a lovely month.

65. Hello cute brother, may this month be an awesome month for you. You shall remember this month for good. Don’t forget to commit your steps before God brother. Happy new month.

66. It’s my prayer and wish that in this new month, the light of God shall illuminate every darkness in our lives and we shall be enlightened. Have a graceful day and a merciful month ahead, beautiful sister. Happy new month.

67. May every form of abnormalities in our lives and darkness be done away with by the shining light of God. Amen. Happy new month.

68. May God grant you and I the grace to hear and follow all His instructions in this new month and beyond. Remain blessed, darling. Happy new month.

69. May you be granted the strength to overcome all of the obstacles and challenges that come with the month and also be granted the mercy to receive all her blessings and favours. Happy new month, friend.

70. As the new month unfolds, may every of her new opportunities be unleashed for you to explore them rightly. Have a great day and a graceful month ahead, lovely sister.

71. As the new month begins, may you soar higher and higher in all your endeavours. Wishing you an awesome month, friend.

72. May you find increment in all your investment and incomes in this lovely month darling! Happy new month.

73. Happy new month to a unique person in my life. May your life be made more shiny and beautiful. Happy new month.

74. May all you desire according to God’s plans for your life find expression in you this new month!

75. Wishing you a fabulous, fantastic, lovely and wonder-filled month.

76. I wish you happiness and joy from this new month and henceforth. Joy unspeakable and happiness all the way.

77. In this new month, all the problems and issues that surfaced in your life in the previous months shall be leveled. Happy new month.

78. As the new month unfolds, may blessings, joy, favour be unfolded to you. Happy new month to you.

79. May you filled with loads of lovely surprises and new experiences in this lovely month, darling. Happy new month!

80. Lot of lovely surprises and goodly packages in this new month awaits you. Have a wonderful month, my best friend.

81. Your testimony this month shall be success and great achievements. Undeniable shall your success and breakthrough be, lovely friend. Happy new month.

82. You shall be elevated above your equals and contemporaries from now and henceforth. Ensure you are not proud. Happy new month to my dearest friend.

83. May you have every reason to celebrate and be celebrated this month, dearie. This month shall be sweet and fantastic for you. Happy new month.

84. From now henceforth, you shall have peace of mind and the blessing of each day in the new month shall not pass you by. Wishing you a blessed new month, lovely cousin.

85. This new month has already been surmounted by you. We shall all see each other hale, sound and healthy in the following months. Happy and splendid new month to you, bestie.

86. Wishing the best partner and colleague ever a very happy and graceful month. Remain blessed!

87. In this new month, brand new things for good shall come your way. Every old thing that needs replacement in and around you shall be replaced. Stay calm and focused on God for He shall perform these for you. Happy new month.

88. Victory songs and laughter shall not cease from your mouth. You shall find every reason to celebrate and be celebrated. Happy new month, cutie.

89. May your life shine brighter and brighter in this new month that nothing would be able to stand against your light from shining. May the Lord shield your light from every form of darkness. Happy new month.

90. Today marks the opening day of a new day. May all the locked opportunities that need to be accessed be made accessible by you by the grace of God. Grace shall abound towards you abundantly. Happy new month, lovely sister.

91. In this next 30 days ahead of us, may you find favour from God and man. May your life be filled with the mercy of God. Have a great day ahead. Happy new month!

92. May the new month be filled with positive changes, goodness, kindness and favour for you. Happy new month!

93. Hello love, your beauty is so astonishing and your heart is such a kind heart. I can’t trade you for any other girl. You mean so much to me. I love you so much. May you be successful in all you do according to God’s will for your life this month. See you soon dearie. Happy new month.

94. Hey sweetheart, it’s a new day in a new month. May you experience newness all round in your life this month. Freshness all around also. Stay blessed, friend. Happy and healthy new month!

95. Hi darling, though we just spoke not quite long. I just can’t stand not hearing your voice in ten minutes. Now, I’m saying that as you go in this new month, you shall be progressive forwardly and not backwardly in your endeavours. I love you so much, sweetheart. Happy, lovely and progressive new month to you.

96. Each passing hours in this new month shall be made as a soothing balm for your pains. Ensure to be free and more friendly, dear friend. Happy new month!

97. It’s all cheers to a new month. May we all get it right in this new month. Happy new month.

98. Anytime you’re feeling cold, I’ll be there to keep you warm, anytime you’re bored, I’ll be there to make you excited. May this month be full of warmth and excitement for you. Happy new month, my sweetest heart.

99. This new month shall be a month of fruitfulness and multiplication for you in all sides. Happy and healthy new month to my precious daddy.

100. As this new month comes, may you be shown abundance of mercy and goodness from God and man. May you be blessed unconditionally. God bless you. Happy new month!

101. Every form of turbulence that has been assigned for this new month shall you overcome by the grace of God. Have faith darling and have a fabulous month ahead.

102. You shall experience peace undiluted, mercy infinitely and grace abundantly in this new month. Have a great month ahead, friend. Happy new month!

103. May you be blessed graciously by God our Father. Happy new month to my sweetest and dearest queen. I can’t love you any less.

104. New heavenly ideas and uncommon wisdom to do great things shall be granted to you this new month. Stay blessed.

105. May the Lord shower His mercies and make His blessings rest on you more and more in this new month. Happy new month to you!

106. In this new month, elevations that beat your expectations shall be yours. Remain focused, darling brother. Happy new month to you.

107. This month shall be to you a less wearisome and less worrisome month. Joy and gladness unspeakable are all yours. Happy new month, dearie

108. Embrace the opportunities available and make the right use of them all. Success and fruitfulness are yours this month, darling friend. Happy new month to you.

109. Hey sweetheart, I wish you a month filled with so much happiness, joy, tranquility, favours and progression. Happy new month!

110. As this month opens up, may you be opened up to the glorious opportunities that would yield abundantly for you. Amen.

111. Here comes the addition, multiplication of all these favourable factors in your life this month; peace, love, joy and happiness. Happy new month!

112. In this new month, new things shall be made accessible for you. Remain refreshed darling. Happy new month!

113. May you not have any reason to cry or weep in this new month, darling friend. Happy new month

114. In this new month. May you have every reason to smile, laugh rejoice. Laughter all the way dear. Happy new month.

115. May your joy not be cut short in this month but you shall enjoy abundance of joy all round.

116. This new month shall be a month of elevation in your businesses and all your endeavours shall find increment. I love you, daddy. Happy new month.

117. May the favour and kindness of God go with you always and all through your life. Happy new month, love.

118. This month shall be a month of relief and tranquility for you, nephew. Peace from all troubles. Have a great month ahead. Happy new month to my cutest nephew.

119. May this new month be another chance for you to succeed in your endeavours more than the previous months. May the grace be supplied to you abundantly. Happy new month.

120. Ensure to always be happy, wearing a smile and feel free and fresh for this new month shall be successful and favourable for you. Enjoy your day darling. Happy new month.

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