Hard Times Build Character Quotes

Hard Times Build Character Quotes

Many things are sure to come to us in life, as sure as death! And one of them is hard times. Times will come when nothing seems to go as we want, and some will be so hard we’d wonder if they could get any harder.

One thing people say about these times is that they build us, that they are not only reasons to be sad but also tools for character building. And this is true.

You’re on this page because you need quotes about the idea of a person’s character being built by tough times, maybe to encourage yourself or someone else, or for any other reason, and you won’t be disappointed.

On this page, you’ll find many quotes on hard times build character quotes written in different styles, so you can find something perfect!

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Hard Times Build Character Quotes

Hard times are the best schools for character building. As you grow and progress in life, many of them will come. They will make you a better person and help in your overall growth. They can build your character in ways studying a book can’t.

1. Hard times are good for you. They build character, they build your strength, and they create a foundation upon which you can achieve so much!

2. When hardships hit, be thankful for the experience. It will make you a stronger person.

3. We’ve all been through tough times. They make us stronger, better people.

4. Life is tough, but it’s also beautiful. The hardships build character and teach us how to appreciate and live each day to the fullest.

5. When hard times come, let them shape you. They can help you grow into the strongest version of yourself and become more resilient in hard times ahead.

6. Just as nothing beats the comfort of home, there’s nothing that builds character as well as hard times.

7. Hard and struggling times may seem overwhelming and discouraging, but they’re actually perfect for building character. Growing up may just require walking through a series of challenges.

8. Life is full of hard times, but if you let your character build through those times, those hard times can become the foundation for incredible things.

9. We all go through some hard times in life—a breakup, a job loss, the death of a loved one or something else. These are the same things that build character.

10. When times are tough, remember that the character of a person can be built by the way he handles the challenges and struggles that he encounters.

11. If it weren’t for the hard times, there are some heights we would never have come close to. They’ll come, build your character and leave you as a better person.

12. You’ll be stronger, wiser and more determined to succeed after the toughest times.

13. Don’t let the tough times crush your dreams. They’re setting you up for something greater beyond what you know and can build your character.

14. Life’s not always going to be easy. But if you keep pushing through, your character will grow stronger and stronger!

15. The times when you thought the world was coming to an end are the times that build your character the most.

16. Life is tough, but it’s good. The hard times can push you to be a better person, to be tougher and stronger in the end.

17. There are times in life when it feels like everything is against you. But, contrary to what you may know, these times are there to build your character.

18. When life isn’t going the way you planned, it can be easy to give up on what you’re aiming for. Instead, relax and remember that hard times have a way of building character and making us stronger in the process.

19. If you’re going through difficult times now, consider yourself lucky to experience something that can build your character greatly.

20. As hard times come, accept them. Be the person who welcomes hard times and allows them to build your strength, wisdom and character.

21. When you are going through hard times, it’s important to remember that you will be better in the end because they’ll build your character.

22. A single hard moment will not build your character enough. Years of hurdles and challenges will.

23. When you’re in hard times, it’s easy to get down and out. However, they are good times to build character and strength.

24. We all have our moments when things get tough. The good thing about hard times is that they give us the chance to build character.

25. Hard times can really build character. We all can be better people when faced with adversity.

26. In tough times, it’s easy to be tempted to give up. But if you allow them to build your character, those hard times will end up making you a better person, better prepared for the next challenge life brings your way.

27. Hard times can really test your character. But when you don’t let them break you down, they can help you make you stronger.

28. Tough times can make you stronger. They are pushing you to be better than you were before and teaching you what it takes to succeed in life.

29. The moments when you feel most discouraged or lost and can’t see any way out—these are the times when your character improves.

30. Nothing builds character like facing hard times eyeball to eyeball and overcoming them.

Tough Times Build Character Quotes

Tough times can do wonders for your character. They make you stronger, smarter, and more resilient. When life throws you a tough time, roll with it. You can choose to be angry and bitter, or you can choose to be grateful and let it build you.

31. You can build character when you have a roof over your head, a full belly and warm clothes on your back. But you don’t want to miss the lessons that tough times teach.

32. Hard times can strengthen your character. Keep your head up, don’t give up, and keep doing what you love.

33. Building character in times of hardship is not for one per cent of the earth’s population; it’s for everyone.

34. Don’t let the tough times hold you back; keep moving forward and use them to build character!

35. If you’re going through a very tough time, don’t give up. It takes more than a little adversity to build a great character.

36. Life has many challenges for us to face, and our character will be shaped by them.

37. There will be times in your life that you will hate, and that’s normal. The things you do in such times are very important because they will either allow these tough times to build your character or hinder them.

38. None of us has the best character. However, we will all face hard times, and they are opportunities to build character.

39. We all go through tough times. Your character is built by the way you respond to those times.

40. Sometimes, you have to experience hell or something like it for your character to be built.

41. Life is hard, but one can make it easier by allowing the tough times to build their character.

42. Life is hard; it’s going to be rough every now and then. Be the person who allows the hard times to build your character.

43. When times are tough, remember that character is built by doing the hard things. We should all rise above our challenges and grow from them.

44. Life is full of tough times, but your character is built in the moments when you choose to stand up and keep going.

45. Sometimes, you have to go through the fire to be forged into something of value.

46. We all have tough times ahead of us—and that’s one of the best parts of growing up. It’s one way our character gets built up!

47. Tough times build character, not just in kids but in everyone.

48. Our character is built by the storms we survive—and learn from.

49. We can learn a lot from my hardships. They teach us to appreciate the simple things in life and to never give up on our dreams.

50. Life’s greatest lessons are learned through hardship. You can endure it and grow, or you can run from it and miss out.

51. Tough times can break you down, but they can also build you up. Always remember that there is a positive takeaway from every situation in life.

52. Tough times and hardships are signs that you’re on the right track and things that will make you better if you let them.

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