Have a Blessed Week Messages (2024)

These have a blessed week messages have been well penned out for you to peruse and pick your favourite to lighten someone’s evening throughout the year 2024, and beyond. I understand that the day can be so tedious and occupied with different thoughts and emotions, but a message to someone who is close to you will not only make them smile, it will remind them that someone cares and loves me despite what I’ve been through today.

Blessing the week could be all that person needs to get going on that job, that business and even in a family too. Every message here has been carefully selected just for your ease and because we care, I care about you too, why not click on the copy button right now and send one of my have a blessed week messages to that one person in your heart right now. It could be all the person needs to move on to tomorrow and have hope for a great future ahead.
Pink one and bless a life as you do.

Have a Great and Wonderful Week Ahead Quotes

One sweet way to tell someone you care so much about that you want the best for Him or Her is by sharing some good quotes and wishes for them to start the week with. Whether your own week is starting on a Sunday or Monday, these have a Blessed week ahead messages and wishes are sure the real deal. Send to Your Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friends and family members.

1. The days might not always turn out as we hoped, but I want you to be strengthened in the reality of a better tomorrow. It will get better very soon and you will smile again. Do have a blessed week.

2. Hopes are never shattered, it is only waiting for you to push further and give it a try. Just one more time and another time again and you will not only achieve, but you will be experienced with your achievements, never feel bothered about last week failure. It’s a new week, let’s do new things. Have a blessed week.

3. I trust God for you this week that all things will work together for your good. Others might be complaining and in disarray, but you will have reasons to rejoice greatly in this new week.

4. Got along well with everyone and see how beautiful it is to spread love. I believe nothing will steal your joy this week. Enjoy the best that comes with each day this week. Have a beautiful week ahead.

5. Go out this week and show your strength and what you are made of. Nothing can stop you and no power will hinder you. You have all it takes to succeed. A blessed new week to you.

6. It is the beginning of a new week and hopes are refreshed to bring the best out of the week. Keep your hope renewed also and live through the week head high and with positivity. The week can only end in praise. Have a blessed week ahead.

7. Your mind is active, your spirit is free, you have a sound mind and your ways are guided this new week and always. Now go out there and make the best from the week. You are blessed. Have a blessed week.

8. You will yield good success this week and it will be a week of great achievement. God’s got you covered and you find help and support in all your ways. Have a blessed week ahead.

9. You have faith to achieve all that you desire. You deserve all the best and it will come to you this week with ease and you will overflow with thankfulness. God bless your new week.

10. You will be greatly celebrated this week and beyond every shortcoming, you will receive a new song and your life will be a testimony this new week. Have a blessed week ahead.

11. Shine this week because there are many opportunities hidden that your brightness can reveal. Now, step out there and shine through every nook and cranny and succeed gloriously. Have a blessed week ahead.

12. It is a new week. Be thankful for what was not the previous week and be determined to bring the best from this week. You are a success, live in that reality. Have a blessed week ahead.

13. I pray that you receive discernment in what you are going to do this week. Success all around and you do the needful at the right time. Your week is blessed.

14. Have a blessed week ahead filled with goodness, mercy and all your heart desires being met. You will find help in all your ways and obtain favour where you least expect it.

15. Look closely as you step out into the week, there are opportunities ready and waiting for you to tap into. Don’t get distracted not to see them. Enjoy the bounty on your way this week. Have a blessed week.

16. May the world bring things to work in your favour to achieve your desired height this week. Go out and watch lines fall to you in pleasant places. It will be an exciting week for you.

17. You will be celebrated this week and when you least expect it, you will be promoted and lifted to your new level. I believe the week is beautiful. Let’s go out and explore the week. Have a blessed week ahead.

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18. Activate work mode. There is so much to do and I pray you won’t get weary all through the week. Go in the strength of the Lord. Have a blessed week ahead.

19. Can I lend a helping hand? I mean it and I want you to know that you can call on me if you need anything. Let’s make your week less stressful together. Do have a blessed week.

20. I trust God to make this week better. Last week and its mistakes are gone, pick up the positive vibe and enjoy all the goodness that comes with this week.

21. I ask that this week will overflow with blessings that will make others marvel at God’s grace in your life. It is a wonderful week for you, don’t you feed your fear about the week. God’s got you covered. Have a blessed week ahead.

22. You have great grace to be the best in all that you do. Let the world see that best this week. You are celebrated. Your week is blessed.

23. This new week, you will burst forth with grace to succeed in all your endeavours and it will be the beginning of great weeks ahead. Have a blessed week.

24. I thought about you this morning and I asked God to keep you for me this week and always. I asked that we always have good tidings to share with each other. Have a blessed week ahead.

25. Everything that you do this week to bring the best will birth the best for you. None of your endeavours will be a wasted effort. Enjoy the success of the week.

26. I pray that you will not be stranded with ideas for productivity. Your life will bring others to be there best in whatever they do. Have a blessed week ahead.

27. There is a light in you that will shine bright. Don’t hide the light with negative feelings. Let it shine and watch your life become a blessing to you and others. Have a blessed week ahead.

28. Your failures in the last week will be converted to success and uplifting for you this week. Give it your best. It can only get better and better it will get for you. Be hopeful and have the best of the week.

29. I pray you to have a blessed week that will bring happiness and love to you. Your days are blessed and your steps are ordered.

30. You will receive more than you ever imagine to receive this week and light will shine on your path. It will be a week filled with testimonies and you will end the week with an overflow of blessings.

31. Wake up! It is a new week and things are just about to get better this week. Step out with your best shot and achieve your dreams. You are good enough. Have a blessed week ahead.

32. There is a virtue within you that is strong enough to birth all your heart desires. You have all it takes to be the best this week and also bring out the best in others. Explore this week with a positive spirit and see how beautiful it will be. I pray you to have a blessed week.

33. I’m wishing you the best of the week. That your ways are guided and you be led to the right path that will make your week spectacular. Have a blessed week ahead.

34. I trust God for you that grace will be sufficient for you this week. You will have strength for all of your weaknesses and all things will be easy for you. Your week is blessed.

35. Welcome to a week filled with possibilities. You are chosen to shine and to be a success. Now go out there, explore and make it real. Have a blessed week ahead.

36. Let’s have the failings and negative vibes of last week behind. It was overwhelming, but we can compensate for it by being our best at what we do this week. Let’s make it real with our best shot at work. Have a blessed week.

37. I pray you will find positive people to work with this week and may your work be less stressful. God bless your week and make your name great. Enjoy the best of the week.

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38. Let your success motivate others to become their best too. Do you know you carry a great light? Let it shine this week and let others light themselves at your brightness. Have a blessed week ahead.

39. You are good enough and within you is many possibilities. I know last week stress and shortcomings make you feel otherwise, but will you sit with that when you have a new week to show you are good and perfect for the work? Now, get dressed and ready to make the best of the week. Enjoy your week.

40. God will show you just how to execute your project this week. It won’t be a waste of time, but a time of greatness and joy. Have a blessed week ahead.

41. Be positive and shake off the previous week stress. Here we are with a new week to do better and to attain new height. It is possible. Here is to a blessed week ahead.

42. What others say about you do not matter. You go out there this week and achieve your goals. They will celebrate you and see the greatness in you. You are more than enough. Have a blessed week.

43. I pray you to receive insight and grace to think right, strength to work smart and grace to come out with positive results. Your week is going to be alright and beautiful.

44. I pray that in all that you do this week, you will have great results and it will bring praise to God’s name. I’m praying for you and I know the weekend will be filled with surprises for you. Have a blessed week ahead.

45. Do not be afraid to give your work its best this week. You are sufficient enough and do not let anyone bring you down with any negativity. Have a blessed week ahead.

46. I ask God to make the new week pleasant for you and you will have great opportunities that will announce your greatness. You are highly blessed this week and always.

47. Embrace the week with a positive passion. Let that passion keep burning until you achieve a great result this week. Keep it going and don’t let anything change your mind. Have a blessed week ahead.

48. Utilize every opportunity you receive this week. You will achieve greatness in all you set your hands on to do. Doors will open and you will enter into plenty. Enjoy the beautiful week.

49. You can be anything you want to be once you set your gaze on it to achieve it. Let your spirit be channelled towards that objective and do not lose sight of it until it becomes a success. Have a blessed week ahead.

50. I pray no one will stand on your way or stand against you this week. It will be a wonderful week that will bring you to ease in all your ways. Your paths are blessed. Have a blessed week.

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