Have a Safe Journey Back Home Quotes (2024)

When a friend, family or lover makes a journey through any means of transportation, the only thing we desire for them is their safe return.

It doesn’t matter how far the distance they’re covering away from us may be, our wishes can go a long way to ensure their safe return into our protective arms.

So, you’ve got a loved one ready to be on the road, or on the sea, and even in the air, or one embarking on a trip already? Simply send them these 2024 Trending Have a Safe Journey Back Home Quotes.

Without doubts, you’ll behold their lovely face again like a colorful reappearance of a rainbow.

Have a Safe Trip Back Home Wishes Quotes

It’s easy to show that you care when someone you cherish is on a journey. Use these have a safe journey back home wishes quotes for a safe trip for them.

1. In great expectancy, like refreshing rains about to drop on earth, I await your safe return, my darling.

2. As you go ahead, look back, for there’s a loved one missing you and praying for your safe return, sweetheart.

3. Nothing else matters to me now but your arrival. Have a safe journey back home, dearie.

4. On this trip, my love goes with you, as my prayers are sent above for your safe journey back home.

5. It matters not how tedious the journey may be, in good health you shall return into my loving arms again.

6. Bon voyage, my love. May the sun and moon be your protection wherever you may be.

7. For there’s a loved one looking forward to beholding your lovely face; drive safely, sweetie.

8. Safe flight, my love. Ignore the turbulences and pay attention to the love song your heart sings.

9. Do not be afraid, for all my prayers are with you on this flight. Wishing you a safe landing, dearie.

10. Like the moon travels safely to its abode in the morning, so will your journey be, my darling. Safe travels.

11. May the road be kind to your vehicle. May men be careful with you. Happy journey, my dear.

12. My heart beats in joy knowing you’re on a journey to me. Have a safe journey back home, dearest.

13. Laugh and smile throughout this trip. Rest when you so desire it. Do not be afraid to enjoy your trip, my love.

14. Sometimes, it takes only a silent prayer to make a sound journey. I save my prayer for you; may your journey be smooth and sound.

15. As the river journeys down smoothly to the south, so shall your trip be a happy and effortless one.

16. Have a comfortable ride home. Drive safely, my love.

17. Ease your heart from worries. Love the trees passing by. Enjoy every moment of your trip. Happy journey, dearie.

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18. There shall no harm meet you as you fly above the earth. Safe landing, sweetie.

19. I’m reminded of you as soon as the sun rises. Can’t wait to stare at your lovely face. Safe journey, my love.

20. As far as the earth can see, you remain the best. So, may its land not consume you as you journey to and fro, my darling.

21. Your feet shall not hit a stone and your eyes shall not behold evil on this journey. Bon voyage, my love.

22. Remember there’s a heart beating for your return. Happy journey, bae.

23. The ocean shall not consume you, nor the sea receives your tears and the atmosphere, your wails. Safe flight, dearie.

24. You’re an angel amongst other passengers, cause for your sake, your journey is preserved from all evil. Happy journey, sweetie.

25. On this journey, our hearts will not be broken. Our ears shall hear of your safe landing, I pray.

26. I do not doubt that you shall return safely into the arms of your love. Safe travels to you, my darling.

27. May this journey not be your last, may it not leave a dent in your heart. Happy journey, sweetheart.

28. Before my lips get weary of your absence and my heart gets sick from loving you afar, make a quick return into my hugs. Have a safe journey back home, my love.

29. Every straight and curve of the road shall lead you back home safely, I pray.

30. May this journey be your best so far adorned with memories of love and hope. Drive safely, sweetie.

31. As your train runs through the rails, may you be free from the evil hands of the wicked. Have a safe journey back home.

32. On the ship shall you find an overwhelming sense of peace and joy. May the breezes be cool and friendly. Safe travels to you.

33. May your boat never capsize, may your heart not be troubled during the course of this journey. Bon voyage, sweetie.

34. May you not hit your motorcycle against anyone nor anything. Do have a safe journey, my darling.

35. Your presence is a joy to me. Thence, I pray for your safe return back home, my love.

36. I’ll think about you every step of the way. I’ll miss you as you go. But I’m comforted knowing I’ll see you again soon. Have a safe journey back home, my darling.

37. Apple of my eyes, precious in my sight; enjoy your trip, my darling.

38. I’m reserving flirty kisses for you and loving gazes until your return. Happy journey, my love.

39. I’m waiting for you. Because I know this journey shall land you safely into my longing arms again.

40. You have a smile I cannot replace. I dream to see it again. Safe travels, my love.

41. May this trip not bring you trauma and worries. I hope you have a safe journey back home, dearie.

42. A welcoming meal awaits your arrival. Your home happily anticipates you. Enjoy your trip, my darling.

43. May the cloud be your protection as you fly above the earth’s surface. With my kisses, I wish you a safe landing.

44. I cancel collision and accidents on your way. On this journey, you shall win. Bon voyage, my dear.

45. The sound of your feet shall my ears long for throughout this journey of yours. Safe trip, sweetie.

46. Do not leave us behind as we wouldn’t let you go. May the heavens ensure your safe return. Drive safely, my love.

47. The sweetest sound would be the one of your returning horns. Do have a safe trip back home, my love. Drive safely.

48. May your train find its way to its destination safely. May your feet not be tired nor weak. Enjoy your trip, my dear.

49. See you again, my love. May this trip bring memories of love and timeless bliss.

50. Leave the prayers to me, for I’ll say them every second on your trip. Bon voyage, my darling.

51. I dream of you landing peacefully like a dove resting on a strong branch. Safe landing, my love.

52. More than anyone and anything, I wish to see your face again after this tiring journey. Bon voyage, sis.

53. My prayer every now and then is that you have a safe journey back home. Safe trip, bestie.

54. If you ply the road a million times, the angels would protect you in a million ways. Thus, you’re safe. Happy trip.

55. Reminisce about our beautiful memory together. Let your mind travel far even whilst the journey lasts. Safe travels, bro.

56. Have a safe journey back home. May the angels give you their wings to fly on as you travel in the air.

57. I wish you a safe landing. May you never walk into the lion’s lair. Your steps shall be ordered aright. Enjoy your trip.

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58. May your journey be as smooth as the skin of an angel. May you never experience any turbulence. Safe travels, my dear.

59. May your foot never lead you astray. May you walk into the right place at the right time. Bon voyage.

60. You’ll never grow weary of this journey. You’ll never be scared to make this trip a reality. Drive safely, mum.

61. No matter the miles you’ll cover, your safety is guaranteed. Travel as far as the sky covers the earth, yet your safety is sure. Happy journey.

62. Have a safe journey back home. Like a king, your arrival is dreamt of. Quickly make a safe journey back home.

63. This trip shall not mar you but make you. Welcome to your base, bro. Safe journey.

64. May you never experience any misfortune. May this journey be one to remember for good. Safe trip, love.

65. I’ll keep watching over you as I look into the sky. I’ll protect you within my arms even if you’re far away. Can’t wait to behold your lovely face. Safe flight.

66. May you never be searched for. May you make a safe landing. You’re protected and safe till forevermore. Safe journey.

67. May you never board the wrong flight. May the clouds be clear for your sake. Have a safe journey back home.

68. Enjoy the trip. Think about me and think about us dancing in the rain.

69. I cannot wait to see your face and to let you know just how much I’ve dreamt about your coming. Make it fast, my love. Safe trip.

70. May the waters never quarrel with your boat. May it hug your boat like a bosom friend. May your captain navigate safely.

71. May your train move smoothly as possible. May you enjoy every bit of this journey. Have a safe journey back home, dear friend.

72. From a distance, you can take my hand and hold unto me tight like your anchor in time of stormy weather. Safe trip.

73. My prayers shall go with you for as far as travel. My thoughts will be with you for long hours. You’re not journeying alone. Safe drive, handsome.

74. I saw this beautiful day coming. Make that long trip and be home to enjoy the warmth of your family.

75. Happy journey, love. Do not falter as you make this trip. Your family is earnestly waiting for you at the other end.

76. This will be one of the many beautiful journeys you’ll be making. Go ahead and make this one the most remarkable. Bon voyage.

77. We all have missed you terribly. We’ll welcome you with yearning kisses and earnest hugs. It will be a reunion for all. Welcome home, sis.

78. This journey shall make you smile and happy than you could possibly imagine. So, make it happen real fast. Enjoy your trip, bestie.

79. At the moment, I desire to see your face more than anything else. Bless me with your coming, son.

80. For you, I could wait all day without a meal, for I am filled with the yearning for your arrival. Come swiftly, come timely, baby. Safe travels.

81. Make me the happiest woman on earth by making it home today. I’ll like to have you within my tender arms like in your formative years, daughter. Drive safely.

82. Respect the law as you travel. Drive responsibly, then you’ll arrive home on time and in good shape.

83. I promise to fill your air with happiness and your plate with abundance. Come back home and see just how much we love you. Safe flight, son.

84. I’ll be here waiting for you even when it gets dark, for in the midst of great darkness I’ll still recognize your face. Safe journey, baby.

85. I desire this journey for you more than you do for yourself. I’m happy to know that you’re on your way home. This is the route to your happiness. Safe flight.

86. Never knew this day will come so quickly. It’s unbelievable that I’ll be seeing your face so soon. Thank you, my love. May your way be protected. Safe journey.

87. Never be frightened. No matter how lonely the journey may get, think about the warmth waiting for you at home. Safe trip, dear.

88. Today is going to be special cause you’re the one we’ve been waiting for. Drive safely, sis.

89. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you’re on your way home. May your route be free from dangers. Safe landing.

90. You’re coming home to behold just how much we love you. You’ll see just how precious you are in our sight.

91. The land is green and the sky is blue because we all wait for you in the manner in which we earnestly do. Enjoy your trip.

92. May you find a safe spot to land on, safely. May you be guided throughout the journey, my love. Have a beautiful journey back home.

93. May your trip be made from the sweetness of a spring causing you to enjoy every moment of it.

94. On the wings of an angel you shall ride. Praying for your safe landing, sweetheart.

95. As you drive through the roads, may they not taste your blood nor receive your tears, my darling.

96. Smile from the depth of your heart for you’re going home to savour unconditional love. Safe trip, bestie.

97. A journey like this creates a merry heart. Enjoy this trip for the best awaits you at home.

98. This may not be a regular trip, but it’s sure worth it. Your family is here for you. Bon voyage.

99. That you have a home to go to is a miracle and privilege you shouldn’t take for granted. Thus, make the most of this journey.

100. I’m full of high spirits, cause I’m positive about your journey today. You deserve the happiness this trip would eventually bring your way. Happy journey, dear.

Go wish your loved one a pleasant journey in order to behold their face again.

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