Heart and Brain Conflict Quotes

Heart and Brain Conflict Quotes

The brain and the heart constantly battle. Emotions bring us heartache and insecurities while the mind brings us logical reasoning and a strengthened head. However, despite their constant conflict, these two parts of our bodies are deeply connected and work in harmony with one another to help determine our actions.

Your heart’s passion and your mind’s wisdom are great gifts. Each brings something unique to the human experience. Yet when they’re at odds, it can be confusing and upsetting. It is through the combined struggle of these two conflicting parts that we can overcome our fears, allowing us to make calculated decisions as we go about our daily lives.

These heart and brain conflict quotes will help you be more enlightened in situations where you have to make decisions from your head or your heart. Read them to remind yourself that however hard the situation is, there are always more options than you think.

Heart and Brain Conflict Quotes

Your thoughts and emotions are constantly being influenced by everything around you. If they don’t align with your goals and desires, they can derail your whole day, week or even life! But other times, they’re totally at odds with each other and we’re left feeling conflicted.

1. The heart wants what it wants. And the brain knows better, but the heart wins anyway.

2. From a heart to a brain, it’s hard to know where the other will go. But if you’re lucky and open to change, your life may just surprise you.

3. If your heart and head are in conflict, you’ll never be able to find the right answer.

4. The tug of war between our heart and brain can be trying at times. But we are not alone in our struggle. In fact, there are many others who have gone before us, and they were able to find balance.

5. Sometimes the heart wants to follow something, but the brain is telling you to go in a different direction.

6. Sometimes the heart and head are at war with each other. Sometimes they’re locked in a passionate embrace. But mostly they just want to get along, so we can all just be happy.

7. The heart is a powerful force and the brain is its translator. When they do not agree, it can become conflicted. It’s about finding a balance between the two for your highest potential.

8. Life is a constant battle between the heart and the brain. The trick is to choose wisely.

9. The heart and brain are incredibly similar yet they are also incredibly different. There’s a place in the middle where they go their separate ways and create something amazing.

10. You can’t win a fight with your heart or your brain. You have to pick one and focus.

11. When you’re confused and your heart says one thing, your brain says another. It’s all too easy to get into a state of perpetual conflict.

12. When you feel like your heart is telling you to run away and hide, listen to it. But when your brain tells you to do it, just make a list of everything that needs to get done or finished before you leave. And then trust your heart to guide you.

13. When we focus on our heart and ignore the brain, it’s like turning a car engine off while driving.

14. It’s funny. We spend so much time trying to deny ourselves what we really want. Even when the logical part of our brain knows it’s terrible for us, our heart wins anyway.

15. When your heart and brain are in conflict, you can get stressed out all the time. You know what to do, but your heart keeps saying no.

16. The heart wants what it wants, while the brain tries to talk us out of it.

17. There is a battle between the heart and the brain. The heart takes you on emotional adventures, but the brain provides the discipline and self-control to stay grounded in reality.

18. We all have so many conflicting thoughts going on in our brains, and sometimes it can be hard to know how to control them. However, one thing is for certain—the more you take care of your heart and mind, the easier it will be to control them.

19. When the heart and brain have a conflict, it is referred to as a brain-heart conflict. This will happen when your heart desires something that your mind does not accept.

20. Feeling the heart in conflict with the mind. Just understand that there’s no need to choose between the two because they are both important and necessary to your happiness.

21. It’s a heart and brain conflict: love and logic don’t always agree. And the best thing about it is that we get to decide which side of the equation we want to be on.

22. Finding your heart/mind conflict will not prevent you from going after what you want. You’ll just need to find a way to communicate with both sides of yourself.

23. Our minds are true messengers. When we’re in conflict with our hearts, our minds can shut down, or they can hold us hostage. It’s up to each of us to choose the latter.

24. When the mind and heart are in contradiction, true happiness is hard to reach. By following the right path, anyone can achieve a better understanding of their own desires and reach new levels of fulfilment.

25. Brain-heart conflicts are experienced by people who have a vague goal in life or an unrealistic desire for recognition, wealth or power.

26. We’re always conflicted in our heads and heart, struggling with emotions, wanting to act but not knowing what to do next.

27. As we live our lives, we often find ourselves conflicted between what our mind wants and what our heart tells us. The two parts of who we are constantly battle each other, trying to decide between logical reasoning and emotional desires.

28. A brain-heart conflict arises when your heart’s desire is not in sync with what your head knows to be right. This conflict occurs because you have let your happiness depend on something out of your control.

29. You can’t do everything on your own. The brain and the heart need to agree on what they want to accomplish.

30. The Brain and Heart have a Battle of the Mind. For ages, these two parts of our body have been in competition. Emotions can bring heartache at any moment.

31. It’s evolution, not revolution. Let’s keep the heart and brain working together, in harmony.

32. When your heart and brain are not on the same page. Work on both to feel your best.

33. The brain and the heart have a lot of differences, but they also have a lot of similarities. They work in the same place to create a special something that makes you truly feel human: love.

34. Your heart wants to feel. Your brain wants to think. It’s your job to find the balance between them.

35. When the brain and heart are in contradiction, the result is a conflict of desires. This kind of struggle represents an inner contradiction within people wanting more than what they can handle or needing more to experience true happiness.

36. The heart wants what the brain knows is impossible. The brain knows that the heart wants what it has dreamed of all its life. That is love.

37. If you are the kind of person who is aware of and thinks about their emotions and the complex interactions behind them, you know that the heart and the brain don’t always agree.

38. Science shows your brain and heart are two separate organs. But, they work best as a team. It’s time to get them on the same page.

39. When you feel your heart and brain are at war, it’s time to take a deep breath and try to find peace in the middle of the storm.

40. The heart and brain are often at war with one another. But the truth is that they aren’t always at war, and conflict between them will only make you unhappy. They are a team: working together, they can help each other to succeed and find fulfilment.

41. Brain says: You can’t do it, so don’t even try. Heart says: Get real. You can do anything you set your mind to.

42. There’s always a little heart and brain conflict. Sometimes you want to put your heart first and your head second, and sometimes you want to do the opposite.

43. Even the smartest among us sometimes have a hard time balancing our hearts and brain but remember it’s possible. Don’t let your mind get the best of you!

44. We like to think of ourselves in terms of the modern ‘merging’ of our heart and mind but rarely do we discuss the times that they clash.

45. I’ve been one of those who say “I don’t know what I want” but it’s taken me a long time and lots of getting there to get to the point where I understand that I want my heart and my brain to work together.

46. A brain-heart conflict indicates the existence of a mental barrier to better health and happiness.

47. You have to love your brain and heart at the same time. It’s hard, but not impossible.

48. The heart is not always right and the brain is not always wrong.

49. When you want something you know your heart is telling you to stop doing, that’s when a brain-heart conflict occurs. These conflicts occur because there is something wrong with the way you are thinking.

50. The battle between your brain and your heart is as common of a plot as Romeo and Juliet. Passion, lust, and love are often ruled by your emotions while the logical reasoning mind often wins in these circumstances, but when they do, they battle endlessly without ever realizing that they need each other.

51. The conflict between your heart and brain is inevitable—it’s what makes us human. And we’re at our best when we know how to manage that conflict.

52. Life is a series of choices. In each choice we make, we bring the heart and brain together to balance itself out. We are the authors of our happiness—it depends on whether we will be happy.

53. The heart wants what it wants, and the brain knows how to fake it.

54. Sometimes your heart gets in the way of your brain. Sometimes you can’t see anything but red.

55. The heart and brain are not always on the same page. They often have different goals and messages, causing conflicts in your life. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of how they work together, you can learn how to bring them into balance.

56. All of us struggle, with our hearts and minds at times conflicted. But we can reach out to those who help us through it by talking about the experience when we’re ready.

57. A heart and a brain are two completely different things. It’s hard to know how they will work together. But, if you’re open to change, your life can change in amazing ways.

58. There is no conflict between the heart and the brain. There is only the conflict between what they want us to know, and what they want us to do.

59. The heart is the one organ you can still control: it doesn’t grow any bigger. The brain, on the other hand, grows bigger and bigger the more you let it dictate your actions.

60. My heart wants to believe that you’re a good person, my brain knows better.

61. The heart and brain are often at odds. They both have a say in decision-making, but the mind has its own agenda that is sometimes counter to what the heart wants. The emotions can be tricky and confusing, but working through them is necessary for growth.

62. You can’t have one without the other. Your heart will give you the adventure that drives your brain to create something new.

63. Don’t put your heart and brain at odds. Always remember that they work together.

64. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how much self-control you have, or how well you follow your dreams. Sometimes your heart and brain will conflict, and it’s inevitable.

65. We all have a heart and a brain. They don’t always work together well. But that’s okay. We can learn to use both mind and heart in ways that lead to solving problems, challenging ourselves and making a difference in the world.

66. It takes a strong heart and a strong mind to keep the balance between them.

67. When the heart and the brain are both in conflict. Try to find balance and enjoy the ride.

68. We’ve all felt it: That feeling of not being able to do everything at once. That’s just the way our brain works. You can’t multitask when your heart is conflicted.

69. The heart and brain will always be at odds with each other. We have to learn how to work around that conflict and reach our goals more efficiently.

70. The heart is the organ that pumps blood around your body and the brain, is the organ that controls all other organs. What’s the difference? Your heart is always on. Your brain is not.

71. Our emotions are created by our thoughts. Be aware of how you feel and look for an alternative solution rather than being influenced by your thoughts.

72. Many times in life, your heart and your brain will be in conflict. It won’t always be easy to find balance, but that’s okay because the struggle is part of the fun.

73. The mind and the heart are perpetually in conflict. They oppose each other, even when they want the same thing. What you think today and what you feel tomorrow may be contradictory.

74. Relationships are hard. So when you get stuck in a moment of confusion, remember that what’s most important is finding someone who understands your heart and brain.

75. The brain and the heart are eternal enemies. They want opposing things. The heart wants to love. The brain wants success. How can these two impossibly selfish organs be friends?

76. We all have a heart and a brain, so let’s make sure that we use both of them. Let’s be more than just heartbroken! Let’s have fun!

77. The heart wants what it wants, no matter how much the brain tries to fight it.

78. The heart and brain are never at peace. They’re always fighting, clashing, and contradicting each other. But that’s what makes life so interesting, right?!

79. We all experience heart and mind conflict — when we think one thing, but feel something else. When our hearts and brain are out of sync, we’re unable to reach our true potential.

80. It is easy for the brain to tell you what it wants, but difficult for the heart to hear it sometimes.

81. Your heart and mind are two sides of the same coin. Let them work together to get you where you want to be.

82. The heart and brain are always at war. When the battle is over, we’re the ones who win.

83. Our hearts and our brains are seemingly polar opposites, but they both serve an important function in everyday life.

84. The heart and the brain are two different organs that have to work together to keep us alive. The better they get to know each other, the less conflict they have.

85. Sometimes you have to put aside everything that’s going on in the heart and just focus on what’s happening in the brain.

86. Sometimes, the best way to resolve an argument with your own heart is to get some fresh air and take a walk.

87. When you feel a difference between your heart and your head, choose to trust your heart.

88. It’s been said that the heart and the mind are connected. There is proof that this union leads to a more functional and happy life.

89. A single brain and a single heart can’t do it all. If you really want to have an impact, don’t let your heart or your brain have all the say. That’s why it’s important for the heart and brain to agree about what you’re working on.

90. The heart and the brain are metaphors for each other yet they are completely different. Their relationship is an example of biological integration in a human.

91. It’s your brain, it’s your heart. They’re gonna have a lot of problems with you.

92. Imagine your heart and brain as two powerful engines. They are linked together by a delicate, yet strong, chain holding them in balance. When the heart gets ahead of the brain, it becomes stressed and tense. The same is true when the brain gets ahead of the heart.

93. The heart and the brain are two cognitive organs. They are known to be responsible for the different actions we perform. However, some people have conflicts with their actions, which leads them to make very weird decisions.

94. The heart and the brain are the two main elements that govern the working of a human being. They are two elements that can work together or against each other, thus creating a conflict situation that arises in someone’s mind when they face a difficult decision.

95. The heart and brain may look different, but they have more in common than people think. Although they have separate duties, they are both vital to life.

96. The heart is not always as wise as the head. It knows love, desire and need; but it does not know everything. The brain does not always have the answer. Sometimes it is better to follow the head instead of the heart.

97. Working out is like an emotional fight, you have to constantly attack your brain to keep it out of the way and operate your heart.

98. The heart can’t be trained the way the brain can be. The brain is the captain’s seat, making decisions that are not always in tune with what you feel deep down inside.

99. The heart wants what the brain tells it can’t have. But what the heart doesn’t understand is that, even in the most painful of times, there’s still love to be found in life.

100. No matter where you live, what century it is or which country you call home. You are a human. You have a heart and brain that need to coexist in peace. We all want the same things: your health, happiness and success.

These heart and brain conflict quotes show us something we’ve all faced from time to time: there’s a decision we need to make, and the way it impacts our hearts versus the way it impacts our brains, can seem totally different. Sometimes, they’re in agreement and everything’s fine.

Whether we’re making a major life decision or deciding on what movie to watch, most people have faced this conflict at least once in their lives. And hopefully, if you’re facing one right now, you were able to find at least some solace here.

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