Home Birth Quotes

Home Birth Quotes

Home birth is a growing trend in the US. The number of home births has increased by 60 per cent over the last decade, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Home birth can be an appealing option for many women who want a natural birth with minimal intervention. But it’s not right for everyone. Research has shown that planned home births are associated with a higher risk of serious complications than planned hospital births, particularly among low-risk women.

Having a home birth is a big decision, and it’s not for everyone. But for women planning to have an unassisted birth, deciding whether or not to move to the hospital can be a tough call.

According to a large study of planned home births in Canada, women who have a home birth are more likely to have a vaginal delivery and less likely to experience complications than women who deliver in the hospital.

Another reason people prefer giving birth at home is that it’s more comfortable for mom and dad and the baby! When babies come into the world naturally (as opposed to being born via cesarean section), they have a more stable temperature, and their lungs are full of fluid from the amniotic fluid, so they don’t suffer from breathing difficulties like those born by C-section often do.

So, below are home birth quotes that would be useful for you if you are searching for any.

Home Birth Quotes

Homebirth is a beautiful, natural way to experience the birth of your baby. It’s so much more than just giving birth in the comfort of your own home; it’s about sharing this very special moment with the people you love most—mom, dad, and siblings.

1. Home birth is the best way to welcome your baby into this world. Be sure to make it a meaningful experience for everyone involved.

2. We’ve found our place in the world and know we belong. Homebirth is our only option.

3. Homebirth is like a little piece of heaven with your best friend and baby at your side.

4. We have found the perfect place to birth our baby. It’s home birth.

5. Homebirth is the best way to bring your baby into this world with you at all times, in a place where you can both feel safe and supported.

6. Home birth is a beautiful thing. It’s just what some people want and others don’t. If you feel like you’re ready for a home birth, then give it a try!

7. Home birth is about having the freedom to do what you want and not what others expect.

8. There’s nothing more beautiful than home birth.

9. When you have a home birth, there is no place like it: on the bed, surrounded by family and friends. A birthing room full of love and smiles. This is where your journey begins.

10. I’ve had so many experiences that are beyond my comprehension; I think it’s always nice to be reminded of how amazing it can be when you give birth at home.

11. It’s a wonderful thing to birth your baby in your own home—the safest, most natural environment for this sacred event.

12. Home birth is a beautiful thing. If it’s not right for you, try something else. But don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t do it.

13. Home birth means a beautiful day at home with the one you love. I’m so excited to be here.

14. Home birth is a joyous, empowering experience. It’s not just about the baby – it’s about the mother and the couple who choose to welcome their child into the world together.

15. Home birth is a beautiful and empowering way to bring your baby into the world.

16. Homebirth is a commitment to your sense of self, one that’s essential for this generation. It’s not about how you look but how you feel.

17. Having a home birth is the ultimate in self-care and control. You get to make all the decisions. You get to do it however you want. No one is telling you what to do, how to feel, or how to think. You are free!

18. Don’t let your labour scare you – it’s all part of the journey. Follow your own path to a healthy and happy birth.

19. Motherhood doesn’t end with giving birth. It begins and continues through the first days of raising independent, compassionate little humans. The power of birth and being at home.

20. When you are born, you are entering a new world. But what makes your birth more special is that it is so much more than just being born—it is the beginning of a new life. Home birth is a good idea.

21. Birth is a celebration of the miracle that has just taken place and the calmness, beauty and love surrounding you. At home, you can feel safe and relaxed.

22. I love my home birth! No pain, no drugs, and so much joy.

23. Give birth at home. It’s good for the planet, and it’s good for your body.

24. Nothing compares to the joy of giving birth at home.

25. When giving birth in the home you’ve always dreamed of, it’s easy to get lost in the moment. Because you only have one chance to make a memory!

26. Let your body’s natural process unfold in all its glory if you have a home birth. And if you’re planning a home birth, remember that you can trust your body to do what needs to be done.

27. I believe a woman should have the freedom to choose how she gives birth, at home if possible.

28. You are the master of your own home. You can inhabit it or leave it to become a part of you and grow with you. Don’t wait for a stranger to tell you what to do; learn to be a confident and self-assured mother in your own home!

29. Every birth is different, so trust your own intuition and listen to your body. Home birth is one of the best.

30. Home birth is the most natural, nurturing way to bring your baby into the world.

31. Home births are slow and steady. And there’s no place I’d rather be.

32. Home birth is an amazing experience that you should experience if possible.

33. Home birth is a beautiful thing. It’s the kind of magic you can’t buy with a Lamborghini or diamond ring. It’s about the journey and what happens along the way.

34. Home birth is the ultimate in self-care, and it’s even more rewarding than traditional hospital birth.

35. Home birth is a personal experience. Your partner will be there to support you, but it is your experience, so that no one can take that away from you.

36. You’ve been given this miracle. Let’s make it the best home birth it can be.

37. You’ve been given this miracle. Let’s make it the best home birth it can be.

38. Home birth is the best way to give your baby birth experience in a calm and supportive environment.

39. Home births are beautiful and natural. We can trust that nature will do the work of giving us a healthy baby without any intervention from a stranger.

40. Home birth is a beautiful thing. It’s like nothing else. The air on your skin, the rush of your own blood pulsing through you, the relief of an utterly private experience…it’s all that and more.

41. Today, we have a home birth. I trust you will love and support us as we move through this beautiful experience together.

42. Home birth doesn’t have to be scary. Home births are natural, simple and safe.

43. Home birth is one of the most peaceful, blissful experiences you can have.

44. The home birth best conforms to the ideals of natural childbirth. It combines the skills and responsibilities of midwives, doctors and nurses in harmony with a woman’s instinctive desires.

45. At a home birth, you get to plan your baby’s arrival. And that’s just the beginning of your new life together.

46. You get to experience your baby’s first moments at home – sharing in the wonder and awe of this beautiful new life you’ve created.

47. At home with your baby is a unique experience for every family. It’s about convenience, freedom and bonding with your new bundle of joy.

48. Home birth is the best way to welcome your child into this world, so give yourself and your family a natural, drug-free birth.

49. Home birth is nature’s way of saying, “It’s time to relax.”

50. If home birth is the best choice for your family, let us help you make that choice even easier.

51. Being a home birth mom is the best and so rewarding. I’m happy, healthy and doing what I love right now.

52. My home birth was the most natural thing in the world. It felt so good to be surrounded by people who know how to care for you and be with your baby.

53. For a home birth, you need to feel safe and protected, physically and mentally. To relax into the experience and be able to trust that there is nothing to worry about.

54. Your body is designed to birth your baby. It wants to do this for you. Trust your body, breathe and relax.

55. Birth is about gathering the time, space and support to be in the moment with your baby.

56. Home birth is a beautiful thing. Yes, it’s messy and unpredictable. But that’s what makes it so special.

57. Let’s talk about homebirth — it’s a little bit of a secret but also a wonderful way to have a natural, beautiful birth experience.

58. We have the right to give birth. We don’t have to go back to the hospital after we are done so that you can go home too with your baby.

59. When you’re ready, you’ll be here. You may even want to go home to give birth. In the meantime, enjoy that warm bath and a glass of wine while you wait.

60. Home birth is the best way to have a natural, unmedicated labour and delivery.

61. In a home birth, you don’t have to worry about going to the hospital and also avoid some of the risks associated with an outside birth. There’s no need for an epidural or any pain medicine because your body is already preparing for labour naturally. Home birth is the ultimate anti-stress experience.

62. Home birth is a beautiful thing. It’s not about the laying-on of hands or the scent of roses; it’s about feeling safe, being loved, and offering unconditional acceptance.

63. Home birth is a beautiful and empowering experience. Together, you and your partner can create a positive and powerful memory.

64. The birth of a baby is the most wonderful life experience. It’s joyful, peaceful, and brings you closer to yourself – to a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection with others. Home birth is a wonderful experience.

65. Every birth is beautiful, but some are more beautiful than others. Home birth is a good example.

66. Home birth is the most intuitive, natural and empowering way to give birth.

67. Home births are more natural and empowering than you think.

68. A home birth is not a party; it’s an experience. It’s small, intimate, and all about you and your baby.

69. The home birth of our children was the most rich and beautiful experience of my life.

70. We all want to be home in our own homes, surrounded by our families. And that’s what makes this natural birth experience so special.

71. Home birthing is so much more than the hospital; it’s a shift in perspective, a reconnection with your body and yourself.

72. Birth is a beautiful, natural thing. It’s the most intimate experience any woman can have.

73. When you’re nearing the end of your labour, and you’re tired, it’s time to remember: You are safe. You are home.

74. Home birth is natural childbirth that’s gentle and empowering. It’s not about the equipment; it’s about the experience.

75. There is freedom and joy in the home birth process. It’s like having a party in your own living room.

76. Home birth is about more than just a hospital birth—it’s about making the most of your body, taking control of your health and being active in the entire process from start to finish.

77. The home is the safest place for birth. The roomiest, a secure and flexible place for a baby to be born.

78. Home birth is the best place to birth your baby.

79. Home birth is a beautiful thing. It’s not magic; it’s a medicine made by ordinary people.

80. Home birth is one of the most beautiful and powerful ways to begin your family.

81. Home birth is not only a healthy choice; it’s a privilege. As proud as we are to be a part of this movement, it’s important to remember that home birth is about the process, not about outcomes.

82. Homebirths may be more predictable but also more unpredictable. You never know who will show up or what will happen when.

83. Homebirth is a gift, not a burden. Nothing is as pure and beautiful as a home birth.

84. Bringing a child into the world is one of the most amazing things that can happen to you. Home birth is one of the best.

85. The birth of a baby is an entry into the world that should be marked by celebration and awe. Home birth is not a bad idea.

86. The most beautiful thing has a home birth.

87. Home Birth is a safe and intimate space for a mom and her baby. It’s where babies are born in their families’ light, love and support.

88. I love having a home birth. I am surrounded by loved ones who want to support me, and I don’t have to travel far with this major life event.

89. I believe in home birth. It’s safer, healthier, and the best experience for both the baby and momma.

90. Home birth is one of the most natural and truly beautiful experiences for a woman and her child.

91. For the love of all things home birth, let’s go with this: The universe is conspiring for you to have a beautiful home birth the next time you’re ready.

92. Home births are where women give birth when it’s all about them and their baby.

93. Home birth is the natural route to parenthood. It’s not about how you look or what you wear—it’s all about the experience.

94. Home birth is not just about bringing your baby into the world but also about welcoming in a lifetime of wonder and possibility.

95. Home birth is a safe, natural and empowering choice. The time has come to let go of all the fears that have kept us from doing this for so long.

96. Homebirth. No need for an epidural. No need for a hospital. Just you and your baby, in the comfort of your own home.

97. When you’re at home, YOU and your baby are in the best position to connect and bond.

98. With your Support, I can have my Home Birth.

99. Home birth is a way of life. It’s a beautiful, natural process that brings strong women together and creates lasting bonds through the miracle of birth.

100. Home birth. The best way to give birth and experience life’s natural miracles.

101. Home birth is a beautiful experience with so many smiles and memories.

102. Home birth is a way of life. It’s your lifestyle, it’s what you believe in, and it’s beautiful.

103. You can have the homebirth experience you’ve always dreamed of if you have a Doula.

104. Home birth. It’s the best. It’s also the safest and most natural way to have a baby.

105. We can’t wait to welcome a baby into our family. Our birth stories are already in the making.

106. The birth of your baby is a moment that only you will ever know. It’s a time of joy and wonder. It’ll be something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Let it happen at its own pace, don’t rush it.

107. When you’re home with your baby, life is a recipe for success.

If you are planning to have a home birth and want everything to go as smoothly as possible, there are certain things that you can do to prepare ahead of time. These preparations will make your life easier and your birth more enjoyable. Please, share these home birth quotes and leave your comments in the comment section.

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