How Students Can Make Money Online

How Students Can Make Money Online: Basic Methods and Safety Rules

There are different ways of how teenagers earn money online. And the main thing to know is the legality and safety of such earnings. Often young boys and girls become victims of scammers, losing money and time. However, there are more than enough ways to make money legally and fairly on the web.

Some methods may well grow into a lifelong business if the student is interested and will develop. In our article, we’ll tell you how teenagers can earn money on the web, we’ll analyze security measures and talk about some of the nuances of making money.

The age at which teenagers can make money online

At 17, it is very difficult to get a formal job. Nevertheless, even such a young age will not be a hindrance to earning the first money both online and offline. If you don’t have enough time for it, you can use cheap coursework writing service to save time for your job.

Bank cards and PayPal are widely used for the withdrawal of funds. Sometimes the money is withdrawn simply by recharging the phone balance.

Teenage earnings on social networks

Speaking of how teenagers earn money online, it is worth remembering about social networks. The work there can consist of maintaining and administering communities. The teenager who gets this job is required to be in touch all the time, respond to comments, prepare and publish posts.

There is usually no requirement to create unique content here. The pictures for the posts are searched on the Internet and, if necessary, edited in a graphic editor.


The largest video hosting can also serve as an ideal place for teenagers to earn a very substantial income. For example, do not need to go far. Already a lot of young video bloggers have managed to make a fortune on this platform. A significant share of earnings in particular brings advertising platform Google AdSense. For example, the YouTube channel owner is awarded $2 for every thousand views. And once the video has been viewed by 100,000 visitors, the blogger’s income will be at least $800.

Here it’s important to decide on the right subject matter that will interest a large percentage of the audience. Videos of narrow subjects will give little views and, consequently, bring a small income.

Earnings for teenagers in online games

According to statistics, today there is a mass shift of teenagers to online games. The share of such gamers is about half of the total number of Internet users. Often the interest in online games among children and teenagers begins with the applications in social networks. Gradually the fans formed gaming communities in different genres. And games here can be very different in plot, format, complexity, and gameplay opportunities.

Such popularity of online games has also attracted those wishing to earn on them. And given the large variety of games over the Internet to attract new users the opportunity to earn and many companies. Moreover, the pay here can be very high. In any case, online games can be a great option for a teenager to quickly make money on the Internet. Any special skills are not necessary. Significant effort is also not required.

Games that are popular among young people:

Money Birds

This is a fairly simple but fun investment online game that is popular among teenagers. The daily attendance of the resource exceeds 30 thousand people. Money Birds is considered the best farm with a withdrawal. The principle of the game is very simple. Some birds lay eggs. These birds need to buy.

The resulting bird eggs need to be stored and then sell. The game currency here is silver. Accumulated funds are either reinvested in the birds or converted into real money and sent to an electronic purse. Thus, you can hear quite legitimately and earn.

In addition, the game introduced various incentive systems in the form of bonuses. For example, a player is given a certain amount of silver for registering for the project and daily participation in the game. Players can be rewarded with free resources (birds) if they deposit certain amounts.

Withdrawing money is possible for all popular payment systems. Most profitable withdrawal to the purse Payeer.

At the moment Money Birds can be called the most reliable “gaming” way of earning for teenagers.

Golden Mines

This is another interesting commercial game that involves the withdrawal of real money. The plot is very fascinating. The player needs to hire gnomes for the extraction of gold in the mines. Ore is then processed into gold coins, which can be converted into real money and withdrawn to an electronic purse.

Earned in the game gold is either used for in-game purchases or sent to the account for withdrawal. The development of the player is to hire new workers and, as a consequence, to increase the profitability of mining. The game itself is not boring, and real earnings will serve as additional motivation for the teenager to play and develop.

Taxi Money

This popular online game attracts more than 30 thousand players every day. Moreover, the number of active users is only growing every day. The player here becomes a cab driver, performing various orders in the virtual world. Of course, all orders are paid for by customers. In addition to the usual work in the cab here is the opportunity to participate in racing competitions with other cab drivers in the fight for the real cash prize. There is even the possibility of passive income through the purchase of more expensive cars.

Ways to Protect Your Teenager From Scammers

Network users who want to earn extra money very often encounter scammers. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to deception. But even adults with considerable experience on the Internet can fall for fraudulent tricks.

In most cases, the deception is carefully concealed, and its exposure sometimes spends a lot of time. The first signal that there is a cheater in front of you is the promise of fast and large earnings.

Do not trust the promises of big fees, for which you need to invest a small amount. Most likely, you will lose this small amount of money without getting anything in return.

Below is a list of the most popular fraud schemes on the Internet:

  • Advertising paid courses or programs that help you earn large sums of money;
  • Selling supposedly win-win strategies for casinos, gambling, etc;
  • Proposals to invest a certain amount by transferring to an electronic purse to get repeatedly large dividends.

These are not all kinds of scams on the web. Any offers of easy earnings should be questionable. Either they want to cheat you, or they offer you to cheat others. The first option is much more common.

So, in this article, we have tried to comprehensively answer the question of where to make money online for a teenager. In conclusion, it is worth recalling that each option involves the withdrawal of earned money to a bank card or e-wallet. So choosing a suitable job online should be guided by this criterion.

The second important factor is the purpose of income. It may be important for a teenager to learn a skill, build a passive source of money, or simply to make money for entertainment.

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