How to Understand What You Want From a Relationship

How to Understand What You Want From a Relationship

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what you want from a relationship. Bad experiences can leave you with the misconception that you want some particular thing when you really don’t.

There are the endless compromises that you have always made, changes in accordance with the tastes of your partners, and further attempts to convince yourself that you wanted this… In fact, you only deceived yourself in search of happiness with the wrong partner.

1. Define What You Don’t Want

The easiest way to understand what you need is to identify qualities or actions that are absolutely unacceptable. Write down all the things that come to mind and refer to them every time you enter into a relationship. It won’t be easy to write down the “flaws” at first, so give yourself time to think about the list. Understand what values ​​are so important to you.

2. Become the Person You Would Like to Date

Love doesn’t have to be earned, but like attracts like – this is obvious. If you are looking for a vegan, athletic woman, then, most likely, you’ll find her if you are the same person. Do you want to try young women dating? Then you should also be young at least in your soul. In a word, be ready to give, not only to receive.

3. Learn to Live Your Life

When you are alone with yourself, you start getting to know yourself, develop certain habits, carefully consider your current life, and what you expect from the future. Then you can start looking for a partner who meets all your requirements.

4. Understand What Went Wrong in Previous Relationships

If you haven’t dated anyone, then analyze a friendship that suddenly disappeared or damaged relations with relatives. In all unsuccessful relationships, you can trace a pattern – actions or words that made you feel uncomfortable. Write down any negative points related to past relationships. In future happy relationships, these problems shouldn’t exist at all.

5. Observe the Couples You Admire

Observation helps us adjust ourselves and understand some things that we sometimes didn’t understand. When you have a certain couple as an example, it will serve as a certain measure, a standard of quality and happiness that you are looking for. Take couples who make a good impression on you as an example and look for the same for yourself.

6. Confess What You Really Want

There is no right or wrong answer here: more than 7 billion people live on Earth and, surely, there is a person who will understand and accept you. But first, you yourself must honestly admit what you need. For example, you think you want a big family, but deep down, you dream of traveling to old age. If you accept your choice, you will not only make yourself happy, but you will also save your potential partner from disappointment.

7. Be Open and Sociable

Without pleasant and open communication, no relationship will be happy, so try to be as open as possible. Always maintain a dialogue with the person you like or with whom you are already in a relationship. This is very important.

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