2023 How Was Your Night My Love Messages and Quotes

Using the lines of a popular song in Nigeria; if you don’t call or text to check up on your loved one, which in this case would be calling or texting to find out how his/her night was, what have you gained?

Hope Your Night is Cool My Love Messages and Quotes

Good morning my love do you enjoy your night sms and sayings.

I don’t need to say much again. Here are a 150+ messages and quotes for your loved one. Keep the texts and calls rolling already!

1. My love, good morning. Hope your night was okay? I love you.

2. My night was definitely short; I just hope I’m not grumpy the whole day. How was yours, babe?

3. Honestly, I can’t wait for when we’d spend our nights together. Mine wasn’t too good cos you weren’t with me; how was yours?

4. I’d be lying if I said I don’t worry about you working so late into the night. Did you even manage to get some sleep at all? Text me!

5. Babe, good morning. Hope you’re doing okay? How was your night?

6. I just checked your last seen online. How did you stay up that late? And you have to be awake early every morning. I’m worried about you, sweety.

7. I’m sorry I took this long before asking how your night was. I slept late and of course, woke up late. Did you sleep well?

8. Knowing how much you need all the rest you can get; I couldn’t bring myself to call you, even though I needed to talk to someone. How was your night, love?

9. You need to see how happy I am that you didn’t work so late into the night; and that you actually got some sleep. Tell me, aren’t you feeling refreshed?

10. After working this much and barely sleeping, hope you’d even create time to enjoy the money? You definitely are taking us on a trip. How was your night, sugar?

11. I dreamt about you last night, and I woke up with a smile as a result. You better tell me that you dreamt of me too!
Anyways, how was your night, my love?

12. I should never have snapped at you last night; I shouldn’t have passed out my frustrations on you like that. I’m sorry about last night, babe.

13. Lover of mine, hope you slept well? Have an awesome day!

14. We’ve never gone to bed without sorting our problems out, and I’m still trying to figure out what happened last night.

15. Well, I’m sorry that I hurt you; I really am.

16. How was your night, darling? Here’s wishing you a good and productive day.

17. When I tried calling and you didn’t pick up, I was thankful. You really need to sleep and rest more.

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18. You must have been very tired yesterday; you slept off on me. Anyway, how was your night?

19. Even though I’m angry we didn’t speak to each other last night, I couldn’t help but text this morning to know how you’re doing and to know how your night was. I love you still, sugar.

20. I hope your night was as frustrating as mine? This wedding should just hurry on up; being apart is torture.

21. You know, I really love how we’re in love with each other. I know I love because of you. How was your night, angel?

22. My love, how was your night? I really hope you forgive me soon. I’m really sorry I got you upset. Have a good day.

23. I spent the night tossing from side to side, trying to come up with a solution to this problem we’re having.

24. Thinking about you, I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Good morning, sweetheart.

25. Honestly, my night wasn’t okay. I don’t like that we said goodnight with such anger between us.

26. I know it’s still early, and you’re probably not awake yet, but I just wanted to be first to know how your night went.

27. I can’t wait for when I’d wake up by your side. I really can’t wait.

28. With the date we had yesterday, I definitely slept well. How did you sleep?

29. You didn’t call back yesterday, as you said you would. Anyways, how did your night go?

30. My dreams were filled with you. I so can’t wait for when we’d be together forever.

31. There’s nothing as satisfying as knowing that you’re in love with me. How was your night, beautiful?

32. I love our nights together especially. I look forward to another night of bliss.

33. Just the mere thought of you before going to bed last night and my night was just peaceful. How was yours?

34. Honestly, I don’t understand why I’m taking too long in making you my wife. I need to be with you at every point I can.

35. I just read the text you sent to me last night, and my heart is swelling with love. How did your night go?

36. Hope you slept easy, sugar? I wanted to be the first to check up on you.

37. I’d give anything to have you wake up by my side, darling. Anything.

38. The sun pales in comparison to your bright smile. I really can’t wait for the times I’d spend watching you sleep, and watching you wake.

39. I can’t wait for a break when I’d hear your voice again. For now though, how was your night?

40. You know, I like being married to you. The nights have been most interesting; looking forward to tonight already. I love you.

41. Good morning, love of my life. I just wanted to say that I love you so much.

42. Watching you sleep last night, I couldn’t help but think of how God took his time in making you. You’re just perfect, baby.

43. Knowing you’re smiling right now makes all of my hard work worth it. How was your night, my love?

44. May today be all you prayed it would be. Looking forward to spending the night with you again.

45. I sent you a package; it’s just a little something to appreciate you. How was your night though?

46. Last night, I really wished we could spend the whole time talking; I love speaking with you. Hope you had a good sleep?

47. Waking up next to you would be so delightful, and I can’t wait, honestly.

48. When you’re ready to go to sleep tonight, remember that I love you like mad. Sleep easy, love.

49. Good morning, my prince charming. Hope you slept and woke up well? I love you, darling.

50. Soon, we wouldn’t have to spend our nights apart from each other. Good morning, angel.

51. Honestly, you add too much color to my life. I still can’t believe how relaxed you made me yesterday. Good morning, baby.

52. I’m looking forward to a blessed night with you. Be fruitful this morning.

53. Irrespective of how hard it is, you’ll always have my hands to hold. Good morning, honey.

54. That I’m the one that gets to feel your warmth every night, just leave me warm and content.

55. Good morning, my love. Hope your night was beautiful, and filled with good dreams?

56. How was your night, gorgeous? Yesterday was another adventure I wouldn’t be forgetting in a really long time; thank you.

57. Just as I wished that you’d have a good day; I’m wishing that your day is as beautiful as you are. Love you, baby.

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58. I worry about you; you should know that by now. Hope the night was good, love?

59. I know yesterday didn’t go as planned, and you slept with so much worry on your mind. But I’m also hopeful that today will bring you lots of sunshine.

60. If there’s anything I can do to help you out with your day, don’t even hesitate to call. I really want you to rest easy tonight.

61. I know we shared the same bed last night, and I remember that you snored; you only do that when you’re stressed and over-thinking. Sweetheart, it’ll surely get better, and I’ll always be here for you; I wanted you to be reminded.

62. That I’m the woman that gets to share her night with you is just plain amazing.

63. I’m looking forward to our nightly gist. See you in a bit, darling.

64. Hope you know you’re like magic to me? Well, you know now. I love you, sugar.

65. I’m so glad that I’m the one you get to share everything with. Today will be better than yesterday, and you’ll be able to rest easy.

66. I’m going to fall asleep tonight and count the remaining days before I get to share my nights with you. Good morning, darl.

67. I know I already asked how your night was. This one is just to inform you that I love you so much.

68. I’m actually looking forward to waking up beside you for the rest of my life. How was your night, dear?

69. Hope you know that the thought of you makes me lose sleep? You excite me that much. I love you, sweetheart.

70. I think it’s high time I send a message to your business partner. You need time off to sleep properly.

71. That I’m the man that gets to love you is just amazing.

72. Hope you didn’t have the nightmare again? Reply me, okay? I love you.

73. Your thought is enough to drive the fatigue away from me; I think of you and I can sleep easy. My night was great; how was yours?

74. You better tell me that you dreamt about me; what else do you want to dream about? Good morning, sugar. Have a blessed day.

75. I’m glad that you slept well last night; I’m really glad. Have a lovely day, babe.

76. Hope cramps didn’t worry you too much, and you were able to get some sleep? Sorry, love.

77. I’m looking forward to another night in your arms. I love you.

78. Your night couldn’t have been perfect; I wasn’t there with you, so why would it be? Good morning, angel.

79. Have you been taking too much coffee and little sleep again? I’m worried about you, dear.

80. I just wanted to say to you that I love you so much.

81. How could you have slept easy without me? How?

82. Even if we are having a big fight, I still can’t help but check up on you. So, how was your night? And you better reply me. I love you.

83. How was your night? It has to be good, cos I know that angels were on guard for you. Good morning, love.

84. I’m deliberately skipping our conversation tonight. I need you to rest.

85. You know, I’d have given anything to take away your stomach pain last night. Sorry about the painful night. Good morning, my love.

86. Just think of tonight with your alms gives me strength to carry on with my day.

87. This night, I want you to remember that you were the one that moved the wedding date; so, you’ll be sleeping alone till then. Have a good day, babe.

88. Here’s me wishing you peace for the day. Hope your night was just as peaceful?

89. May your day be as peaceful and easy as your night. I love you, dear.

90. Honestly, I don’t care about not chatting with you tonight; you really need to sleep more. I mean it, babe.

91. I know how difficult you find your period days; I already sent you a package. Hope you even got a shot at sleep?

92. Husband of life, last night was everything fun and relaxing. I look forward to the same menu. *Winks.*

93. Don’t tell me the only thing you did last night was fall asleep. You better have thought about me.

94. Knowing that I get to spend the night with you makes me want to hurry the day already. I love you.

95. I can’t wait for when I’d get to kiss you and ask how your night was. But until then, how was your night?

96. It’s just normal that I call or text to know how your night went. Have a good day, love.

97. It took a while to fall asleep; the fun we had last night was just too exciting.

98. I can’t wait to discuss all that happened to us tonight. Have a blessed day, babe.

99. Good morning, beautiful. Hope you spared a moment to think about me last night.

100. Here’s to a productive day. And I look forward to another night by your side. I love you.

101. When I couldn’t fall asleep, I spent a part of the night thinking about us, and the many ways to make you happy. What did you do asides falling asleep?

102. I can’t wait for you to end this program already. You look so thin! Have you been sleeping well at all?

103. It’s just normal that I call to check up on you. Good morning, love.

104. The warmth you’ll be feeling tonight would be from my arms. I love you plenty, babe.

105. Remember to seize opportunities today; I don’t want you spending your night thinking of what could have been or not. I love you fiercely.

106. You should see the way I’ve been grinning from ear to ear because I get to spend the night with you.

107. I’m glad I invested my feelings in someone as amazing as you are. Good morning, sweety.

108. I know that you need me; my constant texts and reminders to get rest as much as you can is evidence. Good morning.

109. I know you have to study and all, but do try to get some sleep whenever you can.

110. Today hold beautiful things for you. And when you finally go to bed tonight, you’ll rest well.

111. Am I not the luckiest man alive? I get to have you in my arms all night. Have a mighty blessed day.

112. I can’t wait to catch up on the day’s events with you tonight. Have a productive day.

113. It’s almost like you’ve been gone for a very long time; I can’t wait for you to get back. Hope the night was pleasant?

114. Wife of mine; love of my life; I look forward to another night cuddling with you. I love you, babes.

115. It doesn’t sound okay that I don’t call or text to know how your night was. Good morning again, babe.

116. Good morning, beautiful. Hope the night was as beautiful as you?

117. Hope you didn’t spend the whole night looking at files and the likes of it?

118. You know, there is nothing I would wish for than to take you in my arms. Good morning, love.

119. I can’t wait for the times when I would do more than ask how your night was via texts and calls. Good morning, honey.

120. I know I use this as an excuse most of the time, but you know I work this much because of us. How was your night, beautiful?

121. With the chaos going on around us, I still get to hold the most beautiful woman in my arms every night. I love you, baby.

122. It’s never the same when you’re not here. I miss you. Hope you slept well?

123. Without my constant prodding to get some sleep, how would you think to stop working and actually get sleep? You’re welcome. Good morning, babe.

124. Good morning, my love. Your texts really warmed me up last night. Thank you.

125. Honestly, you need me in your life; I help you balance things. Good morning, love.

126. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t call to check up on you?

127. If I had my way, I’d take all your worries away. You’d only have to bother about what to wear every day. How was your night, dear?

128. You know, I do this much work just to ensure you go to bed without any worry. I love you that much, love. Have a good day.

129. I honestly cannot wait for you to get back. I have missed you plenty. How was the night?

130. You’ll always be my magic. Hope you slept okay?

131. Even though it isn’t night time yet, angels will always be on guard for you today. Have an awesome day.

132. Seeing you light up with happiness makes all the sleepless nights worth it. Good morning, my angel.

133. It has become a ritual to just chill and go over our day together. I look forward to this night.

134. I’m actually looking forward to our nightly chats. Have a good day, love.

135. Just know that I love you like mad. Have a great day, dear.

136. I finally fell asleep after tossing and rolling most of the night. How did your night go?

137. May your today begin and end well for you. Good morning, love.

138. My day literarily starts with waking up by your side. Good morning, love.

139. I still don’t like that you get to sleep every night without being in my arms. Good morning, sweety.

140. Don’t worry; the nights we had to spend apart would be worth it soon.

141. You know, the day you came into my life was a blessed one. Just know that I love you.

142. You’re all the warmth I need, honestly. How was your night, gorgeous?

143. These past few weeks without you have been torture. Hope your night was good?

144. You know I can’t start my day without asking how your night was. So, how was your night, love?

145. As far as I’m concerned, you’re not getting proper sleep. Good morning, dear.

146. Everything about you is magic to me. How was your night, love?

147. May today be a blessed one for you. How was your night?

148. You’re one of my many blessings; I’m thankful for you always. Have a good day, love.

149. I’ve learnt not to take anything for granted; I value both our days and nights together. Good morning, babe.

150. I definitely dreamt of you last night. Good morning, dear.

151. May the thoughts that will fill your head tonight be thoughts of peace and how to move to the next plan. Have a fruitful day!

152. Hope you dreamt of pleasant things last night? Good morning, dear.

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