How You can Compose Customized Messages by Yourself

I chose to write this topic because I’m sure millions of people need to know, maybe including you.
There are times you think the most difficult thing to do in life is sending an inspiring message to someone who loves you, cares for you and is there every now and then.
One lie I know you might be telling yourself about this is that, you are not good with words. I wouldn’t believe that because no single person on this planet earth doesn’t have a way of expressing themselves when they really need to.

I could imagine how you’ll feel and the words of prayer that would come out of your mouth if you receive a million dollar cheque from a friend. I bet you’re going to talk freely for minutes and at this time, great words would flow just normal.
You might even have to ask yourself afterwards that, “where were those coming from?” The answer is, “from your within!”

The defeat of this to many is, they don’t know what they carry deep down inside; they only express themselves per time and they don’t think they could do more.

Interestingly, you can do anything you wish you could do, if only you believe you can.
Let’s go straight to the point.
You want to wake up one morning and without picking a message book, and thoughts about a message to send just flow in? It’s simple and here are ways you can do that.

Step 1:

Get the Recipe
Take a time to think how good, loving, special and maybe indispensable that person is to you. Think about how you met. Think about what they’ve given. Think about the ways they help you. Think about their contribution towards your life. Think about a future with them. Think about the help the person has rendered. Think about what would happen if you never met them.
By thinking all those, a clue would come on what to write.
Warning: don’t neglect anything that comes to your mind. Just pen it down no matter how bad you think it is.
Think again and another would come…
Note: don’t be too rigid. Be inspirational and let those thoughts just flow all by themselves: Our minds know how to search for answers when we give them the right questions
“Just thought about how good you have been to me and I bet I couldn’t have gotten more elsewhere.”
“I was trying to Think of how good you are to me but was lost in it. Should I think of your care, love, sacrifices and…? Words are too much to tell them all. Thanks for being a friend.”
“When I think about my future, just a word is attached to every good thing that will happen therein. That word is You.”
“For many reasons people met. Some to be friends and then become enemies. Some meet and there lives takes the downward turn. But thinking about how we met and how far we’ve gone, I see more than fate in action. Thanks for accepting me.”
“Thinking about you in my life, there is just one thing I could rightly placed: you came to make me see a better me from within and to turn my world around for the best. You are a friend indeed”
“Thinking about you in my life, I’ve received so much more than I could Imagine. The truth is, I don’t deserve this. Thank you for lending more than a helping hand.”

Step 2:

Cook it:
This is where many people fail. You have to learn  simple ways of putting words together.
Put the right words where they should be. “at least you learnt lexis and structure in the college.”
Knowing inspiring words in your database would help a great deal here.
Step 3:
Serve it.
The next is just for you to do what? Just send it.

If this helped you, post a comment.

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