What to Do When Marriage Delays

What to Do When Marriage Delays

There are five greatest sermon to preach to oneself every day. These are Where? When? What? Why? And How? As far as I know, these questions have been the greatest teachers of all times when followed.

At a time when marriage delays, the greatest of the above questions to be considered is Why? In life, we learn that delay is not denial, but I can tell, delay could be denial. When there is any delay, ask these questions and make sure you answer them to the best of your knowledge.

In that, your answers will be the rungs on the ladder of solution. Questions like the following will help.

1. Maturity?

Age they say is just a number. There are people who are Methuselahs age wise and yet have not been weaned of Maturity. You need to really check if you are mature in terms of spiritual, moral, emotional and financial wise to know if it’s the cause of delay or not.

2. Pride?

Some are still waiting for a galaxy of sophistication in the opposite sex before they get married. Success in Marriage can’t be achieved that way. All you need do is follow God’s leading. And plan it through.

3. Time?

There is time for everything. When you witness delay in marriage, it might be that the time is not yet ripe. But this should not be taken for immaturity as early mentioned. When delay is not affected by lack of maturity, then there’s no reason to panic.

4. Spiritual?

This heading is one so many people do not consider but, I tell you, it is part of the whole. Delay could be triggered by spiritual forces. So when all those aforementioned reasons are taken care of, you check the spiritual side of it and pray it through. Prayer is all you need, and I mean Serious Prayers.

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