Why Marriages Fail

Why Marriages Fail

Until this day, it still makes me so sad to see Marriages fail when everything needed to make it Successful is available. With my knowledge of this, there’s something I’ve discovered. That is, People expect too much than they should. Even so, People base everything on feelings rather than real love. So many people do not know what love in its real sense is. Sad to say, Many people get marriage all wrong!

For marriages to fail, the following are responsible.


“When the purpose of a thing is not known, it’s abuse is inevitable.” Thousands of people don’t think of this when coming together. They think purpose is one of those c*ck and bull stories so they do nothing to consider it. Let me be plain with you: ANY MARRIAGE WITHOUT PURPOSE IS MUCH LIKELY TO FAIL. Even before you come together as husband and wife, table it. Work out the reason you are coming together.

Ask the question “Why?” Scrutinize the relationship along purpose and make sure you affirm it towards fulfillment. Many people don’t do this, so when the marriage fails, they attach it to something which do not exist. Once more listen to this: A MARRIAGE WITHOUT PURPOSE IS MUCH LIKELY TO FAIL.

Plan And Action

It is not enough to have a plan or to set a goal towards a line of business, personal and spiritual growth. There must be adequate action to push it through. Many people plan weddings and then they say little or nothing about the marriage – you don’t do that. Ask around, you’ll know the most marriages that failed happened so because some things were not working out. Most of them don’t happen in the absence of love. People can’t just plan to make better the marriage and even have plans to work on themselves- no! Plan the future TOGETHER and pursue it to fulfillment.

Preparation For The “What Ifs”

We do not plan for storms in life, but some of them come unbidden. Life itself never beats its chest for anyone, regarding fulfillment. It is only those who are courageous enough to weather the storm that will plunge through. I can say most people don’t prepare for the coming of rain throughout the year and yet they are going to be stopped by it for at least once or twice. No couple in life has ever walked through the path of marriage without a problem or the other. Storms could be financial, moral, and spiritual.

Whichever way it comes, maturity should be well guarded to deal with them. Some marriages crumble when storm of the wife not getting pregnant on time arises. Then the parents of the two parties would start calling for meetings. Some would even command that the husband send the wife out of the matrimonial home. What if the husband is the cause? And even with that, there shouldn’t cause a divorce or unfaithfulness.

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