prayer for a friend in need

Prayers for a Friend in Need (2023)

Many times, our friends are in dire need of things that we can’t provide, either because we can’t afford it or because it isn’t in part of our personal capabilities.

Leaving them in uncertain hopelessness is not what we can accept too, so we look for the next best option, which is looking forward to heaven to pray down help and support.

This is the best gift of love for a friend in need. So, whenever you want to make your love visible to your friends, send forth words of prayers. We’ve got many of them available right here.

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Prayers for a Friend in Need – Prayers for My Friends in Need.

Prayer for Blessings for Friend

Show your friend the type friend you are by praying for him or her with this powerful prayers for blessing.

1. Worthy are you lord. Oh God of heaven that answers prayers, you want us to have every good thing. I commit my friends before you, they are in lack, visit them with blessings that will change their story. Bless them all round and make them happy.

2. You have planned great things for our lives, and everything you created is for our enjoyment. This day I pray for my friends. Oh my father, bless them greatly, let them also be a source of blessing. Thank you for answering our prayers.

3. Unto you that lives in the heaven, you make great things happen. From the depth of my heart, I pray concerning my friends. They need your blessings in their lives, let them have abundance and joy beyond their imagination.

4. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I bless your name forever, you do wondrous things. My father and my God I pray for my friends, bless them with your blessing from above. visit their lives with divine blessings that will change their story.

5. Our father in heaven, you are the God that provides for everything you created. My friends need your blessings, I ask on their behalf, provide for them and bless them in every area of their needs. Make them happy and joyous in you forever.

6. We give you thanks oh lord. You are faithful because you give us everything we ask of you. Daddy, I pray concerning my friend Paul, he is in need of your blessings. Open the windows of heaven and bless him abundantly.

7. Our Father in heaven. God of all flesh who does wondrous things. Today I call upon your holy name to pray for Bayo, my friend. Oh God bless the works of his hand. Change his story from penury to plenty. Make him have a turnaround to greatness.

8. Wonderful God. How Great thou art. I magnify your name this morning. I commit my friend Sam into your hands. He needs divine visitation. Visit him oh lord make his business progress. Shower him with special blessings from above.

9. God who reigns in heaven. We appreciate you because you are our God and you do great things. It is only you that blesses without adding sorrows. Bless my friend Chris. Make all his sorrows go away, grant him happiness and joy from your throne.

10. The Lord of heaven and earth, I worship you and give you glory. This day I commend the Blessings of the lord that turns things around, that increases yield and erases poverty forever. Visit my friend Ay with this kind of blessings. Change his story forever.

Prayer of Favour for Friend

Prayer for favour is all your friend as he going for interview, work, business, traveling even every morning. Do well by picking from These Prayers of Favour for Best Friend.

1. Blessed Lord, God of all flesh, who gave us Jesus by love and grace. We bless your name this morning. I come to ask for a favour for my friends as they go into their day. Make everything work for them. And give them joy.

2. I wish to worship you day to day, because your mercies they never fail. You are God over everything and I praise your holy name. I pray for my friends this morning for divine favour all around. Please Grant them your overshadowing favour.

3. Wonderful king of glory, we appreciate the gift of life you gave me and my friends this morning. You didn’t make us alive to struggle, we have you and we are satisfied. I pray for my friends today. Let men queue to favour them, and let all their needs be met by you.

4. We hallow your name because you are God. There’s no one like you in the whole world. The lord that answers prayers I commit my friends to you today. Seek them out amidst the crowd and favour them greatly. Let your favour cover their flaws and empower their strengths.

5. The source of life. The God of all creations, Glory and honour to your name. If anything leaves its source it’d eventually die. I bring my friends to your throne oh Lord the source. They can’t make it without you, they need your favour to make them peculiar as they journey to success.

6. Glorious God from heaven you are the blessed Lord who has loved us and called us from our mother’s womb. I come to you on behalf of my friend Donald. Favour him on every side. Let men queue to favour him and make him become a great person in life.

7. God of heaven. Our present help in time of need. You know what we need and you are ever ready to give us our desires. My friend Faith is before you. She has been struggling to make ends meet. Oh lord my father, reward all her efforts, fulfill all her aspirations and plans.

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8. You have never forsaken us because your love is so great. The whole earth is yours our God and You make all things beautiful units time. I commit Tunde my friend in your hands. Make your presence felt in his life with divine favour from all around.

9. Ancient of days King of Glory, the whole world adores you. We thank you because you answer us always. Today I pray concerning my friend Esther. She’s in need of your help, she cannot do it alone, she has tried all her efforts and she is depending solely on you. Favour her oh Lord from heaven and make everything work together for her.

10. Oh Lord God of heaven, You reign in Majesty. We know that unless you help a man all his efforts will be in vain. I intercede on behalf of my friend Tony. Be interested in his case, make the world celebrate him and decorate him with your divine favour.

Prayer for Sound Health and Healing for Friend

Good Health is the base of any good living. Pray for your friend not to fall sick or to get well soon if he or she is need of healing with these Awesome Prayer for Sound Health and Healing for Special Friend.

1. God of Heaven you are worthy of all our praises. You are the lord that heals, your words go as deep as the bone marrow, I bring my friends before you lord. Overshadow them with your healing power. Take away their pains and hurts. Give them strength and power and grant them Divine Health.

2. Sweet Jesus our God. You are the master healer, you sent your words and you heal diseases. Send your words into the life of my friends that are in need of divine health right now. Heal them and make all their diseases go away. Make them happy and bouncing in you.

3. Every morning I will bless your name for your faithfulness, God of creation. You made the tissues and muscles, the bones and the flesh. You alone have the spare parts of everything. I commit my sick friends into your caring hands. Visit them oh lord, heal them and restore unto them good health.

4. Precious Jesus, you are the light of the world and you live within us. You can’t live and darkness will continue to abound, we understand that all sickness and diseases are darkness. Oh mighty God, shine your light into my sick friends. Let all sickness disappear and give them divine health.

5. Our God who wakes us every morning to enjoy the beautiful day he created. We bless your name. Oh Lord, I commit my friends down in health before you, they cannot enjoy the beautiful things you’ve provided while they are sick. Visit them with good health oh lord and strengthen them in your power.

6. Jesus Christ our master healer. In you we are secure. We know that by your stripes we are healed. I stand on these promises and I proclaim it into the life of my friend Mark. This instant the divine health of God will come upon you and there shall we divine healing.

7. Our Lord and our God. Your word stands sure forever. You sent your word and you healed us from all our infirmities and diseases. Send your word oh lord this moment to Rachel. She’s on the sick bed, heal her from every sickness and glorify your name in her life.

8. Mighty God, the giver of life. Daily you grace us with new opportunities to live and you’ve blessed us with abundant blessings to enjoy. My friend James is alive but not in good health. Oh lord please grant him good health to enjoy the life you have given us in abundance and make the healing permanent in his life.

9. Heavenly Lord, you are God forever, anything you touch never remains the same. I come before you to pray for my friend Rose. She’s down in health and she needs your touch. From the tip of her head to the sole of her feet. Touch her and make her whole. Let good health be permanent in her life.

10. The mighty God we serve. We love you because you’ve never forsaken us and everything we ask of you, you give us freely. I commit my friend Joy in your hands. She needs your visitation unto good health. Make all diseases disappear and shine your healing light on her.

Prayer for Supernatural Breakthrough for Friend

Supernatural Breakthrough is only with God. Here are Unexplainable Breakthrough Prayer for Friend you can pray for your lovely friend.

1. Oh Jesus, the living God. I come unto you this morning with a heavy burden in my heart. I commit my friends that are discouraged unto you. They’ve tried so hard but things seem not to yield. My father and my God please give them a divine breakthrough.

2. Heavenly Lord, daily as the day dawns we see your faithfulness. Thank you for our lives. Since no one can stop the day from coming forth I decree that no one would be able to stop the breakthrough of my friends. Let all their good plans manifest. Thank you, Jesus, for answering.

3. We worship you Lord, the essence of our being alive. You are the pillar that supports and strengthen our lives, you are all we have. I commit my friends unto you, my God, strengthen them and give them breakthroughs. They need your help give them divine aid.

4. Glory to your name in the highest. Everlasting King of Glory this morning I intercede on behalf of my friends. They hope and wait on you. Prolonged hope makes the heart weary, they tarry in you. Make them have breakthroughs on every side.

5. Oh Lord Jesus, I come unto you because of my friends. Please visit their lives. They’re lost they don’t seem to know what to do anymore. They’ve tried so hard, things seem not to be conforming. Oh Lord, grant them breakthrough and make them happy in you.

6. God of hope, we put our confidence in you. We are rest assured that If you are for a man. No one can be against him. In this understanding, I come unto you on behalf of Jeffrey my friend. Restore your hope in his life, stand for him and make him have breakthroughs on every side.

7. Holy lord, we bless you because you are always there for us whenever we need you. You are God that makes a way when there seems no way. I bring Chisom before your throne of Grace. Make a way oh lord. Let there be a divine breakthrough for her.

8. Oh God of heaven. We adore you because you are the present help in time of need. When all hopes are lost, you never forsake us, My friend John is before you this day, you are everything he has, grant him divine breakthrough. Make all his plans come to fulfilment.

9. Gracious God, you are all we need. Today I pray for Peace, Holy lord I bring my friend before you. Open new doors of hope, she has tarried and trusted in you for so long. Reward her greatly and make her have breakthroughs.

10. Faithful God, we know you are a rewarder of them that diligently seek you. Timmy my friend is trusting and hoping on you for breakthroughs. Make whatsoever he lay his hands on to prosper. He needs divine aid from heaven, so make his plans manifest into greatness.

Prayer for Divine Success for Friend

Is your friend doing a project, assignment, test, examination? If yes, you are at the right place, here are Powerful Prayers for Divine Success for My Best Friend you can use.

1. You created the heavens and the earth and you were successful. You created humans and you are the decider of our lives because we live for you. I commit my friends unto you, they are the works of your hands. Make them successful, manifest your success through them.

2. Our Father in heaven, the whole world is the works of your hands. Success is assured when we are directed by you. My friends are before you today. Teach them your ways, guide their paths and make them successful I’m whatsoever they lay their hands upon.

3. Gracious God, only you are worthy to be praised. Life would cease being beautiful when your presence is withdrawn. God of heaven visit my friends today with your presence, complement their efforts and struggles with your grace and give them good success.

4. You are the secret of success for many that have come before us and we know you are able to do it again with our lives. My friends commit their ways unto you, they trust in you, give them success all around. Make all their aspirations come to fulfilment.

5. You are the beginning and the ending. Alpha and Omega, we worship your name. We know that success is a function of putting you first and living according to your will for our lives. I pray concerning my friends. Let your will be done in their lives. Visit them with success all around and make them joyous in you forever.

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6. You are great oh Lord, everything that is in your care ends in glory. If anyone has you, they’re assured of success. I pray unto you on behalf of my friend Mercy, I commit her to your care oh lord. Let her be a testimony and let her end be Successful.

7. King of glory, you are a successful God, everything you do results into a great success. I pray that you visit my friend Sam with your outstretched hand of Success. Change his story and make him a source of blessings.

8. God of success, because we are called by your name, we know we will be infected with contagious success and we will never recover. I pray for my friend Temmy today, let your Success be injected in her life and make her a source of blessings all around.

9. Glory to the Lord God of heaven, who only does wondrous things. You are the source of our blessings and Success. I intercede on behalf of Ken. He trusts solely in you, make everything work together in his favour and give him good success.

10. Heavenly Father, we worship you. Glorious Lord, we surrender all unto you because you know only you can lead us right. Mary is before your throne of grace. Lead her according to your will. Let her path lead to greatness and let her be encompassed with Success all around her.

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