100+ Best Apology Letters to Girlfriend After Fight in 2024

No matter how in love a guy can be, at some time, he’ll make his one-time sweet girl go ballistic. Inherently, leaving him at the mercy of her forgiveness.

For her displeasure not to linger beyond sunset, heart mending words and apology must be put in place to calm the raging storm.

The remedy is here.

These apology letters below will not only get your lovebird to forgive you but also get her running into your arms without holding back.

So, go get her back swiftly and your heart will be filled with gratitude for having her in your arms again.

Romantic Apology Letter of Forgiveness to Girlfriend After Fight

Lovely Letter of Apology to Girlfriend After a Misunderstanding.

1. I’m I Forgiven?

You remain silent on the phone each time I call just to hear your voice. The emptiness I feel from your end is killing me. Can I be forgiven? I took it too far. I should have been calmer than a dove. I should have kept quiet as a gentle river. I’m so sorry, please find it in your kind heart to forgive me. I bet you, that ugly history won’t repeat itself again. You’re my jewel; hence, I’ll keep you till eternity. Not even our dispute can separate us from each other. Most importantly, your forgiveness will hasten our unity. “I’m I forgiven?” I ask, humbly.

2. I Shouldn’t Have Yelled At You.

I should never have raised my voice against you; I feel miserable than a hurricane. Your forgiveness will give me the peace of a gentle stream of water. Whether the storm roars or the thunder rumbles, I’ll keep my voice down. Never again will I be caught in the act of anger. Let this palpable sadness between us be over, for I don’t want to imagine you looking sad in my dream. Please, forgive me. I hope my plead for forgiveness relieves your pain and softens your justifiable anger towards me. You own the key to my glee.

3. My Heart Is Broken Because I Broke Yours First.

My heart is torn apart like a shredded garment. My only hope of salvation is you. I’m deeply sorry and ashamed for breaking your heart in the manner that I did. I want a genuine reconciliation with you. Do not let us remain at war with each other. You can be sure that I feel like a chaff blown into the wind without you by my side. Please, I beg you with everything you love, have mercy on me and overlook my wrongdoing. Believe you me, my heart is broken because I broke yours first.

4. Make Me Deserving Of A Second Chance.

I take it upon myself to seek for your forgiveness like a child seeks the face of his mother. I am unworthy, I know, but can you be kind enough to make me worth a second chance. Please, don’t turn your back against me. It makes me feel like a devil. I’m sorry and I say this on my bended knees. Only your forgiveness will lift me up from this humble position. I was wrong, but my pride got the best of me. Do not be as foolish as I was. Kindly choose to forgive this repentant fool. I’ll never wrong you in such a manner ever again.

5. Let’s Rekindle Our Love.

The fire of our love is slowly dying. I know so because I no longer feel your warmth, but your coldness towards me. The raging waters of anger have put off the burning passion between us. Kindly forgive me. Let’s rekindle our love as we’ve never done before. I mean each word that I say to you. On this day, I promise, that this heartbreaking incidence will never happen to us again. I’ll never treat you wrong. Let’s stop fighting, please. Time is running faster than the speed of light. Hence, let’s make up as swiftly as possible.

6. Forgive Me, My Love

Search me through and through, and feel the magnitude of my remorse. Cleanse me with your love and come unburden my heart with the joy of forgiveness. Put upon me the robe of peace. Lift me out of the dungeon of guilt and lay my aching head upon your chest. Hug me pls, my darling. Take me back into your loving arms. I’ll plead for your forgiveness till I find favour in your eyes. I’ll lay my apologies before you until you let out a smile on your lovely face. Have mercy on me, sweetie. I’ll make this the first and last of its kind.

7. What Would I Do Without Your Love?

What is life without you, my darling? What is love if not with you, sweetheart. Thus, I find it necessary to earn your forgiveness, to get me back into your bosom again where I can feel a love so special to mankind. What would I do without you? How would my lips survive without your redeeming kisses? How would my soul live but for your tender caresses? Hence, I plead for your forgiveness. Do not look away, my darling as I watch out to see the stars shine brighter to notify me of your forgiveness. May everything remain the same betwixt us but this grudge, my love.

8. Ready to Pay The Price

Done nothing to deserve your unconditional love but everything, I will do to earn your forgiveness. I want to feel your arms on my shoulders a lot more. I desire your gaze upon me till my soul goes to rest. I just long for your warm cuddles in the rain. So, I’ll pay the price and I’m willing to fight for your forgiveness. Do not let me go, sweetheart. Please, do not let me go. I am but a man in love. A man who has failed, however, hoping for a second chance, which I’ll treasure to do right by you. Seat still, my love and watch me amend my ways. Forgive me and take me back with a smile. For by you is where I’d rather be.

9. The Sun is Gone Away In the Night

My day is now as the dark night. Without the stars and the moon to take your place, for you’re an irreplaceable ray of hope and love. I sing loudly at night hoping you’d hear my voice singing the song of repentance. I pray to the most High hoping for a miracle of forgiveness. The sun is gone away in the night left with the darkness of guilt and grief but I hope the morning comes with its shine. Forgive me my wrongs, for I’ve learned to be the best of me for your sake because you deserve me as a better person, my firefly.

10. Do Not Let Me Go, My Angel

Tell me what I have to do to hold your hands again? List it all before me, so I’d pay the price to feel your touch on my desperate skin. Do not let me go, my angel. For I’d rather be with you till the end of time. No matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for your forgiveness and hope on it like a man left to drown in an ocean. Take me back as it pleases your heart. Forgive me for my repentance is genuine. With my eyes soaked in tears and my heart in love, I seek your pardon all day and night, pls forgive me, my love. Let your mercy be plenteous upon me. For I need you now and forever, baby.

11. Without you sharing in my joy, giving me a smile that beams with light, everything feels worthless around me. I fought you when I should have fought my pride. How stupid can my ego get! Do forgive me, my love. Do not judge me as I deserve. Just have mercy.

12. I promise not to hurt you again. Not to give you the look of anger nor pour on you the words of rage and spite. Even if you grant me your forgiveness on a silver platter, I’ll still treat it like a sacred valuable gift. I have nothing to say than to ask for your forgiveness.

13. My silence is born out of guilt. I take responsibility for my wrongdoing. Without you being at peace with me, I only linger in hell. Can I be lucky enough to get your forgiveness, please?

14. At the moment, I long for nothing more than your mercy. I thirst for your forgiveness as though I hungered for water in hell. No matter how much I tell you that I’m sorry, it won’t be able to capture how truly I am. Yet, I’ll still say “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

15. Heaven is next to your heart. Please grant me your pardon. I cannot beg the priest for forgiveness. Even asking God for His mercy isn’t enough. I need you to forgive me ultimately. Do I still have a chance with you?

16. The moment you closed your heart against me, I felt the gate of heaven completely shut on me. As long as you stay angry with me, the more I get angry with myself.

17. My heart feels like I’m in drought and in the wilderness of life. I’ve lost my way because it feels as though I’ve lost you already. Howbeit, I just can’t give up in fighting for you and what we had. All I’m trying to say is that “I’m in need of your forgiveness.”

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18. I can experience perfect happiness again, but that can only happen if you’ll be willing to forgive me. Please, forgive me, my only true love.

19. I do not want to see you shed sad tears. Yet, I made you do it. I feel miserable cause I’ve broken my promise to you. The devil may be happy, but not the angels in heaven. I’ve wronged you and I’ve wronged the saints in heaven. Please, forgive me, my darling.

20. I was truly wrong. I was too ashamed to admit my fault. But, I don’t want to be a coward anymore. I want you to be proud of me for being able to accept my fault. Please, forgive me like you were my idol.

21. I apology for yelling at you. I say I was foolish for taking out my anger on you. I was the bigger fool for walking away on you. And I’m sorry for it all, my love.

22. I pushed you aside because you made me remember what I did and how you deserve better. I’ve hidden my sins from you and now I feel so stupid. I’m deeply sorry.

23. I wish I could hear you sing the song of mercy. I wish you could read out the soothing words of forgiveness. I’m sorry, please see how sorry my heart is. I’ll only forgive myself when you forgive me.

24. I don’t mind waiting all night long for your forgiveness. Before I confess my sin to God, I need to talk to you first. I’ve wronged you, I just want you not to feel heartbroken again. I hope this apology convinces you of my remorse.

25. I’m ready to climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean so I could find your forgiveness. When I do that, I’ll be able to find joy in me once more.

26. I do not need oxygen at the moment and definitely not wealth nor friends. All I need is you and your pure heart of gold that is able to forgive all.

27. When I yawn, I hunger for your mercy. I lack appetite for food, because without you by my side I’ll rather go on an empty stomach, my love. I need nothing, but the peace and comfort that comes with your forgiveness

28. I feel the weight of the world over my lanky shoulders. I barely can breathe anymore. I apologize for taking you for granted. I’m sorry for the mean words I said to you. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.

29. I’m so broken merely thinking about what I did to this beautiful bond that we once shared. I’m I deemed fit for your forgiveness? Are my apologies worthy to be heard? Howbeit, I’m deeply sorry.

30. I do not want our love to become a beautiful memory; I want a great future with you. Let this fight be the one to go. Please, free your mind from the things I angrily said to you. They were the words of anger and shouldn’t be taken to heart. I’ll be the first to apologize, cause I’m the brain behind this pain.

31. I wish I could wake up and run to you like I used to do. I long to hear your voice at sunrise, but I know it’s impossible for I turned you against me. My chest feels heavier than a mountain because thinking about our fight gives me an untold pain. I’m more than sorry.

32. I believe in miracles. I know you can still forgive me. This cross is heavier than me, I can’t carry it for too long. Please, set me free from this pain, cause indeed I’m sorry.

33. I can’t hide it anymore. I can’t feign happiness either. It was so low of me to have spoken to you in that manner. I should have damned the rumours and clinched only to the truth you told me. I’m sorry.

34. I feel worst than a remorseful criminal. I’ve been guilty of not respecting you enough, but I love you and I hope you still love me too. I dread the sunset, cause what’s the use of light if I can’t see your face. I belong to the night, for that’s the time I can hide my sorrowful face and regret. I’m sorry is from a broken heart. Can you forgive me, please?

35. I need us to fight for our relationship. Misunderstandings can be settled, please let’s talk about it again. I’m sorry we had to fight over something small but blown out of proportion. I ask for your forgiveness.

36. I take responsibility for my actions. I shouldn’t have denied. I could have done better than tell you lies. I want another chance with you, so I can make things right. I’m sorry we had to fight, because of my dishonesty.

37. I don’t want to believe I won’t see you again. My heart beats faster than a racing deer. It’s painful knowing I hurt you this much. I promise you my love, respect and understanding from this time henceforth.

38. I have no one to bother about me anymore. You loved and cared for me, but I threw it all away in exchange for nothing. I feel worst than a fool, but I know your forgiveness will make me feel like a champion. Please, I’m sorry.

39. I didn’t do things right and hence, the past has come calling on me. I just want to say I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

40. Who knew we could fight each other? No one knew we could break each other’s heart. I’m only pleading for one thing, and that’s your forgiveness. I should have displayed wisdom and maturity.

41. I do not want us to keep falling apart like a broken entity. The distance between us is getting greater and I hate to know that. I’m in need of your forgiveness than I need to breathe. Please, forgive me, my darling.

42. This isn’t the end of the road. I’m not willing to let go. Please, still hold onto me like your anchor. I do not want to lose you, otherwise, my happiness will be lost. I’m so sorry, for everything, my love. Sighs!

43. I will make it up to you if only you could forgive me. I do not want to keep waiting, time is going and sadness is eating me up. I’m sorry, my baby.

44. I’ve engraved your name on the palm of my hands and the walls of my life. I can’t get over you, but I know we can get over this. Please, forgive me, sweety.

45. I can’t let go of you. Let’s hold fast to the love we shared; let’s not easily give up on each other. We’re meant to be till forevermore. I’m sorry I did what I did.

46. “Regret is the greatest sorrow” that what’s they say. Now, I can attest to that ugly truth. Baby, please be gracious unto me; find it in your heart to forgive me.

47. I was wrong for questioning you in that manner. Please, do not believe the lie that I don’t trust you, cause with my whole heart, I do. The devil only tried us, but do not let him win. I’m ready to fight to keep us. I’m sorry, love.

48. I wish I could address the situation with a beautiful explanation about what happened, but no, I’m not here to justify my actions; I just need your forgiveness. Too sad to say another word.

49. My offences stink and the feeling of guilt swirls around me like an offensive odour. My darling, you alone can turn off the sadness I feel at the moment. Please forgive and forget.

50. My love, choose not to treat me like a castaway. I’m very much aware of my wrongdoing, but I firmly believe that your heart will be kind enough to forgive me. I’m going to say it again like I’ve never meant it before, “please forgive me!”

51. Please save me from this destructive feeling of nothingness. I’m in abject silence. It feels so painful being by myself alone, but knowing that I brought this upon us makes me feel like a dirty sinner with a cross hung around his neck. Can I get your loving forgiveness, please?

52. Do not deny me this love. Your love gave meaning to my life. It brought me peace. Our differences do nothing but kill me. I’m the guilty one here, so I do not hesitate to ask for your loving forgiveness. Have mercy on me, my love.

53. I only long for your love, beautiful compliments, words of encouragement and affection. All I get now is your anger, but I’m the only reason for this kind of unflattering attitude from you. Please forgive me for fighting you in the manner that I did.

54. Nothing in me wants to engage in a brawl with you. My heart only signed up to love and to cherish you. Please, forgive me if my emotions betrayed me.

55. I can’t say it enough. I can’t plead for it enough. But, I humbly ask, “kindly let go of the past and welcome me back into your most loving arms.”

56. I shouldn’t have done that in the first place, says a man in love who once did wrong. I ask for your kindness upon my soul, for it suffers in your absence all day and night. Please, look beyond my mistake, for I deeply regret it.

57. My grief is many. First, for hurting you and then, for being away from you as a result. Please, do not push me afar, for I am not an enemy but a man who flawed because he was only human. I promise to do better for you. It’s an assurance, my love.

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58. With a deep sense of humility, I ask that you accept my apology. I’ll give unto you a sacrifice of repentance, for I have disobeyed the rule of love. I want you back, my love. Please, forgive me.

59. Having this wall betwixt us rips my heart apart whilst slowing the breath of my body. Let your mercy rain on me to heal me of every pain. Forgive my mistake and create me a new being. Your love is what I’d seek every day of my life but today, your mercy.

60. How forceful are the right words says the Holy Book of God. Thus, I’d strive in my deepest heart to say the right words to you, to render a truthful apology. If you do not understand my pain and regret, please, do understand that I need your forgiveness.

61. As my heart whispers to my ears in the wee hours of the morning, I heard my heart cry out in need of you. My ignorance did push you away but may your forgiveness bind us together than ever. Please, forgive me, my darling.

62. I do apologize for not attending to your needs as I should. And I ask with my whole heart, please accept my truest apology.

63. Nothing rights the wrong but true repentance and forgiveness. I’ll play the part of repentance but I ask that you lend me your forgiveness in return.

64. I miss you, my love. The desire to hug you, kiss you and hold you still lingers on in my heart. Let this go, my love. I just want to be yours forevermore.

65. It hurts to see you so far away and even more for refusing my love. Forgive my offences, sweetheart and do not exalt my sin above my love for you. I’ll sure be the best man on earth for you, my love.

66. I promise to always say the right things, for I have learnt in a hard way the pain of separation whilst I carry the burden of love about.

67. Saddled with the responsibility to watch the night go by, as I desperately await the morning to tender this sincere apology. I need not my dream house and the fancy things of life but your forgiveness to make me happy. Please, do not deny me.

68. My heart feels the weight of guilt and upon my shoulder is the yoke of desperation. In my heart is a little promise to myself, a promise to earn your forgiveness. I’ll do anything, my love to hear you say those words. I’ll do even the impossible. Please, forgive my trespasses.

69. You stand for love in my life. However, right now, you hold the key to my peace of heart and mind. May I ask that you unlock the door, so, I feel what it means to be loved again by you. Forgive me, sweetie.

70. I’ll rather ask for your forgiveness than to suffer the misery of guilt. Purge me with the kind words of your mouth and bring serenity into my world through forgiveness. For the rest of our lives, I’ll forsake this evil and love you unconditionally. Thus, forgive me please, my love.

71. Sleep is gone away from my eyes. My smiles have I abandoned as you are nowhere in sight. Come out of your hiding place, my love and cover me with the warmth of forgiveness. Bring me back into your arms, my darling and let us live again as one. Forgive me, sweetie, please do!

72. Pain indeed begets gain as I have learned a lesson to last for a lifetime. A wisdom so great to make me a better man, a knowledge so powerful to remould me. Forgive me, angel. For I am ready to love you truly.

73. Grief is the next indescribable feeling after love. The emotions of sorrow entwined into regrets make words inadequate for depiction. My love, please free me of this torture and let your love lead in a time like this. Forgive me, my darling. For I am a better man now for you.

74. Just one wish to the stars. I hope you accept my apology. And one request to last forever, that you love me till the end of time. Please, forgive me, for my heart bleeds of a lonely guilt.

75. A new day has come with the hope of forgiveness. In your lips lies the wonders I long to behold in the sky. Say it loud to me, my love. Say that you forgive me and set my soul free. Take my hand this moment for a lifetime. I’m truly sorry and I hope you see it.

76. I won’t do it again but love you again. I won’t walk that path afresh except the path of love. Let your heart cease to bleed, for I am willing to create a better future from our pain. Kindly, forgive me, angel. I need you.

77. You can be convinced, this would not raise its ugly head again. I am convinced, my love for you will never cease. So, I beg for your forgiveness and I hope you understand that I need you. Please, forgive me.

78. My peace is gone with the sorrows of guilt but not with the depth of my love for you. Forgive me, my love. Please, forgive me. Not in this world would I dream of hurting you ever again. And in the world to come, I want to love you still. Let me show you how sincere my apology may be. I love you now till forever.

79. I’ll find rest just when I know my love is at peace with me. I’m convinced, I had wronged you but more than that, that I need your forgiveness. Please, forgive me my sin, for I dread yet another moment without you.

80. I ain’t ready to let you go. Hence, I’ve learnt to honour you in the right way and with the right things. Forgive me, sweetheart, for my actions have failed me. I’ll bury my head in shame, for I know that it needed not to be so. Forgive me, angel.

81. My breath is full of worry. As I lose valuable time to anxiety and guilt, I silently pray for more to love and be loved back. To forgive and be forgiven. Pls, forgive me, sweetheart. For I need you now more than ever.

82. We fight to make up. I wait earnestly after a long fight for a moment of reconciliation. May that moment happen already. For life is tough without you and rough without your cuddles. Forgive me, my love. I need you desperately.

83. Give me a second chance in your arms again. Give me a lifetime to kiss your tender lips. Forgive me, so my dreams will come true. Pardon my offences, dear girlfriend, for I am in need of you.

84. You complete everything with your love. Little wonder, nothing is whole without you again. My grievance has denied me your arms. Please, take me back into your loving bosom, where my peace lives.

85. As the clock ticks, I think of you as every minute go by. When minutes turn into hours, my promises to remain a better person for you become even stronger. Please, let’s keep our love and do away with the offence. Kindly, forgive me, my darling.

86. Once have I wronged you but many times would I apologize until your forgiveness comes to me. I need your love in the shade of forgiveness. I need it in the color of grace and mercy. Please, forgive me, my darling.

87. Because we can’t turn back the hands of time, let’s mend the future with the threads of forgiveness. Let’s make it work because it lies in our hands. Let love reign. Let it bring back the peace we desire. Forgive me, angel. I wait on you, my darling.

88. How have I toyed with my future! How stupid to play with her by committing an offence! Please forgive me, my love. I hope you’re longing for me as I am for you. I’m desperate for you, sweetie.

89. Give me a moment, my love. Give me forever to right my wrong. Hear me confess my sins to you without reservations. Please forgive me, for I don’t know what to do without you.

90. For a fact, I am without an excuse to unburden this guilt. Just a sincere confession would free me of my pain and a pardon from you would save me from the claws of shame. It hurts to be such a disappointment. But it hurts more to be that to the one you love. Please, forgive me, for I can’t live without you.

91. Oh, my broken wings! How timid have I become, for I know I’ve sinned against the most special person in my world. Let your mercy hatch me like an egg. Let it free me from this pain of guilt. Forgive me, sweetie. It’s you or no one else.

92. If guilt could set free, I’d be so free by now. If repentance alone could do it, I would have been on top of the world. Forgive me, my love. So, I’d be set free into your arms again.

93. I’m deeply saddened by our situation. Please, forgive me for I know I’m not the only one hurting. Let our hearts stop bleeding but beating for each other. Let our love find longevity in each other’s arms. Forgive me again, sweetie.

94. I can’t see you again in my dreams at night because I’ve wronged an angel. How miserable have I become! Lost you in my world, lost you in my dreams too. Forgive my sin, my love, for I’m determined to be a better man for you.

95. The future is brighter than it used to be because a better man was moulded in his moments of regret. Let’s ride into the future on the cart of forgiveness, let’s ride into it in each other’s arms. Forgive me, my love. Please, make this happen for us.

96. Life is nothing without your love. Hence, my dream is built on the frail hope that you’d forgive me. Please, make my life worthy once again. Forgive me so, we’d explore our world together. I love you!

97. It’s a brand new day with me still longing for one thing in this big, wide world; your forgiveness, my darling. Please, cloth me with passion as you let me into your world with pardon. Give me another chance, I want to love you once again.

98. To err is human but to forgive is love. Shower me with your love, shower me with the rains of forgiveness. I have truly wronged you but be merciful upon me, my darling. It’s all I seek for all day and night till your love will come anew.

99. A day isn’t the same without you. My future bleaks without your loving arms. It’s in your arms I want to dream. So, let your heart be kind to me this once. Let your words bring peace into my heart like the morning dew. Forgive me, my love. Forgive me, please.

100. Shower the rains of forgiveness upon me. Cleanse me with the kisses of salvation. Let your mercy speak for me, for I have wronged you. Please, forgive me, my darling.

Be sure to have your lovebird crying the sweet tears of a happy reconciliation after reading any of these apology letters.

Written By Taiye Christiana.

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