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2024 Trending Love Sms for Girlfriend from the Heart

A little act of assurance isn’t out of place for two hearts in love. No matter how sure she might be, a gesture of romance wouldn’t hurt.

At least, it’ll go the longest way to fuel confidence or rebuild a lost one, if anything at all.

Which is why wisdom would have you send a lovely text which pours out your feeling in the fastest romantic way ever.

Still wondering how?

These, Love Sms For Girlfriend from the Heart will do the magic. Just make your choice. She’s waiting!

Sweet Love Sms for Her from the Heart

Spice up your relationship with these sweet love sms for her from the heart. Trending love sms for girlfriend from the heart to make her day lovely.

1. I love you is all I can say when the morning comes because the night holds a brighter future when I see you in my dream.

2. From morning till dusk, you’re always on my mind. Never forget the heart that truly loves you, sweetness.

3. Our dream of love will come true if we stick to each other till the end of time. So, do not let me go, my love as I wouldn’t.

4. Your love is like medicine to my body and soul. It heals me of any infirmity and inadequacies. At the thought of you, I feel the joy of freedom and love. I love you!

5. Let’s make our days count, let’s make beautiful memories at night under the shelter of love.

6. From now till eternity, no one else can take your place because I don’t want to love any other but you.

7. I’ll call with nothing to say in mind because hearing you breathe elates me more than the drugs on earth. I love you!

8. Life is a wonder and a cycle full of hope because I am so in love with you.

9. My heart beats knowing I got a lady who thinks the best of me and wants the best for me. I love you.

10. This love, I wouldn’t take for granted. And your smile is the reason why I’ll go all the way with you.

11. No matter how hard it is to love you, I’ll rather learn to do it than to love another. You’re my only one.

12. Love is beautiful just as your heart is, my love.

13. In your eyes is my hope of life. I hope you never shut them against me hence, things will fall apart. I love you!

14. I love you, is my favourite word because I found my favourite person in you.

15. Never scared of the dark nights because I see the light when you walk right into my dreams. I love you.

16. I can smell your presence from miles away. Love is all it scents. I love you!

17. You’re my only one. My only desire and my only love.

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18. Life is full of ups and downs but with you is hope of an easier journey. I love you!

19. If you ever get tired of the words, I love you. Then I’ve got a million other ways to translate that to you. My pleasure be, baby.

20. I hope with this text, you can be sure I’m thinking of you. I love you!

21. For all the time I’ll spend on earth, I just want you to be my only friend in love.

22. There’s a smile so endearing and inspiring. And that smile lives on your face. I love you!

23. What would you have me get you on my way back from this journey? What would you have me say to you when I get to the door of your house? I love you!

24. Yet to walk to the altar but in my heart, we’re married together because this bond is unbreakable. I love you!

25. I’ll give up everything else just to hold on to you. I love you.

26. I dreamt of love and when it came true, it beat my dreams. I love you, silly.

27. I’m proud of you even when you’re not in your best version. Because no matter when and where you are you. And I love you for that!

28. I may not bring the world at your feet but I guarantee you the whole of my heart any day. I love you!

29. Take all of me without reservation. Can I have all of you without hesitation? I love you!

30. I won’t refrain my heart from loving you hopelessly. It’s you or nobody else, my love.

31. Loving you wholeheartedly is all worth the risk. You’re my choice, sweetheart!

32. If you were about dropping in an ocean from a high cliff, you can always hold on to my outstretched hand because without a doubt, I’ll never let you go.

33. The silliest things look cute on you because I’m helplessly in love with you.

34. The brightness of your face blinds me to any fault on you. I love you!

35. Do not ever leave my kingdom otherwise, it’s royalty will be gone. Do not break my heart otherwise, I can’t live.

36. Kissing you every day of my life is something I dream to do more than to draw a breath.

37. My arms are spread out for you any time of the day. And my home is always open to your presence whenever you’re ready. I love you!

38. Let’s not make do of just loving. Let’s take it into a shelter forever. I love you!

39. The face of love is you because it is what I see when I think and hear the word. I love you to the moon and back.

40. You’re the essence of the breath I draw and the step I take. They all must lead me into your heart.

41. How do you want this love served to you? Be sure that I am at your service.

42. Do not be quiet when you want to speak to me. Speak and I’ll listen carefully because I love you.

43. My heart will always say, yes to you no matter how inaudible the sound of your voice might be.

44. Loving you is my strength and my weakness. But I’d rather love you all the same.

45. For the first time in my life, I felt my heart at work when it opened up to you. I love you!

46. If you wonder how far this love can go, then wonder how far the clouds can cover the sky.

47. I’m strengthened when you gaze at me. I’m weak when you turn your face away. I love you!

48. To live life to the utmost, I have to love you first. I love you, my darling!

49. My heart will always love you as if it found you just yesterday.

50. Our journey of love is unending. Eternity is where it’ll all begin. I love you!

51. I love you, girl. Just as the flower loves the wind every day.

52. Nothing is worth in exchange of your love. If I can’t have you, I don’t want to have anyone nor anything else.

53. Most times, I dread to be woken up from this dream of love. I’d rather live a dream than live in the reality of not loving you.

54. You’re a blessing to the world but most especially to my world. I love you, babe.

55. I’ll do anything to put a smile on your face just like I’ll do the impossible to draw a single breath in order to see you.

56. How wonderful it is having you by my side any day! How gracious it was when you first walked past me. I love you, angel.

57. I can’t get enough of you especially when your lips meet mine. I adore you!

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58. I was contented with just loving you until I felt what it means to be loved by you. I love you!

59. Do not put an end to this love. Do not give up on the dreams we’ve built on its foundation. I do love you!

60. Let’s take love a little higher. Let’s take our feelings to a place where there is no night and day and neither sun nor rain. I love you.

61. I’ll draw you near till we become one. I’ll pull you closer till our shadow becomes a reflection of love.

62. My ears are opened to your needs. My hands are able for your sake. I’ll come running when you need me. I love you!

63. Let our love so shine before all men more than Romeo’s and Juliet’s.

64. I may love you for just one reason but, it’s never insignificant enough to let you go.

65. I’m yours forever like the stars to the sky. I love you. See this

66. The end of this love, I don’t want to see. Let’s take a walk together and never look back. Because those who did become a pillar of salt.

67. I’ll sacrifice anything for you because you’re my all in one. I love you.

68. As lovely as the morning wine, as pleasant as the church bells on wedding days, so are the smile on my love’s face.

69. The glory of my crown is brightest when you wear it with me. The splendour of the throne is fairest when you share it with me. Come stay with me forever, my love.

70. Your love is paralyzing, I just can’t get mad at you. Your smile drives me crazy, I can’t look away.

71. Nature is beautiful from the angle of your smile. How radiant it is!

72. I’ll toil under the sun and the rain to give you everything because no matter the weather, you’re my everything.

73. In the life to come, I’ll never forget you because you own my heart and I love you.

74. Slowly and steadily, we’ll build a castle of love with the sounds of our love filling up the castle.

75. I won’t just say you’re the one but my only one as well. I love you so greatly!

76. In this race of love, I’m ready to run to the end in order to win the crown of your heart.

77. When love is not enough, your smile will always be. I love you.

78. Just as often as they try to stop us, more than ever, I’ll love you even better.

79. We’ll take our vows till the end of time. I’ll love you over and over again.

80. The serenity of your heart is what keeps me there. I love you.

81. Every day of the year is not enough to prove to you that I love you, but I’ll try with every second that goes by.

82. I’m in heaven already. Your love has taken me there.

83. Let the sun remind you, how bright my love is. Let the wind also show you, how far it can take you!

84. I’ll say, you’re the reason why I live. If there was no you, there would have been no me. I love you.

85. In the company of loneliness, I dreamt of your love. Whilst in the company of you, I dream of a home.

86. A day that begins and ends with your kisses is my desire every day and night.

87. The moon shines brighter at night when I whisper to it how much I love you.

88. When words fail me and my voice is gone, know that I love you.

89. Every time the clock clicks, I am reminded of a beautiful soul. Every time the breezes swerve, I am aware of your presence.

90. Life is sweet, but not without a person like you. Love is enough, but not without loving you.

91. The ocean is where the fishes live in, and your heart is where my love thrives in.

92. The most beautiful thing after love is you.

93. It doesn’t matter how many are listening, nor is the number of ears that hear it, you’re the one I’ve chosen, my love.

94. May our grandchildren be a witness to our love. From everlasting to everlasting, I’ll love you.

95. You’re the better version of me, maybe it’s the reason why I love you more than I do myself.

96. I’m inspired when I see you smile. I’m energized when you say the word.

97. A thousand tongue would not be enough to tell you how much I love you. I’ll rather prove it to you instead.

98. Life is without meaning if love never exists. My heart is without beat if it never loved you.

99. As we go closer to the end of time, there’s a greater need for me to spend the rest of my time with you.

100. Wings are what the birds need to fly. Your love is what my heart needs to beat.

101. I simply love each step you take just to be with me. It’s so adorable watching you walk up to me.

102. My love, looking at you is more awe-inspiring than the wonderland. I love you, babe.

103. I always love to see you turn your face to me. It makes me feel safe.

104. I love you more than my breakfast. You’re the first thing I’ll like to see each morning of my life.

105. I love you, my baby. I can’t tell it all about my feelings for you, but they are stronger than a roaring tempest.

106. If love could be a measure of wealth, I would have given you the whole world. For I love you so much, baby.

107. My darling, when you’re with me never worry for a moment, because I’m here to make you feel safe.

108. My dying wish has been granted because I now have you in my life. You make me complete.

109. You’re my heaven. I feel at peace knowing you’re mine and I’m yours forever, my love.

110. You have inherited my whole heart and have made my world all about you. I love you too much.

111. My love for you is one of a kind. I’m not ashamed to let the world know how much I love you.

112. I’m helplessly in love with you. I wish not to be saved from this love. I love you, honey.

113. In good or bad, I’ll always love you. I’m proud to make you my woman. You have it all.

114. Nothing is as healing as the smile on your face. At the instance of your smile, my worries vanish into thin air.

115. I can’t think about loving any other. You alone occupy my deepest and truest thoughts.

116. I want to make my whole life all about you. Your presence makes things right for me.

117. I wouldn’t know your flaws, because I’d always look at you through the eyes of untainted love.

118. I have resolved within myself never to let you go. Otherwise, I’ll be killing myself unknowingly.

119. The core of my heart was made with the thought of you. I just can’t help, but love you so deeply.

120. Love is tireless. This much I know because I’m ready to start all over again with you.

121. Deceit is far away from my heart and intents because all I want to do is to be faithful, committed and kind to you alone.

122. Loving you birthed a new creature in me. Love has made me be the better version of myself, all for you.

123. My heart pulsates because it’s occupied with your thought. You make me breathe again.

124. My world is prettier with you. The beauty of my life is gotten from you. You’re the special person in my life.

125. You touched me and my whole world changed. I was touched by the woman of my dream.

126. Before I met you, I loved you tirelessly in my dreams. Now that you’re here, I’m stepping out of my dream to love you truly.

127. I want to sit by your side all through my life because you keep me at peace. I love you, sweety.

128. No one carries the kind of eminence you own in my heart. You’re so noble and walk with the grace of a queen.

129. My life has found it’s final resting place and it is in your heart.

130. I’ll never leave you. I can bet my life on that because when I found you, I felt a vacuum was filled in my heart.

131. Calling you by your name endears you to me. I’ll never let a day go unless I call you. I love you, my one and only.

132. It’s true; you’re the only one I came to love and I’ll love you till my dying day.

133. The end of a man in love is the day he stops loving. I will never stop loving a woman like you.

134. I wish we could hold each other’s hands and never let go till eternity comes. But you know what? Our hearts are entwined already.

135. Let me make it crystal clear to you; I’ll not be leaving you until I see the heaven’s gate.

136. I was in the dark, but the day I beheld you, I saw the light. You’re an angel shining brilliantly.

137. Just in time, you came into my life and calmed the raging storm in my heart. Your love is so idyllic.

138. When I see you, I just can’t help but thank my lucky stars. You’re impeccable.

139. Your kind of simplicity is so hard to find. I guess it’s the grace you use in appearing so effortlessly stunning. I love your style, my love.

140. You grab each thought of my heart and you understand each word that I speak. Indeed, you were made for me and I’m destined to love you till forever.

141. I don’t mind waiting for you. I can hold on until you’re mine forever. You’re worth the wait.

142. Because of you, my world is invincible. Loving you empowers and strengths me. I love you, babe.

143. I love you and so, my forgiveness is always at your feet and my loyalty is always with you.

144. I don’t know everything about you, but I’m in for any surprises from you. I love you blindly.

145. The prettiest view is watching you whilst coming to me. You look more beautiful than a bride walking down the aisle.

146. I can’t live my life without you. I live because you leave in my heart. I love you. You’re my world.

147. Heaven opened on me when you came into my life. Blessings became mine when you confessed loving me.

148. I just can’t get an enough of you even when I look into your eyes endlessly. I love your mystery.

149. I’m a winner because you make me feel like a champion. My victory is sure when you’re around me.

150. The blood in my veins has made a covenant to love you so completely. My loyalty is forever with you.

151. I love you wholeheartedly. That’s why, I harbour no infidelity towards you, my only love.

152. I will go all the way for you, cause my love for you has no limit. I love you, sweety.

153. My heart is as valuable as gold because your love for me has made it valuable.

154. I do not know how else to deliver my love to you, else than loving you to eternity.

155. If our love becomes turbulent like a hurricane, I’m willing to be patient enough, until it calms like a flowing stream.

156. My enduring love for you is like a stream of affection. I love you endlessly.

157. I love you without withholding anything to myself. I’m more than willing to give my everything to you, my sweetheart.

158. I’ll fail if I try to express my feelings for you because words ain’t just enough.

159. I moved from being an empty man to a man of inestimable value because your presence added meaning to my life.

160. I love you so much so, I’m willing to wait for you till you’ll be ready to make me yours forever.

161. It’s true, my heart doesn’t see your flaws. Only the beauty of your heart shines at me whenever I see you.

162. I love you in a sweet way. This is why I’m ready to only give you the treasures and honey in this world.

163. The melody of your name is more gratifying than the melody of a skilled pianist.

164. The thought of you pierces through my heart in the most pleasant way I’ve ever known.

165. Wherever I may go in this world, I’ll always carry your thought along with me. Thinking about you soothes me.

166. Nothing else cures my pain than having you in my arms. I love you, my love.

167. You’re so much more than a one time girlfriend. You’re my lifetime partner. I love you, honey.

168. I’ve never seen a girl who mastered poise so excellently as you’ve done. Even more, I’m yet to see one loving me the way that you do.

169. I fail to hide my thoughts from you because you’re the centre of it all, my love.

170. When you move, my world moves. When you smile, my heart knows peace and when you love me the way you do, I’m simply transfixed.

171. No one makes me want to be a better version of myself than you. You make my heart love you in the purest way.

172. I believe in what you feel for me and I’m sure about what I feel for you. Someday, we’ll make it to forevermore.

173. I do not take our love for granted, because I know it’s hard to come by. I’ll never stop loving you in this manner.

174. No matter the hour, no matter the terror of the day or night, I’ll always be there to brighten up your world.

175. I believe we share a heart, cause our love is so unified and undivided.

176. My mission is to love you. Hence, I won’t stop until I win you completely over to me.

177. Hold my hands, it will never let you fall. Believe in what I feel for you, it will never break your heart.

178. When I look at you, I see beyond what my eyes can see. I begin to see the intent of your loving heart. I love you.

179. I can take the bullets for you because nothing burns fiercely as not having you by my side. I love you, truly.

180. My love for you is unmatchable. There is no such love amongst the earthlings.

181. I feel great when I see a smile. Your happiness brings me back to life.

182. If every other thing isn’t worth living for. With you, everything changes and I’m willing to stay alive for you.

183. You’re my reason for breathing. I never want to take my last breath, as long as I see you live.

184. Your flaws are very much invisible beside my love for you. My love covers it all wholly.

185. I take you as my everything. So, when I have you, I have it all. I love you, my honey.

186. Nothing makes my heart beat beautifully than my love for you. You’re my heartbeat.

187. You’re my life support, cause without you, I’ll stop living. I love you till my dying day.

188. Love has no meaning without you. Love has no effect on me if you weren’t the one my heart beats for.

189. Nothing sounds so beautiful than when you call my name immediately after confessing your love for me.

190. I’m incapable of loving you secretly, cause my love for you is not a crime. I love you truly.

191. You’re too precious to me. I know no other valuable gem beside you, my love.

192. You’re lifted in my heart. You’re pretty in my eyes and you’re unforgettable in my memory. I love you, babe.

193. No matter where I may be, your heart is where I’ll call my home. I love you, baby.

194. I’ll adore you for the rest of my life because you deserve all the praises and fondness.

195. I love you like the first day I fell in love with you. And until my last day, you’ll never fall short of my love.

196. I can’t comprehend my love for you. It beats my imagination, yet I’ll never stop living to love you.

197. Every inch of my heart has your face engraved in it. My heart belongs to you than it belongs to me.

198. Paradisaic peace is within me because I fell in love with an angel. You’re the angel of my life.

199. You’re the first and the last in my heart. I can’t dream of starting my life with someone else.

200. I’ll always hold you in high esteem like my idol. My adoration belongs to you, my love.

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