Nice Text Messages for Someone Special in 2024

Every relationship is like an engine that needs oil and grease to keep running. Every relationship needs trust, care, understanding, protection and at most nice and heartwarming text messages to become a lovely, lively and lasting one.

Do you want to fuel the fire of your love in that relationship of yours?

Then don’t hesitate to collect from this stock of 2024 nice text messages for that special one who is so dear to your heart.

Take steps in watering that plant of love yo have for that special someone of yours.

Isn’t that a real deal?

Yes or yes?

Then let’s do the deal!

Nice Love Text Messages for Him or Her

If your next set of text messages to send should be nice, these nice text messages for her are lovely enough for that special someone. They’re the best of nice love text messages you can find online for him or her.

1. You are the main reason for the glamorous smile and lovely laughter day by day, may I never lose you. I love you.

2. Staying away from you is definitely something I would never wish for all my life. I won’t feel well without you around. I love you so much.

3. Having you around me makes me feel this irresistible happiness and joy. You are the centre of my world and my life orbits around you. I love you.

4. You will always be my best reality and the source of my best fun and enjoyment. I cherish you so much.

5. You will be mine now and forever. You are the happiness my life has been waiting for. Letting you go is not a choice, not even a thought. I love you.

6. Regardless of how good my life has been, having you here with me makes it better. You are my world. I love you so much, darling.

7. You swerved my heart graciously each time I know I have you as mine. You are always in my heart.

8. You hold a very special place in my life. Your love is like a wine that makes me gaga.

9. Loving you is a reality that I will never dream of stopping. You make my world go gaga. I love you so much.

10. Under any kind of circumstances, I will remain glued to you. You deserve all of me, honey, I love you so much.

11. I love you and nothing less but more and more, you are mine darling. May I never lose you.

12. Having you in my life makes me so overwhelmed with joy and love. You are an epitome of love to me.

13. Staying all day long with you is a pleasure to me. You mean the whole world to me. Your love intoxicates me like wine. I love you dearly, honey.

14. Forever will you be mine, and forever will I be yours. I can’t be without you darling. Your love is what I desire.

15. Butter, mayonnaise, tea, and all sort of complement to bread. Your love towards me is the complement to me. Your care is the taste of happiness to my heart.

16. The only way I can ever live without you being with me is when I die. In as long as I am still breathing, I can’t live my life without you. I love you.

17. Being in love with you completes me and your care for me is gracious, darling. Forever it’s going to be only you and I. I love sweetheart. Have a great day ahead.

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18. I cherish being with you, I value being beside you, and I love you so much, sweetness.

19. Being with me makes everything around me smooth, you are my love and nothing can change that. May we never lose ourselves.

20. Loving you has been a blessing, daily do I bless God for making you mine. May we forever be together. I love you!

21. As evidently impossible to live without air, so it is for me to live without you, love. We’ll forever be together. I love you.

22. I imagined the moment in which I won’t set my eyes on you or hear from you for minutes and my ending imagination was that such an imagination never came to my mind because I pray it would never happen. I love you, sweetheart.

23. I can’t stay a day without seeing you or hearing from you. You have held my heart with you wherever you go to. You are my love.

24. My wishes are numerous, one of it, precisely the topmost ones on the wish list is that may we be together forever. I love you so dearly, sweetheart.

25. You have a very unique place in my heart, in as long as my heart still breathes, you will ever remain in there. I’m so grateful you came into my life, I love you, baby.

26. Being with you always has been the best moment of my life. I find it as a gift for you to be mine. I’ll forever treasure you, darling. Love you so much!

27. If my life is ever lovely and amazing, it’s ever going to be because I have you as mine treasure. I love you!

28. The flour cannot be separated from the baked bread, so also I pray that we shall inseparable. We are forever one and never will we become two, love you my better half.

29. Our hearts are knitted together in love. Loving you is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, is happening to me and will ever happen to me. Love you my darling.

30. We are one, you are my better half. When you are not around, I don’t feel complete yet. I’ll love you to the moon, dearie.

31. Each time I think of you is the more your love is strengthened in my heart. I’ll fight to keep as mine darling, may I never lose you. I love you!

32. Waking up from my bed, my eyes are always set to see you, my heart do yearn for you. I’m coming over to take hold of you to myself, darling. I love you!

33. The hurts and pains of the past are all gone because I have you with me. You are so special and dear to me. And you are preciously loved by me.

34. Read these six words I have to convey to you darling, I Am Drunk With Your Love. And to break it down, these are the three words to say, I Love You!

35. I love you for being with me. I love you for bringing out the best in me. None else deserve my heart but you. I love you so sweetly

36. If it were possible to have control over one’s heart, for the way it feels whenever I miss you could result in a heart attack. Sad, it’s happening again. I love you.

37. What’s happening to me, I can’t just stop thinking about you. I wish I could set my eyes on you every second. I love you, darling.

38. Even when it is broken, silenced, tossed to and fro and all that can be done to my heart, it will never stop to loving you.

39. Setting my eyes on you is something I desire and treasure always. I feel so elated and like I’m on top of the world whenever you are here with me. And also knowing you are mine. I love you!

40. Let me pass this to you dear: you are my happiness and my sweetness. One more! You are my love.

41. You are the one, I want to love and care for, all my life. You are the one I want to love until the end of my days. You deserve even more than this! I love you

42. Hello love, I want you to know this that, I will love you until I have no breath left in me. You will be mine until the world ceases to be no more. Love you sweetheart.

43. In the morning, at noon and in the evening, I will love you even all the days of my life. I will be your hero. I love you.

44. It is a stressful task to describe you in one word as you mean so much to me. You are my treasure sweetheart and I love you so much.

45. I am so blessed to know you and highly favoured to own you. I love you darling and you’ll be mine forever.

46. It is not a mistake that I came to know and it’s was never a misplacement that we became lovers. We are destined to be together. May we never lose ourselves. I love you, honey.

47. People around me do always question my smiley face and joyfulness, they never knew it is gracious grace of God, my family and you, my love. I cherish you a lot, darling.

48. You are my treasure, you are my expensive jewel, I’ll love and care for you till the end of my life. You are mine and will be mine forever.

49. I love you so much and nothing can change that, no fire would quench our love, honey. The chord of our love will never be loosed even a bit. Your love rocks!

50. When I am eating, I see you, while working I see you. Basically, in all I do I see you. You are always on my mind. I love you, my sweetness.

51. It is always in my prayer and silent communion that I will not lose you. And that I will be yours and you’ll be mine forever.

52. Looking backwards at when I met you, I just always would give thanks for making us together. I love so much darling.

53. I have searched all through and all I could say is Thanks be to the Lord for giving me such a lover like you.

54. Irrespective of how my life has ever been, it is better and best being with you. I want it to stay this way forever. I love you.

55. When I think about you all through, I just cone to the conclusion that you are meant for me. And I’m so blessed to have you as mine. I love you dearly, honey.

56. I have thought of it very well and see that I won’t be able to bear it not having you by my side every day my dear. We are forever knitted together. I love you.

57. It has always been my prayer and it will continue to be my prayer you stay in my heart forever: for you are so special to me and I can’t risk not seeing you for a day talk less of having you as my sweetheart. I love you, honey.

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58. I don’t want to miss your sight just for a second. I so deeply in love with you darling. You make my world go gaga. I love you.

59. I am ready to risk for your love, I’m ready to go a thousand mile for you. I wish I could go far away with you. I wish I could be alone with you through all my days. I love you.

60. Loving you is a blessing to my life. I can’t stop loving dear. I will cherish, love and care for you more and more.

61. It is an honour to have you as mine. And a thing of great pleasure to have you as my one and only love. I love you so much, darling.

62. You make my heart go gaga and it bounces for joy at your sight darling. You will be mine forever love.

63. Nothing can separate us now, no man can put asunder between us tomorrow and we will be together forever. I love honey.

64. Having you around me is like a soothing balm that heals all my loneliness and brings me happiness to the undiluted. I love sweetheart. May I not lose you!

65. In as long as my heart beats and I am alive, I will always love and cherish you. You are my gold, I’ll treasure you forever.

66. Being with you is a blessing I will ever pray for. But most importantly, I pray always that we will be together forever. I love you, darling.

67. Having to see you daily is what I desire. I can’t risk not seeing in a day love. I’m actually coming over now because it’s getting late. I love you, dear.

68. Thinking about every day as become a daily routine for me. I can’t just stop thinking about your love. And I just found out that there is no cure for it. My love, you are so loved by me.

69. From the day I met you, I just couldn’t help hold the feeling I had for you, and from the day I expressed my love for you, I couldn’t stop loving you and I’ll love you forever.

70. The best set of moment in my life has been with you and I’ll forever cherish. I can’t wait for another lovely moment right now, I’m coming over. Love you so much.

71. Just like the hierarchy of needs, your love is at the base and at the top. I need you so much because I love you bountifully.

72. My love for you is like a growing seed that is growing and by the grace of God, it will grow up to become a mighty tree with fruits of Joy, happiness and of love even more love. I can’t love you any less dear.

73. Hello dear, the more I think of you, the more your love becomes strengthened in my heart. The chord of our love is so strong that even the sharpest cutter won’t be able to cut, this is my prayer. I love you so much, beauty.

74. Having you in my life makes me feel on top of the world. It makes me elated and joyful. I’m so happy I have you in my life.

75. Love is a reality and undoubtedly beautiful. Love truly intoxicates. You have proven all these to me, darling. Definitely, you are the one for me.

76. This I pray this day and will always be in my daily prayer that what we share will last forever and will pass the test of time. I love you, darling.

77. Hello baby, in the morning, you are mine, at noon, you are still mine, then at night, nothing will change. You will be mine forever. I cherish, love and care for you!

78. To be away from you is something I will wholeheartedly fight against because I won’t be okay not being with you. I so much love you, sweetheart.

79. Eating either rice or beans is very optional, choosing to go to the most beautiful places on earth is also very optional. But letting go of you is not a choice even the thought of it is not in mind. I’ll never let go of you, love.

80. If I’m just to say the tip of the iceberg of my love for you, I’d say it is so wonderful and beautiful, that I would never let go of. That’s how much I love you, sweetheart.

81. If loving you is a crime, then I am ready to be the culprit. You’ve stolen my heart away dear. I love you so much.

82. I am just so speechless of how to explain my love for you. I love you to the sky even to the other planets. My darling sweetheart.

83. You have placed me in a state of elated blissfulness. Your love has overwhelmed me. I can’t recover from it, darling. I love you so dearly.

84. Deep down from the bottom of my heart, I love you and I will always do. Keep glowing dear.

85. I don’t have any reason to look elsewhere with you in my life. You are my better half, sweetheart and I love you so much.

86. My dictionary seems to be totally different because every word in it are just so the same in meaning. And these words are, I, LOVE, CARE, CHERISH, YOU AND THE LAST WORD therein is FOREVER. Well, I think I love this dictionary of mine as it spells out my intentions towards you. I love, care and cherish you, honey!

87. May nothing separate us, because we are knitted together in love. We are one forever never to become two. I love you, darling.

88. Of a truth, you are brought out of my ribs and I can’t afford to lose any part of my body. You and I are one. We are inseparable. One love dear.

89. When we are together, I don’t have any reason to feel lonely because you are my cure for loneliness. I cherish every moment with you, my dear. I will never leave you. I love you so much.

90. I’m so honoured and distinguished to be your one and only, love. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I love you, sweetheart.

91. You make my heart merry, I have butterflies in my tummy whenever I see you. You are my treasure, sweetheart. And I love you o much.

92. Whenever I’m with you, I wish I grab your hands never to let go of you. You are the gold I have been searching for and I found never to let go. I love you very much, darling.

93. You are my charming prince in shining armour of gold. I feel so happy and full of ecstasy when you are here with me.

94. My love for you is never ending but ever refreshing. It refreshes at the dawning of every morning through the whole day. You are my jewel, love.

95. Your support over the years, your care over time, are all the result if your love for me. And I and will forever guard this love never to lose it. You are so loved and cherished by me. Thanks so much, my better half.

96. Being in love with you as become so natural with me as the breathing of the nostrils. You and I are two bodies with one soul. You are my soul mate, love.

97. If being in love with you is a violation of the law, then I’m ready to spend the rest of my life in jail with you. I love you so much, dearie.

98. In the barracks, a soldier comes and go, people come and go in a union, but by the grace of God, I am here to stay with you now and forever. I love very much, sweetheart.

99. At every point of my daily task, you are always in my thought, right now I sending this to tell you, I LOVE YOU! See you later.

100. You are not a graduate in cardiology, you have not the smallest experience in the care of the heart and yet you take good care of my heart. You are most definitely a pro in the care of the heart. I love you so much my heart carer. Thank you so much.

Indeed that special one in your life deserves a nice message at every point in time of your relationship.

I’m so convinced that with these set of nice messages for someone special, you will increase the intensity of your love for that special someone in your life.

You will definitely be grateful you came across the post. Like seriously!

You can also get in the groove! by posting your comments on this post as your comments will be so much appreciated. Thanks so much, love you!

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